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    Cedar Springs, MI: Things Everyone From Here Know Are True

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on Cedar Springs, MI: Things Everyone From Here Know Are True

    Cedar Springs, MI: Things Everyone From Here Know Are True

    Cedar Springs is one of the best places to live in Michigan. This isn’t just what its residents say, but its visitors as well. On the face of it, this is a small town or city with a community of a little more than 3,000 people. Still, it’s a favorite city in the Grand Rapids area for many kids and adults alike.

    About Cedar Springs

    The location of Cedar Springs, Michigan is just one of its many attractions, especially since it’s located near Grand Rapids. If Cedar Springs residents need something that’s not readily available in the lumber town, they can travel a few miles and benefit from the big-city amenities.

    Christian Religious Family Group Prays to God Thankful Crop Farm

    Cedar Springs, Michigan gets its name from the fine springs bordered by cedar groves; a gorgeous sight that’s central to the lifestyle here. The residents and visitors can expect streets lined with trees, varied housing options, and a relatively stable way of life that’s not overly expensive.

    Moreover, the close-knit community in Cedar Springs is a defining factor of the area. With the steadily increasing business opportunities here, there has been some influx of population. If you plan to visit this town, or perhaps, even move here, there are some things to be aware of.

    Cedar Springs, MI

    Before you move to or pay a visit to any city, it’s a good idea to look up some definite facts about it. Finding out about housing prices or rental rates in Cedar Springs, Michigan is a given.

    Perhaps, the more valuable factors are the little realities that everyone living here knows to be true. Not sure what these are yet? Read on to find out just a few of these things!

    ●        Stable Industrial Base

    ●        Great Schooling Opportunities

    ●        Great for Nature Enthusiasts

    ●        The Red Flannel Festival

    ●        Good Living

    1. Stable Industrial Base

    Cedar Springs, Michigan started out as a lumber town, with several lumber and shingle mills making the basis of its industry. To this day, one thing that everyone knows about living in Cedar Springs is that business will probably always be at its center.

    At present, Cedar Springs boasts a relatively small retail business area while still retaining its industrial base. Overall, this community has a lot of potential for growth in the near and distant future.

    For those thinking about moving to Cedar Springs and settling down, this is really good news. There are a lot of businesses and industries gravitating towards this Michigan town right now, with several precision tool companies being among the numbers. It’s also in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, which means a convenient work commute for many residents.

    2. Great Schooling Opportunities

    While Cedar Springs might be a smallish city, you don’t have to look towards a place like Grand Rapids for quality education. The Cedar Springs Public Schools are on a 100-acre campus near the downtown area. This school system recently finished a renovation and building project at a cost of around $27 million.

    Male coach showing ok sign in front of cheering listeners

    Overall, if you’re looking at houses for rent in Cedar Springs, MI or mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs MI, you can be fairly sure of getting good nearby Cedar Springs schools for the kids. As long as the students are willing to work hard, there’s a lot of benefit they can get from the system in this town. The numbers from schools in this area are usually above the national average, and are comparable with any major city in Michigan.

    3. Great for Nature Enthusiasts

    If you’re interested in hands-on experience with animals, check out the fun farm at Deer Tracks Junction. They have amazing play areas and places where children can pet and feed the animals. There are:

    ●        Baby Elk

    ●        Baby Deer

    ●        Live Theater Show

    ●        Wildlife Safari Tour

    If just spending time outdoors is more your thing, look no further than the iconic White Pine trail. This is the second-longest rail trail in Michigan, going on for almost 94 miles and five counties. It even takes you through the city of Rockford. Along the way, you can enjoy the scenic Rogue River Dam. There are many other trails leading off this one, which are great for hiking, walking, and just enjoying nature in general.

    Part of the reason why Cedar Springs is such a great place for outdoor fun is the active Cedar Springs Parks and Rec Board in this city. It’s always exploring new ways and means to ring out various programs for young, old, and middle-aged folks.

    4. The Red Flannel Festival

    Cedar Springs is not a major city; it was even relatively unknown until the 1930s. At that point in time, the Red Flannel Festival was what put it back on the map, with the first such celebration being in 1939. It’s among Michigan’s oldest festivals, and the history of the Red Flannel Festival is also worth reading up on.

    The Red Flannel Festival

    The Red Flannel Festival is held on the first Saturday of October each year. It is when the people of Cedar Springs come together to celebrate the red flannel nightwear, and other items, that gave the town a new life. If it weren’t for the red flannel, Grand Rapids might be the only place of note in this area.

    5. Good Living

    Overall, most people in this red flannel town enjoy their lives to the fullest. They get the benefits of a tightly-knit and welcoming community, along with many modern amenities of a large city. Kent County itself has a reputation for providing a high quality of life, along with being a manufacturing center in the state of Michigan.

    There’s something for everyone here, be it the Classic Kelly’s Family Restaurant for foodies, or the nature trails for exercise enthusiasts. Those who don’t want a bustling city life will be able to enjoy the rural feel without compromising on urban conveniences. In case you get bored, the city of Rockford is practically next door, where you can plan a fun day for shopping your heart out!


    Are you paying a short visit to Cedar Springs or have progressed to looking at homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI? Whatever the case, the discussion above will hopefully familiarize you with the place more than any apartment or house listings.

    At the end of the day, you don’t have to settle for a city like Grand Rapids or Rockford. Check out Cedar Springs for a quality lifestyle, along with many other perks!

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    Where is Cedar Springs, Michigan?

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on Where is Cedar Springs, Michigan?

    Where is Cedar Springs, Michigan?

    When you’re looking for the best place for making a new home in Kent County, there are several excellent options to consider.

    Where is Cedar Springs, Michigan on your list of considerations? If it isn’t there yet, you might want to place it near the very top!

    It’s important to know the ins and outs of a new region before you decide to lay down roots and settle there. Let’s get a closer look at this Cedar Springs area so that you can make a more informed decision in the future:

    Where is Cedar Springs, Michigan?

    Welcome To Cedar Springs Michigan

    An Overview of Cedar Springs, Michigan

    The location of Cedar Springs is just a few minutes’ drive from both Belmont and Grand Rapids. Cedar Springs, Michigan is a lovely small town that’s a little off the road most traveled by.

    Depending on what you’re looking for in your new home, this just might be the perfect location for you to settle down in Kent County.

    Location and Population

    Cedar Springs is technically a city, however it’s one with a close community. The population is 3,753, as of 2021.

    The exact location of this Kent County city is around 20 miles north of the Grand Rapids region, within the state of Michigan.

    Cedar Springs Michigan Location

    Geography and Transportation Options

    Cedar Springs spans around 2.10 square miles, of which 0.07 of a square mile is water. You might also see this by using a map.

    This water consists mostly of the fine springs bordered around it, which give the city its name. There are also hardwood forests and a Cedar Grove nearby.

    There’s an Indian Trails intercity bus service that runs daily between Petoskey and Grand Rapids, Michigan. This makes it easy for employees to commute to work and back. The same goes for those who want to travel between cities for recreational purposes.


    There are around 1,215 households in the area, with an estimated 887 families. The population density is said to be 1,728.6 individuals for each square mile.

    There doesn’t seem to be a lot of diversity in Cedar Springs, Michigan, with 94.3 percent of the population being White.

    Hispanic and Latino ethnicities make up around 4.2 percent of the population. 0.8 percent is African American, while 0.6 percent is Native American.

    Around three percent of the total population is from two or more races. While these numbers from the 2010 United States Census Bureau might seem very small, they’re an improvement from the 2000 census. We can hope that the diversity of the population has improved further in the past ten years.

    Coming to the family setup, around half of the households are estimated to have minors under 18. Around 43.6 percent of the households consist of married couples, while 21.6 percent have a female householder without a male counterpart.

    7.8 percent have a male householder without a female counterpart. 27 percent are non-families, while seven percent had people living by themselves. The average size of the family is around 3.23.

    The Age Bracket

    When you’re considering a region for your new home, it’s relevant to check out the age of the residents. This way, you’ll be able to see whether it’s possible to settle into the place easily and have things in common with your new neighbors.

    The median age of the Cedar Spring, Michigan location is fairly young – with an average of 29.6 years.

    Around a third of the residents are under 18, while around 10 percent are between the ages of 18 and 24, and around 30 percent are between 25 and 44.

    The gender distribution is reportedly almost equal, however the number of females is only slightly more than the males.

    History of Cedar Springs

    Cedar Springs, MI was founded in 1856 and was originally meant to be a lumber town. It had numerous shingle mills and lumber mills within its boundaries.

    Cedar Springs acted as the northern terminus between the Indiana Railroad and Grand Rapids for a couple of years, in Michigan. Cedar Springs was also a crossing point for the Toledo, Saginaw, and Muskegon Railway back then, which is now known as the Grand Trunk Western Railroad.

    The name ‘Cedar Springs’ was based on the cedar grove that the fine springs bordered in the region.

    Apart from this natural beauty, the lumber town was an attractive location for many business-oriented individuals. This caused the town to grow and develop by leaps and bounds, making it a bustling and successful place in Kent County today.

    About the Red Flannel Movement

    The growth of Cedar Springs, MI was spurred on due to its location. It served as a terminus for business folks and traders, from cities such as Grand Rapids, Toledo, Muskegon, etc.

    Most of the economic activity around this city was based on logging. This also triggered a rise in popularity of certain garments made of red flannel, which is still relevant today.

    These red flannel garments were initially just sold in the region, but the logging success led one town founder, Mrs. Mae Oppenneer, to make them locally.

    Mrs. Oppenneer began this business from her own home in 1952. Later on, she would sell her wares to Mrs. Sally, who was the main driving force behind the garments’ success.

    From this, the Red Flannel Factory came into being and was an important economic driver for the coming forty years.

    Red Flannel Cedar Springs

    In fact, the Red Flannel Factory still stands today. It’s a major part of the history and community in Cedar Springs, and one worth seeing if you visit this Kent County place. The flannels themselves are of high quality and worth acquiring.

    There’s still a lot of economic activity around the city, but it’s now more focused on making high-tech office furniture. The names of Herman Miller and Steelcase are familiar ones there, as they have their headquarters in Cedar Springs.

    Advantages of Living in Cedar Springs

    Cedar Springs is an excellent region for living and working for the long run.

    Most residents report that it’s a friendly community, with a lot of activities for individuals and families alike.

    There are also a lot of business opportunities. So, everyone has the potential to expand and better their lives.

    Below are just a few more reasons why this city is one of the best choices on the map:

    Strategic Location

    You can live in Cedar Springs and easily commute within Kent County for work purposes, due to the prime location. The distances to other strategic points are just a matter of a few miles, for example Grand Rapids being about a 20-25 minute drive away.

    Many Activities

    This small city gives us a lot to do. There’s the annual Red Flannel Festival to look forward to, which comes around in autumn. During the annual Red Flannel Festival there are lovely parades, horseshoe throwing contests, car shows, and artsy displays brightening up the place around that time of the year.

    If you’d rather get away from the hustle and bustle, Cedar Springs has a lot of natural beauty to offer as well. For instance, Lake Michigan is just 25 miles away. You can also find the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail on the map.

    Eating options won’t disappoint either, as there are several gorgeous places to enjoy.

    You can check out the Classic Kelly and Main Street restaurants. Both are hangout places and favorite eating spots.

    Finally, you can visit the Historical Museum to catch a glimpse of history.

    Close Community

    Living in a small town has its own charm. While Cedar Springs is technically a city, it has that small town close-knit feeling. The community is friendly, with lots of fun stuff to fill up your day.

    Even if you move here without knowing anyone, it’ll probably be easy to make new friends. There are several hangout points that you can visit and get to know the locals quickly.

    Cedar Springs Michigan Affordable


    Another fortunate factor is that Cedar Springs gives us a relatively affordable way of life.

    The cost of living is not only much lower than its Grand Rapids counterpart, but it’s lower than most other places in the whole country. On average, one can expect to spend around 6.5 percent less than in any other area.

    Even the housing here is more accessible. It has a flexible real estate market and affordable mobile homes for sale to boot. Other than this, the daily costs of groceries and commuting are also quite reasonable.

    Security and Opportunity

    If you don’t have security, even the most luxurious place can be uncomfortable.

    When you relocate to Kent County, though, you’re assured of having excellent security and safety in your daily life.

    Since this is a small town, everyone knows each other. Every area, whether commercial or residential, is well lit, even at night. These factors help to keep the crime rate down, especially when you compare this area to surrounding cities and towns.

    What’s more, the region is going through an economic upswing most of the time. The population is growing at a decent rate, which creates a lot of business opportunities, without too much competition.

    You’ve got a lot of space to thrive here. So start exploring the opportunities in Cedar Springs today!

    The Takeaway

    Now that you’ve answered the question of: Where is Cedar Springs, MI? and what it’s like, it’ll be easier to make a decision.

    Before moving to any new place, knowing its origin and history is also important. With the information above, you’ll hopefully be able to settle in and break the ice with your neighbors in no time!

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    Living in Cedar Springs: Everything You Need to Know

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Living in Cedar Springs: Everything You Need to Know

    Living in Cedar Springs: Everything You Need to Know

    You may be asking yourself, where is Cedar Springs, Michigan?

    Cedar Springs is a city in Kent County, Michigan. The city is situated in northern Kent County and covers about 2.1 square miles of land.

    Cedar Springs is a small, quaint town with a lot to offer. With an active community and plenty of entertainment, you’ll never be bored here.

    There’s always something to occupy your time, from the Cedar Springs parks and rec to the top Cedar Springs restaurants. The downtown area is close to residential areas, and there are plenty of bars and Cedar Springs, MI shopping for any occasion.

    Living in Cedar Springs

    Cedar Springs is an amazing city to reside in. In fact, it’s one of the friendliest places you’ll ever come across. The people here are so welcoming and light-hearted that this can be a very rewarding place to work and call home.

    Rear view of a happy couple sitting

    When deciding whether or not to move to a new town, there are many factors to take into account. Personal taste happens to be one of those important things to consider when determining whether or not a particular town or county is right for you. Other items to consider include the climate, family-friendly activities, job opportunities, and affordability.

    So let’s go over all of this and more when it comes to Cedar Springs, in Kent County, Michigan.

    Cedar Springs Overview

    The population of the city  of Cedar Springs is 3,509 people, and it was officially incorporated as a city on March 25th, 1850. Cedar Springs got its name from the fine springs bordered by a grove of cedar trees.

    Cedar Springs Overview

    The Cedar Springs community is a scenic and serene neighborhood just off of the beaten path. The community is ideal for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, as it’s nestled away from city life.

    Its location offers easy access to several amenities such as shops, banks, churches, cultural amenities and restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI.

    If you’re looking to visit or move to Cedar Springs, here is everything you should know:

    What Does it Cost to Live in Cedar Springs?

    People may think that the way of life in Cedar Springs is expensive because it’s so close to Grand Rapids and there are so many things to do here. However, the average rent in Grand Rapids, Michigan, along with the overall cost of living, is much higher than it is in Cedar Springs, MI. In fact, Cedar Springs is among the most affordable cities in Kent County, Michigan!

    Cedar Springs is Strategically Located

    No matter if you work from home or commute constantly from place to place, Cedar Springs, Michigan, might be the perfect location for you.

    The city is located right off Interstate 96 and has easy access to downtown Grand Rapids and downtown Muskegon. Also, if you enjoy hunting, fishing, or camping, then it’s the perfect location for you.

    Cedar Springs, Michigan is nestled in the northern part of the U.S. Midwest, and is about a 2.5 hour drive from some of the country’s most well-known places, such as metro Detroit and Chicago.

    Big city amenities in this little town include dog parks for your furry friends, along with top Cedar Springs schools and hospitals. With that in mind, living in the community provides you with plenty of perks to enjoy.

    Cedar Springs has a Stable Economy

    When you’re moving to a new city, unless you are moving because of a change in employment, finding your next job is often on the top of your list of priorities. So the economy of that city is certainly an important factor to consider.

    It is not ideal to move to a place that has fewer opportunities compared to where you’re moving from. You also don’t want to move to a city with a higher cost of living than what you are used to. Fortunately, Cedar Springs, Michigan has a strong economy; as such, there are so many opportunities for employment here.

    Cedar Springs has a Stable Economy

    Cedar Springs is only a short drive from essentially every major city in the Midwest, from Indianapolis to Minneapolis. This proximity makes Cedar Springs, Michigan an excellent option for those looking for more economical housing or job opportunities, but who still want to be close to friends and family.

    What this town is becoming known for, and what it will be known for in the future, is its diverse and growing population of employers. As more and more companies are setting up shop in this small town, they need skilled professionals to fill all of their workforce opportunities.

    Top Performing Schools

    Cedar Springs, Michigan schools are some of the best schools in the state.

    If you’re living nearby and don’t have the financial muscle for private schools, you’d be glad to hear that Cedar Springs Public Schools are some of the top rated in all of Michigan. The high-performing schools have an excellent track record for academics and also offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

    The Cedar Springs Public Schools district has four schools that cover grades PK-12. The elementary school has classes from Pre-K to 5th Grade, and the high school offers grades 6-12.

    How Does the Cost of Living Compare with Other Cities?

    The cost of living is one of the major factors people consider when deciding where to settle. With things like:

    ●     Rent

    ●     Utilities

    ●     Childcare

    ●     Healthcare

    It’s difficult for people to make a decision.

    A higher cost of living also means a higher income is needed to sustain an adequate lifestyle. Fortunately, Cedar Springs’ cost of living index is 6.5 lower than the national average, per, housing, and healthcare are all below the nationwide average living index, meaning you will spend less on those items, on average, compared to the average cost in all other places across the United States.

    Woman managing the debt

    For example, a studio apartment in Cedar Springs has an average rent price of $745 per month, compared to the nationwide average of $949.

    The community also ranks near the top for affordability when it comes to a one bedroom apartment, with the average rent price being around $802 per month, while the nationwide average stands at $1,048. For a two bedroom apartment, the average rent price in Cedar Springs, Michigan is $972 per month, while the nationwide average stands at $1,278.

    Cheaper Mobile Homes

    Cedar Springs is a small community that has embraced mobile homes as its primary housing option. This decision has been made mainly due to the affordability of mobile homes.

    There are no adequate low-income housing options in Cedar Springs, Michigan, so they have chosen an alternate solution to this living problem. As a result, over a thousand mobile homes are now inside this community.

    Cheaper Mobile Homes

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is one of the top choice mobile home communities in Cedar Springs, Michigan. They offer both mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI and mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI. The features of this community include spacious living quarters, a wide selection of homes, beautifully landscaped yard space, and many mobile home amenities for your enjoyment.

    One of the Safest Places to Live in Michigan

    Living in a community comes with the concern of security, right?

    Fortunately, Cedar Springs is one of the safest small towns in America. The crime rates are in fact 52% lower than the national average and it has one of the lowest rates for violent crimes in the country, being 24% lower than the national average.

    With the statistics above, you can rest assured Cedar Springs is one the safest places you can consider living with your family.

    Plenty of Recreational Places to Visit

    Cedar Springs is a small town with a big personality. Living in this community means you will enjoy a diverse selection of historical buildings, unique shopping centers, and amazing restaurants. The town is a thriving community in the heart of Michigan, and it has everything you could need.

    Plenty of Recreational Places to Visit

    With that said, this is not just a town with all the amenities you are looking for; there is also an interesting Cedar Springs, MI history.

    There are many festivals in this world, but few compare with the Red Flannel Festival and its history. The event is over 100 years old and has seen many people coming together over the years to celebrate the Red Flannel Festival.

    Here are a few other attractions worth mentioning that you can visit in Cedar Springs:

    • Morley Park – 60 Cedar St. NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319
    • Heart of Cedar Springs Park – 69 W. Maple St. NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319
    • Boomer Park – 13440 Ritchie Ave. NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319
    • Cedar Springs Historical Museum – 204 E Muskegon St, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

    If you love nature, Lake Michigan is only 25 miles away. Lake Michigan is considered the 2nd largest of the five Great Lakes in North America. With a size equivalent to 11% of France, it provides recreation and works for many people.

    On the rare occurrence that you can’t find what you’re looking for within this community, venture into the neighboring cities, like Grand Rapids, and see if they provide what you are seeking.

    Final Thought

    Although it is not as large as other major cities in the state of Michigan, such as Detroit and Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs possesses many attributes that make it a great place to live.

    The town offers lower prices than the surrounding areas, for those looking for a more affordable way of life, and there is also a strong economy with ample employment opportunities.

    The town of Cedar Springs, Michigan is great, and we can all find plenty of reasons to justify moving here. With that said, come see for yourself, we have a feeling that you will not be disappointed.

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    Things to Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan in the Fall

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Things to Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan in the Fall

    Things to Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan in the Fall

    Have you just moved to Cedar Springs, MI, or are you planning to move to this amazing location? If yes, then you should find some exciting activities to keep you busy.

    Cedar Springs is a city in Kent County and is about 20 miles from Grand Rapids. The Cedar Spring area offers one of the best living conditions for people of all ages.

    Here, we explore some of the activities you can engage in, at Cedar Springs in the fall.

    Things to Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Let’s look at the things to do in Cedar Springs, Michigan:

    Spend Time with Nature or in a Restaurant

    There is no question that the area around Cedar Springs, MI is very attractive in the fall. If you’re an outdoor person who loves and enjoys nature, this is the place to be.

    Red Flannel Festival

    For instance, Cedar Springs is reputable for being the Red Flannel Town and it’s Red Flannel Festival. In the fall, you can put on your favorite Red Flannel during the Red Flannel Festival and spend time with family outside.

    biking parks

    There are various options in Cedar Springs for those who love visiting parks, including:

    ●      North Park

    ●      Fred Meijer White Pine Trail

    ●      H.B. Riggle Memorial Park

    ●      Morley Park

    ●      Deer Tracks Junction

    When you decide to take your loved ones for a treat or are too lazy to get into the kitchen and prepare dinner, there are several restaurants where you get excellent meals.

    family meals

    You can even ride your car and get access to better meals in Grand Rapids, which is, again, just about 20 miles away from Cedar Springs.

    Some of the most reputable restaurants in Grand Rapids, just a few miles outside of Cedar Springs, include:

    ●      The Butcher’s Union

    ●      The Green Well

    ●      The Wheelhouse Kitchen & Cocktails

    You can also access some of the top restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI, including:

    ●      Ramona’s Table

    ●      The Corner Bar

    ●      Red Bird

    ●      Lakeside Inn

    Whether you want to get your favorite ice cream or pizza, there is a perfect restaurant for you in Cedar Springs, or even just a few miles away in Grand Rapids.

    Father Making Ice Cream Sundaes

    Take a Tour in Cedar Springs

    There is no better thing to entertain yourself with than engaging in tours in Cedar Springs, or other numerous recreational areas around the city.

    There are so many tour companies in Cedar Springs that can help you achieve this.

    Father caring his kids to be safe during road trip

    For instance, Countryside Tours is one reputable company dedicated to showing Cedar Springs residents exciting and new ways of traveling. The company has been around for over 38 years.

    One thing that you’ll certainly like is the historical tours in Cedar Springs. Cedar Springs has several historical sites that you should take time to visit.

    The Red Flannel Movement

    Even if you don’t know about the history of Cedar Springs, or its neighboring areas such as Grand Rapids, which is not a few hours, but simply just a few miles away, there are tour companies to help you out.

    Some of the reputable destinations you can visit include:

    ●      The Muskegon South Pierhead Light Tower

    ●      The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

    ●      The Grand Rapids Museum

    ●      The Hackley & Hume Historic Site

    ●      The Kent Theatre

    Engage in Games and Sports

    For most people, sports is the best thing they can do in the fall. There are so many sports that you can participate in when you find yourself in Cedar Springs, MI, during the fall season.

    At the top of the list of the games you can play is golf. There are several golf clubs and courses for you, if you love golf.

    Golf Ball

    Some of the most reputable golf courses include:

    ●      Cedar Springs Chase Club

    ●      Falls at Barber Creek

    ●      The Pilgrim’s Run Golf Club

    There are also many water sports that you can engage in. Cedar Spring is close to gorgeous lakes and beaches, which means you can engage in boat riding, or even swimming.

    Dad and son fishing at lake

    If you like lake life and fishing, there are several great fishing spots in Cedar Springs, including:

    ●      Grose Park in Casnovia

    ●      Grand Haven State Park

    ●      Myers Lake Park

    Cedar Springs also has other options to help you keep fit and get enjoyment. For instance, the city is a thriving fitness and yoga community.

    Gym Community

    If you want to train, you can visit the MVP Athletic Club. You can also visit the Body Mind Being Institute, Snap Fitness, and Expressions of Grace Yoga.

    Shot of a couple practising yoga at home

    Recently, two red clay tennis courts were refurbished and are now available to anyone living in Cedar Springs, MI. Here, there are tennis clinics and fun programs for adults and kids throughout the season.

    Tennis players playing a match on the court on a sunny day

    You can take advantage of such programs to learn tennis if you don’t know how to play. Generally, you won’t fail to get a game of your choice in Cedar Springs. Cedar Springs, MI just has a lot going on all of the time.

    Attend Social Events

    In the fall, there are so many social events in Cedar Springs for just about everyone, including adults, teens, and kids. All of the events, whether for adults or kids, emphasize the aspect of the community.

    In the fall, there is at least one event every weekend to offer members of Cedar Springs a chance to enjoy themselves.

    Party People Communication

    Some of the most reputable social events include sports mentioned above, women’s gatherings, and ideas club meetings.

    You can also engage in the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, the Sports Weekend, the Annual Welcome Party, and the Year-End Formal Dance.

    Happy Family

    Select the event that suits your taste and enjoy your stay in Cedar Springs. If you don’t like the events in Cedar Springs, just move a few miles to Grand Rapids to enjoy a variety of options.

    Discovery Camp or Kids Clubs Activities

    If you have kids, then Cedar Springs is the place to be. Your kids can go to Discovery Camp or Kids Club, from Tuesday to Friday, in the fall.

    A group of kids in a tug-of-war game

    These activities happen in the morning. Your kids might sharpen their practical skills during this period since they engage in creative arts and crafts.

    girl drawing paints on paper and hands

    The Kids Club in Cedar Springs is available only to kids under nine years of age. If you have a child below four years, you must accompany them to the Kids Club.

    The Discovery Camp in Cedar Springs is meant for kids above the age of ten years old. Some additional programs for the youths include movie nights, teen nights, and ball sports.

    Film viewing

    These events enable you and your kids to establish long-term friendships as you stay in Cedar Springs.

    Explore the Cedar Springs, MI Downtown Area to Explore the City

    Cedar Springs is one of the most exciting cities in Michigan, and is just a few miles from the great Grand Rapids area.

    The area around Cedar Springs’ downtown is always brimming with restaurants, history and parks.

    Young women enjoying a window shopping

    You can even take your family to Cedar Springs for great shopping. And if you want to see the nearby Grand Rapids area, it is just a few miles drive from Cedar Springs.

    Many Cedar Springs residents reside in Grand Rapids. A stroll through the Main Street of the city is exciting, especially if you’ve got company.

    The Final Verdict

    Whether you are living in a manufactured home community or your stick-built home in Cedar Springs, there are various things that you can engage in, during the fall, to keep you active.

    Most people who have settled in Cedar Springs have never gotten bored, especially during this wonderful time of the year.

    Large family posing for annual photo

    If you have just relocated to Cedar Springs and aren’t sure of the activities to participate in, you can contact our property managers for further directions and details.

    Also, remember that you can engage in different activities in Grand Rapids, being that it’s just a few miles from Cedar Springs.

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    Where to Find Mobile Homes for Sale

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    Where to Find Mobile Homes for Sale

    Whether for recreational purposes or permanent living, a growing number of people are looking to purchase mobile homes for sale in Michigan.

    Mobile homes for sale are inexpensive compared to traditional real estate homes. Simply put, a mobile home offers quality living at an affordable price. As such, it is one of the most popular forms of housing in the United States.

    An estimated 20 million Americans live in manufactured homes, and the number keeps growing, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute.

    Where to Find Mobile Homes for Sale

    General affordability, low maintenance, and overall high demand are just a few reasons to invest in mobile home parks in Michigan. With that said, how do you find those mobile homes for sale?

    Searching for mobile homes for sale in Michigan can be a complicated venture, if you are a new homebuyer.

    Small blue gray mobile home michigan mobile homes

    Manufactured homes can come in a variety of sizes such as:

    ●       Single-wide manufactured homes

    ●       Double-wide manufactured homes

    Ranging in size from 1 to 3 bedroom, and up to 1,300 sq.ft., there is a range of single section floor plan options.

    You can find double-wide manufactured homes with 1, 2, 3, and even more than 4 bedrooms near you, in Michigan.

    Residential Mobile Homes michigan mobile homes

    Whether you are searching for a single-wide mobile home, double-wide mobile homes, cheap mobile homes, used trailer homes, or any other variation of a used mobile home for sale, we hope to help you do that with this guide.

    Search Online for Mobile Homes for Sale

    One of the easiest and most convenient ways of finding a mobile home for sale in Michigan is to search online. Several online property sites either deal with mobile homes for sale exclusively or can connect you with prospective mobile home sellers.

    It’s essential to do your due diligence here by researching every mobile home listing you’re interested in. Searching online can save you from the hassle of driving miles away throughout Michigan in search of mobile homes for sale.

    Searching Browsing Internet Data Information Networking Concept mobile home park

    That said, you can search through mobile home listings all over Michigan and see photos of the property before making the trip out there in person. Connect with us for more information on our available manufactured homes.

    Many mobile home listings have photos, addresses, and descriptions, which you need to see if the home is worth pursuing.

    Note: Online search can be separated into three different types:

    1.     General Real Estate Search

    2.     Mobile Home Niche-Specific Search

    3.     Classifieds

    The above search options can help you land your dream manufactured home.

    Talk to Real Estate Professionals

    The best way to find the perfect mobile home for sale in Michigan is to find someone with real estate market knowledge.

    If you need someone to guide you through your buying journey, there’s no one better than a real estate professional. Connect with us to land a professional to help you find your dream home.

    Residential mobile park home mobile home park

    Real estate agents in Michigan know the mobile home market well. However, not all agents have experience with a mobile home or RV properties, so look for a professional that does.

    You must understand the type of housing you want. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to find a suitable mobile home for sale.

    The best thing about using agents is that they will save you many headaches finding the best manufactured home, but going this route will cost you a couple of bucks for a service fee.

    That said, agents bring experience and expertise to the table, making the mobile home transaction smooth and stress-free.

    Search Off-Market and Connect with Owners Directly

    If you are looking for mobile homes for sale in Michigan, you can either search on or off-market listings.

    On-market refers to properties actively listed for sale, either through listings platforms or otherwise. On the other hand, off-market refers to the nation’s entire asset stock of listed and unlisted properties.

    One of the best ways to search off-market is to scour public records and piece-together information on individual properties.

    Mobile Home with American Flag mobile home park

    To cut down the hassle, you will want to use a property intelligence platform such as Reonomy, designed to help you discover, connect and close new opportunities across the country.

    When you go off-market, such platforms make it easy to narrow searches and uncover critical indicators that can point to a likely mobile home sale.

    Find Mobile Homes for Sale with Driving Discovery

    If you know of local mobile home parks in your area, simply driving through them and looking for signs that say “For Sale” hanging in a window or on a post is a great way to find the perfect deals on mobile homes.

    Caravan site park aerial view mobile home park

    If you don’t know of any parks, or would like to find more to visit, using a tool such as Google Maps is a great way to locate them.

    Search for “mobile home parks near me, Michigan,” and the search result will be more than enough to guide you. You can choose from a variety such as 2 or 3 bedroom, near you.

    Also, if you see someone out for a stroll, stop them and ask about a mobile home for sale. They could help you find great manufactured homes deals.

    Final Thought

    Mobile homes are growing in popularity; more and more people embrace the idea of simplicity; accepting the fact that less is more. Apart from its affordable pricing, manufactured homes offer quality living just like stick-built homes.

    Blue Manufactured Home homes for sale

    We understand how challenging the home search can be, so connect with us to cut the hassle and stress in finding the right mobile home.

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    Kent County, Michigan: Why You Should Live Here

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    Kent County, Michigan: Why You Should Live Here

    Why should you consider living in Kent County, Michigan?

    Living in Kent County, MI is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy the best of both worlds. The place is a safe and friendly place to live, but it also has plenty of outdoor activities for those who want something more adventurous.

    Kent County has a lot of lakes and rivers for fishing/boating, as well as scenic hiking trails that take you through forests and past waterfalls. You can explore many Kent County parks or take a drive on one of its scenic back roads to see what this place has to offer.

    Kent County, Michigan

    The fact is there are plenty of beautiful places within Kent County (like, Grand Rapids and Cedar Springs, MI) to live in with your family. In this region, because there are so many amazing parts, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the one place to settle down.

    Low crime rates, excellent school districts, and affordable housing are just a few of the reasons why this is a terrific area of Michigan to live in.

    With that said, let’s take a look at why you should consider relocating to Kent County, MI.


    Kent County, located in the state of Michigan, has a population of 657,974 people, according to the 2020 United States Census Bureau, making it Michigan’s fourth most populous county.

    The name Kent comes from James Kent, a law scholar and Michigan’s representative in a dispute with Ohio over the Toledo Strip.

    Probate court, which seeks secure and sound settlement of disputes in an accessible and person-centered environment, is one of the human services available in Kent County.

    Also, the region has county commissioners who are elected to oversee a complex local unit of government, and the county seat is Grand Rapids.

    Plenty of Affordable Housing Options

    Living costs are notoriously high at the moment, but the good news is that there are numerous options for affordable housing within Kent County, MI. Also, there are many houses and condos available throughout the county for people interested in buying.

    The first step is to create a budget and a list of requirements. For many people, renting or buying a home may be an exciting and life-changing experience. However, before digging in, make sure you have all of the necessary information.

    Here are some questions to help you make an informed decision:

    • Are you looking for an apartment or a larger house?
    • Are you looking for a place to live that is close to your place of employment, education, or other amenities?
    • Is there a particular school district that you want to live in?

    One of the most common complaints among urbanites is that they can’t afford to live in the nicest neighborhoods. However, there are affordable luxury living cities in Kent County, Michigan where you can enjoy amenities that rival even some of the nicest master-planned neighborhoods in the state of Michigan.

    Grand Rapids and Cedar Springs, in particular, feature some of the top apartment communities and mobile home parks in Michigan, and they’ll provide you with a one-of-a-kind renting experience.

    Thriving Local Economy

    Kent County is flourishing with economic growth thanks to its excellent infrastructure, access to resources, and proximity to major markets. The county’s location on the coast of Lake Michigan provides easy access for commercial shipping.

    A healthy economy is something that not many places can boast. Counties that are prospering have a higher standard of living, as well as an increased GDP. This indicates that there are numerous job opportunities in the county.

    Kent County does, in reality, have small enterprises and a few startups (especially in Grand Rapids) that are boosting economic activity in the region.

    In general, the more open a society is to new ideas, the more likely it is to produce new ideas. Also, the more innovative its citizens are, the more equipped the county will be to deal with change.

    Numerous Job Openings

    A healthy economy can also mean additional job opportunities for Kent County residents. Since there are more jobs available, there is less rivalry for each position, which means that incomes will rise. This is beneficial not only to the individual, but also to the community as a whole.

    To put it another way, the more employment there is, the more people will be able to make a livelihood and support their families. So, if you’re looking to start a new life in Cedar Springs or Grand Rapids, in Kent County, MI, you may be rest assured that you’ll find work.

    Accessibility to Health Service

    When compared to the national average, this county has a lower cost of living, specifically in health services. You will pay nearly 20% less on health care services than people in most other counties around the country.

    With so many people struggling to find and keep health care coverage, Kent County is an easy choice for anyone looking for a place to live. The community offers both public and private healthcare services that allow residents to get the care they need without having to travel far or break the bank.

    Consider how much money you have to spend on health-care services in other parts of the country.

    Availability of Top School Districts and Higher Learning Institutions

    One of the many reasons why Kent County is a great place to call home is the access to higher-learning institutions, like MSU and its education system.

    Kent County has an education system that is trying to keep up with the changing times by preparing to change in ways that will be beneficial in the future.

    More and more people are looking for higher-learning schools to obtain their degrees these days. If this describes you, living in Kent County will provide you with the opportunity to improve your education.

    More Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in Kent County

    Kent County is a beautiful area with plenty of things to do (visiting The Honor Trading Post for kayaking, and canoeing is just one example).

    It’s a great place for people who like to go on adventures (Kent County parks), and there are plenty of different ways to do it. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or something indoors, Kent County simply has it all. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can spend your free time exploring Kent County parks.

    Final Thought

    It comes as no surprise that Michigan is a fantastic place to live. With that said, when it comes to fantastic areas to live in, we can’t just talk about the state as a whole.

    In terms of living and working in an area, this Michigan county boasts some of the top attributes and advantages. It is one of the greatest destinations to live if you are seeking a place with economic stability (access to resources).

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    Cedar Springs Restaurants: Top 5

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    Cedar Springs Restaurants: Top 5

    When you’re in Cedar Springs,MI, grabbing a quick bite is not difficult. After all, this town boasts a lot of the best restaurants in the area. You may be craving onion rings or are in search of a fine dining experience. Whatever the case, Cedar Springs, MI is likely to have it all.

    While Cedar Springs is a relatively small town, there’s no dearth of fun activities and opportunities. There are many things that everyone from Cedar Springs knows to be true, and these include its excellent range of eateries available. Here, one can get cheap eats, some of the best pizzas in the country, hot dogs, and chicken breast cooked perfectly, among many other options.

    Cedar Springs Restaurants

    Whether you’re just exploring around Grand Rapids for quick bites or want to hang out for a great dining experience, Cedar Springs, Michigan has a wide selection of the best restaurants on Main St. NE, and other places.

    Smiling cheerful couple sitting in a restaurant

    The choices may become overwhelming at times, so here are the top five restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI:

    1. Best as a Pizzeria: Riccardi’s Pizza & Subs

    Located on 4025 17 Mile Rd. NE, in Cedar Springs, MI, this pizza delicatessen is an excellent option for lunch, dinner, or a quick snack in the middle of your sightseeing day. When you’re at some of the top Cedar Springs, MI Shopping places, a fresh pizza or sandwich really hits the spot. If you find yourself in such a situation, Riccardis’s Pizza and Subs have you covered.

    Traditional bulb pizza sign in a bar window

    The Ambiance

    The dining room here is not a fancy one, but there is a decent space allotted for customers. Overall, you can find several tables that can seat at least a total of 20 people in one go.

    A Possible Downside

    There does seem to be just one downside to this pizza haven in Cedar Springs, MI the wait time might be a bit longer than one may expect. Each order might take them around 20 to 30 minutes, which is quite a long time when you’re in a rush.

    With that said, we can’t really complain here. After all, they want to give fresh items to each customer. If you want to enjoy the best pizza in Cedar Springs, call this restaurant and place your order ahead of time.

    2. Top Restaurant with the Best Deals: Arby’s

    The Arby’s at Cedar Springs is at 4040 17 Mile Rd. NE. It might be a fast-food option, but still, it stands out for its excellent service, friendly staff, and consistently good food. The menu also has a nice variety of items – with everything being delicious and fresh.

    Arby's Restaurant

    The online reviews also state that Arby’s might be one of the bestrun restaurants of its kind. The staff around the counter and on food prep is friendly and aims to provide super-quick service whenever possible.

    The Ambiance

    Discussing the inside of a fast-food chain restaurant might seem redundant, but it’s worth mentioning the Arby’s at Cedar Springs, MI. The indoor decor here is consistently updated, with an inviting look and great deals on food!

    A Possible Downside

    There have been just one or two complaints about the Arby’s in Cedar Springs, but these aren’t very serious issues. One of them is that they took a very long time making a kid’s meal, which could possibly lead to a child having a meltdown.

    The drive-thru may also be a bit slow at times, since the restaurant tends to get crowded. Other than this, it seems like visitors have had an overall good experience here.

    3. Best for Thai Food: Main Street Jasmine Thai

    If you’ve had enough fast-food and are looking to go off the beaten path, there’s no shortage of choices at Cedar Springs, MI. At the Main Street Jasmine Thai, exotic cuisine lovers will get perfectly cooked Thai soups, starters, and main courses to satisfy their cravings.

    Main Street Jasmine Thai

    Located at the South Main Street Corner of 17 Mile and Main Street in Cedar Springs, this restaurant is known for its great food and great service as well. The reviews say that the staff always has a smile for the customers, while the food is delicious, authentic, and memorable.

    This restaurant is known for its great food, a large menu with many selections, creative cuisine, and child-friendly indoor dining. The staff is so friendly that they make you want to go back here again and again!

    Must-Try Dishes

    Overall, this is one of the best restaurants in the area for Thai cuisine. Even customers who have eaten similar dishes in Thailand itself say that this Cedar Springs restaurant has the same taste, or even better. In short, this is one place that does Thai food right.

    Some of the highest recommendations on the menu are:

    ● Pad Thai

    ● Peanut Pad Thai

    ● Tom Yum Soup

    ● Tom Kha Soup

    ● Spicy Atlantic Seafood

    ● Spring Rolls

    and Various Curry Meals

    You can opt to dine in or get takeout as required, or as per the restaurant policy.

    The large portions here are also part of the excellent experience, making each meal well worth its price. In fact, even the coffee and tea have highly positive reviews.

    Overall, this is an appreciable place to visit, especially as diverse cuisines were a bit difficult to find in Cedar Springs, MI just a few years ago. If you are feeling adventurous, the Thai coffee should be the way to go.

    What’s attractive about this place is that you can get some healthy options, as well as comfort food. You can also ask the staff about the top recommendations; their choices usually seem to please most diners.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Cedar Springs, MI for a quick visit or intend to stay and make the most of the things to do in Cedar Springs, MI during the summer, when the craving for Thai food hits, Cedar Springs is able to please your taste buds in the best way possible. Even if you’re just looking for a different kind of food from the usual fare, trying out the Main Street Jasmine Thai Restaurant is an excellent decision.

    4. Best for Variety Seekers: The Red Bird Bistro & Grill

    Located on 22 N. Main St, Cedar Springs, MI, this is one of the best restaurants in Michigan for both lunch and dinner. According to the reviews, many people stop here while they’re on a road trip and want to avoid fast-food chains.

    Young friends having a great time in restaurant.

    Must-Try Dishes

    There are several menu items that one must try when they’re at the Red Bird Bistro & Grill, and the fried green tomatoes appetizer is one of them. The hummus platter is also delicious and comes with a large portion size. The reviews also recommend the perfectly cooked chicken, as well as coffee.

    Other great options include the rancher salad, nachos, burgers, french fries, and so on. For dessert, there are high praises for the homemade cheesecake.

    Indoor Ambiance

    If you choose to dine indoors at the Red Bird Bistro & Grill, you’ll find the place having a cute decor, clean spaces, and a pleasant atmosphere. It’s also not cluttered, but spacious enough for family dining. Besides, the servers are friendly and attentive.

    You can also opt for a curbside order, which the staff will deliver to your car outside the restaurant. What’s great about this place is that there’s something here for all ages. Teenagers will enjoy the fast-food options, such as burgers and fries, while others might prefer something more sophisticated, such as steaks.

    A Possible Downside

    Some of the feedback for this bistro does warn us that it might be pricier than other, similar establishments. However, they also affirm that the excellent food is worth the prices. There’s also the fact that they’re generous with their portions, especially sandwich fillings.

    5. Best for Mexican Food: Jose’s Restaurant

    The great service at Jose’s Restaurant seems to be a given, with reviews especially mentioning how kind and friendly the servers are. This place is perhaps one of the best restaurants for Mexican food in Cedar Springs, MI, and both dinner and lunch options are available. The facilities include indoor seating, wheelchair accommodation, and table service, among others.

    Mexican meal board

    Must-Try Dishes

    According to the people who have visited and eaten at this place, the burritos are the best in town. You can also call-in and pick up your order to save time.

    With that said, sitting inside to dine is an experience in itself. The decor is truly old school, at least for now. This also means that all the attention goes to the food. Even so, the traditional ambiance could make it one of the must-see places in Cedar Springs, MI.

    Customers are raving about the:

    ● All-Meat Wet Burritos

    ● Onions Rings

    ● Combination Platter, which includes:

    ○ Taco

    ○ Enchilada

    ○ Side of Rice

    ○ Tostada

    ○ Refried Beans

    The homemade salsa and chips also get high recommendations; it’s no wonder that people say this place is worth the whole trip to Cedar Springs, MI!

    You should also keep in mind that this is a local, family-owned and operated restaurant. They’ve been serving the Cedar Springs, West Michigan area for several years. The locals will provide testament to the great taste of the food that is guaranteed to be fresh and hot each time. Plus, the portion sizes are large so that most folks have leftovers to eat the next day.

    A Possible Downside

    The Mexican food here might be a bit on the salty side for some discerning diners. Since the staff is accommodating, you can always ask them to hold back on the salt. As far as food-related marks go, the taste and quality here are well above average.

    The Takeaway

    Undeniably, Cedar Springs, MI has some of the best restaurants you can get in the whole state of Michigan. Along with the cheap eats at Main St. NE, you also get great service at many places. It’s not always necessary to visit Grand Rapids for a happening atmosphere and great food; Cedar Springs, MI is ready with all the quick bites and best pizza options one could wish for.

    Chef in the kitchen

    If you’re not in the mood for dining out, there are also some amazing restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI to get takeout or food delivery. Try one of the options above the next time you’re in Cedar Springs; you won’t be disappointed!

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    Cedar Springs Parks and Rec: Top 5

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    Cedar Springs Parks and Rec: Top 5

    Cedar Springs is a great place to live, with just the right blend of city life and that small-town feeling. If you’re already living here or are thinking about moving to this location, there are probably a lot of questions on your mind.

    Just a few of these concerns include the quality level of education, proximity of stores, and the opportunities for healthy activities for the whole family. Fortunately, Cedar Springs seems to tick all these boxes in the right way.

    Along with some fun community events and gorgeous surroundings, Cedar Springs also offers several recreation parks for its residents. Before you look for a home to rent in Cedar Springs, check out how its parks and recreation department has developed so far. Once you know about these parks, you can analyse which one is the nearest to your home.

    Cedar Springs Parks and Rec

    The parks and recreation department for any city or town has an important responsibility. It’s the controlling influence when it comes to community events, such as Cedar Springs’ Red Flannel Festival. Plus, the Cedar Springs parks are under its domain as well.

    Have you been wondering what to do in Cedar Springs during the fall, summer, or any other season?

    You can’t go wrong with these top Cedar Springs area parks:

    1. Ody Brook Nature Sanctuary

    Cedar Springs parks are known for their natural beauty, but there are also special nature parks in the area that will delight both adults and kids.

    With that said, you will find many residents of Cedar Springs singing the praises of the Ody Brook Nature Sanctuary. According to several reviews, this just might be the best nature park in Cedar Springs.

    So, why could this park be one of the reasons for living in Cedar Springs? The new Cedar Springs Library is a great attraction, but both children and adults need some outside time as well.

    First off, this is a great park for parents to take their kids for a really fun time. Even if someone doesn’t have kids, they can utilize such Cedar Springs parks for healthy activities such as walks, casual games with friends, or socializing on a regular basis.

    This is one of the top parks in the city. So, you can expect quite a few trails for walking and hiking, along with interesting wildlife and wildflowers as well. The rich forestlands add to the landscape and adventure. So, don’t overlook this amazing outdoor space when in Cedar Springs!

    This park isn’t the only nature center in Cedar Springs either. Just on the outskirts of the city, you have the Howard Christensen Nature Center. If you feel like a change, visit this nature park with its family-friendly atmosphere, and awesome hiking trails.

    2. Hillcrest Dog Park

    When you live in Cedar Springs, you get the convenience of a few dog parks in the nearby Grand Rapids area. The Hillcrest Dog Park is especially nice for pet owners who need to walk their furry friends on a regular basis. You can also find a lot of dog parks in nearby cities like Ann Arbor, Ada, and Wyoming.

    The Cascade Dog Park is also worth mentioning here. Both this option and Hillcrest Dog Park have designated areas that cater to large and small dog breeds. Many residents of Cedar Springs also enjoy the thorough cleanliness maintained by the staff, the convenient drinking fountains, and the generally enjoyable feeling of having a safe, clean place to exercise their dogs.

    Dog parks are essential for enthusiastic dog owners who want the best for their pet. The nearby Downtown Dog Park and the Wyoming Dog Park are other options that enable a dog to get their walks and also explore a bit without many restrictions.

    3. Heart of Cedar Springs Park

    Everyone in Cedar Springs knows that it is an excellent place to settle down and raise a family. You have the amazing Cedar Springs Middle School, but the city’s parks and recreation department knows that education isn’t all that one needs to bring up a child. With several family fun parks to choose from, it’s fairly easy to give kids a healthy, active time outdoors here.

    Of all the family-friendly parks available in Cedar Springs, we’d say that the Heart of Cedar Springs is the top one. There are also other great options, such as Riggle Park, Morley Park, White Pine Trail Park, and a few others.

    This beautiful outdoor area covers an impressive five acres and includes lovely picnic spaces, trails, lush forestlands, updated playground equipment, meadows with flowers, and so much more. There are also several open spaces where you can have a peaceful experience, along with some enclosed places for a feeling of privacy.

    4. Morley Park

    Morley Park deserves some recognition for its status as the best recreational park in the city. It has a sports track in addition to playing apparatus for the kids. You can also enjoy the disc golf area, baseball field, and a space where dogs can run around freely.

    The sports facilities don’t end here either. Morley Park offers a slew of outdoor activities, including day camps, historical sites, a library, play structures for climbing, and areas dedicated to picnicking or barbequing. There is even a sort of pavilion that’s perfect for private or community events.

    Since this park stretches out to a total of seven acres, there’s plenty of space to accommodate all of these facilities without overcrowding.

    Other Recreational Parks Worth Considering

    If you’re on the lookout for another park with a sports field in the city of Cedar Springs, the Courtland Township Hall Park and Boomer Park Soccer Fields are among your best bets.

    Boomer Park boasts no less than eight soccer fields, each around 25 acres long. There are also on-site concession stands so that everyone can get something to eat whenever they feel like it.

    The Cortland Township Park is yet another excellent option. It’s equipped with a playground, a volleyball court, restrooms, and baseball fields.

    5. The North Kent Community Enrichment

    Since Cedar Springs is a relatively smaller city as compared to Ann Arbor or Detroit, it cannot boast a proper activities center in its midst. However, many people will be pleasantly surprised to see that the well-known North Kent Community Enrichment is very close to Cedar Springs, just in the neighboring town of Kent City.

    If you can get to this center, which is quite easy, you’ll see that it offers a large variety of activities and recreational opportunities. After all, parks and recreation responsibilities also include events to build a tighter community, games for the youth, and sports camps.

    The North Kent Community Enrichment provides all of this, along with quite a few other activities. These include several kinds of classes, enrichment programs, workout facilities, and a whole lot more.

    This may be just a single community center, but it caters to a lot of townships in the same area, along with the people from any nearby city. Overall, this is the perfect location for Cedar Springs residents to socialize with the folks living near them.

    Another point of interest within the North Kent Community Enrichment Center includes social gatherings and events. These events offer a memorable and enjoyable time for those attending. The complete schedule is up on their official website.

    The Takeaway

    As of now, there are around a dozen Cedar Springs parks and outdoor areas to choose from. Some of these might be occupied with important community events at times, but they’re mostly open to the public and available for all sorts of activities. Keep in mind that the very best Cedar Springs park will be the one that caters to all your recreational needs.

    If there’s any issue, like neglected playground equipment or something else, you should contact the Cedar Springs parks and recreation department for queries and complaints. Whether you’re living in Algoma Township or Solon Township, the activities in Cedar Springs are sure to satisfy every resident.

    Before you make any moving decisions, though, check out everything you need to know before going to Cedar Springs.

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    Cedar Springs Schools: Top 5

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    Cedar Springs Schools: Top 5

    Cedar Springs, Michigan, is a great city to settle down, start a family, and build up your career. There are always some fun activities nearby, especially since the community is friendly and safe. There are also several young families in this area, and more moving in as we speak.

    Where you have families, you also have kids that need a good schooling system. One of the top reasons to live in Cedar Springs is the excellent range of schools they have. The amount of choice might get a bit overwhelming, so here are the top schools you can choose from in the area today.

    Cedar Springs Schools

    There are around 30 schools available in Cedar Springs in various school districts. Most of them are Cedar Springs Public Schools. Cedar Springs has just a single charter institution and around four private institutions at present.

    The location of Cedar Springs is an ideal one for kids in many ways; you get to be near the top schools in the states, as well as a close-knit mobile home community.

    Elementary school kids raising hands to teacher

    If you’ve recently taken the plunge and settled into a Cedar Springs home, the next step is to check out the best educational institutes for your kids.

    Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top 5 options you have in this location:

    ●      Beach Elementary School

    ●      North Kent Head Start Center

    ●      Cedar Springs Middle School

    ●      Cedar Springs High School

    ●      Creative Technologies Academy

    1. Beach Elementary School

    This is among the best elementary schools in its school district, as well as the whole state. It’s one in the Cedar Springs Public Schools school district, which makes it part of a quality educational system.

    The elementary schools in Cedar Springs are six in total, including charter, private, and public institutions. Some of these schools provide schooling for Kindergarten through grade 12 for their students.

    Beach Elementary School is among the best primary options you can get in this area. At present, it boasts around 501 students and offers kindergarten classes all the way up to third grade classes.

    Several factors make this option better than the rest, but most importantly that the test scores are significantly higher than the Michigan average, especially when it comes to essential subjects such as Mathematics and English.

    2. North Kent Head Start Center

    This educational institute is tuition-based and is among the best pre-schools in the district. It is situated near Francis Way, and provides various programs for different age groups.

    There’s an early program for very young children, from newborns up to three years. The next program is for toddlers aged three to five years.

    The North Kent Head Start School also has provisions for transportation, support services for students who have special needs, a health program, an educational curriculum, and nutritious meal plans in place.

    The education aspect of this option includes getting young children academically ready for school, along with exercises and activities relevant to their development stage.

    This institute is located within the Kent Intermediate School District. If you’re looking for the top schools in Cedar Springs and still have to decide where to live, this district might be one of the best options for the sake of your children.

    3. Cedar Springs Middle School

    The Cedar Springs Public Schools also include about five middle schools. They include varying numbers of students, with one institution having around 568 students and one having just six.

    With that being said, your top option for an upper primary school in this area is Cedar Springs Middle School. It houses a large number of students, around 568, and runs on a public school system. It has students from grades 7 to 12.

    This school is at the top in its category because the students here consistently test with impressively high scores. They also do very well with advanced subjects such as Algebra.

    As this institution also includes grade 12, it focuses a lot on getting students ready for college in all aspects. This focus is evident from the youngest grades onwards, giving this school’s students an edge over their peers.

    With the school aiming for college readiness at all levels, parents with such concerns will be at ease. If you’re searching for “Public Schools: Cedar Springs,” this should be among the top priorities.

    4. Cedar Springs High School

    Here is another of the Cedar Springs Public Schools that you should know about when living here. It is one of the seven main high schools in Cedar Springs.

    The schooling here offers grades 9 to 12, and there’s an impressive graduation rate of 95 percent. This rate is at least 15 percent more than the average in the state of Michigan.

    The location of this school is East Muskegon Street, which makes it convenient for quite a number of families.

    The student body comprises more than 1,019 individuals, with some of them living conveniently nearby. The school is also involved in community services, thereby providing a well-rounded education to its students.

    This institute also ensures some of the highest SAT scores in the school district. The average score for the school is 1031, which is around 23 points more than the average score for all of Michigan.

    Students from this school are also more likely to get a college education after their high school graduation. As compared to other students in this district, and the state in general, their chances at higher education seem relatively more likely because of the quality of education it provides.

    5. Creative Technologies Academy

    Not every parent will be in search of a Cedar Springs Public School.

    This city may not have a variety of private educational institutions, but this bonus charter school is worth mentioning. This might not be among the topmost schools in Cedar Springs, but it is still a center for quality education.

    The Creative Technologies Academy is a charter institution that is one of the best in the area. This is because it’s excellent for college readiness in its students.

    The students’ scoring on standardized tests is also quite good. Overlap, this is a school that provides excellent education for students who have an interest in AP, science, and technology.

    Another impressive factor here is that this institute has a perfect graduation rate. Its student body comprises around 318 students, therefore, they’re also able to focus on each student individually.

    The grades here include K to 12, meaning that every class has an average of around 25 students. One may assume here that the school environment is closely-knit and friendly, with most individuals knowing and helping each other along the way.

    The Option of Home-Schooling

    The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 onwards has taught us a lot. Students have been subjected to a lot of changes and obstacles to learning.

    With social distancing, lockdowns, and ever-changing schooling schedules, it might be wise to consider homeschooling as an option, no matter where you’re living.

    Young children are especially losing out if they rely solely on traditional schooling. So, it’s imperative that parents look into remote programs, distance learning options, and homeschooling circles to ensure safety.

    Before you settle on any one educational institute, make sure that they have some effective homeschooling and social distance learning options in place. There is no telling what the future will bring, so have a safety net in place before things turn upside down again.

    The Takeaway

    Along with all those summer activities in Cedar Springs, parents also need to know what the Red Flannel Town can provide when it comes to their children’s academics.

    The economy is fairly strong; there are festivals to celebrate, and an interesting history to boot. The amenities in place are also great, while the schools will provide a solid base for your kids.

    These systems will also be helpful when it is time to move forward to advanced educational opportunities.

    Of course, not every institute will be the same; nor will they all be a perfect choice for every family. If a certain school seems like a decent option, make sure to visit it a few times beforehand.

    Have an education meeting to get all of the school information and ask about their policies, their ideology, and how they deliver quality education to their students. If your ideas match closely enough, you’ve probably found the right school for your kids.

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    Top 5 Manufactured Homes: Cedar Springs, MI

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Top 5 Manufactured Homes: Cedar Springs, MI

    Top 5 Manufactured Homes: Cedar Springs, MI

    Manufactured home living has countless benefits. Just ask anyone that resides in one.

    The freedom, flexibility, and financial advantages alone make renting or owning manufactured homes something to consider.

    If you have found yourself thinking about manufactured home living, you are not alone.

    Caravan site park aerial view

    Manufactured homes are very much a part of the tiny house movement that has been gaining momentum since the mid to late 2000s.

    With that being said, if you live in Cedar Springs, or would like to move to this fun little area of Michigan, we suggest you think long and hard about renting or buying a manufactured home this time around — we promise you won’t regret it!

    Manufactured Homes: Cedar Springs, MI

    So, now that you are on board, you probably would like some direction, right?

    Well, the good news is you have come to the right place. Here is a brief synopsis of what it is like to live in Cedar Springs, MI 49319 and a list of the top five manufactured homes for sale or rent in and around the city.

    #5. Cedarfield 55+ Community – 3592 17 Mile Rd. NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

    Number five on the list is Cedarfield 55+ Community. As the name states, this is an age-restricted community that offers luxury manufactured homes in Cedar Springs.

    Residential Mobile Homes

    Obviously, it is ideal for retirees, and those looking to enjoy life in a community setting of like minded individuals. This community is number five because it has a lot to offer, even if it is only to a select few, or, rather, a specific age bracket.

    There are generally several mobile homes for rent and manufactured homes for sale in the community at any given moment in time. Thus, regardless of your budget, you should have no trouble finding a new home here.

    Then again, if you are just looking for a location for your existing manufactured home, there are a handful of home/site lots that are worth checking out. These available sites for rent are ranging from $425 to $535 a month.

    There is also a wealth of communal amenities at Cedarfield, including a clubhouse, a billiard room, a boat/RV storage area, off-street parking, and more.

    #4. Timberline Estates – 260 Pin Oak Dr., Coopersville, MI 49404

    Coming in at number four is Timberline Estates. This mobile home park is located just outside of Grand Rapids and Cedar Springs, MI in Coopersville.

    These lovely manufactured homes in Cedar Springs are within a community that has a wealth of perks and amenities. Notable community features like tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse make this park an excellent choice for growing families.

    Blue Manufactured Home

    One of the Timberline Estates’ homes for sale worth considering is a sizable 2-bed/1-bath, 16×66, 1,056 square foot contemporary manufactured residence. This beautiful residence has an open layout, all black appliances, including a dishwasher, walk-in closets, and more.

    This particular mobile home is available now for just $899 a month. This is just one of the available manufactured homes for rent, but it is definitely one of the top available mobile trailers in the area.

    #3. Apple Carr Village – 516 Courtland Ln., Muskegon, MI 49442

    Number three on our list is Apple Carr Village. This particular manufactured home community is actually located closer to Muskegon, but still made it onto the list.

    The reason being that this cozy mobile home park has a welcoming atmosphere, convenient access to nearby attractions, close proximity to great public schools, and, of course, who could forget the amenities. This family-friendly mobile park has recreational facilities, a pool, a clubhouse, a playground, and allows one pet per household.

    Apple Carr Village

    A must-see manufactured home for rent at Apple Carr Village is a contemporary 3-bed/2-bath, 16×76, 1,216 square foot, mobile home, with all appliances included, for only $799 a month.

    This residence has a modern layout, a dining room, a spacious living room, a private laundry room, a storage shed, and much more. Thus, if you do not mind the location being a little further out, then this manufactured home might just be for you.

    #2. Pinebrook Village – 444 Bellewood Dr. SE, Kentwood, MI 49548

    Pinebrook Village holds down the number two spot, thanks to its ample amenities and newly built mobile homes for sale and rent. Pinebrook Village is closer to Kentwood and Grand Rapids, which is just south of Cedar Springs, MI.

    Here, residents enjoy mid-luxury manufactured homes with full-sized appliances, custom kitchens with granite countertops, upscale bathrooms, and recessed lighting.

    Communal amenities are also quite fancy at Pinebrook Village and include features like a high-end clubhouse, a playground, neighborhood sidewalks, plus a nearby golf course and swimming pool.

    A remarkable mobile home for rent here is the lovely 2-bed/1-bath, 24×56, 1,344 square foot trailer for $1,249 a month. This new home has a modern layout, custom kitchen and bathroom, a full-size washer/dryer, and off-street parking.

    Wow Kitchen

    #1. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates – 400 Susan, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

    The top mobile home community in Cedar Springs is, unsurprisingly, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates. This fantastic community offers affordable luxury, unique layouts, and dozens of mobile home community perks.

    These estates are centrally located, thus getting around this area of Michigan is never a problem. Moreover, this manufactured home community is only minutes away from downtown Cedar Springs. Consequently, there is a wealth of entertainment, shopping, restaurants, and more just around the corner.

    home white bricks

    The community itself has great features and amenities, including recreational basketball courts, an overall quiet/peaceful atmosphere, and custom homes with various design options.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates’ homes come in single or double-wide dimensions, offer 2 to 4 bedrooms, 1+ bathrooms, and anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 square feet of living space.

    Here, manufactured homes have custom oak kitchens, stone fireplaces, spa-like bathroom suites, and more.

    Residential mobile park home

    In this community, they offer mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI and mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI. Pets are allowed too, just be sure to check their mobile home park pet policy.

    If you would like more information on the available manufactured homes for rent and sale at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, then you can stop by or call and schedule an appointment. It is safe to say that you will find the remaining top mobile homes for rent and for sale here.

    The Area of Cedar Springs

    The town of Cedar Springs is an exciting place to live. You will find a true sense of community, a bustling downtown, a rich history, fun festivals, outdoor recreation activities galore, parks, and much more.

    Besides the excitement and a wealth of entertainment options, Cedar Springs has a booming economy, a diverse population, numerous employment opportunities, and an overall low crime rate. Plus, this delightful town is only minutes away from wonderful cities like Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Coopersville, and Kentwood.


    Manufactured home communities are robust in the Cedar Springs, MI 49319 area. In fact, there are actually quite a few communities in this region that are absolutely worth considering. That said, the five listed above are the must-see mobile home parks, in our opinion, that should be at the top of your list.

    Take Away

    Manufactured home living is definitely not what it used to be.

    Today’s mobile homes are spacious, high-end, energy-efficient, and offer tons of incredible features.

    Therefore, you should embrace the trend and save yourself the headache of having to get a 30-year mortgage.

    home park

    Then again, maybe you have always been a die-hard apartment renter.

    If that is the case, step outside your comfort zone — not only do you get more living space, at a fraction of the price, but you also do not have to deal with being right on top of your loud neighbors.

    Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

    However, you really cannot go wrong with manufactured housing, especially if you are looking to rent or buy a new home at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

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