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Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

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    Homes For Rent

    Not ready to buy a new home, but looking for an affordable luxury community to live in? Then you have come to the right place. Our manufactured home community gives you enough space to do the things you love to do, like garden, walk your dog, play with your kids or just enjoy hanging out with friends and neighbors. When you choose to rent a mobile home, you benefit from an affordable rental home, in a friendly environment, with a management team that cares about your comfort.

    Why You Should Choose Mobile Home Living

    It is common for people to research apartments for rent when they are looking to move, but at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can lease or purchase a home, and in most cases, for a better price and nicer perks.

    Living Space

    Apartment living is all good and fine in the beginning, but what happens when you start accumulating more stuff, start a family or simply want more privacy? Well, instead of opting for a bigger apartment and spending more money a month than most people pay for their mortgage on a traditional home, it might be time to consider a better option—mobile homes. There is no denying that mobile homes offer more space and more bang for your buck. At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can choose from single, and double-wide manufactured homes—many with open floor plans that are over 2,000+ square feet. So, not only do these particular types of homes offer more square footage than most apartments, but they also provide tenants with an increased level of privacy. Thanks to being a detached unit, if you will, choosing mobile home living means you do not have to deal with the nuisances of living wall-to-wall like you do with an apartment.

    Yard Area

    It may seem trivial at first, especially if you are used to apartment living, but having a front-yard, or any form of yard, matters. When you start being concerned about gardening and curb appeal, then it is likely time to be honest with yourself—you want a home. One of the most inexpensive ways to at least start out on the path to homeownership and have a lush green space to call your own is to consider leasing a mobile home. Here at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we understand that apartment living has its perks, but it usually does not come with a front and backyard. Moreover, if you want to set up a little spot to grow tomatoes, layout on your lawn and grill outdoors, then you know what you need to do—say goodbye to apartment living.

    Sense of Community

    Yet, another reason renting a mobile home may be for you is if you are craving a sense of community. In general, most mobile home communities are better at fostering relationships between tenants. Think about it, you could live in an apartment community for years, and you may make a friend or two, but when it comes to mobile home living, you make lasting bonds with other residents, as well as with the people maintaining or managing the community. In fact, here at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we encourage people in our community to get to know their neighbors. As a family-owned and operated mobile home park, we know firsthand the difference that a sense of community makes. This is why we host Resident Appreciation Events and other festivities so that everyone knows that they are a part of something and are more than just another renter or resident.

    Amenities and Perks

    In addition to being more affordable and offering hard to come by perks like a yard and a sense of belonging, mobile home communities tend to provide a wide array of shared amenities. For instance, our community offers a more reasonable pet policy, playgrounds, pet parks, picnic areas and basketball courts—just to name a few. What’s more, if you have children, then onsite amenities like the ones mentioned above matter and make your life a little easier as a parent. Along those same lines, most mobile home communities also offer bus stops or designated pick up and drop off areas, which means you do not have to drive your children down the block and wait in your car for them to be picked up by the bus. It is little things like this that make mobile home living more enticing and your life a little less stressful.

    No Stairs or Elevator

    Similarly, many people overlook the fact that not everyone is trying to increase their steps on their fitness watch. Moreover, some people physically cannot climb ten flights of stairs to move in or because the elevator is out again. Plus, a lack of stairs makes loading/unloading the car easier—whether it is your groceries or all the stuff you somehow accumulated in your car. Ultimately, in a mobile home park, you do not need to deal with the hassle of going up and down stairs or waiting for the elevator, which makes this kind of housing more user-friendly for retirees, seniors, children and people with disabilities. Note, fewer stairs are also great if you have to move heavy items by yourself, like maybe all of those amazon packages.

    Our Mobile Homes for Lease

    So, by now if you have not been convinced that mobile home living is for you, then once you see what mobile homes for rent are available here at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you will likely be singing a different tune.

    If you have not had the pleasure of visiting or exploring our quiet community, then why not schedule an appointment to come see what all the buzz is about. That said, a few notable features about our rentals at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates include oak kitchens, stone fireplaces and large master bathroom suites, plus all our rentals are move-in ready. Moreover, as briefly touched upon, we offer both single and double-wide contemporary mobile homes, ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms and 1 to 2 bathrooms. The size of our homes range from 1,000 to 2,500 square feet, which on average, is much larger than most apartments for rent in Michigan.

    Our Manufactured Home Features Recap:

    • Single & Double Wide Mobile Homes Available
    • Ample Living Space
    • Front Yards
    • Easy Home Access – no elevators or multiple flights of stairs
    • Different Style Housing Options
    • Pet Friendly
    • Stone Fireplaces
    • Oak Kitchens
    • Bathroom Suites
    • Driveways

    Our Communal Perks:

    • Friendly, Professional Management Team
    • Onsite Maintenance
    • A Quiet Community
    • Affordable and Safe Living in Attractive Surroundings
    • Planned Resident Social Events
    • Basketball Courts
    • Located in Cedar Springs School District
    • Conveniently Located Near US-131
    • Lease/Purchase Options

    Our Promise to You

    We want all of our tenants to have the best experience possible. Thus, our management team and staff go above and beyond to help in any way we can, especially now. Likewise, we want our current and prospective tenants to know that they are in good hands. That is why our experienced and professional management staff handle the community’s day-to-day responsibilities so that you can enjoy mobile home living to the fullest.

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    Overall, we offer homes that fit every budget and lifestyle. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on providing our residents with a better value than anywhere else, and your pets are most certainly welcome! So, schedule an appointment and come check out our warm, welcoming community today!

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