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    10 Things Everyone From Cedar Springs, MI Knows To Be True

    10 months ago · · Comments Off on 10 Things Everyone From Cedar Springs, MI Knows To Be True

    10 Things Everyone From Cedar Springs, MI Knows To Be True

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 19, 2021

    Cedar Springs MI is a somewhat smallish town, with a modest population of just 3,666. It’s located in Kent County and has a rural suburban atmosphere in most areas. If you’re thinking of moving or visiting this place, it’s only logical to look up the highlights. The best way to get to know a town is by looking at what its residents experience on a daily basis.

    Let’s take a peek at the Cedar Springs life now:

    1. Understanding conservative values

    If you’re from the younger generations, the conservative values of Cedar Springs Michigan might have you shaking or scratching your head after some time. Since the average age of the population here leans towards the older generations, there are bound to be some gaps.

    However, this doesn’t mean that Cedar Springs itself is a claustrophobic nest of strict, uncompromising values. There’s plenty of space to live your own life and even get to know people with different values than your own. Who knows; one of the community elders might even change their views if you show them the other side. There’s no harm in hearing them out either; after all, conservative values have their own place in the world.

    1. The golden years are the best

    In Cedar Springs, there’s no lack of institutions that can give the elderly a place to spend their golden years in comfort. Whether a senior citizen needs assisted living or nursing round the clock, there are many options for helping them to lead their best lives.

    The community in this town gives opportunities to the elderly to get involved in several kinds of activities, pot luck dinners, parties, and other social events. Libraries and other amenities are also available in most of these institutions.

    1. Every major location is close enough

    Daily life in Cedar Springs Michigan might not be the most happening kind but you have all these exciting and important locations close by. For instance, Grand Rapids is just twenty miles away while Wyoming, Michigan is a mere 26 miles from the area.

    Other places that are easy to reach without much planning include Rockford, Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee, etc. This means that you have a lot of choices when it comes to seeing busy places.

    If you have your workplace in one of these nearby locations, living in Cedar Springs will be much easier. You can easily commute from home to work while being assured that your family is in a friendly, close-knit community.

    1. There’s always something to do

    The city may be small but Cedar Springs is full of fun, wholesome activities. One of the more exciting events to look forward to is the Red Flannel Festival. This is not only a famous event but also one of the longest-running ones in the whole state. This festival is the reason why Cedar Springs is also nicknamed the Red Flannel Town.

    Cedar Springs MI Event

    This celebration takes place in autumn and includes some gorgeous craft displays, car shows, etc. You can march in the parades and also take part in a horseshoe throwing contest.

    Since there’s a lot of natural beauty around here, nature enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either and will march along. Cedar Springs is just 25 miles away from the lovely Lake Michigan, where you can stroll along, enjoy the view, and participate in related activities.

    The terrains are a sight to see as well. So, don’t forget to hike down the Fred Meijer White Pine trail. This is a partially paved trail that stretches out to a whopping 92 miles long. You can walk your pet here and also enjoy some quality time with family, friends, or your own self.

    When you’re a foodie or just in the mood for some excellent cuisine, march on to the string of amazing restaurants on Main Street. These also serve as hangout places for the young folks, especially the family restaurant named Classic Kelly’s.

    History buffs will love the Cedar Springs Historical Museum. All in all, this quiet town has a lot to keep everyone busy and occupied. Everything is usually within a radius of two miles. So, marching from one activity to another shouldn’t be a big deal.

    1. Everyone knows everyone

    Privacy is one thing but there’s a lot of fun and support when you have a friendly community like the one in Cedar Springs. The place spans just 2.10 square miles. So, everyone lives pretty close together. The vibe is suburban. Therefore, you’re likely to make friends just by taking a walk around the block.

    The people here are friendly, fun, and know all about each other. Newcomers might feel a bit overwhelmed and hold back at first but they’ll soon be welcomed. The hangout joints are open for the public to visit. So, all you have to do is pluck up the courage and set out to make new, hopefully lifelong friends.

    1. You can aim to buy a house

    In the rest of the country, buying and owning your own house might be a mere pipe dream. In Cedar Springs, however, you become a homeowner relatively easily. Plus, it’s actually more affordable to live here than most other areas in the whole country.

    The housing here is also adorable to some extent. So, you just might be marching around with your own place in a few years’ time.

    1. You’re pretty safe here

    Cedar Springs is one of the most secure places you can relocate to. Locking your doors wasn’t really a part of life there until some years ago. While you might not be so relaxed today, there’s certainly not much to worry about in the way of security and safety.

    The residential areas and business areas have a lot of light at all times, especially at night. Such factors contribute to a relatively lower crime rate than the nearby towns or cities.

    1. Support is a fact of life

    The closely-knit community in Cedar Springs means that your projects and ventures are under scrutiny from your neighbors. However, everyone is friendly and supportive enough to have your back. You may expect people you know to flock to your new entrepreneurial projects and offer whatever help they can.

    It’s also said that the whole town comes together to support their children, their schools, the football team, and any similar groups. In short, you’re never alone.

    1. Tornado alarms are common

    It seems like the Cedar Springs City Hall sounds a tornado alarm at noon every single day, barring Sundays. The alarm is sounded manually – with an actual person pushing the button.

    Some might find this alarm problematic enough to march on down and file a complaint. However, most people just take this as one of the quirks of Cedar Springs and get used to the sound.

    1. The schooling is great

    Cedar Springs is known for its above-average schools. With so many involved families in the locality, you can be sure that the teachers and parents alike are looking out for the students’ benefit. The kids might have to work hard but the results make the effort more than worth your while.

    Cedar Springs Michigan Community

    Cedar Springs MI

    The Takeaway

    Cedar Springs could be that perfect new place for your new home and a brand-new start in life. It’s family-friendly, with great schools, and a friendly community to bolster you during tough days. The place might be a bit too quiet if you prefer the city noise. But there are a lot of advantages to settling down here for the long haul.

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