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Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

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    Homes For Sale

    If an affordable home to purchase in Michigan is what you are seeking, look no further than Cedar Springs Mobile Estates! That is right, here at Cedar Spring Mobile Estates, we also offer homeownership opportunities. So, if renting is not for you anymore, we understand. Our mobile home community offers amazing, affordable, contemporary mobile homes for sale. What’s more, we also offer in-house financing and amazing deals for people who are ready to become homeowners. The nice thing about owning your own home in our mobile home community is that you still have access to wonderful shared amenities, and you did not even have to give up your dream of homeownership.

    In general, there are a plethora of reasons why you should buy a mobile home. For starters, manufactured residences make great first homes. Typically, the average cost per square foot of our homes is approximately a third of conventional stick-built homes. So, not only are they more affordable than traditional homes, but they also require smaller mortgage loans and are less of a financial risk. Thus, when it comes to saving money, purchasing a mobile home is the way to go.

    Along those same lines, the average monthly savings is often $100 to $300 per month when you purchase a home compared to what you would pay if you were to rent. In fact, the down payment that is required to buy a home, which is approximately 5% to 10%, is about the same amount as the move-in cost for a rental home.

    Also, our partnered lenders are here to help those that are struggling with bruised credit due to hardships they may have experienced in the past. They are used to working with all income levels and credit scores to provide the most practical financing options that best suits your needs. That said, if purchasing a mobile home is new territory for you, we are here to help. Here is a quick overview of your future mobile home community and what mobile homes are for sale at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    Our Homes

    Most of our homes range from $5,000 to $35,000 in price and offer high quality in-home features and amenities. Our homes represent the latest and greatest in manufactured home building and are of a quality and value beyond compare. Here at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you will find options that suit your style of high-end living, as our homes come in a wide variety of designs, open floor plans and styles to suit every taste, plus they are customizable. In fact, our luxury mobile homes include options like multiple bathroom suites, upgraded flooring, upgraded countertops, full-size gourmet oak kitchens, stone fireplaces and spa-like master bathrooms.

    You can choose from single-wide or double-wide manufactured homes with 2+ bedrooms and up to 2,000+ feet. Alternatively, if you are looking for more space, then you will be glad to know that Cedar Springs Mobile Estates can accommodate. We offer several large double-wide mobile homes for sale with open floor plans with over 2,000 square feet of high-end living space and up to four bedrooms. Plus, when you factor in our modern floor plans and finished interiors, you might just forget that you did not buy a traditional or conventional stick-built home. Not to mention, this is just the interior we are talking about here. The exterior of your future mobile home is also equipped with contemporary/high-end features such as a front porch, a back porch, custom siding, brand name windows, a gorgeous driveway with room for more than one vehicle and is surrounded by a meticulously landscaped community.

    Life At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    In addition to one-of-a-kind housing, our community is also worth noting. Not only is Cedar Springs Mobile Estates a welcoming, affordable luxury community, but it also has exclusive resident amenities. Here, in our quiet neighborhood, residents enjoy lush park landscaping, basketball courts, playgrounds, clubhouses and picnic/grill areas—just to name a few. What’s more, pets are also allowed in the community regardless of whether you are renting or buying.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates itself is strategically located about five minutes from Rockford and 20 minutes from Grand Rapids. Thus, we are centrally located with easy commutes anywhere. Our beautiful community is located less than one mile from the Muskegon exit off US-131 and less than one minute from Downtown Cedar Springs—where there are tons of cultural, community and commercial activities. This area of town also has shopping, grocery stores, ample dining options, along with a wealth of other amenities and year-round recreation (camping, sports, hiking, festivals, fishing, nearby skiing, etc.).

    Our community is in the Cedar Springs Public School District, and the school system recently completed a $27 million renovation and building project. Thus, as you can see, you can have it all and then some when you purchase a mobile home in our community.

    Resident Relations

    Here, in our affordable mobile home community, you can expect to form a relationship with not only the community staff, but also with your fellow community members. Moreover, our residents are committed to making their community a beautiful and safe place—one that they can all be proud to call home. Furthermore, Cedar Springs Mobile Home Estate hosts several management-sponsored events throughout the year to give back to our dedicated team members and residents, which helps build strong relationships between staff and our residents, and of course, it keeps things exciting and fun.

    Our Customer Service

    We are committed to making Cedar Springs Mobile Estates a place you want to call home. Also, we understand that investing in a new mobile home is an important step in anyone’s life, and you want to have a good team of people providing all the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you are tired of the apartment life, want a friendly place to raise a family or are looking for a welcoming community to retire in, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates has a mobile home that is right for you.

    Our experienced sales team makes purchasing a mobile home at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates easy. Plus, our pricing is far more reasonable than the options you will find anywhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan, or any of the surrounding areas. Overall, we offer homes that fit every budget and lifestyle. Finance applications are easy and free, and the average time to close on a home is about three weeks. We offer referral and down payment assistance programs as well! Our affordable mobile homes have many financing options that our experienced team can help walk you through, so you can find the home that you want at the price that you need.

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    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates wants to keep you and everyone in our community safe. Thus, in accordance, with the CDC health and safety guidelines, you must call and make an appointment to come visit our community. If you would like to know about our available mobile homes for sale, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to make becoming a resident of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates fast, easy and smart for you and your family. So, if buying a home in Kent County is something you desire, then what are you waiting for? Come visit Cedar Springs Mobile Estates and stop throwing your money away by renting and moving every few years. Instead start owning your home and your future today!

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