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    What it’s Like Living in a Manufactured Home Community

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on What it’s Like Living in a Manufactured Home Community

    What it’s Like Living in a Manufactured Home Community

    Justin Becker

    Updated: August 9, 2021

    Are you looking for the best place to live with the most affordable housing units on the real estate market? If you’re looking for a house for rent/sale, you might become frustrated due to the lack of options available within your budget.

    If this feels like a familiar situation you have ever experienced, locating the best manufactured home community can be a good relief. How about a spacious house for your family, at an amazing price, and in a great location? Sounds good, right?

    One of the main benefits of living in a manufactured home community is that the houses are very affordable. Manufactured homes have proven, over time, to cost less compared to other home options, such as site-built homes and modular homes.

    This applies to both buying and renting. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a home property, manufactured homes could bring your dream to a reality.

    However, apart from affordability, there are other reasons why you should find a manufactured home community to live in.

    In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why settling in manufactured home communities is one the best decisions you can ever make.

    Living in a Manufactured Home Community

    Living in manufactured home communities comes with several benefits, including, but not limited to, affordability, a sense of community, and great features. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should choose a mobile home:

    Homes are Very Affordable

    Manufactured homes offer the largest pool of unsubsidized housing units in the United States. Manufactured homes, unlike site-built homes, are first built in factories and then transported to the home community or park, where they are placed for occupation.

    The homes are developed with the same materials that are used to develop other home types.

    The manufacturing process in factories is more efficient than traditional on-site building options, thus making manufactured housing cost less. Therefore, this presents many residents with an opportunity to own a home property, even if they never dreamed of it.

    When most people fail to afford buying a home, they think that renting an apartment is a cheaper solution. However, this is never the case.

    The most appropriate decision would be to rent or buy a mobile home rather than focusing on an apartment.

    If you decide to go for a mobile home, you stand a chance of getting more home living space at an affordable rate. You are also not restricted to following the landlord’s rules.

    The lot rent in most manufactured home communities could go as low as $400 per month. Most parks and manufactured communities across the country are, therefore, cheap, making it easier for a family to own a property.

    Enjoy Great Features

    Though people may think that manufactured home communities and parks have so little to offer residents, this is simply not true.

    The truth is that these home communities have nice and maintained resort-like amenities for residents, including:

    ●       Playgrounds

    ●       Swimming Pools

    ●       Walking Trails

    ●       Athletic Courts

    ●       Picnic Areas

    Like we have seen above, manufactured homes are also very spacious, with most offering various desirable features such as:

    ●       Large Bathtubs

    ●       Fireplaces

    ●       Decks

    ●       Walk-In Closets

    ●       Separate Laundry Rooms

    ●       Vaulted Ceilings

    ●       Garages

    A home community or park can also provide additional features, on top of the ones we’ve highlighted above.

    Manufactured Home Communities Promote a Sense of Community

    If you decide to settle in a manufactured home community, you’ll enjoy more than just affordable home units.

    When most people think about what makes a home the best, they’ll focus on the structure and their family’s happiness, along with the people who live within the mobile home park. They prefer living in a neighborhood where they will fit in and feel at home. This is exactly what mobile home communities offer.

    Landlords always strive to develop land-lease communities to feel like the ideal places where residents belong. This is why almost every community has a comfortable and stylish clubhouse.

    These clubhouses offer an ideal environment for community events, thus presenting a great avenue to interact with your neighbors and have fun.

    More Privacy

    If you can’t rent or own a site-built home, you might be tempted to think that buying or renting an apartment duplex or condo would present a more affordable option. However, you’ll have to sacrifice privacy when you shift to these options.

    Living in a duplex, condo or apartment means being forced to share at least a wall with a neighbor. In cases where the wall is very thin, you might feel as if you’re practically roommates with your neighbor.

    However, if you were to buy a manufactured home in any home community, you’ll get maximum privacy at a very affordable rate.

    Most manufactured homes aren’t placed wall-to-wall, meaning that you’ll enjoy a long distance between you and your neighbors in the community or park.

    You won’t have to worry about the loud music coming from any of your neighbors. There is also no worry of your neighbors overhearing anything you talk about with your family, friend or partner.

    Pay Lower Taxes

    Settling in a manufactured home community or park affords you a unique opportunity to own a home property, but not the land in a mobile home park. The best thing about such an arrangement is that you aren’t entitled to tax payments.

    In most cases, tax is one of the highest expenses that owners of homes incur. Take away this expense, and you’ll end up leading a more comfortable and affordable lifestyle.

    Fast Construction Speed

    If you require a home quickly, your absolute best option is going for manufactured homes.

    If you’ve ever suffered at the hands of slow construction projects or contractors, then you can relate to what we’re talking about.

    A slow project is always prone to extra costs and delays.

    One exciting thing about manufactured homes in mobile home parks involves the manufacturing processes. The homes are designed and developed in factories using assembly-line techniques.

    There are repeatable processes and standard design techniques employed to bring out high-quality manufactured homes within a very short period.

    Immediately after you request a mobile home, it will be developed in about one week. The period could be shorter or longer, depending on the extra options and the specific home you choose. Some factories can develop these homes as fast as two days.

    For instance, preparing the lot or constructing a foundation for a manufactured home takes only a day or two. Transporting and setting up the home could also take a day.

    If you compare this to the almost seven months spent, on average, developing site-built homes, mobile homes blow this out of the water.

    Energy-Efficiency and Cutting-Edge Materials

    Because of how homes are created in mobile home parks, they’re progressing rapidly and advancing in different aspects, compared to several years ago. One such aspect is energy-efficiency.

    Manufacturers of mobile homes take the time to test new techniques and materials to improve the homes regularly.

    For instance, in some areas, such as plumbing, a mobile home is ahead of a stick-built home for improved techniques. In manufactured homes, an example of this is that they are developed using the new PEX pipes or plastic pipes.

    The pipes are cheaper to fix, last longer, and don’t easily freeze during winter. This is why these pipes are preferred over copper and metal ones, which are typically found in traditional homes.

    Mobile home manufacturers also allow you to select energy-efficient add-ons. For instance, you can get a solar panel and additional energy-saving appliances. This is an add-on that wasn’t available about ten years ago.

    You’ll also encounter stylish and sleek designs. That is why you’ll hear them being called homes of the future. They are an improvement of mobile homes that were witnessed several years ago.

    Once you’ve occupied a mobile home, it becomes easy to improve its energy features. For instance, it’s inexpensive and easy to roof over a manufactured home using materials like a cooling membrane or insulation.

    The Final Verdict

    As we have seen, manufactured home communities have seen an improvement in features, amenities, and designs than they were a few years ago. The good thing is that the cost of amenities are included in your lot rent. This is what has led them to be the preferred option for those seeking a perfect home to live in.

    The bottom line is that these homes are affordable, give you more freedom, are energy-efficient, and you end up paying low taxes. We hope that you get a mobile home that you and your family desire.

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    Justin Becker is a property owner in the state of Michigan and has a passion for managing communities. He owns both apartment complexes and mobile home communities and has been writing his own blogs for his properties for several years.

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