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    Houses For Rent In Cedar Springs, MI: What You Need To Know

    7 months ago · · Comments Off on Houses For Rent In Cedar Springs, MI: What You Need To Know

    Houses For Rent In Cedar Springs, MI: What You Need To Know

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 19, 2021

    Overview of the history of Cedar Springs MI

    The Michigan Legislature first incorporated Cedar Springs MI as a village in 1871. In the late 1800s, this city thrived by being at the heart of Michigan’s booming timber production. The state of Michigan, at the time, was the number one producer of timber in the USA.

    The local economy underwent a transformation in 1888 when the Saginaw and Muskegon Railway (later renamed the Grand Trunk Western Railway In 1928) began to operate, which passed through Cedar Springs. The trains on the rail line transported all types of goods, as well as passengers and mail. However, despite the short-term economic benefits the area felt from railway transportation, the railway industry then declined in the late 1900s.

    The Red Flannel Factory, set up in 1952 by Sally Wall, brought jobs and hope to Cedar Springs MI. In this factory, traditional ‘red flannel undergarments,’ often worn in winter months by residents of Cedar Springs, were manufactured, providing local jobs. The production of red flannel garments continues today, and there is an annual red flannel festival day which pays homage to the local cultural tradition of wearing red flannel garments in Cedar Springs MI.

    Cedar Springs MI is commonly known as a ‘lumber town,’ due to its historical ties with timber production. The community is named after the fine springs bordered by a grove of Cedar trees.

    Located less than a mile from US-131 highway, Cedar Springs is strategically located and provides easy access to the cultural amenities of the greater Grand Rapids area, with the city of Grand Rapids only a 20-minute drive away (see data map).

    Facts about renting houses in Cedar Springs MI

    Population – 3,753

    Average age of houses in Cedar Springs – 44 years old

    Average rental rate per month for a studio apartment in Cedar Springs – $641

    Average rental rate per month for a studio apartment in the USA – $821

    Average rental rate per month for a one bed house or apartment in Cedar Springs  – $759

    Average rental rate per month for a one bed house or apartment in the USA – $930

    Average rental rate per month for a two bed house or apartment in Cedar Springs – $931

    Average rental rate per month for a two bed house or apartment in the USA – $1,148

    Average rental rate per month for a three bed house or apartment in Cedar Springs  – $1,282

    Average rental rate for a three bed house or apartment in the USA – $1,537

    How can I search and find a house to rent in Cedar Springs MI?

    Firstly, remember that on the internet these days there is a vast amount of information regarding where you can rent a house in or near Cedar Springs, and at what price.

    Location is without a doubt a key factor of property search criteria when going onto real estate property listing websites such as and to search for your dream rented home in or near Cedar Springs MI.

    Which road do you want to live on? What local amenities, stores, hospitals, museums and schools would you particularly like to be located near to? To help with your property search, websites showing property listings in or near Cedar Springs MI often have detailed virtual map data on them relating to rental homes in the local area (data such as the rental cost per month, the specifications of the property in terms of square feet and the number of beds and bathrooms, the exact address of the property, etc.). You can even type into the save search the precise zip code that you are seeking houses for rent in.

    Whereas in previous years you would be obliged to take a trip down to your local realtors and scroll through a property brochure at length, now a lot of crucial property information about houses for rent in Cedar Springs MI is accessible online.

    Is Cedar Springs MI an affordable neighborhood to choose to rent a house?

    The neighborhood of Cedar Springs MI is fortunately a very reasonably priced area to live and rent a home in. The cost-of-living index score takes into account key expenses in the area such as the cost of local shops and restaurants, the cost of health care, bills, the average house price in the neighborhood, transport costs, etc.

    The cost-of-living index score for Cedar Springs MI is 93.5 compared to the 100 average USA score. Therefore, compared to living in average priced neighborhoods in the USA, you can save yourself a lot of money by buying or renting a property in Cedar Springs MI.

    The housing market here is relatively affordable and flexible, whether you choose to rent or buy.

    The benefits of moving into a mobile home community: Why renting a manufactured mobile home is a fantastic option

    More and more people in the United States everyday are choosing to go and live in mobile home communities. Currently around 20 million Americans live in mobile homes across the nation.

    One of the main benefits of moving to a mobile home is the large amount of living space at a far lower price, compared to that of a large traditional single family home.

    Unlike an apartment, living in a mobile home community will grant you access to your very own front and back yard. There is much more opportunity to follow an outdoor lifestyle while renting a house at a mobile home community site, compared to renting an apartment in a complex without a front or backyard, or outdoor spaces available for residents to use.

    One benefit of choosing mobile homes for rent is it gives you more freedom and flexibility. Your lease contract may only be for a short-time, being 6 or 12 months, and thus you will not find yourself tied down to one place, like buying a property may do.

    Renting vs Buying a home, which option suits me best?

    Purchasing a home and home ownership is a big commitment, and one that you can achieve by buying manufactured homes for sale at great mobile home communities, such as Cedar Springs Mobile Estates. However, if you are somewhat unsure of your abilities financially to afford buying a home anytime soon or you do not want to make such a commitment, renting a mobile home is a perfect alternative!

    Are you looking for a mobile home to rent in Cedar Springs MI that meets your exact needs and expectations, at an affordable price?

    The impressive features at your disposal through renting a manufactured home at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates include oak kitchens, stone fireplaces, large master bathroom suites, front yards and driveways to park your car. Both single and double-wide contemporary mobile homes are offered, ranging from 2 beds, 3 beds or 4 beds and 1 to 2 bathrooms. The size of the homes range from 1,000 to 2,500 square feet, which is significantly a lot more space than is available in most homes for rent or apartments for rent in Michigan. Some even have air conditioning units.

    Additional on-site amenities and communal features for residents’ use include the onsite maintenance service, a helpful management team, planned social events for residents and basketball courts.

    The overall customer experience when renting a manufactured home at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is second to none. Management and the staff at the site are always available to ensure your time on the site is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

    What are the benefits of moving to the Cedar Springs MI neighborhood? What does it have to offer?

    A great range of local schooling options

    Are you a growing family and being able to send your kids to a good school is one of the top priorities on your list of save search criteria when looking to rent a home in or near Cedar Springs? Then we are delighted to inform you that there is a wide array of options in terms of schooling in the local area. The majority of the schools in the Cedar Springs Public Schools district are public schools, with there only being four private schools and one charter institution within the city’s school district.

    The top public schools in Cedar Springs are:

    • Beach Elementary School (Public)
    • Cedar Springs Middle School (Public)
    • Cedar Springs High School (Public)

    Unmissable local restaurants you must visit

    In terms of the best pick for a place to go out for breakfast, our top choice is to try Sue’s yummy pancakes at Sue’s Kountry Kitchen.

    Located on North First Street, Sue’s offers delicious homemade breakfasts in a homely warm atmosphere. Eggs, hash browns, and more are on offer there, as well as pancakes. The hours of operation are 5:30 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Saturday, and 7:00 am to 2:00 pm on Sundays.

    Our top recommendation when it comes to restaurants to visit with the family in Cedar Springs MI is Classic Kelly’s Family restaurant. The restaurant boasts quality food, affordable prices and amazing portion sizes, in an overall friendly atmosphere. Situated on North Main Street, Kelly’s is open from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday, and 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays.

    Local grocery stores, the best places to buy food and drinks in Cedar Springs MI

    Before you start cooking in your oak kitchen, the first task is of course to make sure you stock up on enough food at your local grocery store! Whether you are feeding a large family, your partner, or yourself, the top large grocery store in Cedar Springs to head over to is most definitely Meijer. This is the main go-to supermarket in Cedar Springs, located at 3700 17 Mile Rd NE, with a Meijer Gas Station, Meijer Optical and Meijer pharmacy also all located on the same site.

    However, you may find Meijer to be too expensive, in which case head over to the Save-A-Lot grocery store on 14301 White Creek Avenue NE.

    Pet Friendly community parks in Cedar Springs MI

    Some mobile home communities in this neighborhood have the benefit of being pet-friendly.

    At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates your furry friends are welcome to come and enjoy being with you in your living space when you are renting or leasing a manufactured home on the site. The charge per month for each pet when renting or leasing a home on the site is $25, and when renting or leasing you are also expected to pay a $500 non-refundable security deposit per pet. If you buy a property on the site, and therefore own it, the fee is only $10 per pet each month.

    Houses For Rent In Cedar Springs MI

    We recommend, in your property search to find Houses for rent in Cedar Springs MI, paying Cedar Springs Mobile Estates a visit in person, so that you can visit the properties available to rent at this ideal mobile home community yourself. Book an appointment to schedule a viewing in person right away to begin your journey to living in your dream rental mobile home in Cedar Springs MI, all at a reasonable price too!

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