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    Top 10 Manufactured Home Dealers In Michigan

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    Top 10 Manufactured Home Dealers In Michigan

    Justin Becker

    Updated: February 8, 2021

    If you are looking for an affordable house or modular homes option, then manufactured homes are your top option. Not only are these houses more cost-effective than traditional stick-builts, but you can also get similar styles and sizes. They are also extremely eco-friendly because they require less construction waste.

    If you are looking for these types of houses, like modular homes, in Michigan, you are in luck! We have compiled the top 10 manufactured home dealers in Michigan. We based this on floor plans, amenities, and any additional perks you should be aware of.

    Manufactured Home Dealers in Michigan

    Michigan Mobile Home Connection 

    Located in Grand Rapids, our number 10 pick is Michigan Mobile Connection. The company specializes in both modular homes and mobile homes, as well as pre-owned ones. The company offers construction, move, and set up services for each unit that is bought. Moreover, the company also has a licensed realtor on location, so they can assist with selling your house as well.

    This modular home company has several styles to choose from, and each include four different styles with various floor plans.

    Sun Communities Inc.

    This manufactured homes company has multiple manufactured housing communities and offers services across Michigan. The company has been in operation since 1975 and buys, operates, and develops mobile and RV communities. At Sun Communities, you can choose to buy a house or lease one, and there are many different options, including 1- and 2-bedroom units.

    Since the company does offer manufactured and mobile home communities, there are many different amenities to note. For instance, there are playgrounds, fitness centers, as well as swimming pools. Amenities do change based on the community in question. The modular home company also offers communities that are just for seniors, starting at 55 and older.

    Pine Grove Homes 

    Considered the oldest manufactured homes or housing dealership in Michigan, Pine Grove offers both houses and a construction package. The unit lot models come in many different varieties and styles, including traditional 1- and 2-bedroom floor plans, but can go up to 3 bedrooms, with additional spaces.

    Pine Grove Homes offer oak cabinetry, whirlpool kitchen appliances, energy-efficient furnaces and windows, and other modern features in their house packages for construction. However, it is noted that not all listed construction line items are included with each project, as it depends on materials and the individual build.

    While the modular home company certainly has a great deal of longevity, these houses can lack some of the luxury amenities and inclusions that other manufacturing dealerships may have.

    Michigan Home Zone 

    Located in Southeast Michigan, right in Ypsilanti, close to Ann Arbor, Michigan Zone has new houses or manufactured home for your perusal. They come in either a single or sectional style, and are built in-factory and then placed in a community or on private land.

    This company has a streamlined process that includes deciding where the house can go, whether it’s in a community or on private land, and then working with the construction consultant to consider what construction options are best for the build-in question. It is for this reason that they also have an on-site design center.

    Northwood Modular Homes Cass City 

    Northwood Modular has one of the widest varieties of manufactured, mobile home and modular homes on this list. It has traditional 1- and 2-bedroom floor plans and offers large 4-bedroom units too with 3 or 3.5 bathrooms. The company also highlights a house of the month, which showcases one of their top selling designs.

    This manufactured homes company is available by appointment only, and the company has a rigorous process by which they work with their customers. If you are looking for a dedicated construction team, this is a great option, but this can also be limited to new owners or those that want to move in quickly.

    North County Homes Corporation 

    Considered one of Michigan’s oldest and largest mobile home or modular home builders, North County specializes in General Housing Corporation (GHC) and Ritz-Craft Corporation houses.

    While this manufactured homes company offers complete build outs and set up, they also offer shells. This refers to having a house with finished exteriors walls, windows, doors, roof, and subflooring, but is missing, plumbing, electrical, siding, drywall, fixtures, cabinets, and flooring.

    While the company offers several different floor plans for modular or mobile home, because they are a dealership, they do have rotating stock. Thus, it is best to keep in mind that what is available now may not be available later.

    Legendary Homes, Inc. 

    The company offers what it calls “top of the line” modular, mobile home and manufactured houses. Floor plans come in various styles, such as ranch, cape cod, two-story, and multi-box. Each style is completely customizable, and the buyer can choose several interior options, such as tubs, showers, vanity tops, carpeting, trim, appliances, and flooring. External choices include decks, walkouts, porches, and more.

    This company offers houses in Michigan counties, but the company services Ohio and Indiana as well. If you want a luxury unit with a wide variety of options, then Legendary is a good choice; however, keep in mind that their multiple cost and pricing options can be confusing, and can increase the cost overall.

    Little Valley Homes 

    With a tagline like “Your Housing People,” you can understand why Little Valley has been in business for over 50 years. The company offers both modular, mobile home and manufactured houses in many different scopes and styles, and in many customizable options.

    Each house also has external and internal features included in the price of the house. For instance, exterior offerings include vinyl lap siding, energy efficiency walls, shingle roof, and vinyl siding. Internal features include living room carpet, vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bath, and choice of cabinet colors.

    If you are looking to have a house with its own community, Little Valley has over 6 different options. The company offers Little Valley Communities for young families, but also retirees of 55 years and older.

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community 

    Our second pick is the Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community. Located in Livingston County, Michigan, Tyrone Woods offers country living at an affordable price. Here, you will find new homes for rent and new homes for sale.

    Available rental units come in 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, but some come with 4 bedrooms. All of the units come with central heating and fireplaces, allowing you to have a great deal of comfort, no matter what the season.

    Manufactured housing by this company is certainly affordable, if you are looking to buy one. Houses are within the $30,000 to $50,000 range and come with all the modern conveniences you might want. It is also worth noting that they have a great deal of green space, and the company has surrounding community offerings.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    If you are looking for these types of houses in Michigan, our top pick is Cedar Springs Mobile Estates. Like many other options on this list, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates offers both rent and sale houses.

    If you are looking to rent, you can choose between a single and double-wide. Not only are they built with oak kitchens, fireplaces, expansive bedroom suites, driveways, and have ample storage space, but they also have their own front yard. Also, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is a quiet community with basketball courts and planned social events.

    If you are looking to purchase, then you will get access to the same luxury style amenities, with the benefit of affordable ownership. It is truly a win/win.

    Interested in dealing with only the best manufactured home dealers in Michigan? Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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