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    The Best Mobile Homes for Sale in a Park

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    The Best Mobile Homes for Sale in a Park

    Justin Becker

    Updated: January 26, 2023

    Are you in search of single-family homes in Cedar Springs? Do you want them to be affordable, in a great neighborhood, and with all the facilities for a decent lifestyle?

    If so, Cedar Spring Mobile Estates is the place for you!

    Mobile Homes for Sale in a Park

    Michigan mobile home park

    In our Cedar Springs, Michigan mobile home park, we offer contemporary, updated mobile homes for sale of various sizes. You can get home ownership for a fraction of what traditional homes cost.

    Why Should You Own a Manufactured Home in Our Mobile Home Park?

    When you own a manufactured home in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you get access to our amazing shared amenities. Here are just a few reasons why everyone should be taking a look at our mobile homes or manufactured homes in Cedar Springs, MI.

    It Could Be That Perfect Dream Home

    With traditional real estate properties being financially out of reach for a lot of people, it’s time to get real. There is no reason why a manufactured home in a mobile home park can’t be your dream home. With a range of floor plans within reasonable rates, you could be a proud manufactured homeowner with ease.


    At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we strive to provide mobile homes that can last you a lifetime. Wondering just how your future dream home might be? You can take a virtual tour of our mobile homes here.

    Transitioning from a Rental

    Transitioning from a Rental

    Many folks have to pay top dollar to rent an apartment or stick-built home in desirable locations like Cedar Springs, MI. With Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can get the best mobile homes for sale on leased land. While you can also rent a mobile home in Cedar Spring Mobile Estates, we also help our rent-paying residents to become full homeowners with our rent-to-own options.

    An Excellent Location

    You can hope to become a homeowner even in a stellar location near Grand Rapids. Mobile homes around the Grand Rapids area have access to several facilities, such as salons, shopping centers, and much more.

    A Logical First Home

    Mobile homes and manufactured homes make great first homes as well. On average, the cost per square foot of our mobile homes or manufactured homes is about a third of what stick-built homes cost with the same measurements.

    any sort of investment

    Lower Financial Risk

    Manufactured homes are modern structures with modern facilities, but they do not require a major financial risk. The prices are lower, so why not consider a manufactured home in our mobile home park, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates?

    More Savings

    Another reason to consider our mobile homes in Cedar Springs is the savings you can expect. On average, you might be able to save a few hundred bucks when purchasing our mobile homes compared to renting anywhere else. Just the down payment is around 5% to 10% of the move-in costs for a traditional house today.

    You Can Make a Decision

    Do a cost-benefit analysis, take a tour, and see the results for yourself! Also, here’s everything you need to know about buying a mobile home – whether in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates or anywhere else.

    Why Choose Cedar Springs Mobile Estates?

    There are many perks of living in a place like Cedar Springs, MI. Whether you are planning to settle in this specific area or just want to be near Grand Rapids, a mobile home park is an excellent option; even though it may not be the traditional option; nor the one that immediately comes to mind.

    An Ideal Home for Everyone

    An Ideal Home for Everyone

    When you think about it, though, a mobile home park like ours is the best bet for most people. Couples, small families, graduates, and young professionals are all looking for a place to stay in Cedar Springs, MI. This isn’t surprising as Cedar Springs and Grand Rapids have promising job opportunities and a family-friendly atmosphere.

    The Reasons Worth Considering

    So why go for our mobile home park above all others? You can read all about us, but let’s first have a look at just a few reasons why our residents are the happiest bunch in Cedar Springs, MI:

    We are Ready to Help Out

    Limited income? First time buying anything in a mobile home park, or buying any home?

    No worries! At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we are ready and willing to help anyone ease into homeownership by making the right financial decision. That way, it is possible to get that perfect home in Cedar Springs, MI.

    Suitable for Youngsters with Potential

    Suitable for Youngsters with Potential

    Perhaps, you just got a job within Grand Rapids, and you want to find a residence not too far away, but within your budget. With our Cedar Springs mobile home park being a convenient distance from your workplace, it could be just the place you have been looking for. If you have a family with kids, our location also ensures that you are within one of the best school districts in the state.

    Quality Structures

    With our Cedar Springs mobile home park, you can expect to get a fabulous dwelling anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000 – depending on the current market. Even with the lowest rates around, we will not compromise on high-quality features within the home and amenities within our mobile home park. Overall, you may expect a manufactured home of ours to last for a very long time.

    All the Facilities Needed for an Upscale Everyday Life

    When you choose our mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI, you will not be compromising on the luxuries of everyday life. Yes, Cedar Springs, MI is a much smaller place than Grand Rapids. However, Grand Rapids is also the second-most populated city in Michigan, after Detroit.

    Suitable for City Life Lovers

    Suitable for City Life Lovers

    If you are not looking for big-city life, but still crave the comforts, Cedar Springs, MI is the perfect choice. Cedar Springs is still equipped with great schools, convenience stores, and anything else you need for work, education, entertainment, and more.

    With Grand Rapids situated nearby, you can always make a quick drive for city-related errands.

    A Variety of Living Options

    Cedar Springs, MI is a lovely location for all sorts of families and individuals. With this in mind, we make sure to offer several designs and options to suit your requirements. These include:

    • Floor plans incorporating 2 to 4 bedrooms
    • Choices with up two bathrooms
    • Sizes of up to and more than 2,000 square feet

    Some More Options

    • Open floor plans that you can arrange according to your needs and taste
    • Customizable layouts
    • A variety of finishings to choose from

    Luxury Features

    Getting a luxurious traditional home in Cedar Springs, MI can cost an arm and a leg. However, Cedar Spring Mobile Estates provides options where you can get these luxuries without the crippling debt.

    the crippling debt

    Wondering what kind of luxury features can be in a mobile home in Cedar Springs, MI? Here are a few on offer now:

    The Features
    • More than one bathroom suite
    • Upgraded granite-like countertops in the kitchen
    • Upgraded hardwood flooring in some rooms
    • Plush carpeting in the bedrooms
    • Full-sized gourmet kitchens with updated fixtures and oak finishings
    • Stone fireplaces
    • Master bathrooms with spa-like fittings

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Cedar Springs, MI

    Ready to get into mobile home living in Cedar Springs, MI? With our spacious floor plans, you can get that high-end life in your own home. No saving for years on end? Start making the most of your life and come settle in Cedar Springs, MI!

    Mobile Home Living in Cedar Springs

    What Happens with Mobile Home Living in Cedar Springs, MI?

    Cedar Springs, MI is a dream spot for many families, and even single folks. While you may not be living in a mansion here, our finished interiors and modern layouts will soon make you forget about traditional housing options!

    A Lot Like an Apartment or House

    With the upgraded flooring and luxury features, our residents usually feel like they are in a regular apartment or house in Cedar Springs, MI.

    What are the Surroundings Like?

    There is no doubt that Cedar Springs, MI has a lot of natural beauty; the very name suggests it. In fact, the name “Cedar Springs” was due to the abundance of cedar trees and springs found all over the area.

    The Activities

    The grounds of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates are carefully landscaped. Along with enjoying its beauty, these grounds make it easy for residents to take walks, strolls, or get some exercise on a regular basis.

    Exteriors of Our Homes in Cedar Springs, MI

    Just like the interiors of our mobile homes in Cedar Springs, MI, the exteriors are also attractive and modern. They include several contemporary features, including:

    • 2-Car Driveways
    • Back and front porches
    • Room for one or two vehicles
    • Customized siding
    • Branded window treatments

    Worth Having a Mobile Home

    Is It Worth Having a Mobile Home in Cedar Springs, MI?

    When you go for living in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you are guaranteed a stellar location with a modern structure to begin your life in Cedar Springs, MI. Along with a secure and quiet neighborhood, you get to live in a mobile home park with friendly neighbors and a management that cares. With the reasonable prices in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we will definitely say it is worth the leap!

    Ready to take a tour of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in-person? Contact our team and schedule an appointment today!

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