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    The Top Manufactured Home Lenders in Michigan

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    The Top Manufactured Home Lenders in Michigan

    Purchasing a mobile home can be exciting, but it does not come without some challenges. One of those challenges you will face during the process is securing funds for your mobile home. This is also known as the loan and financing process.

    Many consumers won’t understand which potential mobile home loans would be the best or how to find the best deals with low down payments and interest rates.

    This can all seem daunting for consumers who may not have the best credit or have never gone through the process of buying a mobile home.

    The rest of this guide will be geared toward those interested in purchasing a modular home in Michigan or looking for mobile home financing.

    We will cover the ins and outs of how to finance a mobile home, how to navigate the best terms, and which providers will suit you best if you have a credit score that is not quite up to par (learn what credit score is needed to buy a mobile home here).

    Let’s start by explaining what mobile home financing looks like and break down some basics.

    Manufactured Home Lenders in Michigan

    Balance home and money, home loan, reverse mortgage concept : A man hand put us dollar money bag into scales on table with green nature as background. Savings, investment, loan for plan in the future.

    When it comes to mobile home loans, a lot of factors need to be considered. Mobile home financing is similar in some ways to financing for a traditional home.

    Much like traditional homes, you will find dozens of different manufactured home loan providers as options.

    You have some essentials to consider, such as which lenders will offer you the most advantageous rates and perhaps not require a high credit score or large down payments.

    While low down payments are ideal, and being able to qualify with lower credit is also beneficial, overall, you should be looking for a mobile home loan provider that offers the best overall package and a mobile home loan provider that is well-trusted and well-known in the industry.

    You also need to understand that because mobile homes can be moved, some of the standard processes for securing financing will differ compared to traditional property (learn how much it costs to move a mobile home here).

    The rates may be higher compared to a traditional home, especially without some due diligence during the research phase.

    You can, however,  typically secure mobile home financing more efficiently than traditional homes, allowing lower credit ratings to get approved for loans.

    Now, let’s dive into what we believe are the best mobile lenders to finance manufactured homes.

    Best Mobile Home Loan Providers to Consider

    When reviewing potential mobile home loan providers, we focused on a few things that allowed us to place them on our list.

    We wanted to look at mobile home financing programs that offered flexible payment lengths, low-interest rates, and providers deemed trusted and easy to work with.

    The Best Mobile Home Financing Options

    In 2022, local options for financing are not the only options you have for refinancing, and they are not necessarily the best options. Hence, why we did not use local Michigan mobile home loan providers for our list.

    Sometimes, you can find the most ideal total package for financing for a mobile home by looking at Nationwide providers that run primarily digitally (online). You may also be searching for financing if you intend on building a new manufactured home (learn how long it takes to build a mobile home here).

    Whether you are looking to finance single-wide mobile homes or double-wide manufactured homes, you have some great options that operate on a Nationwide scale that we wanted to detail below:

    1.) Manufactured Nationwide Home Loans

    Manufactured Nationwide Home Loans began as a financing option for traditional homes, but now offer great financing options for mobile homes.

    Manufactured Nationwide Home Loans is a division of Magnolia Bank and offers financing in all 50 states.

    What We Like the Most

    Manufactured Nationwide Home Loans is a great option for borrowers with fair credit. It offers loans that require lower down payments.

    Manufactured Nationwide Home Loans also offers flexible terms for repayment on your loan and offers very competitive rates that are fixed for the duration of the loan.

    The Downfalls

    The biggest drawback of choosing Manufactured Nationwide Home Loans is that you can’t finance through them if you rent land, or if your mobile homes are in mobile home parks.

    Additionally, it has been noted that Manufactured Nationwide Home Loans has a rather lengthy closing process. Depending on how long of a timeframe you have to work with, a lengthy process may not be ideal.

    Outside of these factors, it is an option to consider if you don’t have excellent credit and need the opportunity for a lower down payment.

    2.) 21st Mortgage Corporation

    21st Mortgage is another excellent option that is available for mobile home financing. 21st Mortgage Corporation is available in 45 states and has no prepayment penalties.

    21st Mortgage Corporation was founded back in 1995 in Tennessee. To date, 21st Mortgage Corporation employs more than 800 individuals. It is one of the premier lenders for mobile home financing for individuals with poor credit.

    21st Mortgage Corporation also gets excellent reviews on its fixed-rate loans offered for manufactured homes. It has minimal restrictions regarding where the mobile home is located and if the land is rented or owned.

    Currently, 21st Mortgage Corporation does have minimum loan amounts of $22,000 for person-to-person lending and a $14,000 minimum if you purchase your mobile home through a retailer.

    What We Like the Most

    21st Mortgage Corporation is an excellent option for financing a mobile home, especially if you want to finance a used mobile home.

    21st Mortgage Corporation also makes mobile home financing available to individuals with fair to poor credit ratings, opening the door to more consumers.

    We also love that 21st Mortgage Corporation is available in 45 states.

    The Downfalls

    On the flip side, 21st Mortgage Corporation is unavailable to Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island residents.

    21st Mortgage Corporation is also known to have higher interest rates on mobile home lending, but this is a common trade-off you will see when you have a lender that will accept lower credit scores.

    21st Mortgage Corporation is also dinged due to not allowing pre-qualification online for consumers, which can make the process a little more difficult for first-time buyers who are not experienced with the financing process for modular homes.

    Another downfall with 21st Mortgage Corporation is the wide range of potential down payment requirements from borrowers based on their credit rating. You could be looking at needing up to 35% of the purchase price for your down payment if you are a consumer with a credit rating below 570.

    3.) E Lend

    E Lend is one of the best financing options for mobile homes for individuals with little to no cash on hand for down payment or closing costs.

    E Lend uses government-backed loan programs that help keep interest rates friendly for mobile home financing and offers a DPA program and additional supplements to further reduce the amount of down payment borrowers require.

    What We Like the Most

    E Lend seems to be one of the clear-cut best options to secure financing for a mobile home for buyers with a small rainy-day fund and little cash to use for down payment purposes.

    E Lend will allow up to 100% financing towards a mobile home with decent interest rates and utilizes a convenient online portal to help you through the process while enjoying the comfort of your own home.

    The Downfalls

    On the other hand, we don’t like that E Lend has geo-restrictions for lending that are not currently specified. E Lend also has a mixed batch of reviews that range from excellent to sub-par experiences using the platform.

    The Takeaway

    The price of a mobile home is not cheap, and it is important to work with a lender you trust when purchasing your first manufactured home.

    Ultimately, the goal is to find manufactured home financing that will benefit you financially and give you peace of mind. A mobile home loan is not necessarily tricky to navigate once you know where and what to look for.

    Mobile homes are growing in popularity. You certainly have plenty of financing avenues between local options and a national housing lender.

    Secure mobile home financing with any of the options we provided above and begin the journey of moving into your new home.

    Of course, if you are considering moving to the Cedar Springs, Michigan area, be sure to check out the mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI that we offer at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

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    What is a HUD Data Plate?

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    What is a HUD Data Plate?

    When you purchase a mobile home, it is essential to understand some basics. When you buy a manufactured home, the opportunity or idea of selling it in the future may arise.

    A HUD plate and the HUD tag are essential pieces of information that will be required to sell or purchase a manufactured home in the future or to even purchase a manufactured home today.

    You can not get financing without the information contained on these items, so it is essential to have a decent understanding of each.

    Ever since 1976, manufactured homes are required to contain a HUD tag and a HUD plate per the HUD Code for mobile homes.

    We will discuss both in this guide.

    We will detail what a HUD data plate is, what information it contains, where to locate the HUD tag, and the importance of the HUD data plate and HUD tag in general.

    By the end of the discussion, you should understand the information on the HUD data plate and HUD label, along with the importance of each.

    We will also cover other important specifics, such as how to replace missing HUD tags and data plates.

    Let’s jump into those details now.

    What is a HUD Data Plate?

    When purchasing a mobile home, several pieces of crucial information, like buying a traditional home, will be necessary and required, and most of them are contained on the HUD data plate and HUD label/tag.

    While we plan to focus on the HUD data plate and the HUD tags/labels, you should understand that the following pieces of information are also vital to the financing, purchasing, or selling process of a manufactured home:

    ●      Serial Number

    ●      Title

    ●      VIN number

    ●      Certification Number

    For the sake of this discussion, we will be focusing on only the HUD tag and the HUD data plate. Still, the other items listed above may be briefly referenced during our discussion and breakdown.

    The HUD plate is a paper label affixed inside of the manufactured home.

    The paper is a standardsize piece of paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches).

    It can be found inside the kitchen cabinets, the bedroom closet, or the electrical panel on the manufactured home.

    Other potential locations for the HUD data plate include:

    • Inside the water heater closet
    • Inside of a bathroom cabinet door

    The HUD data plate contains maps of the United States that are designed to inform the owner of wind zone ratings for mobile homes,  along with the snow load and roof load zone of the manufactured home.

    Furthermore, the HUD data plate will contain other important pieces of information, such as the following:

    • Name and address of the manufacturing plant where the manufactured home was built/manufactured
    • Manufactured home serial number and model designation of the unit
    • The date the manufactured home was built

    Additionally, you will find the following statement on the HUD data plate:

    This manufactured home is designed to comply with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards in force at the time of manufacture. This manufactured home has been substantially completed in accordance with an approved design and has been inspected (except for the components specifically identified in the instructions for completion onsite) in accordance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards and the requirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in effect on the date of manufacture.

    You will also find a list of all major factory-installed equipment, and the certification label or number affixed to each transportable manufactured section.

    Now that we know the basics about the HUD data plate, let’s discuss the HUD label/HUD tag on a manufactured home.

    How Do You Identify a HUD Label?

    The HUD label or tag is a thick aluminum plate.

    The HUD tag measures two inches by four inches. The HUD tag is made of metal, and each exterior section of a mobile home will typically contain the HUD tag.

    Put simply, you will have two HUD tags on double-wide manufactured homes. On single-wide mobile homes, you will have one HUD tag.

    Most commonly, you will be able to locate the HUD tag near the rear of the manufactured home, roughly one foot from the side and one foot from the bottom.

    Every HUD label/tag on manufactured homes will have one paragraph that reads:

    The manufacturer certifies to the best of the manufacturer’s knowledge and belief that this manufactured home has been inspected per the Department of Housing and Urban Development requirements and is constructed in conformance with the federal manufactured home construction and safety standards in effect on the date of manufacture. See data plate.

    The tag details the unique identifying number of the manufactured home that is different from every other manufactured home, also known as the certification label number.

    Additionally, the label will include other identifiers required by the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards Law.

    This also includes:

    First Three Letters: The first three letters identify the primary production inspection agency.

    Now that you have a rough idea of what a HUD tag contains and where it is located on a manufactured home, let’s discuss what steps you should take and what the best approach is if you are struggling to locate your HUD label and data plate.

    What if I Can’t Find My HUD Label or Data Plate?

    Not being able to locate or find your HUD label or HUD data plate can present you with a problem. Especially if you are planning to sell your manufactured home or even if you are the potential buyer of a manufactured home.

    Here is where to begin if you are in this situation.

    First, you will need a label certification in case of a missing HUD label or HUD data plate.

    In this situation, the individual needing said information should request and obtain the previous financing paperwork for the manufactured home from the previously documented lending institution.

    HUD, through the IBTS label department, may also be able to provide a letter certifying the specific HUD tags that previously were attached to the manufactured home.

    For all other inquiries that are related to purchasing or selling a manufactured home with missing HUD label/tags, you would want to go contact IBTS label department. In addition to assisting with expediting label verifications, they may be able to help with other inquiries about the manufactured home.

    Another option for missing data plates is to contact the IPIA (In-Plant Inspection Agency of the Manufactured Home Manufacturer).

    According to, The IPIA is a third-party inspection agency that works with the department to inspect manufactured homes during the manufacturing process to ensure that the manufacturer meets the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.

    The Takeaway: HUD Tags and Data Plates are Essential

    The HUD data plates and the HUD tags are critical for the certification process with manufactured homes.

    HUD data plates and HUD tags/labels ensure that manufactured homes are built in accordance with all HUD standards; ultimately ensuring your safety and the proper construction of manufactured homes.

    HUD data plates and HUD tags are also essential if you plan to sell your manufactured home in the future.

    It is critical to ensure you keep these unique identifiers on your manufactured home throughout your lifetime of living in the house.

    Obtaining loans for mobile homes is not possible without this essential information.

    While it is possible to get replacement tags, it is a hassle that would be better to avoid.

    Be sure that when you are going through the process of buying a manufactured home, you verify all this information is present and easily identifiable.

    Also, throughout the time you are living in your manufactured home, be mindful of this information and always keep it affixed to your home to make the process easy for all parties involved in a potential sale in the future.

    If you are looking to move to the Cedar Springs, Michigan area, be sure to check out our availability of mobile homes for sale by visiting Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

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    The Top Nail Salons in Cedar Springs, MI

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    The Top Nail Salons in Cedar Springs, MI

    Having some good nail salons near your home is a great convenience. At times, you simply need a professional to do your nails in just the right way. Nail salons are also a place where one can relax, unwind, and gossip a bit whenever they feel like it. They are great spots for catching up with friends, some quality mother-daughter time, and several other activities. If nothing else, the process of nail art is satisfying and calming to watch.

    Nail Salons

    Close-up image of woman having her nails done in beauty salon

    There are some things that everyone in Cedar Springs, MI knows to be true. Among these is the fact that nail salons are fairly accessible to any resident or guest. There is no need to go all the way to Grand Rapids to get your nails done, although that area may have more options.

    Nail Salons in Cedar Springs, MI

    Finding a good nail salon might be a challenge no matter where you live. If you are new to Cedar Springs or don’t have an idea of the nail salons here, you are in the right place. Read on to find out about the best nail salons in Cedar Springs, MI and what they have to offer:

    1. D & J Nail Salon

    D & J Nail Salon

    Also sometimes called DJ Nails, this salon is one of the best-known places in Cedar Springs MI. Its exact location is at 37 N Main, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. It has a wheelchair-accessible parking lot, which is not something you see in most nail salons.

    A Good Place for Manicure and Pedicure

    Overall, DJ Nails seems to be among the best nail salons in Cedar Springs right now. It is one of the first places that Cedar Springs residents think of when they want a relaxing manicure or pedicure.

    Why Go Here?

    According to the reviews about DJ Nails, this is one of the top places to get a manicure, pedicure, or any other type of nail care. You do have to ask for certain services, such as callus removal or foot massages, as they are not automatically included in the pedicure package.

    The Pricing

    The prices for the services here are also one of the most reasonable in Cedar Springs, MI. The feedback for the salon states that the same services anywhere else will be at least twice the price. The staff is friendly, sometimes even opening early to accommodate a group.

    Polishing Nails

    What Everyone Says About This Place

    While there are a few negative comments about unsatisfactory seating services, most of the feedback is quite positive. People also reported that the place was clean and tidy for the most part. If you are at one of the top Cedar Springs, MI shopping places and want some pampering, visit DJ Nails today! They do a very good job each time while the surroundings will also put you at ease. If you live near the Cedar Springs, MI 49319 area, this salon will be one of the most convenient spots to visit.

    2. Nikki and Company Hair Design

    Nikki and Company Hair Design

    One of the top reasons why you should live in Cedar Springs, Michigan is the accessibility of convenient stores and salons. Nikki and Company Hair Design is one of these; it is at 171 West Muskegon Street, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. It is evident that the Cedar Springs, MI 49319 zip code is among the best places for some pampering and self-care.

    Why Go Here?

    If you are on the lookout for a place that does both hair and nails, look no further. The owner Nikki here is a professional in cutting and styling hair, winning five-star reviews from customers each time. Overall, the staff is friendly, personable, and well-trained in their profession.

    3. Angel Nails

    This is another example of the great nail salons within Cedar Springs, MI 49319. Its address is 3700 17 Mile Rd NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    Angel Nails

    Why Go Here?

    This place at Cedar Springs, MI 49319 offers detailed manicures with a decent color selection. You will enjoy the friendly staff, the attention, and accurate results. They also accept credit cards, so it is a convenient stop at any point during the day.

    The Takeaway

    Cedar Springs, MI might be one of the best places to establish your career and raise a family. In addition to this, it also provides several nail salons and other beauty-related stops. Whether you have just returned from one of the best campgrounds in Cedar Springs, MI or simply need some self-care, the Cedar Springs, MI 49319 area has the best options. You may also look around for more hair and nail salons in Grand Rapids and other nearby cities.

    For more relaxing activities, check out the top golf courses in Cedar Springs, MI. They might not be within the Cedar Springs, MI 49319 vicinity, but close enough to work in a game of golf and a nail appointment!

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    How Long Does it Take to Build a Mobile Home?

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    How Long Does it Take to Build a Mobile Home?

    Purchasing a manufactured home can present a lot of advantages. Depending on your housing goals and financial desires, a manufactured home can be exactly what you are looking for.

    Manufactured homes present an opportunity to purchase a sizable home at a lower cost compared to traditional stick-built homes and can even offer high-end finishes (see: manufactured homes vs. stick-built).

    Some of the common questions when individuals begin considering purchasing a manufactured home focus on the building process, how long it takes and how it generally works.

    It is common not to be familiar with the processes. Many things have changed in the last decade and building a manufactured home has undoubtedly become more streamlined.

    The rest of this guide will explain the building process and what you can expect; and, of course, we will certainly cover how long it takes to build a manufactured home from start to finish.

    Let’s start looking at some of the specifics.

    How Long Does it Take to Build a Mobile Home?

    Building a manufactured home is faster than building a traditional home.

    Manufactured homes can now be built efficiently utilizing housing plants and specialists that focus on specific trades to help construct manufactured homes quickly and efficiently.

    However, several steps still need to be completed in the building process, and they need to be understood as well; especially for everyone reading that is considering this route for their first home or their next home.

    Below, we will begin diving into the individual steps you can expect in the construction phase and building process with manufactured homes.

    By the end of the discussion, you should have a clear picture and timeline of the process, the steps involved in how mobile homes are built, and what you can expect.

    Let’s kick it off with step 1.

    Understanding the Manufactured Home Building Process

    Manufactured homes, on average, will take about four months to build from start to finish.

    However, several steps in the process can impact the total time needed to build a manufactured home.

    Much like the process you would encounter building a traditional home, the first thing you need to cross off your list building a manufactured home is funding.

    You will need to secure mobile home financing for the construction process to begin.

    Here is how it works:

    Securing a Construction Loan for Your Manufactured Home

    Funds need to be secured for the actual construction of a modular home to begin. Usually, you will find your lender first. Once this is completed, the lender will receive the information pertinent to the construction.

    This will typically include cost estimates and how the funds will be used.

    Another notable item to consider is that interest typically accrues throughout the construction process on manufactured home loans.

    Once construction on the manufactured home is completed, you will typically have the option to convert the loan to a fixed-rate loan, essentially serving as your mortgage.

    Of course, only until the manufactured home itself is paid off.

    Next, we need to determine where your mobile home will be located.

    Locating Your Desired Building Site

    Before diving into the construction process, you need to figure out where you desire to live and where your manufactured home will be located once construction is complete.

    This needs to be completed before getting into the building specifics, such as choosing your interior, whether you will have hardwood finished flooring, and how you will decorate your home.

    You should be sure that during this part of the process you check the zoning and other regulations or restrictions before making any land purchase. Learn all about wind zone ratings for mobile homes here.

    Not doing so could result in delays in the entire process. Potentially even a few months.

    A professional is typically recommended when having the property surveyed and checked before making your purchase.

    Now, the excitement and construction can begin.

    The Manufactured Home Building Process

    The next phase of the process will be the actual construction of the manufactured home, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and even up to a few months, depending on the manufacturer home builder you choose to complete the job.

    The manufactured home will be built off-site in a climate-controlled environment.

    Palm Harbor Homes is a great website full of information about the building and developing process and can also be a resource for modular home insurance and lending resources.

    Not to mention, Palm Harbor Homes can help you find the information you need to find the manufactured home builder you desire.

    You can check out Palm Harbor Homes by visiting their website here.

    Now, let’s look at the building steps involved with a manufactured home.

    The Base Frame Construction of a Mobile Home

    The base frame construction of a manufactured home comes first. The base frame and floor will be assembled on steel beams or joists during this phase.

    Typically, the steel beams will be welded together with a slight curvature, creating a cambered chassis. This method helps distribute the weight of the home.

    This also helps when the manufactured home is transported to support against the road vibration at higher traveling speeds.

    HVAC, Sub-Flooring, and Flooring Installation

    After the completion of the base frame, the HVAC will be completed, including all ductwork.

    During this phase, the electrical and all plumbing lines will also be installed. Ductwork, electrical, and plumbing will be fed through the joist, and spray insulation will be used between the beams. Learn how to super insulate a mobile home here.

    The last part of this construction phase will include the subflooring and the flooring finish.

    Depending on which manufactured home builder you choose to work with, this is when you will likely have the option to select your flooring. Maybe you prefer laminate, or perhaps you prefer hardwood. The choice will be yours.

    Finally, before wrapping up this part of the construction, the water heater and furnace will be set in place and fully installed.

    Once these initial items are covered, the interior and exterior wall construction can begin.

    Exterior and Interior Walls

    When the exterior and interior walls begin building, they will be completed in separate areas.

    Typically, exterior walls are built on a flat surface and use 2x4s, 2×6 wood studs, and conventional window headers; door headers will be used, too.

    Once the walls are completed, they will be lifted and secured to the floor joists using hurricane straps.

    Once the floor joists are secured to the walls, the insulation and drywall are completed.

    Now that the entire base of the manufactured home walls and floors are complete, it is time to move onto the roof.

    Roof Installation

    The roof installation is one of the last steps in the building process for a manufactured home.

    Roofs for modular homes will typically be assembled using trusses and exterior sheathing.

    Once the roof is completed (not including the shingles or asphalt finish), the interior ceiling and the drywall mentioned in the previous step will be attached and painted.

    Following the completion of the paint, most manufactured home builders will add moisture barriers and blow insulation into the cavities. Learn how long mobile home roofs last here.

    The home is now nearing completion, but we have one final step to cover in the construction phase, which adds the finishing touches and protection to the house.

    House Wrap, Siding, Shingles, and Finishing Touches

    House wrap will now be added, and siding will be installed on all exterior walls. The asphalt shingles for the roofing will also be added at this time. Learn about the best roof coating for mobile homes here.

    The remaining items that need to be completed in this phase include the following:

    • Windows Installed
    • Doors Installed
    • Outlets
    • Appliances
    • Bathroom Finishes and Fixtures
    • Light Fixtures
    • Phone Jacks and Cables Mounted
    • Carpet Installed (if not satisfied when flooring was completed previously)

    Now that the construction and building process is nearing its completion, the site and property inspection will need to begin.

    Site Prep

    Site prep for a manufactured home can either be a few weeks or could experience delays.

    This is typically when permits will be obtained and checked, in addition to having the actual building pad or foundation for the home inspected before delivery.

    Now we are getting closer to the final inspection of your manufactured home.

    Home Installation, Delivery, and Final Inspection

    So, you have made it to the finish line (almost). Now it is time to make sure everything is completed to your liking and that the agreed-upon project is sufficient, as promised.

    The home is completed and constructed, and the building site has a green light for delivery.

    At this point, your manufactured home will be loaded onto a truck and transported to the home site. Learn about the cost to move a mobile home here.

    Once the home arrives, it needs to be secured to the actual foundation.

    If you purchased a brand new single-wide or double-wide mobile home, you would also need the manufactured home builder to join the sections together at the finished home site.

    Once the manufactured home is delivered on-site, the utility connections will need to be taken care of, including water, gas, and electrical. Not to mention any other desired services you may have obtained on your own, such as internet or cable services.

    Any final touch ups on paint or drywall will be completed and the home will be ready for you to take a final look at.

    The Final Walkthrough

    The final walkthrough on your manufactured home can be exciting, but it is also time to focus.

    This is your opportunity to make sure everything is precisely the way you ordered it and in place.

    It is essential to look for cosmetic issues or any issues in general that may require attention before the process is completed.

    Common areas to check for said damage include doors, windows, paint, light fixtures, appliances, and the exterior.

    If problems are found during the walkthrough, it will be the responsibility of the manufactured home builder to remedy it.

    However, if the problems are not mentioned, addressed, or noticed at this time, the responsibility to fix the issues will fall on the homeowner later on.

    Have fun with the final walkthrough, but do your due diligence to ensure the home is cosmetically satisfactory and everything is working correctly.

    Final Thoughts: Building a Manufactured Home Can Be Simple and Streamlined

    A manufactured home’s building process and construction can be relatively simple and painless.

    A few steps need to be completed, and of course, you need to secure financing.

    The process, in general, is only getting more streamlined and convenient for buyers.

    If a manufactured home is what you desire, you can rest assured that the process will be much more straightforward and financially beneficial than purchasing a traditional home. Just be sure to work with a manufactured home builder you trust and prefer.

    If you are debating between a manufactured home or a traditional home, you can check out some of the pros and cons of manufactured homes in our guide here.

    If you are looking to move into a manufactured home in the Cedar Springs, MI area, be sure to check out what we offer at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

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    The Top Hair Salons in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    4 weeks ago · · Comments Off on The Top Hair Salons in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    The Top Hair Salons in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Having a hair salon, you trust and enjoy is more than just having a place to socialize while getting your hair styled. Having a hair stylist and hair salon that can cater to your needs and preferences is something most prefer.

    Cedar Springs, Michigan, has several excellent options for hair salons that can meet your needs while providing a high level of expertise and treating customers like family.

    Hair Salons in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Sometimes it may be stylish recommendations and expertise you are looking for out of a hair salon, and sometimes you are looking for quality service at an affordable price.

    Hair salons have different offers and areas of expertise that make them great options. While you have dozens of options in the Cedar Springs, Michigan area, we have narrowed down the search to what we believe are the top hair salons in the area.

    All of which you can’t go wrong.

    The following hair salons are great if you are brand new to the area and are looking for some fun things to do in Cedar Springs, Michigan. Or, if you plan to move to Cedar Springs soon and want to find your next salon ahead of time, these are hair salons that deserve some consideration:

    MJ Dalton Hair Design

    MJ Dalton Hair Design

    MJ Dalton’s is one of the best salons in the Cedar Springs, Michigan, area.

    MJ Dalton Hair Design was established in 1999 and is known for its friendly service and ability to make anyone feel at home. MJ Dalton Hair Design is open Monday-Saturday and accepts walk-ins.

    MJ Dalton Hair Design is open from 9:00am-6:00pm and specializes in hair conditioning treatments, styled haircuts, foil, men’s haircuts, children’s haircuts, and nail art.

    After reading several reviews, it is clear that the number one thing that MJ Dalton’s focuses a lot of energy on is customer service and satisfaction.

    Nearly all reviews boast the friendly and inviting staff and rave about the expertise you will encounter during your hair appointment.

    Location: 14140 White Creek Ave NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

    Corner Hair Design & Spa

    Corner Hair Design & Spa is the one hair salon making our list located in Sand Lake, off Lake St.

    Corner Hair Design & Spa is a full-service salon that offers haircuts and full salon services to the entire family.

    Corner Hair Design & Spa currently offers haircuts, full-colorings, perms, brow-arching, manicures, pedicures, shellac applications, and even tanning.

    The two co-owners have more than 62 years of combined experience. The Salon is known for offering top-end services with a great customer experience.

    Location: 48 E Lake St, Sand Lake, MI 49343

    Corner Hair Design & Spa

    B&B Beauty Shop

    Located right off Main St., B&B Beauty Shop is another must-try hair salon in the Cedar Springs, Michigan area.

    B&B has a small midwestern feel featuring a brick building nestled between other businesses on Main St. NE.

    B&B Beauty Shop has several 5/5 Google reviews and several positive reviews on Yelp.

    One individual even stated, “they do the best work ever.”

    B&B is a full-service salon and offers nearly all salon services that range from basic haircuts to manicures and pedicures.

    B&B Beauty Shop is also one of the hair salons on our list, offering very affordable pricing on the services provided.

    Currently, the hours listed online state they are open from 9:00am-7:00pm, but we recommend calling in advance to book an appointment. It is not clear what services B&B currently offers on a walk-in basis.

    Location: 31 N Main St., Cedar Springs, MI 49319

    The Hair Craft Company, Hair Studio & Day Spa

    The Hair Craft Company

    Sitting on South Main St., The Hair Craft Company is a hair studio and day spa with plenty to offer. In addition to the typical full-service salon options, The Hair Craft Company also offers additional services, such as the following:

    • Makeup Applications and Makeup Lessons
    • Hair Removal
    • Paraffin Baths
    • Cell Rejuvenation Treatments

    The Hair Craft Company is truly a one-stop shop for anyone looking for essential salon services or to fully pamper themselves.

    The Hair Craft Company is open 9:00am-7:00pm, but also states to schedule an appointment in advance.

    The Hair Craft Company, when it comes to options and services, is one of the best hair salons in and around Cedar Springs, Michigan.

    Location: 40 South Main St., Cedar Springs, MI 49319

    Melanie’s Creation

    Melanie’s Creation is a full-service hair salon, but does not offer spa services. Melanie’s Creation is also unique because it is a one-person operation.

    Melanie is the owner and operator and your personal stylist.

    If you are looking for a full-service staff, this may not be your hair salon.

    If you are looking for a professional haircut with a stylist you would continue using permanently, then this is one of the best options to consider in Cedar Springs.

    Melanie’s Creation does not allow walk-ins and operates by appointment only, so it is advised to call in advance before stopping by for your hair cutting needs.

    Location: 134 N 5th St. NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

    Final Thoughts

    Cedar Springs has plenty of great things you can do to enjoy the day.

    From great Cedar Springs restaurants to enjoying a beautiful day at one of the best Cedar Springs golf courses in Michigan.

    However, sometimes grooming and hair care are what you need, and Cedar Springs, MI clearly has no shortage of great hair salons to get the job done.

    If you are considering moving to the Cedar Springs, Michigan area, check out Cedar Springs Mobile Estates for your housing needs.

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    The Best Campgrounds in Cedar Springs, MI

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    The Best Campgrounds in Cedar Springs, MI

    Cedar Springs has several fantastic campgrounds in the area. Determining which campground is the best in the area will depend on your personal camping preferences. Some may prefer RV parks that offer good fishing with a lake annually stocked with fish.

    Others may prefer more a modern campground or options of daily or weekend camping.

    Campground amenities vary and not every campground will offer the same benefits or experience.

    Either way, we feel confident our breakdown below is three of the best campgrounds near Cedar Springs, MI.

    The Best Campgrounds in Cedar Springs, MI

    Overlooking at Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Auckland region, New Zealand.

    The experience individuals want when it comes to camping or finding great RV parks near Cedar Springs, MI will depend on several different factors.

    Some individuals are dedicated to the camping lifestyle. Others may be new to camping and looking for the basics and something as simple as a 1-2 day stay. You may even be looking for RV parks where you will park your RV for the remainder of the camping season.

    If you have kids, you may want a campground that offers paddle boat rental. Tons of options are available at different campgrounds near Cedar Springs, MI.

    The three campgrounds below are not only the best you can choose, but also within a relatively short travel distance from Cedar Springs, MI (see: where is Cedar Springs, Michigan).

    So, without further ado.

    1.)   Cedar Springs RV Resort

    Cedar Springs RV Resort has tons to offer anyone looking for great RV Parks and amenities.

    Location: 13677 White Creek Avenue, Cedar Springs, MI 49319


    ●       Free Wi-Fi

    ●       Recognized as a Top-Rated Good Sam Park Since 2009

    ●       5 Acre Private Lake

    ●       Volleyball and Basketball

    ●       Game Room

    ●       Camp Store

    ●       Playground

    ●       Picnic Tables and Fire Pits

    ●       Sandy Swimming Beach

    ●       Paddle Boat Rentals

    Cedar Springs RV Resort has also been rated the best RV park in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

    Cedar Springs RV Resort is an excellent option if you want a great campground with many nearby attractions as well.

    Cedar Springs RV Resort puts you close to great Cedar Springs restaurants and food options and is close enough to visit some of the best golf courses in Cedar Springs, MI.

    2.) Duke Creek Campgrounds

    Duke Creek Campgrounds is a RV park located only 18 miles North of Grand Rapids and is another heavily favored campground in the Cedar Springs area.

    Location: 15190 White Creek Ave NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319


    ●       Cabin Rentals

    ●       Horseback Riding

    ●       36 Wooded Acres

    ●       Heated Swimming Pools

    ●       Hayrides

    ●       Free WiFi

    ●       Sports

    ●       Playgrounds

    ●       Planned Calendar Event Activities

    Duke Creek Campgrounds is a dog-friendly park and offers affordable rates whether you are planning to bring your own RV or camper or decide that you would rather rent a cabin.

    Duke Creek is a campground to try in the Cedar Springs, MI area for any camping enthusiast.

    3.) Detach Primitive

    Detach Primitive is a great campground to visit any time of the year and rest on 50 acres. Detach Primitive is unique because it offers 10 campsites with their own primitive set-ups, your own picnic table, and a firepit.

    Location: 3981 Summit Ct NE, Rockford, MI 49341


    ●       Custom Painted 20 Foot Tipis

    ●       50 Acres of Wooded Land

    ●       Underground Hobbit Home with Porch

    ●       Fire Pit

    ●       Picnic Table

    ●       Very Secluded

    ●       Hiking

    ●       Birdwatching

    ●       Mountain Biking

    ●       Sledding and Ice skating

    Detach Primitive was created to do exactly what the name suggests; Detach! While it would not be ranked in the best campgrounds for someone who absolutely needs the park to be considered an “RV Park,” it is still a unique and a great option.

    It is meant to unplug, relax, unwind, and enjoy nature.

    Detach Primitive also offers great nearby attractions and places to visit, such as breweries and fishing on the Rogue River.

    Our Advice

    Camping is hands down one of the best things to do in Cedar Springs, Michigan during the summer and most popular things to do across the Midwest.

    Everyone has different desires and preferences in the camping world.

    Some may prefer the most secluded and nature-driven campgrounds, while others may prefer something more modern and everyday living.

    One thing we know to be true about the Cedar Springs area is that you have no shortage of great campgrounds to choose from.

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    How Much Does a Mobile Home Cost?

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    How Much Does a Mobile Home Cost?

    Compared to a decade ago, manufactured homes are gaining momentum and demand. With more than 22 million Americans currently living in mobile homes, it is clear that the population has shifted and is happy with the option to purchase a mobile home.

    Who wouldn’t be? Not everyone needs a 1+ acre yard or 4,000+ square feet. Some may have kids that have finished school and moved out to start their own families. Others may prefer a manufactured home to continue saving money to purchase their first single-family home.

    It is an expensive world we live in 2022, with inflation reaching all-time highs. Having the funds set aside for a down payment on any home can be difficult in today’s economy.

    This, plus the new modern-day options and upgrades available with manufactured homes makes the idea of purchasing a mobile home even more appealing to the masses.

    What does it truly cost to own a manufactured home?

    When that question is posed, it is not just the home we are trying to analyze. Other costs very similar to owning a single-family home can also be associated with owning a mobile home.

    The rest of this brief discussion is designed to break down those details.

    How Much Does a Mobile Home Cost?

    house with star

    When you purchase any home, the home is one piece of the total cost. Yes, it is the most substantial cost and requires the most significant down payment or due diligence to gain financing, but it is still only one piece of the pie.

    We think everyone can agree with that.

    In addition to the home itself, you have other costs that are associated. Some of these costs may show up monthly, and some may be a cash-out-of-pocket today scenario.

    Others may be related to repairs and what I call “the unexpected,” such as mobile home maintenance.

    If you are considering purchasing a mobile home, it is essential to understand the entire scenario you are getting into, both the good and the bad.

    The total costs. Not just one piece of the pie.

    Average Sales Price Nationwide for Mobile Homes

    As of 2022, the nationwide average sales price for a mobile home price is $112,000.00. The cost of a mobile home and the median price vary based on the mobile home’s size and additional customizations or features.

    Types of Mobile Homes (Single-Wide vs. Double-Wide)

    The cost can vary substantially depending on whether you are looking at double-wide or single-wide mobile homes. Here is a look at the average price of a mobile home based on size according to the U.S. Census Bureau:

    • SingleWide Mobile Home Average Cost – $51,371.00
    • DoubleWide Mobile Home Average Cost – $107,500.00
    • TripleWide (Known as MultiWide) – $200,000.00+

    Combining all these options when considering a mobile home creates the median or average price of a mobile home in the United States at $112,000.00.

    Size and Features Impact on Price of Manufactured Homes

    One consideration is the choice between a double-wide, single-wide, or even a triple-wide. Other options and features can significantly impact the total cost, too.

    Nowadays, you will have more options than ever when shopping for manufactured homes. Options can include vaulted ceilings, high-end appliances, and even the amount of yard space available.

    Of course, even some of the basics you opt for will also impact the total cost of a mobile home.

    Here are some examples:


    Bedrooms will typically be reflected in the cost because the mobile home’s size will increase. A lot of modern mobile homes will be offered with the following options:

    ●       1Bedroom

    ●       2Bedroom

    ●       3Bedroom

    ●       4Bedroom

    Square Feet Can Impact Pricing

    The amount of living space also begins impacting price. It makes sense. If you are looking for a mobile home that is twice the size of another option, it is going to cost you more.

    We briefly touched on square footage when we discussed the differences between single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide options available.

    Based on the size of the mobile home, you can expect the cost of the unit to increase.

    Other Features Often Added to Mobile Homes Inflating Costs

    Other features can also make a difference in the cost of a mobile home. Some mobile homes will offer other higher end cosmetic upgrades, such as stone fireplaces.

    Having a mobile home that has one bathroom vs. two bathrooms or more can also inflate the total cost of a mobile home.

    You can also opt for a home with master bathrooms and walk-in closets. You can even opt for a mobile home community that offers an additional storage shed on the property.

    This barely touches on all the options you could consider, which would impact the mobile home’s overall cost.

    Other Costs Associated with Mobile Homes

    Now that the basics have been covered, it is essential to understand that other costs will be associated with purchasing a manufactured home.

    Some of the costs you may be able to avoid, and some are very common and more difficult to get away from.

    Let’s start with where the home is going to reside.

    Purchasing or Leasing Land for a Manufactured Home

    Purchasing or leasing land for your mobile home is also an option during the purchasing phase.

    Here is how it works.

    With a land-lease agreement, the tenant does not have to be concerned with anything related to the land.

    Land leases need to be renewed with landowners, and the costs will vary, like how it works when renting a lot for your home. Learn what is lot rent for a mobile home here.

    However, typically with a land lease, you will not have to worry about associated costs or maintenance related items with your land.

    Most mobile home communities will provide such services as part of the agreement. Learn what a mobile home community is here.

    Think of a car lease or an apartment lease. While it is not the same, the same idea applies.

    You are using the land at a particular cost for a specific amount of time and then will decide whether to purchase after the lease terminates or renew the lease.

    Typically, this is referred to or used most frequently in “rent-to-own mobile homes” with the tenant and landowner.

    Lot Rent and Mobile Home Communities

    Lot rent and the cost of being in a mobile home community is another financial consideration to keep in mind when purchasing a home.

    The costs of renting a lot will vary based on location and amenities, but typically will range between an additional $200.00-$700.00 per month.

    If you are currently in the middle of a manufactured home search, talk to the owner of the mobile home park to understand your options and what is the most beneficial for your current situation. Learn how to buy a mobile home in a park here.

    Property Taxes on Mobile Homes

    Renting land or a lot for your mobile home does not give you full ownership or control of the land.

    On a positive note, if you opt to rent a lot in a mobile home park, you don’t own the property, which means you can avoid paying property taxes. That will be the responsibility of the individual who fully owns the land.

    However, when renting a lot or deciding to move into a mobile home community, it is essential to understand that strict regulations may be in place.

    While the regulations are typically only designed to benefit the tenant and the overall community, they are still something that specific individuals may not want to participate in.

    How to Purchase a Mobile Home

    Now that you have an idea of the costs associated with purchasing a mobile home, it is time to understand how you go through the process of buying a mobile home.

    In most situations, you will have to secure some form of funding unless you have the cash available to purchase the home outright.

    The most common way used is financing and securing a loan for the property, which will have several options to decide between.

    Financing Options Available for Mobile Homes

    Want to know how to finance a mobile home? Financing a mobile home used to be much more challenging than it is today compared to purchasing a single-family home.

    Regulations and guidelines are a bit tighter, and you will need to understand your options before beginning the process.

    Here are some standard loan options you have when purchasing a mobile home.

    Regardless of which option you choose, it is imperative to understand and read the fine print carefully and look over your retail installment contracts on the home itself before making any final decisions.

    Loan Types Available for Mobile Homes

    Manufactured homes are a popular option as it stands today.

    People enjoy the tiny home idea (see tiny house vs. mobile home) or just do not have the cash ready to purchase a single-family home.

    Due to the popularity increase of mobile homes, financing options have expanded.

    Typically, your financing options will be provided by credit unions, specialty lenders, and financing with the mobile home manufacturer or community. Government agencies may also be in the mix when considering financing for a manufactured home.

    Here is a look at your financing options when purchasing a mobile home:

    VA and Conventional Loans

    Some Government agencies are willing to help you gain financing for your home purchase.

    The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), in addition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Federal Housing Agency (FHA), can all be options for financing when purchasing a manufactured home.

    To use these options for a mobile home, stricter guidelines must be met.

    Additionally, FHA and VA loans would require your home to be permanently affixed to the land, and you could not lease your land. You would need the mobile home to be permanent and own the land it resides on.

    These loan types will offer the hardest approval process, but also have the most favorable financial terms, including lower interest rates.

    Affixing a mobile home to land can also help the mobile home to increase in value. Opposed to just allowing the mobile home to sit on flat land where the value either does not appreciate quickly and can even face depreciation. Learn other ways on how to increase the value of a mobile home here.

    Chattel Loans

    Chattel mobile home financing is also a viable option to purchase a mobile home.

    They can often come at a heavier expense compared to other financing options you can opt to use.

    Chattel loans are used for homes considered “capable of moving” or movable. A chattel loan is often used for manufactured homes, yachts, and other living quarters that can be moved.

    They often offer shorter loan terms, reducing total interest paid, but also increasing the payment size.

    Currently, chattel loans extend out 23 years with select lenders, and the best interest rate you can likely expect is in the ballpark of 6-9%.

    While beneficial with lower closing costs, chattel loans may not be the best option for you if you can qualify for a traditional mortgage payment.

    Chattel loans likely are not the best option if you are looking for the lowest possible monthly payment.

    A traditional mortgage will typically extend up to 30 years, lowering the cost of each monthly payment.

    Mobile Homes vs. Single-Family Homes

    10 years ago, the thought of putting mobile and single-family homes in the same conversation did not make much sense.

    Today, arguing a reason not to consider them together is challenging.

    Manufactured homes can feature similar size and quality, and purchasing options are becoming similar to purchasing a single-family home.

    Not to mention, the popularity is beginning to gain more and more traction with manufactured homes.

    While it may be more beneficial to get financing on a single-family home, it is still money-saving to purchase a manufactured home.

    The Takeaway

    Mobile home costs have certainly increased some over the years. With that said, mobile homes have also become much more accepted and can be just as good as any single-family home.

    If you want to buy a mobile home, now is a great time to consider.

    Manufactured homes can be a perfect fit for a good portion of the population, depending on your lifestyle and needs.

    Manufactured homes come in various options and are produced at scale; and the quality and opportunity to choose a smaller living space or enjoy a manufactured home community has never been better.

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    The Best Houses for Sale in Cedar Springs, Michigan

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    The Best Houses for Sale in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Moving or purchasing a new home can be stressful or one of the most exciting journeys of a lifetime. Cedar Springs, MI does not have a shortage of real estate available, but you should be educated on what to look for and where the actual value can be found in Cedar Springs, MI.

    More specifically, where are the best houses for sale in Cedar Springs, MI. Other questions during the buying process will also arise, such as which real estate service to work with and even which online real estate platforms will narrow your search for you. Learn what is the best website to find a mobile home here.

    It is also important to consider what the area has to offer when purchasing a home.

    The rest of this discussion will break down everything you need to know to find the best houses for sale in Cedar Springs, Michigan, and provide other tips to help you through the buying process.

    Houses for Sale in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Every consumer is different. Everyone has specific needs and wants when searching for a home.

    Many will look for a safe area with a desirable school district, and others may be focused on getting the most value and square footage for the money spent. Some may also consider personal liability home insurance in the process.

    You may even be debating between renting and owning. Everything depends on your specific desires and financial status.

    Some things will always be true during a home search, and several vital items always need to be considered during the property search phase.

    Here is a look at a few of them:

    Price: What price range are you capable of purchasing or renting a home in (monthly and total cost)?

    Location: Do you need to be within a certain distance of a particular area?

    Schools: This is applicable for buyers with children looking for a decent high-rated school system and school district.

    Appeal, Style, and Size: We all like to have nice things. Style and size matter.

    Costs of Living: The home purchase is one thing, but what will it cost you to live in that home moving forward? Here is everything you need to know about mobile home expenses.

    Since we already know the location you are considering for your home purchase, we want to discuss why Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is your best option to find the best homes for sale in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    CSME Home

    You may not know exactly what you want today and still find yourself searching for the best possible living situation and home near or in the Cedar Springs, MI area.

    That is okay!

    In this discussion, we are here to ensure that you don’t overlook one of the best options you can choose in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

    We previously discussed what many home buyers prioritize during the home searching phase or what you may prioritize in your search, even if you prefer to rent.

    To showcase Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we want to point out why they are one of the best options by simply explaining what Cedar Springs Mobile Estates can offer.

    Size and Appeal

    When it comes to design options, overall size, and curb appeal, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates does not disappoint. It is one of the most attractive options in the Cedar Springs, MI area from this perspective.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates offers single-wide mobile homes and double-wide mobile homes that can feature sizable living areas with the addition of front and backyards. In fact, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is one of the top double-wide mobile home dealers in Michigan.

    This can be perfect for someone with kids or just the individual who prefers plenty of yard space.

    It is also great for individuals who prefer a home that is good in size, but not overkill.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates also offers mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI with stone fireplaces, oak kitchens, and master bathrooms.

    Depending on what price range you are considering purchasing your next home in, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates may offer precisely what you are looking for in the price range you desire.

    Depending on your age, you may also be drawn to Cedar Springs Mobile Estates since you will never have any stairs or elevators to worry about. While different designs and floor plans are available in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, all homes are 1-story and do not have any elevators or stairs.


    You may be shocked to know, but life in a mobile home park creates some of the best friendships and offers the ability to genuinely get to know all your neighbors.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is no different.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates tenants and owners take pride in their community and build relationships with their neighbors, turning into lifelong friendships.

    If that is not enough, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates still offers much more.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates also provides on-site maintenance and is located close to US-131.

    Another benefit of living in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates that we often hear about from our residents is the locally planned events within the community.

    While you can attend these sorts of events in other communities, you will not see them nearly as often, and you won’t know everyone attending in the same way you can at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is also considered very safe, and the community rules and guidelines make the option to purchase or lease a home even more attractive. Learn more about our rent-to-own mobile homes here.

    Due to the community rules and guidelines, you will not have to worry about things like:

    ●        Unleashed or Free Roaming Animals

    ●        Rowdy and Unruly Parties

    ●        Loud Music

    Whether you have a newborn baby or are purchasing your home in retirement, I think we can all agree that roaming animals and late-night music is not something we desire.

    Area and Amenities

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates will offer a long list of local amenities and perks, and you will never run short of things to do in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

    Whether you are looking for one of the best golf courses in Cedar Springs, MI or just like to eat at great Cedar Springs restaurants, you will be in great shape.

    Additionally, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates offers basketball courts, is open to pets, and has a pet park.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates also makes it easy to get your kids to and from school with convenient pickup and drop-off locations within the community.

    These are only a few perks within the community’s limits. This does not even include all the great things you can do in the Cedar Springs, Michigan, area.

    Option to Lease or Purchase

    Not everyone is in the position where they can purchase a home. One of the best things about Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is the option to lease or buy.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates also offers you the ability to rent-to-own (learn how to rent-to-own a mobile home here); which may be the perfect scenario for many individuals currently looking for a home, but not quite ready financially to fully purchase.

    Be sure to look at the available options that include 1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, and 4 BR mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI offered in the community.

    Available Real Estate Companies and Services

    When comparing options, shopping the market, and attempting to find the best home possible, you may not be convinced that the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is the only place you should visit during your search.

    We agree and encourage everyone to compare options and shop for the most ideal home in the price range you prefer.

    Not to mention, many available real estate companies or real estate comparison services that will provide options for you in Cedar Springs, MI offer great filters to help you narrow your search even further.

    You can use search parameters such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you prefer and ensure you are only viewing options in your price range.

    Here is a look at some of the real estate companies and comparison-shopping websites we recommend for shopping in the Cedar Springs, Michigan, area:

    • Target Realty Group, LLC
    • Greenridge Realty
    • Bellabay Realty, LLC
    • Ensley Real Estate
    • Key Realty
    • Allen Edwin Realty, LLC
    • Realty Platforms
    • Five Star Real Estate
    • American Real Estate Services
    • Midwest Properties ERA Powered

    We personally like Greenridge Realty out of the options above. Greenridge Realty is the largest real estate brokerage that serves Western Michigan and the Grand Rapids/Cedar Rapids area. Checkout mobile homes for sale in Grand Rapids, MI here.

    Greenridge also has an option on the website you can use to view available listings in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

    We also like American Real Estate Services since American Real Estate Services is focused on real estate in the Cedar Rapids area.

    Anyone considering moving to Cedar Rapids, MI should consider American Real Estate Services.

    It is nice working with a knowledgeable and local agent when focusing on a specific area.

    You could also use the Michigan Regional Information Center for additional help with your search. The Michigan Regional Information Center can help provide information, such as the following:

    • Perform Property Searches
    • Find Local Realtors Near Cedar Springs, MI
    • Check Open House Times

    Our Takeaway: Cedar Springs Mobile Estates May Be for You

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates may not be for everyone. Still, it surely has the benefits, community, and desirable characteristics to appeal to most.

    If Cedar Springs Mobile Estates has not been considered, and maybe you potentially overlooked this option at first, consider visiting to look at what is currently available.

    The process of searching and finding the best potential house for you and your family can be tireless and sometimes feel like it will never end. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you and highlight what we offer.

    Hopefully this helped a little and best of luck in your home search.

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    The Best Used Single-Wide Mobile Homes for Sale in Michigan

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    The Best Used Single-Wide Mobile Homes for Sale in Michigan

    Living in Michigan gives you some great perks, but you also have to be careful about selecting just the right kind of housing. Traditional housing, including apartments, can be kind of pricey with rising rent rates and several restrictions to consider. All in all, it sometimes makes much more sense to buy a used single-wide mobile home or manufactured home.

    What is a Mobile Home?

    So, what is a manufactured home? There are many types of mobile homes out there, but they all have one thing in common. Instead of the usual construction on a site, like stick-built houses (see manufactured homes vs. stick-built), mobile homes or manufactured homes get their start in a factory. The factory manufactures the different parts, which a team will then construct on a certain site.

    certain site

    Mobile homes can have a larger square foot area than some apartments, especially if you go for the double-wide option. However, a single-wide mobile home is a more accessible choice because you get to have your own private property at a relatively lower cost. It is always a good idea to explore more on what a single-wide mobile home is and compare single and double-wide mobile homes for sale.

    Why Should You Consider Buying a Mobile Home?

    If you are aiming to live in Cedar Springs, getting your own mobile home is an excellent idea. Not only will you get the perks of living in this convenient area, but you will be investing your money instead of spending a large chunk in rent each month. There are several ways to increase the value of a mobile home, so it is possible to earn a profit when you finally sell it.

    Mobile homes can be less pricey as compared to traditional homes. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to think about availing any financing options to get that dream home. There are several mobile homes in Cedar Springs that are for sale right now. Among these, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is one of the best options.

    best options New

    Which Mobile or Manufactured Home Community to Choose?

    While it is possible to construct a mobile home on your own real estate properties, the easiest way is to check out some mobile home communities. These communities will have some mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI at this point. However, we will always recommend that you consider Cedar Springs Mobile Estates to eliminate any bad experiences.

    Used Single-Wide Mobile Homes for Sale

    So, why should you first be looking at the mobile homes for sale at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates? If you are not a property owner yet, it is important to find a safe, convenient, and reasonable place for your mobile home. Of course, a used option is even more cost-effective along with being ready for occupation.

    If you are currently in the market for used single-wide mobile homes, you might get confused with all the options available now. There are several companies managing communities for mobile homes these days, but Cedar Springs Mobile Estates takes the cake for most residents!

    most resident

    Here are just a few reasons why:

    1. It is Possible to Own Your Home

    Even the best apartment complexes in Grand Rapids will only let the residents rent their units instead of giving ownership. At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you have the option of buying modern, up-to-date manufactured homes at affordable rates. There are also some awesome deals if you want to become a homeowner as quickly as possible. Contact us today to find out how to buy a mobile home in a park!

    Access to Shared Amenities

    When you have a manufactured home in this community, you have your privacy as well as access to our shared amenities. We have a five star real estate property for our manufactured homes as well as our own blogs (checkout the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates Blog). Do read up on them and see what the mobile home community life is like.

    2. Low Average Cost

    If you opt for a single-wide family mobile home at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, the average price per square foot is just about a third of what it could be for a conventional home.

    Purchasing a mobile or manufactured home might also not be financially risky. Overall, if you are looking to save money while still living near a place like Grand Rapids, this option is the way to go.

    Low Down Payment

    Low Down Payment

    The down payment for a manufactured home in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is also much less than that of any traditional home. Even though we do offer mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI, we actually recommend buying a mobile or manufactured home from us rather than renting as it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

    For now, the down payment on a manufactured home in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is around 5-10%. This is around the same as you will pay as just move-in fees with a rental home. Overall, this is among the best deals you can get for a house near Grand Rapids.

    However, do keep in mind that there will be some unique costs tied to mobile home living. Make sure to find out everything you need to know about mobile home expenses before deciding on a housing option.

    3. High-End Living

    Many people may not think of high-end living when you mention mobile homes. Have no fear; the homes available at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates will soon prove them wrong!

    prove them wrong

    Not only are all our homes upgraded and modernized as much as possible, but they are also customizable according to your requirements. You can choose from a range of designs, finishes, and open floor plans. Inside, there are multiple bathrooms, wooden floors, modern countertops, fireplaces, and even gourmet kitchens (with elegant yet cheap kitchen cabinets) for your cooking needs.

    4. A Peaceful Community

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates itself is a beautiful community that ensures to welcome all newcomers. The homes are affordable, and they also allow you to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. As a result, the atmosphere here is a peaceful one that lets you be productive, well-rested, and happy.

    Resident Amenities

    The perks of living in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates comes with the exclusive resident access to certain amenities. These include playgrounds, picnic areas, grilling areas, landscaped parks, basketball courts, and a clubhouse. This makes it a perfect place for families as well.

    Building Bonds

    With all these amenities, we are also proud to say that our residents are committed to keeping the community clean, safe, and welcoming. You will not be far from a friendly place when you settle down in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    There are also a lot of events within the community each year. Most of them are sponsored by the management. These are aimed at building up a bond between the residents and staff, especially those who have been with us for a long time.

    A Pet-Friendly Policy

    At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we are fully aware that pets are members of the family. Keeping this in mind, pets are allowed, to a certain extent, within the community (checkout our mobile home park pet policy). This policy applies to both renters and buyers.

    5. Strategic Location

    Another practical reason to choose a single-wide mobile home in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is the community’s strategic location. If you settle down here, your home will be just a five minutes’ drive away from the city of Rockford and a 20 minutes’ drive from Grand Rapids. Both of these places are exciting venues with a lot of activities and sightseeing opportunities.

    Strategic Location

    You will also be just a minute away from Downtown Cedar Springs. Again, this is quite a happening part of town with loads of cultural and community activities. You can choose to dine-out at some of the best Cedar Springs restaurants, partake in some quality Cedar Springs, MI shopping, and take part in various recreational activities such as skiing, camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

    6. A Great School System

    The Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is within the Cedar Springs Public Schools District. The school system is known for its top-quality education and excellent results. So, you get access to all that in this community. The school system has recently undergone a heavy renovation worth several million dollars. This effort shows us how serious everyone is about educating the children in the area.

    The school system in Cedar Springs has good options for both private and public schools. Parents can easily look around and give their child the kind of education they think is best. You can check out the reviews of all of the Cedar Springs schools to know more about the academics. One thing is for sure, though; the quality of education here is second to none in the whole of the U.S.

    The Takeaway

    With the soaring prices for housing and real estate in this day and age, alternative housing could be the future.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates offers one of the best experiences of owning a used single-wide mobile home in Michigan.

    Here, you can have some private space, a friendly community, and the benefits of living in a nice neighborhood.

    However, it is also important to keep in mind that mobile homes or manufactured homes are not the only alternative housing option out there. There are also tiny homes, earth houses, container homes, and several other choices to consider. Before you make any final decision, make sure to compare a tiny house vs. mobile home, and so on.

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    Single and Double-Wide Mobile Homes for Sale: What Fits You?

    2 months ago · · Comments Off on Single and Double-Wide Mobile Homes for Sale: What Fits You?

    Single and Double-Wide Mobile Homes for Sale: What Fits You?

    House, abode, casa, pad, dwelling, whatever you choose to call home, it is your castle, and nobody can or should tell you otherwise.

    Be it a luxury condominium, studio apartment, 8,000-square foot McMansion, brick townhouse, brownstone, or a single-wide or double-wide at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, it is where you create memories, take a shower, cook meals, entertain, and lay your head to rest.

    No two homes are alike, whether they are in a rural or urban area, a mobile home park, or a tract, homes come in all shapes and sizes, and are built with varied materials.

    That said, maybe it is time to shake up your life and stop trekking all over town on Sundays to look at an open house or other real estate properties and consider something different and loaded with amenities — something more affordable, like a single or double-wide mobile home to call “home-sweet-home.”


    Speaking of amenities, if you thought wood floors, spa-like bathrooms, glorious gourmet kitchens for the chef in you, and upgraded cabinets with sparkling granite-like countertops were only to be found in a 3,000-square-foot gated residence smack in the middle of suburbia, you are dead wrong.

    amazing mobile homes and manufactured homes

    There are some elite and amazing mobile homes and manufactured homes ready and waiting for you with their welcome mats out at the manufactured home community of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in Cedar Springs, near Grand Rapids, MI.

    Yes, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is located at 400 Susan, Cedar Springs, MI. 49319, and is where you will find your dream home, along with well-groomed landscaping, an attentive management staff, new friends, pretty parks, affordable homes, industry-compliant buildings, as well as green areas for your pets to romp around at.

    Goodbye Stigma

    Did you know that many present-day manufactured homes, like those located at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, no longer have the bad stigma associated with the homes that were once termed “trailers” and built before 1976 thanks to the HUD Code?

    The HUD Code for mobile homes was developed to ensure manufacturers follow the standards for construction, design, energy-efficiency, safety, and transportation – and it has been providing those requirements for over four decades.

    As a result of the code, many mobile homes and mobile trailers, such as single-wides and double-wides, are catching the attention of numerous retirees, those with disabilities who don’t want a two or even a three-level home, single families, newly married couples, millennials, and everyone else in between; especially at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, a prime property in a fantastic location.

    So, what is the real difference between double and single-wide mobile homes? There is quite a bit, and it is not at all what you expected. It is a whole lot more and pretty exciting to boot if you are looking for a new beginning in your life.

    Do keep on reading more below to learn about single and double-wide mobile homes for sale to help determine which fits you best.

    A Place for All

    Firstly, whether you are finally downsizing to a mobile home, the offspring have grown up, graduated, and fled the nest, or you are starting a new period in your life, think about something besides a traditional site-built home, such as a manufactured home at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    What is a Mobile Home?

    You might be envisioning a mobile home, prefab homes, or modular homes, as boxes made of ugly siding.

    Not anymore! The modern-day versions are constructed with quality materials, from wood to vinyl, and offer amazing amenities just like suburban homes; and mobile homes are built to endure for years. Learn how long manufactured homes last here.

    Next Step

    Sold yet on one of these homes?

    First, you need to decide what size single-wide or double-wide mobile home you need and how many people will be living in it. Is it you and your spouse? Just you if you’re a newly single parent with kids, or are you in your Golden Years and a recent widow or widower?

    Regardless of your current situation, mobile homes are ideal for anybody who wants a quality home, but without the worry of a traditional home.

    Once you decide who is coming along for the ride, you will need to decide what type is better for you, a single or double-wide.


    Wondering what is a single-wide mobile home? Single-wide manufactured homes are narrower than double-wides, but can still offer plenty of space, nice bedrooms, updated kitchens, modern bathrooms, and other amenities.

    If it is you and another person who will be living in the mobile home or prefab home, and you don’t need much space, a single-wide manufactured home could be a good fit.

    Single-wide mobile homes are typically not connected with hallways (or there may be a very slim one in some cases).

    Most mobile homes, like single-wide and double-wide mobile homes, are not stationed to the ground, but rather elevated with risers, like the ones at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    SingleWide Costs

    Single-wide homes and manufactured home sizes depend on the maker, and prices can range between $33,941-$66,629. Learn how to buy a new manufactured home here.


    Need more space, and prefer luxuries like a gourmet kitchen, recessed ceilings, textured walls, or a stone fireplace? Then double-wide mobile homes are right up your alley. These mobile homes and manufactured homes are built in two parts and then joined, once transported and placed, to make one double-wide trailer.

    Double-Wide Frills

    DoubleWide Frills

    Double-wide mobile homes, prefab homes, and manufactured homes at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates have more square footage and offer varied floor plans.

    A double-wide manufactured home is great for empty nesters and first-time home buyers. A double-wide manufactured home ranges from the mid-900s to almost 2,200 square feet at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, where there are various mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI.

    Overall, double-wide manufactured homes have numerous amenities, as you will see when looking at these homes for sale at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    Also, a double-wide mobile home could provide a good return on your investment if you sell — it is your own mobile home to do whatever you please. Learn more about if a mobile home is a good investment here.

    Skip the Realtors

    If you need extra space that your current apartment is not providing and you love beautiful amenities, a single or double-wide mobile home awaits you at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, which is one of the top mobile home parks in Michigan with manufactured homes for sale.

    If you are tired of searching real estate properties every weekend for your dream home, check out the homes for sale at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    You can own manufactured homes, a prefab home, or modular home sooner than later and skip the realtors. Instead, opting for a single or double-wide manufactured home at the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates community will become your new dream home.

    If that is not enough, there is plenty more at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates to spark your interest at the beautiful mobile home park.

    Single and Double-Wide Mobile Homes for Sale

    At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you will discover modular homes for sale with all the bells and whistles you need and want, as well as many other perks.

    Our private community is situated on private property and has numerous community attractions to enjoy, like basketball courts, picnic and grilling areas, and many planned resident social events to meet neighbors.

    Located within Kent County, Michigan, there are more than 20 townships, nine cities, and five villages to explore. There are also plenty of things to do in Cedar Springs, Michigan, like eateries, cafes, Cedar Springs restaurants, Cedar Springs, MI shopping, cultural events, excellent Cedar Springs schools, healthcare, and more. These are all the more reasons why deciding to take up residence at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is simply a no-brainer.

    Lots of Options

    The property has many modular homes, manufactured homes, and prefab home options for everyone’s taste. At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can find a mobile home for sale, modular homes for sale, or even mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI, if you want.

    Whatever your desire for a residence is, you will find it at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, which is about 20 minutes from Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI, and it will be extremely rewarding thanks to the private property’s offerings.

    Prime Location

    Where is Cedar Springs, Michigan you ask? Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is less than one mile from Muskegon off the US-131, and a few minutes from downtown Cedar Springs, MI.

    Are You Ready?

    Now that you have learned all the ins, outs, and details of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in Cedar Springs, as well as what modular homes and double-wide trailers are about, isn’t it time to visit and see the for sale units?

    One thing is for sure, the manufactured home community of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates will be excited to embrace you as one of the family and supply you with an amazing place to grow a garden, toss a ball, or play games with your kids or grandkids, and safely walk your dog.

    Go ahead and pay the friendly staff in the Cedar Springs, MI area a visit to begin your new journey where you will meet new friends and neighbors in this lovely community that you will soon call your home, abode, dwelling, pad, or house.

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