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    How to Increase the Value of a Mobile Home

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    How to Increase the Value of a Mobile Home

    A mobile home is the economical choice for many families and individuals. However, some may hesitate before buying a mobile home for either residential or investment purposes (learn if a mobile home is a good investment here). The main reason for this doubt is that the value of mobile homes or manufactured homes tends to go down right after they become someone’s property.

    With traditional homes increasing in value each year, it is only logical that potential buyers think twice about buying a mobile home in a park. Some real estate agents may also advise caution, but the fact remains that manufactured homes are just more accessible than the traditional opinions. Mobile homes depreciate in value, sure enough, but they do provide an affordable, alternative way of living.

    Can We Increase the Value of a Mobile Home?

    The good news is that your manufactured home purchase or manufactured home construction can actually increase in value if you take the right steps. While the curb appeal might not be that of a traditional home, a mobile home can prove to be a worthy investment. The aim here is to plan carefully and see what potential buyers are looking for.

    How to Increase the Value of a Mobile Home

    upgrade mobile homes

    When you aim to upgrade mobile homes, focus on making these living spaces more attractive for the market. A mobile home’s value may not fall much if you are in the right location, especially if you invest in some specific home improvement projects and construction upgrades.

    Wondering how to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of your investment? Here are some tweaks you can make to that manufactured home right now:

    1. Look into Energy-Efficient Upgrades

    Making a manufactured home more energy-efficient is a great way to add value for the long run. Plus, if you are already living in the mobile home or manufactured home, a few energy-efficient upgrades will cut down your bills. So, how do you make a mobile home more energy-efficient?

    The United States Department of Energy affirms that an energy-efficient mobile home is likely to generate lower energy costs and harmful emissions. If you are thinking of buying used mobile homes for sale and making them more energy-efficient, look into the following steps:

    • Put in energy-efficient windows and doors
    • Apply caulk and weatherstripping
    • Install insulated skirting or just additional insulation (learn how to super insulate a mobile home here)

    Before you start making any of these changes, keep in mind that most manufactured homes have to stay within the HUD Code, or the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code for mobile homes). Make sure to look these up and act accordingly rather than getting sidetracked by local building codes.

    Making Changes to Your Appliances

    Before you buy any new appliance, make sure to check the energy rating for it. If you have the budget, try getting upgraded appliances for the kitchen and the mobile home in general.

    Just a few suggestions include central air conditioning, a microwave, and so on. They might end up using more energy than before, but the upgrade will increase the value of the mobile home.

    If you choose appliances with an acceptable energy rating, you will get a more energy-efficient system. The manufactured home’s heating and cooling costs will be lower due to the system working better as well.

    2. Make a List of Possible Inexpensive Upgrades

    Buying new appliances, especially energy-efficient ones, can get expensive. While the result will be immediate savings, not everyone has the budget to make such a change right away. If that is the case at your end, consider some more budget-friendly upgrade that will enhance curb appeal and increase your mobile home’s value simultaneously.

    In fact, such upgrades may actually make more sense considering the overall prices of manufactured homes. If you are working on upgrades to get a higher sales price when it is time to sell, highly expensive changes won’t be beneficial. Instead, consider the following steps:

    ●       A fresh coat of paint on both the interior and exterior

    ●       Updating the lighting fixtures and getting new ones to enhance curb appeal

    ●       Updating the plumbing system

    ●       Installing new cabinets or fixing the existing ones

    3. Stay on Top of Maintenance

    The value of a mobile home will depreciate even more quickly if there are broken pipes, boards, and appliances in there. Any real estate agents or appraisers that value properties will also consider the quality of the mobile home. Generally speaking, a manufactured home that is all ready for a new tenant will probably go for a higher price than a fixer-upper.

    This is not to say that you need to spring for renovations or the latest floorings, appliances, and so on. Simply staying on top of things might suffice; call in a professional to handle any plumbing issues, fix the loose hinges on the door, and immediately change the window panes if there is a crack. Fixing a drafty spot also counts, especially as it makes the place more energy-efficient. Learn some more mobile home maintenance tips here.

    4. Place the Manufactured Home on Real Property

    Finding a mobile home can be challenging for some people, but most of them will not prefer one on a rented lot. The financing options are limited in such cases, so the value of your mobile home could drop by half! That is a major decrease to consider. Therefore, it is important to take the required steps right away.

    If you can afford to move that manufactured home to your own property, the increased value will be worth it. The difference might even be enough to cover your costs, and then some. Of course, you can consult a professional in the real estate business before taking the leap. Learn how much it costs to move a mobile home here.

    5. Check Out Options for Siding and Roofs

    Some high-end options for siding could make a major change in the appearance of your mobile home. The standard shingle roofs and vinyl siding are not that appealing anymore, so you have a lot to work with here. Cedar plank siding, shaker shingle roofs, and other such options will not take much time or material. However, they can definitely add value to your manufactured home and attract more buyers in a short period of time.

    Changes in the Roof

    The usual flat roof of your manufactured home does not need to be a permanent fixture. Pitched roofs usually look more attractive, need less maintenance, and are a structurally sound option as well. The triangular shape will not let rainwater pool on the roof, resulting in less leaks and water damage. On the other hand, we would warn you against shingles made of asphalt; they are too difficult to maintain properly. Learn what the best roof coating is for mobile homes here.

    6. Convert the Manufactured Home to Actual Real Estate

    When potential buyers don’t have many financing options, they might not even be able to afford a manufactured home (learn how to finance a mobile home here). This is just one of the reasons why you might want to look into converting a mobile home into actual real estate. Follow the specifications in UMHA (the Uniform Manufactured Housing Act) to make this conversion if the home is already on your own land.

    After the legal conversion, you can go ahead and put in a permanent foundation. Remove any wheels and axles; basically, anything that makes the manufactured home non-permanent. Lastly, make sure to register the structure as a piece of real estate. The process might be demanding, but it is a surefire way to increase the value of a mobile home and ensure a profitable sale.

    7. Consider Landscaping Ideas

    Finally, consider the way your home looks now. The online pictures are the first glimpse that most people will see, while the outside is the first thing they see when they take a tour. Aesthetics are a major part of making a sale. Some simple landscaping ideas for mobile homes might be in order.

    There is no need to go overboard here; landscaping can include planting some new shrubs, some more flowerpots, or a well-tended garden. If you have a yard, make sure it is neat and clean before thinking about changing the geography.

    The Takeaway

    Owners of manufactured homes can do so much to increase the value of their property. You may have been wondering whether mobile homes are worth buying, but the increasing demand for non-traditional housing is reassuring.

    housing is reassuring

    Some people may want a lovely new paint job for their own satisfaction and aesthetic sense. Others may invest in this upgrade to increase curb appeal and a mobile home’s value in order to sell it. Remember, your manufactured home is your personal property; you can track its value while making the required upgrades.

    Even if you don’t intend to sell your mobile home just yet, energy-efficient upgrades are always a saving bonus. Take some ideas from the discussion above and see which ones seem most promising for increasing the value of your mobile home.

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    Is it Worth Buying a Mobile Home in a Park?

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    Is it Worth Buying a Mobile Home in a Park?

    Purchasing a mobile home in a park is a significant financial investment, which is why you may be unsure if it is the right call to make. So, should you buy a mobile home?

    If you are one of the many individuals who are unsure about purchasing a mobile home, you need to know about the advantages of mobile homes for homeowners. Although there are compelling reasons to purchase a site-built house, mobile homes provide a number of advantages over traditional residences, i.e. homes built on a permanent foundation.

    For example, a mobile home is up to 30% cheaper than a site-built home. Furthermore, you will need at least a 20% down payment to acquire financing for your real estate asset/traditional housing, which is a big sum when compared to the 5-10% down payment required for mobile homes.

    Is it Worth Buying a Mobile Home in a Park?

    Park Home Park

    Yes, buying a mobile home in a park is worth it. The financial benefits of this type of housing are substantial, and it is a great alternative for someone trying to save more money.

    Site-built homeowners are frequently subjected to high taxes, which a mobile homeowner in a community will easily avoid. If you are still unsure whether you should buy a mobile home or not, let’s go a little deeper and give you some additional reasons why you should:

    Costs Less than Stick-Built Homes

    The most obvious benefit of purchasing a mobile house is that it is considerably less expensive than regular residences.

    Mobile homes have been growing in popularity because of their affordability. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development figures, nearly 22 million Americans live in mobile homes. This figure represents 7% of the United States population.

    The average price of a mobile home compared to a traditional home:

    • Singlewide mobile homes price: $43,500 – $59,000
    • Doublewide mobile homes price: $110,400 – $119,400
    • Traditional homes price: $337,560

    In apartments, rent increases are typical, which can be a major disadvantage, especially if you are on a tight budget. Purchasing a manufactured home, on the other hand, may relieve you of the stress of regular rent hikes.

    Caravan park

    Low Cost of Repairs and Maintenance

    From a financial standpoint, purchasing a mobile home will save you hundreds of dollars in repair and maintenance costs each year. This does not indicate that you will not spend money on mobile home maintenance and repairs; rather, it implies spending less than you would on a standard home.

    For example, landscaping services and maintenance workers are frequently available in mobile home parks for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for a regular home.

    Build Equity

    Buying a manufactured home in a park helps you build equity compared to renting an apartment. The difference between what you owe on your mortgage and what you could sell your property for at the current market rate is known as equity.

    Renting an apartment gives you no future perks; however, paying a mortgage gives you some long-term benefits. That said, you would rather invest in your future by buying a mobile home over renting an apartment.

    Rent-to-Own Option

    Rent-to-Own Option

    The good news is that some mobile home communities offer rent-to-own options, which means you may wind up buying your house with just your monthly rent payment. Learn how to rent-to-own a mobile home here.

    We acknowledge that not everyone can afford to put money down and buy a house right away, which is why mobile home communities offer a convenient method for prospective homeowners by offering rent-to-own.

    If you decide to go this route, be prepared to put down a large amount upfront, which is normally negotiable with mobile home park owners. The remaining balance will be paid with your monthly rent payment at the agreed-upon period.

    More Privacy

    When compared to apartment living, a mobile home in a park provides more privacy. In most cases, you will have a lot of your own, which is often more private space outdoors than you would in an apartment.

    More Privacy

    Your neighbor’s loudness will not be an issue because the distance between you and your next-door neighbor is usually reasonable. In apartments, however, typically the wall is what separates you from your next-door neighbor, thus loud music could be a problem.

    More Space Outdoors

    Most apartments lack outdoor spaces, making it tough to live in them, particularly if you have a growing family. However, outdoor spaces for mobile homes are larger, allowing you to have more fun with your family during your free time.

    Community Living

    Manufactured home communities value community living, which is why they invest in community events that allow residents to connect and build friendships. In addition, residents benefit from amenities. such as clubhouses, fitness centers, and playgrounds, which the park owners provide to the greatest extent possible.


    Most mobile home parks are pet-friendly, so if you have furry friends, a park can be a great alternative. In comparison to the confined places in apartments, your dog will be able to walk about much more freely because you will have a larger outdoor space.

    Little to No Taxes

    Mobile home parks are known for their tax benefits. A mobile home is not classified as a real estate asset, but rather as personal property, so it is not taxed like other properties.

    In Michigan, residents of manufactured home parks pay a fixed charge, also known as the “specific tax.” In addition, they pay sales tax when they purchase a mobile house.

    The high cost of property taxes is a big factor to why many homeowners consider renting or finding mobile homes for sale. Traditional homeowners frequently struggle with the mounting costs. The lower cost in taxes, therefore, gives a mobile homeowner a huge advantage over a real estate homeowner.

    a real estate homeowner

    Lower Monthly Costs

    A regular home’s operating costs are frequently higher than that of a mobile home. Lawn maintenance, heating and cooling, and repairs all add up to a lot of money over time. When you factor in your monthly mortgage and other living expenditures, you are sure to regret purchasing a site-built home.

    On the other hand, the operating costs of a mobile home are low, meaning you may save money on most repairs and maintenance services.

    What You Should Know as a First-time Mobile Home Buyer

    Buying a mobile home for the first time might be stressful, which is why you should learn some useful tips. With that said, here are things you should know when buying your first mobile home:

    Do Your Research

    The first step is to conduct research in order to determine market prices for these sorts of houses prior to visiting mobile home sellers. You can end up losing money paying more for mobile homes/manufactured homes than you should if you don’t do your homework.

    Furthermore, Since market pricing differs by location, you should have a firm idea of where you want to go before visiting various manufactured home dealers in Michigan. Mobile homes near cities may not be the same price as those further away.

    Also, you want to establish if the mobile home park is age-restricted or not. An age-restricted community means that only persons in a given age range are allowed to join as residents, such as those aged 55 and up.

    In addition, find out if the community is pet-friendly? These are the kinds of details you want to establish before finding a mobile home. Most parks have pet restrictions such as a pet limit, which is often two per household and aggressive breeds. Just be sure to review the mobile home park pet policy.

    Decide the Type of Mobile Home You Want to Buy

    Do you want to buy a single-wide, double-wide, or even a triple-wide mobile home? Each has a different price tag, which you should be aware of before proceeding. A single-wide is a good choice if you are single, but if you have a growing family, a double-wide or triple-wide may be necessary.

    Take Referrals from Friends and Family

    Always start by asking your close friends and relatives for recommendations. They might be able to assist you in finding a mobile home park that suits your needs and preferences.

    Not all mobile home communities have a good reputation for customer service, and you want to have the finest experience possible as a first-time homebuyer, right? This is why referrals are crucial when looking for a mobile home in a park.

    Use Online Tools to Narrow Down Your Search

    Physically looking for mobile homes in a park can be exhausting, which is why you should utilize online tools to help you narrow down your search. Real estate websites will help you search for a mobile home based on the location and the pet-friendliness of the community. Find out what is the best website to find a mobile home here.

    Visit Mobile Homes in a Park

    The best way of determining whether or not a mobile home park is right for you is to pay a visit in-person and get a sense of the community. That said, consult with locals to learn about their opinions of the mobile home park. Move on to another park if most people are unhappy with the services.

    Understand Your Financing Path

    Before purchasing a mobile home in a park, you should understand your mobile home financing options. Consider how you will finance the home, which mobile home loan you want to get, whether you qualify for it, and so on. Learn more about how to finance a mobile home here.

    A mobile or modular homes mortgage is not the same as traditional mortgages. Mobile homes have fewer financing options compared to stick-built homes because they are considered personal property; however, they do have fewer restrictions, meaning you could get a mortgage loan with less paperwork.

    Generally, you should have a good credit rating or credit history to qualify for better loan terms. A bad credit score will get you terrible terms, such as higher interest rates, because of the risk associated. The good news is that even if you have a low credit score, you can still acquire a mobile home loan.Learn what credit score is needed to buy a mobile home here.

    Final Thought

    The advantages of purchasing mobile homes in a park make it worthwhile; lower taxes, fewer repair and maintenance costs, and more privacy are all reasons you should consider buying a mobile home.

    Every community has its own set of park rules, which you should acquaint yourself with before joining a community. It could be about the noise level and pet policy, among others. Parks offer leased-land, where residents pay what is lot rent for a mobile home every month. The difference is that you own the home, but not the land.

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    The Best Pizza Places in Cedar Springs, MI

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    The Best Pizza Places in Cedar Springs, MI

    Pizza is one of the best things to try in the U.S. It can be a snack or a meal, and is usually delicious no matter where you get it from. However, there are just some pizza places that do it better than others. In Cedar Springs, MI, you can find some of the best pizza places.

    Pizza Places in Cedar Springs, MI

    Pizza 1

    To fulfill those pizza hankerings or just have great food overall, the top pizza places in Cedar Springs, MI are always worth a visit. The pizza spots in the vicinity of Cedar Springs, MI 49319 are especially good, but other nearby places have also made it into our top recommendations.

    Instead of going with the fast food chains and their related marks, try out these amazing pizza places without any further ado:

    1. Vitale’s Pizza

    Located at 16 N. Main, Cedar Springs, MI 49319, this place serves some of the best pizza in Cedar Springs, MI. It has an excellent rating on many online platforms, being a family run operation that offers excellent food at reasonable rates.

    Unique Features of Vitale’s Pizza

    Vitale’s Pizza is one of those pizza places that are generous with toppings, have fast, yet friendly, service, and always delivers on taste and quality. They still use the traditional brick ovens and offer economical weekly deals so that everyone can enjoy a great pizza on a regular basis.

    Young Chef Preparing Pizza In Kitchen Restaurant

    Along with pizza, this place also has other food options, like salads and subs. Even their breadsticks receive praise. So, do stop by if you are in the area of Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    2. Stein Brothers Pizza Co.

    There are certain things that everyone in Cedar Springs, MI knows to be true. One of them is that Stein Brothers have the most amazing options for pizza in town! This pizza place is located at 77 S. Main, Cedar Springs, MI 49319, but keep in mind that they are closed on Mondays.

    Along with providing amazing pizza and subs, this restaurant is known for its great service too. They have generous toppings, with different specials available on various days of the week.

    Unique Features of Stein Brothers Pizza

    When you dine at Stein Brothers or order their wares, the first feature you might notice is the unique menu. Along with the usual offerings, Stein Brothers offers options like Olde Blue Pizza (with banana peppers and gorgonzola crumbles), Polish Rose Pizza, Darkside of the Shroom Pizza, and other scrumptious choices.

    Stein Brothers Pizza

    Along with all the meat-filled options, Stein Brothers also has healthy pizza, vegetarian pizza, and several alternatives so that no one goes hungry. According to the online reviews, their pizza is so memorable that those who have moved away from Cedar Springs can’t find anything to top it. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular pizza places in Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    3. Flo’s Wood Fired Pizzeria

    Located at 4425 14 Mile Rd, Rockford, MI 49341, this pizza place is very near the vicinity of Cedar Springs, MI 49319. If you are in Cedar Springs, this place still counts as one of the top pizza options in town. If you are looking for things to do in Cedar Springs, Michigan during the fall, or any other season, do try out this authentic Italian pizza experience.

    Most of the reviews for this pizza place are full of praise for its delicious offerings. Even those who don’t usually like pizza are impressed with the options they give, such as the cauliflower crust.

    Wood Fired Pizzeria

    Unique Features of Flo’s Wood Fired Pizzeria

    What really makes this pizzeria stand out is its authenticity and old-fashioned operation. The wait staff is also impeccable, while the restrooms are sparkling. There is also usually a lot of free parking.

    The menu has a lot of variety, including seafood, calzones, sandwiches, and the ever-popular bruschetta. Overall, this is not your standard pizza parlor, but a high-quality pizzeria with a dedicated, welcoming manager makes it a worthwhile option.

    4. Momma’s Boy

    Located at 4324 14 Mile Rd NE, Rockford, MI 49341, this restaurant is another excellent option near Cedar Springs, MI. Many travelers and residents stop in here for a meal or snack. You can do the same if you are done with visiting the top Cedar Springs, MI shopping places and are craving something Italian.


    The feedback about this place connotes that it has awesome food, great service, and a pleasant vibe that makes you want to come back soon. It is mostly a take-out restaurant, with options like subs and pasta as well as breadsticks and pizza. There is a decent dessert menu as well, so you can make this a one-stop place for all your cravings.

    Unique Features of Momma’s Boy

    The customers of Momma’s Boy really appreciate the great flavor and range available compared to other restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI. The servings are also very large ones, so you will hopefully get plenty of leftovers. Even the crust has seasoning. It is as full of flavor as the rest of the pizza. The garlic butter dipping sauce comes highly recommended here, as does the cheese bread.

    The only drawback to this place is that they close a bit early, but that is not surprising as their opening time is 11:00am on the weekdays. They usually close at around 7:00pm or 8:00pm each day, except for Sunday, when the working hours are from 3:00pm to 6:30pm. With that said, we do recommend trying Momma’s Boy at least once, especially as they have a decent gluten-free menu for their discerning customers.

    no shortage of great food

    The Takeaway

    When you are in Cedar Springs, MI, there is certainly no shortage of great food options. Whether you are looking for Cedar Springs restaurants to dine-in at or the top restaurants to get carry out/delivery, Cedar Springs has them all! For those who want to satisfy their craving with the best pizza in town, there are several delectable choices either way.

    If you live in or near Cedar Springs, MI 49319, some of the best pizza places are right by your home! Try one of the options above today and get ready for a mouth-watering experience.

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    Loans for Mobile Homes in Parks: What You Need to Know

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    Loans for Mobile Homes in Parks: What You Need to Know

    With the growing cost of conventional homes, a mobile home may be the best alternative for housing. This is because mobile homes can be up to 30% less expensive than sitebuilt homes.

    Even though mobile homes are less expensive than traditional homes, they can still cost thousands of dollars, which you may not have on hand. That said, once you have decided on a mobile home for sale that you want to purchase, the next step is to secure financing. This part can be a headache if you don’t know what type of financing to pursue mobile homes.

    Whether you are buying a mobile home or any other type of home, choosing the right financing option is always a crucial decision. Read up on if mobile homes are worth buying here.

    Loans for Mobile Homes in Parks

    Home Park Mobile

    Conventional lenders do not consider mobile homes real assets unless they are permanently tied to the property. So, if you are looking to purchase a mobile home in a community, what kind of financing should you pursue?

    If this interests you, then read on to find out all you need to know about mortgages for mobile homes in a park.

    What is a Mobile Home Park?

    A mobile home park, also known as a trailer park or a manufactured home community, is a temporary or permanent location where mobile and manufactured homes can be parked.

    The best thing about mobile home parks is that you will have access to community amenities, such as pools, laundry facilities, fitness centers, recreation areas, and more. Some communities are age-restricted, meaning they only allow residents of a certain age group. For example, a mobile home park could be exclusively for senior citizens looking for a retirement community to reside in. On the other hand, some communities welcome anyone who wishes to live in a mobile or manufactured home.

    Types of Loans for Mobile Homes in Parks

    Now let’s take a look at the various options one has to finance mobile homes for sale in a community:

    FHA Loans

    You can secure manufactured home financing with a Federal Housing Administration loan (FHA loan). FHA is a government mortgage program that is backed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which means that if the borrower defaults on the loan, they are not responsible for making up any of the difference that is left owing. It provides mortgages that require as little as a 3.5% down payment, which is lower than the traditional 20% down payment requirement for a real estate home.

    There are two types of FHA Loans: Title I and Title II. Title I can be used to buy the mobile home, but not the land on which the house will sit. Title II can be used to purchase both the mobile home and the land.

    Like any other loan, FHA has loan terms and rates for its mortgage. The maximum you could borrow is $69,678 for a manufactured home, as of the end of 2021; and the FHA has a maximum loan duration of 20 years for a manufactured home.

    You should be aware that the FHA does not provide loans; rather, it guarantees them, so look for FHA-approved lenders. Before choosing a lender, however, compare the rates. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development provides search tools to help you quickly find FHA-approved lenders.

    Not every manufactured home can qualify for an FHA loan. For instance, your manufactured home must have been built after 1976. So, before buying a manufactured home, check the year of construction.

    Chattel Loans

    A chattel loan is a type of loan used to purchase various properties. It is a personal property loan that you can use to buy your manufactured home. Chattel loans are typically used to fund high-value personal property, such as yachts, planes, and farm machinery.

    If you do not own land and want to live in a mobile home community, a chattel mobile home financing option may be ideal because it is not tied to land ownership like a VA loan is. VA loans are strictly for military members. So, if you are a veteran, check out your eligibility for this type of loan, but it is required that your home be your primary residence in order to qualify. Learn more about can you buy a mobile home with a VA loan here.

    Chattel loans are similar to traditional mortgages in that the collateral is the property itself. This implies that if you default on your loan, your home may be confiscated to pay off the debt. With that said, a chattel loan has a lower closing cost and fewer limitations than a regular mortgage.

    The disadvantage of this type of loan is that it has a higher interest rate than any other type of manufactured home loan, which usually ranges 0.5 to 5 percentage points higher. Furthermore, it has shorter term lengths. This means that even though you will be able to pay your home off quicker, your monthly payments will be higher.

    Personal Loans

    Manufactured homes are typically less expensive than site-built homes, allowing you to finance your purchase with a personal loan. Personal loans are the type of mortgage you can utilize to purchase a variety of things.

    Due to their flexibility, it is easy to use them to finance a manufactured home purchase. The good thing about a personal loan is that they do not require any collateral to secure the mortgage. This implies that if you default, you will not lose your home. However, the trade-off is that personal loans tend to have higher interest rates compared to traditional mortgage rates, making them more similar to auto loans.

    Many personal loans allow you to borrow up to $50,000, with some lenders allowing you to borrow up to $100,000, which is certainly enough to land you used mobile homes for sale.

    Pros & Cons of Manufactured Home Financing

    With advances in manufactured home technology and decreased manufactured home prices, mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular. With that said, manufactured home financing can be tricky, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

    There are many different types of loans to choose from, and the prices vary greatly, so it is important to do your due diligence before deciding which one is right for you. Here are some tips for finding a mobile home.

    So, let’s weigh the pros and cons of manufactured home financing:


    Fewer Fees and Closing Costs

    If you are looking to purchase a new or used mobile home, you must understand the costs involved with the financing. One of the best things about manufactured home financing is lower closing costs than conventional loans.

    Easier Qualification Process

    The process of finding a loan for a mobile home is pretty much the same as that of any other type of home. However, there are some differences in the way they are financed. Mobile homes, being classified as “manufactured housing” or “manufactured homes,” typically qualify for personal loan financing types, such as a VA or FHA loan.

    These loans have significantly fewer restrictions than conventional loans and are often obtained at lower interest rates. Also, the lack of restrictions makes them easier to apply and qualify for, which makes them attractive to people with poor credit.

    Low Down Payment Requirements

    The biggest win for people that obtain manufactured home financing over traditional lending is lower down payments. With traditional lending, it is not uncommon for a 20% or even 30% down payment to be required. These hefty deposit requirements can make it difficult for many people to become homeowners, especially those with low incomes and high debt.

    For manufactured homes, however, you can pay as low as a 3% down payment, which is significantly less than that of site-built homes.

    Smaller Loan Amount (and potentially smaller payments)

    A smaller mobile home loan amount will likely result in a lower monthly payment, making it easier to manage your finances and stay afloat.


    Higher Interest Rates

    Since most mobile home loans have fewer restrictions, they have higher interest rates to compensate.

    Only Available for Financing the Home, Not the Land

    The majority of mobile home loans are only available to finance the home, not the land, which could be a major setback for ambitious homeowners who wish to buy both.

    Steps for Getting Manufactured Home Financing

    Buying a manufactured or mobile home in a park differs from buying a traditional home in that most lenders do not consider these homes to be real estate assets, and so they do not qualify for traditional mortgages.

    So, before you go out and buy a mobile home, take a look at the steps outlined below to learn how to secure financing:

    Check Your Credit Score

    Your credit record is an important factor in determining your eligibility for manufactured home financing. Consumers with a higher credit score are more likely to qualify for a mobile home loan. Repairing your credit can help you increase your score and improve your chances of obtaining financing for a new or used mobile home.

    If you want to find out what yours is and what it means, the first step is to order a free credit score report. A minimum credit score of 720 or better, combined with a good credit history, will usually earn you a cheaper interest rate.

    You should be aware that different lenders have different credit score criteria, but aiming for a higher credit score is the safest way to get better mobile home loan terms.

    Save for a Down Payment

    Saving for a down payment on a manufactured or mobile home can be challenging if you don’t have any savings. Manufactured homes are more affordable than their site-built counterparts, and your down payment will be less as well. However, just because it is cheaper does not mean it is a small down payment; it is still a significant sum to save for.

    Typically, the down payment for many lenders is 3% of the total loan amount. The more money you can put down for a down payment upfront, the lower your monthly payment will be.

    Find the Right Lender

    Begin your search for a mobile home lender once you have decided on the type of mobile home you want to buy. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Veterans Administration (VA) guarantee loans for manufactured homes. You can also find specific lenders who specialize in lending on manufactured homes.

    Compare Rates from Multiple Lenders

    Varying lenders have different rates, so you should shop around before deciding. You may have a good grasp of what you want, but it is always best to know your options. Many lenders offer the same types of mobile or manufactured home loans, but they differ in terms of interest rates and eligibility requirements.

    Submit Your Loan Application

    Check the eligibility requirements after you have decided on a lender to borrow from; then fill out the application if you meet their requirements. The best part about mobile home loans is that they have a faster approval process than regular loans.

    What Credit Score Do I Need to Get Mobile Home Financing?

    In order to get mobile home financing, you usually need a minimum credit score of around 600. This is because most lenders require that borrowers have a credit score of 600 or higher in order to receive approval for financing. However, there are some exceptions depending on the lender and the type of loan they offer.

    A lower credit score may also make it more difficult for you to qualify for financing because lending companies may be less likely to approve your application if your credit score is below 600. If your score falls below 600, you will need to improve it before applying for mobile home financing. One way to do this is by paying off any outstanding debts and making on-time payments for some time. Learn more on what credit score is needed to buy a mobile home here.

    Final Thought

    When you are buying a manufactured, mobile, or modular home, it is worth knowing that there are many financing options available to help you pay for it. The key is understanding how to find the right one for your situation.

    Most mobile home loans offer flexible terms, low monthly payments, and manageable interest rates. Before you look for a lender, do your homework on mobile home finance. This will give you a major competitive advantage when making your purchase. For example, establish the minimum credit score requirements, among other things.

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    What is the Best Website to Find a Mobile Home?

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    What is the Best Website to Find a Mobile Home?

    The mobile home industry is among the top growing markets globally; and with an increase in top-quality homes available, we have seen a proliferation of mobile home websites that allows renters or mobile home buyers to search for their dream home with ease, without the use of a licensed realtor.

    With that said, mobile home renters and buyers need to understand that not all websites are designed equally. Most sites are designed for singularly promoting a particular brand of manufactured housing. Only a few allow shoppers to access a variety of manufactured housing units, allowing them to compare construction specs and pricing.

    So, what is the best website to search for a top-quality mobile home? Read on to find out.

    What is the Best Website to Find a Mobile Home?

    find mobile and manufactured homes

    The best website to find mobile and manufactured homes are ones where you can easily search for top-quality homes at an affordable price. Let’s consider these sites below:

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates:

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates’ website does not top our list by chance. The site presents some features that you will never find in any other site. Here, you will find both mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI and mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI.

    You can go on a mobile home virtual tour or easily schedule an actual visit to the manufactured housing units on the website. We do not doubt that all manufactured housing units here will meet your expectations.

    For instance

    For instance, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is among Michigan’s most fantastic manufactured home communities. You will find affordable mobile homes for rent and mobile homes for sale here with top quality features.

    Mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs are perfect for retirees, growing families, and young professionals. Also, if you have pets, you can tag them along and keep them in this mobile home community without any challenges. Just be sure to review the mobile home park pet policy.

    Below are reasons why you need to use to find a manufactured home:

    Their Mobile Homes Come with a More Personalized Experience

    You will live in a family-owned mobile home park that guarantees you a personal experience, which is outlined right on the website. Unlike most mobile home parks, you are treated here as though you were part of their extended family.

    Inside these mobile homes for sale and rent, you will find features and amenities that will simply astonish.

    Professional and Friendly Mobile Home Management

    All mobile homes for sale and rent on stand out because of the professional management team. The devoted full-time employees ensure that both renters and buyers enjoy their living environment and have peace of mind. They achieve this by ensuring that a mobile home park is safe and well-maintained.

    Friendly Mobile Home Management

    A Vibrant Manufactured Home Park

    As you step into Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you are certain of being impressed. All the manufactured housing units on the website are uniquely designed with features you will never find anywhere else.

    Apart from the inviting atmosphere and the land being well landscaped, the streets are also well-kept. This is without question the best place to call home.

    Custom Design to Meet Renter and Buyer Expectations

    All manufactured housing units you will see on the website are custom designed. The available manufactured homes for sale are also upgraded to the buyer’s custom specifications.

    The upgrades include hardwood or vinyl flooring, high-end finishes and fixtures, and stainless steel appliances.

    top-quality features

    Some top-quality features worth mentioning include custom gourmet kitchens, upgraded skirting, stone fireplaces, and high-end countertops.

    Additional features in this mobile home community include:

    • Planned community social events
    • Online payment portal
    • Attractive lending programs
    • Strategic location near the downtown area

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community:

    You will find both mobile homes for sale in Fenton, MI and mobile homes for rent in Fenton, MI on this website. The Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community website also allows you to either have a mobile home virtual tour or schedule an appointment for an actual visit.

    This mobile home community is about 60 minutes from Lansing and Detroit and 30 minutes from Ann Arbor and Flint. You can acquire either a new or pre-owned manufactured home, depending on your own preference.

    Below are reasons

    Below are reasons why you need to use and get a home from Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community:

    Their Manufactured Homes have Large Living Spaces

    Most Michigan mobile home parks offer homes of about 1,000 square feet, or less. Tyrone Woods, on the other hand, offers doublewide mobile homes with more than 1,500 square feet of living space. You can even get a unit up to 2,200 square feet.

    All floor plans have 3-4 bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.

    Beautiful Mobile Home Designs

    All the floor plans in Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community are renovated to modern standards. The manufactured homes all have pitched roofs and vinyl siding, and they are also designed with stone fireplaces and spacious oak kitchens to improve your comfort.

    Mobile homes for sale in this mobile home park also have large master bedroom suites attached with full baths.

    All Mobile Homes

    All Mobile Homes have High-Quality Amenities

    Very few mobile home parks boast the amenities that you will find at Tyrone Woods. The manufactured homes in this mobile home community come complete with sheds for extra storage, air conditioning, and central heating. They also come with at least two private parking spaces, and the community has its own water filtration system to serve the entire manufactured housing community.

    Unique Manufactured Home

    A Unique Manufactured Home Community

    If you search and find a mobile home on, you will be signing up for a unique mobile home park with appealing social activities. Downtown Fenton and Tyrone Township, MI always offer a vibrant life to keep you entertained. There are various spots for you if you are an entertainment person, including shopping centers and golf courses.

    The community is also part of breathtaking natural scenery. Here, you will have access to beautiful lakes and rolling hills.

    Half of new manufactured home arriving at it's destination

    Additionally, if you have schooling going children, there is the Linden School District. Records show that at least 96% of students from Linden Community Schools head directly to college.

    Mobile Home Village:

    This is a listing service website for those who want to buy or sell mobile homes. Anyone can list their mobile home for sale in exchange for a small fee.

    Rear view of a man looking for new houses on sale online

    The site offers more granular searches to include the manufactured homes that should be moved, cheap mobile homes on private property, and homes in a mobile home park allowing pets. It will also allow you to search by manufactured home dealers, if you so choose.

    We highly recommend this website if you are searching for a used mobile home for rent or sale. However, you might find the site difficult to navigate.

    Zillow is among the best real estate discovery sites in the country. Originally, the site gained popularity as software for appraising real estate value in real-time using historical data.

    Today, Zillow has grown into a robust and user-friendly website to find land, houses, and mobile homes for sale. You are only required to enter the state or city name, then start your search.

    real estate discovery

    After listings are populated, it becomes easy to refine the search with the “Home Type” filter. It is without question one site that we highly recommend.

    Our list could not be complete without Here, you have a chance of selecting from over 1-million homes for rent. Most of the manufactured homes on this website are well-designed, have exciting amenities, and are quite affordable.

    To find a mobile home, you search by point of interest or location. The site is reliable, secure, and free from scammers.

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    8 Tips for Finding a Mobile Home

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    8 Tips for Finding a Mobile Home

    Mainly due to their low cost, mobile homes have become increasingly popular in several cities across the U.S. Many ambitious mobile home renters and buyers, however, find locating the appropriate mobile home to call their own a somewhat difficult task.

    Mobile home neighborhood

    Buying or renting a mobile home is a journey, but it does not have to be stressful. So, whether you are looking for your first mobile home or not, you can get ahead of the game and find the ideal one for you and your family with a few simple tips. For instance, one of the ways to do this is to understand the local market.

    Finding a mobile home can be simple if you know your way around the local market. You will also save time and money as a result of this. Now let’s explore more tips to make your mobile home hunting journey more seamless.

    Tips for Finding a Mobile Home

    move to a new area

    If you plan to move to a new area and are looking for an affordable place to live, a mobile home can be the perfect solution. Mobile homes offer a safe, inexpensive, and practical housing solution.

    The truth is that settling in an unfamiliar area can be difficult. It can even be more challenging if you are looking for a manufactured home that fits all of your needs. The good news is you don’t have to do it on your own. We have prepared some top tips to help make your search process easier. So, let’s dive in!

    1. Get Your Finances in Order

    2. Start with Referrals from Family Members

    3. Use Online Tools to Narrow Down Your Search

    4. Do Your Research

    5. Call Before You Visit

    6. Narrow Down Your Neighborhood

    7. Let a Professional Real Estate Agent Hep You

    8. Visit Nearby Manufactured Home Dealerships

    1. Get Your Finances in Order

    Buying a mobile home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, you will want an idea of a mobile home invoice price before shopping around. Many factors determine the cost of a home, including location, size, amenities, and whether or not it is a used or brand new mobile home. read more about used mobile homes for sale here.

    Before you go out looking for a mobile home, figure out your financing options. Additionally, since a mobile home is considered personal property, unlike a site-built home, they are ineligible for conventional financing.

    conventional financing

    If you want to find mobile home loans, such as Chattel Loans (which often have higher interest rates), you may want to look for banks or credit unions that work with these types of loans for mobile and manufactured homes. Learn more on how to finance a mobile home here.

    You should also think about whether you want to put your home in a manufactured home park and pay lot rent, or whether you want to consider buying land upon which your home will sit.

    renting is an excellent option

    If you are on a tight budget, renting is an excellent option as opposed to buying a mobile home. You can also choose the rent-to-own mobile homes, which allows you to pay down your debt with each monthly payment.

    2. Start with Referrals from Family Members

    It is easy to find your next mobile home if you ask your family members. Your family may be more knowledgeable about you, along with your wants and needs, than you may realize. In addition, your family can assist you in finding a reputable manufactured home dealership, as well as a mobile home community that suits your preferences.

    Trailer Home Sold

    3. Use Online Tools to Narrow Down Your Search

    When it comes to finding a home, browsing online listings may be the first step that comes to mind. Many homebuyers prefer this type of search because they can easily see detailed information on the property. Websites also offer a variety of helpful tools, such as maps, mortgage calculators, and neighborhood information. Additionally, online listings allow you to check the home’s details prior to visiting, thus saving you time.

    Trailer homes

    Also, if you want to find pet-friendly mobile home communities/mobile home parks, you can use the filter tools to narrow down your mobile home search. You can also filter by single-wide or double-wide home, amongst many other features.

    4. Do Your Research

    You want to make sure you are shopping smart and not just buying something because it is the first thing you laid your eyes on. Conducting your due diligence about the mobile or manufactured home, and the kind of community you would want is important to avoid any regrets later on.

    Do Your Research

    There are many things you should take into consideration, including the area, the communitys location, community amenities, such as swimming pools, and weather conditions are also important. Learn about wind zone ratings for mobile homes here.

    There are also a variety of different mobile homes to look for. For example, if you want a certain floor plan, if you want to go with energy-efficient manufactured homes, or even buy land, then it is important to figure out everything before committing to one.

    5. Call Before You Visit

    If you want to buy a mobile home, call the mobile home community or the dealer first. This will help you get all the information you need about the homes available, along with any other related topics that may be important to you.

    Call Before You Visit

    All communities are different. Therefore, calling will give you an overview of the community’s emergency response time and overall customer service. If they are fast to assist you, they are more likely to care more about the people who live there. Park owners and property managers are responsible for managing communities, and you certainly want to know if you will ultimately be comfortable with who is in charge.

    6. Narrow Down Your Neighborhood

    Consider narrowing down your search by location, and you will be on your way to finding everything you need in no time. Examine essential community features, such as closeness to public transportation, crime rate, and the availability of top-rated schools, shopping centers, and dining districts, just to name a few.

    Trailer Homes on bricks blocks

    7. Let a Professional Real Estate Agent Help You

    Finding a home, organizing a relocation, and shopping for household furnishings are all tasks that might be daunting for one person to take on by themself. So, allowing a real estate professional to assist you in finding a house that meets your criteria will save you time and headache. Agents are experienced in the manufactured home industry; so, once you have given them a list of your preferences, they will be able to find your future house quickly.

    8. Visit Nearby Manufactured Home Dealerships

    Use online tools to find manufactured home dealers near your desired location. After you have contacted several dealers, you can decide on which dealer to go with.

    Dealers can advise you on the best type of manufactured housing and provide you with various floor plans that are perfect for growing families.

    What You Need to Know

    What You Need to Know for an Easy Transition to a Manufactured Home

    There are many benefits to mobile home living. The most obvious benefit is the affordability factor since they are much less expensive than a traditional single-family home/traditional home (which not everyone can afford). This is because they are manufactured off-site and transported to the property owner’s choice of location. Learn how mobile homes are built here.

    Another perk is that they can be placed on any flat, level lot and can be moved to a new location when desired. However, before you leap into buying or renting a manufactured home, there are a few things that you should do in order to ensure you pick the right one:

    Take Pictures Before Moving In

    If you are looking to find a mobile home for rent, taking your own pictures of the home before you commit is a good idea. This way, when comparing with your other options, you will have documentation on how well the homeowner keeps the property.

    Take Pictures Before Moving In

    Review the Mobile Home Park Rules

    If you are interested in moving into a mobile home park, make sure you understand all the rules before signing the lease. Mobile home parks vary widely with their rules and regulations, along with their mobile home park pet policy, so it is important to do your research.

    Have the Home Professionally Inspected

    A manufactured home inspection is the best way to determine if your home is ready to be occupied. An inspector will review all aspects of the house, including how it was built, whether it is water and bug resistant, if there are any safety hazards, etc.

    Home Professionally Inspected

    According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the mobile home has to be code-compliant before moving in (see HUD Code for mobile homes). With that said, move-in only after you have double-checked that all of your utilities are working properly and everything is up to code.

    Have a Plan of How Your House Items will Fit

    When buying a mobile home to downsize, you need to be aware that the floor space will be smaller than that of most traditional homes, and so things that are of importance to you may not fit. Although the floor plans are smaller than site-built homes or apartment complexes, this does not mean that everything will not fit, you just may need to be a little creative. Measure the available floor space and decide how your furniture and other belongings will fit within your new space.

    Caravan park

    Meet Your Potential New Neighbors

    When looking for the best home, meeting your potential new neighbors is always a good idea to get a better understanding of what life is like within the community. This will help you better comprehend what is going on in the neighborhood and determine if the location is the right fit for you and your family.

    Final Thought

    Mobile homes are a popular choice for people looking for a home. Buying a mobile home is the perfect solution for those who do not want to deal with the hassle of renting or paying mortgage payments every month. Furthermore, mobile homes/manufactured homes come in various styles, colors, and sizes – so there is something out there for everyone!

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    What are the Disadvantages of Living in a Mobile Home?

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    What are the Disadvantages of Living in a Mobile Home?

    With the increasing cost of real estate and the advantages of owning ones own home, many people are now seriously thinking of buying a mobile home. Also known as manufactured homes or trailers, mobile homes are a great alternative to stick-built homes in many ways.

    What is a Mobile Home? 

    A mobile home is a residential structure that is not constructed directly on a plot of land like a stickbuilt house. Instead, there are factories for mobile homes that make the whole structure and place it on a trailer chassis. The final destination of the home transportation will usually be a mobile home park, sometimes also known as a trailer park.

    known as a trailer park

    There will also be park rules to follow when you live in a manufactured home community. If someone can’t afford to finance a mobile home yet, they can always look at ways how to find a mobile home for rent.

    Why Get a Mobile Home?

    Get a Mobile Home

    While it may not be a traditional home, there are many reasons why a mobile home could be the best option for someone who wants to own property. A traditional home or stick-built home might be out of reach for the common man, simply due to financial reasons. Instead of getting crushed under huge personal property loans or property taxes, buying a mobile home might be a good way to begin owning personal property.

    owning personal property

    While many people do live in mobile homes and pay rent to the mobile home community, there are pros and cons to buying a mobile home. Then there is mobile home living, which is another matter; along with paying a lot rent, we have to consider every nuance of the matter.

    Potential mobile home owners

    Potential mobile home owners need to know the ups and downs of having their own mobile home. Real estate agents and mobile park owners may only talk about the many advantages of mobile home living. However, it is important to be aware of what living in a manufactured home entails – this requires looking at both the perks and the lows of mobile home ownership and mobile home park living.

    Disadvantages of Living in a Mobile Home

    before buying a mobile home

    Before buying a mobile home, here are just a few of the disadvantages you should consider:

    1. Value Depreciation

    One main disadvantage of living in a mobile home is that its value will start depreciating the second it leaves the factory. On the other hand, a stick-built home will usually appreciate in overall value as time goes by. This is because a stick-built home usually stands on one’s own land.

    Can a mobile home owner experience increased property value?

    mobile home owner experience

    If you are not dependent on mobile home parks and own the land your mobile home stands on, the overall property will likely increase in value. However, this is because of the land’s value, not the home.

    Why do Mobile Homes Depreciate Over Time?

    There are a few reasons why the value of mobile homes depreciates over time. One of the main factors is that mobile homes are considered personal property. They are not like “real property,” which we may define as land and anything permanently attached to it.

    mobile homes depreciates over time

    Anything that just sits on land and can be moved without damage is not in the real property classification. It is in the personal property category, even though moving mobile homes is quite difficult. Learn how much does it cost to move a mobile home here.

    Mobile Homes Become Personal Property

    Can Mobile Homes Become Personal Property?

    The good news is that a mobile home owner just might be able to convert their mobile home into real property. They can then enjoy the perks that come with this kind of home ownership. Not only will they be paying a lower median price overall, but they will also have a permanent residence as their investment.

    Undeniable Lower Costs

    Undeniable Lower Costs

    At the end of the day, however, there is no denying that the cost of mobile homes is slightly lower than that of traditional houses. The average price could be around half that of a regular home. When the housing market is a tight one, even the value depreciation issues are not too considerable. You have a proper investment on hand, which can be your best friend in the midst of a housing crisis.

    Mobile homes may also stay stable in value if they receive proper maintenance. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a mobile home.

    Higher Interest

    2. Expensive Loans, Higher Interest

    Since mobile homes are considered personal property, it is more difficult and expensive to finance them. If you go the traditional way with a mortgage loan, it might not even get approved since mobile homes are not considered permanent structures.

    permanent structures

    Even if the structures were placed on concrete blocks on the land, the vast majority of lenders will still have doubts about approving traditional loans for those living in a mobile home.

    placed on concrete blocks

    Chattel Loans

    Many times, it can be hard for someone to even come up with the down payment for a mobile home. In such cases, if they really want to get the buying process started, they may have to apply for a chattel mobile home financing. Chattel loans are personal property loans that have shorter terms and higher interest rates, but again, the higher interest rates make this option quite unrealistic.

    quite unrealistic

    A Lower Initial Cost

    We should not ignore the fact that mobile homes simply cost less than stickbuilt homes. Even a large double-wide mobile home from double-wide mobile home dealers in Michigan will probably be a great cost-effective alternative to a traditional home. While mobile homes usually come in one unit, there may be the option to add on new modules when you need to expand. The result might be just one square foot or so away from a regular home.

    away from a regular home

    3. Downsides of Living in Mobile Home Communities

    One of the main reasons why some might hesitate to check out mobile homes as a living option is the stigma that is still on them. Living in a mobile home usually means being in a mobile home park or community. Some kids and adults may still feel ashamed letting their friends know that they live in a trailer park. Certain people might also show prejudice against those who live in mobile homes.

    gradually fading away

    Fortunately, the prejudice and negativity surrounding mobile homes are gradually fading away. The quality of mobile homes is also increasing, which will hopefully dash away the myth of trailers being for people who have low incomes or even a criminal tendency.

    Landlords and Rules

    Landlords and Rules

    Even if you own the actual house, there will usually be a landlord to whom you have to pay a lot rent to. There are also several rules to follow, which may lead to a restricted feeling.

    Mobile Community Perks

    Mobile Community Perks

    On the other hand, there is no doubt that mobile home communities do have a lot of perks. The atmosphere there can be very family-oriented, with senior citizens enjoying their retired life and all the families knowing one another. Here are just a few things that everyone should know about mobile home living.

    A Smaller Space

    4. A Smaller Space

    On average, a mobile is around 20% smaller than a traditional home. Make sure to look up some buying tips before purchasing single-wide mobile homes, but such living will usually mean staying within a space of 15 by 72 feet.

    Smaller Living Space

    Why Choose a Smaller Living Space?

    Even with mobile homes being smaller, they are still a popular option as one can move in almost at once. From there on, we can expand and add on modules as required. As long as the amount of your leased-land allows it, there are a lot of manufacturers who can customize various floor plans and offer a variety of their own to choose from.

    customize various floor plans

    5. A Temporary Foundation

    Finally, the temporary foundation of a mobile home may also be a risk for the people living in it. If a natural disaster strikes, such as a hurricane, huge thunderstorm, or earthquake, a mobile home is more vulnerable to damage. The occupants inside will also not be very safe; they won’t even have a basement or cellar to escape to in case of an emergency. Be sure you know the wind zone rating for mobile homes before committing to one.

    High Building Standards

    High Building Standards

    On the other hand, we also have to consider the building of modern mobile homes today. They are usually constructed and put together in controlled environments, which means that their quality standards are very high.  As long as you are not in a very high risk zone for certain natural disasters, a quality mobile home could be all the shelter you need from the weather elements outside.

    weather elements outside

    The Takeaway

    Every major decision comes with its ups and downs, especially when we are talking about major investments like buying a home. For buyers in the U.S., one major decision might lie between “should I build a house or buy a mobile home or finance a traditional, stick-built house.”

    housing market

    While each of these choices also has pros and cons, it does seem like mobile homes have a definite advantage. Even the downsides are not without perks, so it is probably worth considering this option seriously. The housing market is a tough one these days; it is best to act quickly and get that mobile home as soon as possible!

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    Grand Rapids Mobile Home Parks: Top 5

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    Grand Rapids Mobile Home Parks: Top 5

    Mobile home parks in Grand Rapids, MI, are often an attractive choice for housing options. These parks in Grand Rapids, MI, are typically located in nice neighborhoods, offer a variety of amenities, and provide residents with the peace of mind that they will be able to stay put.

    Mobile home parks in Grand Rapids, MI usually come with a lower cost of living, being more affordable than apartments or condos. In addition, most mobile home parks come with notable features, such as a basketball court, clubhouse, swimming pool, and fitness center.

    As a result, everyone is looking for the perfect mobile home park in Grand Rapids, MI that comes with their desired amenities. However, physically searching for an all-age community in Grand Rapids, MI on your own might be overwhelming, so we are here to help.

    Grand Rapids Mobile Home Parks

    Grand Rapids, MI is one of the most welcoming mobile home parks for home dwellers. When looking for an all-age community or a mobile home park in Grand Rapids, MI you will have a lot of options. For this reason, picking the perfect all-age community in Grand Rapids, MI to settle in can be overwhelming.

    If you are looking for a new home in an any age community in Grand Rapids, MI, you will be interested in learning about the top communities in Grand Rapids, MI. So, what are some of the best communities that you may want to consider? Let’s find out!

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    If you are wondering how to find a mobile home for rent (any age community) where luxury meets affordability, look no further than Cedar Springs Mobile Estates. This mobile home park, which is an all-age community, is owned and run by a family who takes pleasure in providing a comfortable and safe living environment for all residents.

    about the Cedar Springs

    The best part about the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates community is that it welcomes people of all ages, meaning it is not age-restricted. With that said, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is ready to welcome you at any time, no matter if you are starting a new family or downsizing to a mobile home from your current home.

    Cedar Spring Mobile Estate’s location is one quality that makes it a desirable all-age community to live in. Cedar Springs restaurants, Cedar Springs, MI shopping, and healthcare facilities will all be within close reach. Furthermore, this all-age community is about 20 minutes from Grand Rapids, MI.

    Finding the best school is a top priority when looking for an all-age community to settle in with your family. As a result, the Cedar Springs Mobile Estate community is located within a short distance of several Cedar Springs schools, which are rated some of Michigan’s best-performing institutes.

    all-age community

    Besides being an all-age community, it also offers a wide range of house plans. For example, you can choose from single-wide mobile homes with two bedrooms and one bathroom, to what is a double-wide manufactured home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

    If you are looking for mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI here, you can expect to pay between $900 and $1,200 per month, which is far below the average rent in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition, if you wish to be a homeowner, the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates community provides new and used mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI at very affordable rates.

    affordable rates

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estate is a pet-friendly all-age community that welcomes your four-legged pals. However, expect to encounter some restrictions, particularly when it comes to dog breeds, so be sure to review the mobile home park pet policy for all details.

    Kentwood Mobile Home Park

    If you are considering some of the best places to live in Kent County, MI, Kentwood Mobile Home Community is another fantastic option. The good news is that Kentwood is another all-age community meaning it welcomes people of all ages.

    Kentwood is a big city and is mobile home friendly. With its proximity to the interstate and many large retailers for shopping and dining, Kentwood is ideal for those who desire to live in a diverse and large city, but prefer a quieter, more residential atmosphere.

    residential atmosphere

    This all-age community is located at 6122 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids. However, their leasing office is at Green Meadows, 6148 Division, Kentwood, MI. The Kentwood community in Grand Rapids, MI offers mobile homes with two bedrooms and one bathroom, along with a variety of shared amenities.

    Here are some features that you will find in the Kentwood Mobile Home Community mobile homes, in Grand Rapids, MI:

    ●       Washer/Dryer Hookup

    ●       Air Conditioning

    ●       Cable Ready

    ●       Dishwasher

    ●       Stove

    ●       Refrigerator

    ●       Resident Portal

    Nice Kitchen

    Kentwood’s mobile home park in Grand Rapids, MI (an all-age community) is another pet-friendly neighborhood, just like Cedar Springs Mobile Estates. They allow both dogs and cats, with residents paying a monthly rent of $25 per pet, which is fairly comparable to other mobile home parks in the area. Furthermore, expect to pay a $250 one-time pet fee when you join. The money is needed to cover the cost of typical wear and tear, as well as any damages that your pet may cause, such as urine stains on the wall or carpets, and scratches on the floor. In addition, expect to encounter some pet restrictions in this all-age community, such as a two-pet limit, which is typical in most all-age communities.

    Spacious Home Room

    Kentwood Mobile Home Park’s strategic location in Grand Rapids, MI is another outstanding feature that makes it an ideal all-age community to reside in. For example, this community in Grand Rapids, MI is about 17 minutes from Davenport University, and is also near Aquinas College and Calvin College. In addition, this all-age community mobile home park is also close to Gerald R. Ford International, which is only 20 minutes away.

    Generally, accessibility to most of the amenities in this all-age community is only within 20 minutes or a short driving distance. For example, it will take only 13 minutes to drive to the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

    alpine meadow

    Alpine Meadows

    The Alpine Meadows community is located at 3800 NW Fruit Ridge Ave in North Grand Rapids, MI, in the greater Grand Rapids area. This all-age community has plenty of attractive amenities, such as convenient on-site parking options, fireplaces, and a community picnic area. A clubhouse, pool, basketball court, grill, and breakfast/coffee concierge are among the other community amenities in this Grand Rapids area community.

    Grand Rapids area community

    This all-age community/mobile home park offers homes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Contact the leasing office to learn more about mobile home living in this area.

    In addition, Alpine Meadows, an all-age community, is strategically positioned in terms of transportation so that you will have easy access to public transit. The good news is that restaurants, supermarkets, stores, and other local businesses are all within a short driving distance of the community. The amenities don’t stop there; this all-age community is also closer to open fields, as well as a spacious area with playgrounds and nature trails.

    Good kitchen

    Another feature that makes this all-age community attractive to many residents is its proximity to downtown Grand Rapids, MI. You will also be glad to hear that Grand Rapids Community College is only 14 minutes away from the Alpine Meadows community.

    South Village Mobile Home Park

    Southwood Village is situated at 440 60th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI. This all-age community, in Grand Rapids, MI, provides people with a taste of a calm and picturesque neighborhood, and comes with increased convenience.

    Southwood Village

    Nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI, Southwood Village offers residents a convenient location that is only minutes from public transportation, shopping malls, and an array of wonderful dining options. With that said, your new home in this all-age community in Grand Rapids, MI will be a place you can feel happy and at peace with your surroundings.

    The South Village neighborhood residents have access to amenities, including a swimming pool, basketball court, and two playgrounds for kids. Furthermore, this all-age community in Grand Rapids, MI frequently hosts community events for its residents. So you can anticipate having a lot of fun during community events while interacting with your neighbors as you form new friendships.

    Mobile home with American flag

    South Village Mobile Home Park in Grand Rapids, MI is an all-age community, which means that anyone of any age is welcome to live there. Furthermore, this all-age community in Grand Rapids, MI is pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your four-legged companion. Also, the average mobile home park lot rent in South Village Mobile Home Park is $486 per month.

    Holiday Estates Manufactured Home Community

    Holiday Estates wraps up our top five mobile home parks in Grand Rapids, MI. It is located at 440 68th St. S.W., Grand Rapids, MI. Like the other parks mentioned, Holiday Estates is an all-age community, so you won’t have to worry about age restrictions when looking for a place to call home here.

    Scenic view of modern trailer

    Typically, Holiday Estates is the place to go if you want high-quality homes that are reasonably priced. With a wide variety of floor plans to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect property for you at an affordable rate.

    Located in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI, this all-age community offers residents a quiet and serene living experience. With a welcoming atmosphere, it is an oasis for those who want to live in the city, but desire peace and tranquility. Once you visit here, it is easy to see why this all-age community is such an attractive destination for many residents looking to settle down.

    Static Caravan

    Honorable Mentions

    Grand Village

    Grand Village is located at 6500 S. Division, Grand Rapids, MI. This neighborhood caters to senior citizens (55+ community) and offers many amenities, such as assisted living and memory care.

    Grand Village 1

    This mobile home park in Grand Rapids, MI is for those who want to retire in style. The property includes residential style mobile homes, a shopping center, and more. This community appeals to active seniors who want a bustling environment, with activities like fitness classes, billiards, game rooms, and more on offer.

    It is managed by Sun Communities, Inc., a fully-integrated real estate and resort company managing resorts, vacation ownership properties, and residential communities nationwide.

    Leonard Gardens

    This mobile home park is located at 4524 Leonard St NW, Grand Rapids, MI. The abundance of common amenities available to homeowners in Leonard Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI is a standout aspect of this community.

    Residents of this all-age community/mobile home park in Grand Rapids, MI enjoy simple landscaping ideas for mobile homes, planned community events, a clubhouse, and more. Leonard Gardens is an all-age community, so you are welcome whether you are a young couple starting a family or an elderly duo looking to retire.

    Final Mobile

    Final Thought

    Grand Rapids, MI is a lovely city that offers many amenities and features to fulfill all of your needs and desires. One such amenity is the wide variety of mobile home parks in the area. These mobile home parks in Grand Rapids, MI provide you with enriching experiences for all family members, including children.

    Vast trailer park

    In addition, these parks are growing rapidly and offer an eclectic mix of homes for all budgets.  As a result, before deciding, visit many mobile home parks in Grand Rapids, MI and examine their amenities to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

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    What is Lot Rent for a Mobile Home?

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    What is Lot Rent for a Mobile Home?

    When it comes to mobile homes, there is a lot one needs to learn and unlearn. Mobile homes are quite different from your traditional homes in many ways. So, a potential mobile home owner or renter has to do their homework before they take any steps.

    One of the first things to know about mobile homes is that they are either on your own lot (if you are a property owner) or on a mobile home park lot. If it is the latter, you will have to pay a lot rent on top of other costs. However, the benefits of living in mobile home parks may be worth the additional cost.

    The lot rent cost and mobile home park charges can be a little difficult to understand at first. To this end, we have compiled a guide for those who live in manufactured home communities and have to pay rent for their mobile home lot.

    Defining a Mobile Home Lot

    Those who are not too familiar with mobile homes or real estate may get confused by the concept of lot rent. Basically, mobile home lot rent is different from outright renting mobile homes.

    A mobile home lot is a piece of land that belongs to the current park owner. The person who owns the mobile home pays site rent or lot rent to the park owner. This means that the one paying lot rent owns not the land, but the mobile home that stands on it.

    The lot rent itself might go to the mobile home park owner or the company that owns the mobile home park. The mobile home units on the land may be for rent as well.

    What is Lot Rent?

    So, what exactly does this lot rent entail? What is the rental or lease contract like? How much can we expect a lot lease payment to be and what policies do most mobile home parks have regarding lot rent?

    Scenic view of modern trailer of caravan park in summer.

    Answering all of these questions means that we have to take a look at the various points of a lease agreement for a lot rent. Let’s start now:

    What is in the Lot Rent Lease?

    When someone wants to rent a mobile home lot, they have to sign a lease agreement. This states that the mobile home owner agrees to the terms of the landlord.

    The landlord here might be one individual; namely, the property owner or park owner where the mobile home sits. Some mobile home parks have multiple park owners, so the agreement, in this case, will have to mention all of them.

    The other items that this agreement includes are:

    ●       Lease duration

    ●       Amount of monthly rent

    ●       Rules of the mobile home park or manufactured home community

    ●       Respective responsibilities of the park owners and renters

    ●       Rights of park owner and renter

    If the mobile home owner does not honor the clauses of the agreement, they might get a fine or even be evicted from the mobile home park. That is right, they can face eviction even if they own the place.

    This is just one reason why it is essential to read the whole document before signing anything, especially a lease agreement. Make sure you have some flexible terms and won’t get a penalty for missing just one lot lease payment.

    Do Lot Rents Cover Property Taxes as well?

    For most states, property tax is inevitable on any kind of residential place, regardless of whether the residents own it or not. However, we are talking about a mobile home here, which usually falls under the category of personal property, not real property, unless you also own the lot it stands on.

    Factors Influencing Taxes on a Mobile Home

    Mobile home taxes may vary a lot depending on the state you are in, the home’s monetary value, and its condition. Other factors include:

    ●       Tax capacity

    ●       Property tax classification

    ●       Market value tax rate

    ●       Tax credits

    A mobile home owner will usually owe taxes to the DMV, with a rate of around 1-2%. In Utah, for instance, a mobile home or manufactured home will classify under the trailer coach category.

    Overall, a park owner can expect to pay property tax on the land they rent out, as well as the property tax on a mobile home. Usually, this is the landlord’s responsibility, unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement.

    In a nutshell, paying mobile home lot rent probably means that you will not have to pay additional property taxes. Again, read and understand all agreements thoroughly before signing.

    Benefits of Mobile Home Lot Rent

    Mobile home lot rents are quite beneficial for those living in mobile home parks. This way, whether one owns a mobile home or not, they are still part of the manufactured home community.


    When you pay lot rent, you get to access park amenities, benefit from any extra utilities, and stay on a piece of land for some time without worrying.

    With all of this being said, the exact benefits will depend on the terms of the mobile park community owner. For some, the lot rent covers amenities and utilities, such as gas, water, electricity, laundry services, and so on. For others, the lot rent will cover the actual lot where the mobile home stands, nothing more. Again, understand what you are getting into before signing any lease agreement.

    What are the Rates of Lot Rents for an Average Mobile Home Park? 

    The rates for mobile home lot rent will vary according to the state, the park quality, the locations, etc. Before you go into any negotiations, look and see what the fair market rates in the area are like. Get quotes from several different parks before making a decision or signing any contracts.

    In some cases, you may consider the option of learning how to rent-to-own a mobile home.

    What Affects the Rates for Mobile Home Lot Rent?

    The rates for mobile home lot rent can vary a lot. Here are just a few factors to keep in mind regarding these rental rates. This way, you know what to expect:

    • The Lot Size: Naturally, larger lots will have higher lot rent; it might be worth it for those who want space for outside grilling, a large mobile home, or just some room for pets and kids to play.
    • Maintenance: The mobile home park may provide some maintenance services, including lawn care, repairs, etc.; more services mean more lot rent.
    • Utilities: A mobile home park may cover utilities in the lot rent; these may include garbage services, cable services, water, electricity, etc.
    • Area or Location: A mobile home park in a desirable neighborhood will also have high lot rent rates; the area itself may be expensive or have beautiful surroundings.
    • Amenities on Offer: These include laundry rooms, a community center, swimming pool, etc.; the more there are on offer, the higher the lot rent goes.

    How Stable is a Mobile Home Lot Rent?

    One of the main things a mobile home dweller may worry about is whether a new park owner may come in and raise the lot rent.

    Consider this situation: the current park owner sells the mobile home park. The new owner might want to raise the lot rent in order to recover their costs.

    The good news is that some states may deem this practice illegal, unless mentioned in a lease contract. In some areas, the  new owner will be responsible for maintaining the lease with the same terms for as long as it lasts.

    Modest mobile home

    This is why the original owner of a mobile home park needs to negotiate lease takeover with a potential new owner. Alternatively, they can also seek a release with the tenants in the mobile home park.

    There are a few areas and states where the tenants do not have such rights. In such cases, they might face eviction or having to pay higher lot rents.

    Do not take your landlord’s (old or new) word for it, though. Get some legal advice and see if your options can be based on the lease agreement, the area in question, and the local laws. If the laws are not in your favor, you may want to if buying vs. renting a mobile home is better for you.

    What Lot Rent Covers

    Before you sign or finalize anything, clearly understand what you have to pay for. Here are some aspects that a mobile home lot rent usually covers:

    • A piece of land to place your manufactured home on
    • Might include the mobile home rent as well (depends on the park)
    • Access to the amenities and maintenance (the staff can guide you about the exact offerings)
    • Swimming pool
    • Playgrounds or play area
    • Community center
    • Laundry rooms with washers and dryers

    What Lot Rent Does Not Cover

    The exact terms of your lot rent agreement may vary from one mobile home park to another. However, you will want to double-check the following items and usually be prepared to handle them yourself (or ask for an addition in the lease agreement):

    • Taxes: While property taxes may not be your headache, there will be taxes on the mobile home.
    • Insurance: Lot rent does not cover insurance; if the state has extreme weather, getting relevant insurance could be a major expense. Be sure to know the wind zone ratings for mobile homes.

    The Takeaway

    Lot rent is inevitable for most mobile home owners, especially if they do not have land of their own. If you are thinking about living in a mobile home park, be sure to consider all the factors involved before signing a lease.

    Remember, a mobile home lot lease can be good for several years, so make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Perhaps, this might also be a good point to consider whether mobile homes are worth buying or not.

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    What is the Best Roof Coating for Mobile Homes?

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    What is the Best Roof Coating for Mobile Homes?

    When it comes to mobile homes, there is a lot to take care of. Whether you are planning to purchase a mobile home in the near future or already own one, it is a good idea to know about its various parts. One of the most important parts is ofcourse the roof, specifically the coating materials of mobile home roofs.

    The issues of a mobile home or manufactured home are somewhat different than your regular stick-built houses. You have to think about what type of flooring is best for mobile homes, what kind of ventilation system to use, and mobile home maintenance tips to best maintain it for the long run.

    The Importance of Focusing on Mobile Home Roof Coating

    Mobile home roofs require a bit more care and maintenance than you may think. Yes, those wood subfloors will also need some effort on your part, but your mobile home roof is your literal shelter. Without the proper steps and precautions, the entire roof might cave in or deteriorate quickly over a short period. With that said, there are several options to choose for your mobile home roof coating.

    If spending a lot on roof repair or fines after a roof inspection doesn’t sound appealing, it’s best to do your research right away. Re-installing your mobile home roof may only take a few hours, but it can save you a lot of hassle and cash down the road.

    What is the Best Roof Coating for Mobile Homes?

    A trademan uses an airless spray to paint the roof of a building

    So, what will be the best roof coating for your mobile home roof? Some roofing contractors may claim to do all kinds of jobs; flat roofing, shingle roofs, metal roofs, and so on. However, do they really know about roof coatings for manufactured homes?

    If you are ready to find out more about the roofs of mobile homes and wondering how long does a roof last on a manufactured home, you are on the right track. While your mobile home roof might have a few characteristics in common with traditional roofs, there are some essential differences. Mobile homes tend to have roof coatings instead of shingles or asphalt, so this is where you need to start.

    Some mobile home roof coatings may be more cost-effective, while others are how to make a mobile home more energy-efficient (energy savings). Since we are talking about the entire surface over your head, let’s now discuss the various types of roof coatings and decide which one is best for any manufactured home.

    What Exactly are Mobile Home Roof Coatings?

    Roof coatings help to protect a mobile home roof. While standard homes may also have them, there are some marked differences.

    First of all, a manufactured home roof will have a lower pitch than that of traditional houses. Some of them have flat roofs, which make them more vulnerable to extreme weather, especially heavy rains. The flatness means that excess water can’t automatically run off. With the water pooling, you get problems, like dampness, leaks, etc.

    Second, you have to consider that mobile homes are not your usual brick and mortar material. The roof coatings have to protect fiber-glass instead of sturdy layered constructions. With age, a mobile home roof might leak and require replacement. While taking note of how to maintain a mobile home, you should take special care when it comes to the roof coatings, as well as the quality of the ceiling materials.

    Precautions to Take with Your Mobile Home Roof

    Outright replacing or repairing the entire surface of your mobile home roof could be quite difficult and expensive. The good news is that it is not that hard to replace a part of it or apply more roof coating where required.

    Nearby tree branches and the wind could also cause some issues with your roof surface. Make sure to check the wind zone ratings for mobile homes before you decide to have a mobile home in any particular area. Here are a few more precautions a mobile home owner can take to minimize the frequency and need of roof coat repairs:

    • The first step is to clean the manufactured home roof frequently; this will preserve the old coating as long as possible
    • Take extra care to clean the manufactured home roof after heavy winds or rainfall
    • Remove any water as soon as you can; consider having extra paneling on the roof seams or at least a high-quality seal coating
    • Installing a couple of gutters may also help the water to run off instead of pooling on a manufactured home roof and ruining the roof coatings

    What Kind of Mobile Home Roof Coatings Can You Apply?

    If you want to choose the best roof coating for your mobile home, take a look at each option first. Consider the pros and cons before making any final decision, as this new coating should last a long time and require a decent investment. Here are some of the most common roof coating options now:

    1. Aluminum Coating

    Aluminum roof coating is among the cheaper options for any mobile home. This coating includes aluminum fibers, asphalt, and petroleum. It may result in a metal roof, but it is excellent for warmer climates. The surface is reflective, which keeps the mobile home cool on the inside.

    This kind of roof coating is also long-lasting and convenient. It can secure your mobile home’s roof in about 24 hours.

    1. Silicone Coating

    You may also use a roof coating that contains silicone. If you want to fill cracks in your roof cement, silicone is an effective adhesive and coating solution for this purpose. It will also even out any dents and other irregularities.

    Silicone lasts a lot longer than many other materials for roof coating, so be sure to consider it seriously. Options like the Kool Seal rubberized silicone roof coating will also prevent water from pooling on your manufactured home.

    1. Acrylic Coating

    An acrylic roof coating is great for hot climates, providing extra protection from the sun. It is also good for helping a mobile home’s roof contract or expand according to the weather.

    If you are leaning towards an acrylic roof coating for your manufactured homes, do look at elastomeric coating. These are proactive coatings that you can apply either inside or outside a building. While some elastomeric coatings are water-based, make sure to use an acrylic-based one for your mobile home. This roof coating is in the form of a latex paint. Once they are dry, they will be transparent, yet flexible and stretchable.

    An elastomeric coating is great for protecting your manufactured home from moisture. However, make sure not to use it on any logs or wooden surfaces. If you do, even a little missed spot could let in some moisture and not let it dry. This then leads to mold, decay, and other forms of damage.

    1. Self-Adhesive Coating

    The special thing about this coating is that it comes in rolls of films with all the protective material already on them. You do not need any brush to apply it, but it is still quite durable and easy to install. These features make this roof coating especially popular. The films might be of aluminum foil with an asphalt layer or some other combination, but no matter which type you choose, go for something that offers water protection as well as insulation.

    How to Apply a Mobile Home Roof Coating

    Different materials for your mobile home roof may have different features. You will have to choose by looking at its application method, maintenance requirements, and the area your mobile home is in.

    You should know the ins and outs of applying roof coating materials. This might save you a few bucks for the installation. Even if you get some help with the project, it helps to know just what to expect. Let us now have a look at how to apply different kinds of roof coating to your mobile home:

    1. Applying Aluminum Coating

    For most manufacturers, this type of coating will fully form around 24 hours after application. This will get you a cost-effective, heat-diverting, and durable roof coating.

    When you purchase this coating, make sure to mention that it is for a mobile home. The coating for regular house roofs is different.

    1. Applying Silicone Coating

    Silicone provides insulation, which is best for colder climates. Its smooth surface will also reflect sunlight, so it is suitable for the warmer weather as well. In a nutshell, it won’t crack in the cold nor melt in the heat.

    Silicone coating requires no specific surface preparation like metal primers. It will fill up the cracks and dents, therefore you can just start by following the instructions from the manufacturer.

    1. Applying Acrylic Coating

    This kind of coating might require a spray application. You will first have to prepare the surface of the mobile home roof. Fix up any major deterioration, such as large cracks, and consider applying a metal primer with a paint roller.

    This kind of coating will usually apply in a similar way to repair paint. You will have to give the roof a few layers so that the coating remains durable and effective.

    1. Applying SelfAdhesive Coating

    Applying this kind of coating is not difficult, but you do have to take certain steps. Once you complete these, there is no need to use a brush. All you have to do is stick the coating over the mobile home roof.

    The steps for applying self-adhesive coating are important. You should also follow them before applying any other type of coating as well. This will enable you to get the best result possible. Let’s have a look at these now.

    Steps for DIY Mobile Home Roof Coating Installation

    Here are the precautions and steps to take before applying any kind of roof coating to your mobile home:

    • Check the weather forecasts and don’t start the application if it looks like rain
    • Give yourself enough time to allow for drying time as well
    • Inspect the roof and clear away any blockages or dirt
    • Remove the old coating using sandpaper, if required
    • Conduct any minor repair, such as tightening screws, etc.
    • Dilute bleach and use it to clear up mildew or other unwanted growths
    • Apply metal primer over the whole surface using a brush and leave it to dry
    • Prepare the coating mixture and begin painting the roof seams before moving on to the main area

    The Takeaway

    A damaged or leaking mobile home roof can render the whole structure unlivable. To stave off expensive damage, make sure that your roof coating is on point. Just in case, make sure to repair the mobile home’s roof coating after every two years. This way, you will be able to focus on some simple landscaping ideas for mobile homes and other projects without worrying about the roof.

    The best roof coating for any mobile home will depend on the kind of area it is in and what issues it will face. While silicone coatings may be best for both hot and cold weather, aluminum ones may be better for someone who lives in a warm area and is looking to cut costs. Take a good look at your mobile home today and see which option is best for your needs!

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