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    Things to Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan in the Summer

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Things to Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan in the Summer

    Things to Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan in the Summer

    Located 20 miles north of Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs is a great small town in Kent County, in the U.S. state of Michigan. Cedar Springs is a northern city of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area.

    Cedar Springs is home to numerous beautiful attractions that are hard to resist. No matter where you go, there’s something new to experience.

    There are numerous:

    ●       Recreational Areas

    ●       Parks

    ●       The Kent Theatre

    ●       Trails, such as the White Pine Trail (which runs from Grand Rapids to Cadillac)

    ●       Lakes in the City

    If you’ve never been to Cedar Springs, brace yourself for a long ride because you’re about to lose track of time.

    Whether you’re new to Cedar Springs or maybe bored and looking for something to do, check out our top five things to do in this wonderful town.

    Things to Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Whether you’re looking for exciting outdoor activities, looking to travel with your family, or simply wanting to explore the city, Cedar Springs has something for everyone.

    Cedar Springs is a city you’ll fall in love with at the first sight, from world-class stay-in options to amazing people and tradition. Visiting Cedar Springs means you get to enjoy a plethora of luxury activities offered.

    Downtown stores in small town cedar springs mi - grand rapids - whole family

    The city is loaded with many great places, from shopping areas, resorts, and restaurants, to spas that ensure that your trip to Cedar Springs is hassle-free.

    If you love water sports, summer, and fun, Cedar Springs, Michigan is the place to be.

    In Cedar Springs, there are many golf courses and churches nearby, and downtown Grand Rapids is precisely 17 miles away.

    So be it family fun, a friends reunion, or a solo trail at White Pine Trail to feed your wanderlust, these activities in Cedar Springs are a must-try for a leisurely vacation:

    Visit Deer Tracks Junction

    Deer Tracks is located at 7850 14 Mile Rd NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    There’s more to Deer Tracks than meets the eye. It’s one place you and your family can make unforgettable memories (family fun). For example, you’ll get a chance to experience wildlife, but if you’re thinking of interacting with animals, it’s always a good idea to buy some food for them.

    Young boy feeding goats at a petting zoo

    From the children’s play area, the petting farm, homemade ice cream, and picnic area, to the gift shop, Deer Tracks is armed with lots of goodies for you.

    In fact, Deer Tracks is one of the most visited parks in Michigan, as such, it’s only reasonable to make plans before your official visiting day.

    We recommend you call ahead and ask as many questions as possible to get a clear picture of where you’ll be visiting.

    Things to Know Before You Go to Deer Tracks Junction

    While thinking of visiting Deer Tracks in Central West Michigan, there are certain things that you may have to consider:

    1. As a guest, entering Deer Tracks is at your own risk.

    ●  As such, Deer Tracks will not be responsible for any damages.

    2. You should not expect a return.

    ● Once the sale is done, that’s final.

    3. Smoking is prohibited.

    ●  Perhaps you should avoid the temptation of carrying your smoking items inside.

    4. Outside food is also not allowed.

    ● Don’t think of carrying any food items, save yourself from some embarrassment.

    5. If you’re expecting birthdays or party packages, you’ll be sad to hear that they offer none.

    ● However, they encourage you to maximize the picnic area which is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    6. For everyone’s sake, don’t come with your pets.

    ● One of their policies is that they prohibit any visitor from tagging along with their beloved animal.

    A little girl plays with a newborn nubian goat.

    For more information, contact their offices to inquire about your planned visit.

    Visit Cedar Springs Historical Museum

    The Cedar Springs Historical Museum can be found in Morley Park, just off South Main Street, at 60 Cedar St NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    Visitors to the Cedar Springs Museum, or tours of the one-room Payne School, which was dislocated to Morley Park in 1971, allow Cedar Springs residents to travel back in time.

    When you visit the Cedar Springs Historical Museum, you can learn about the city’s rich history. Since its commencement as a timber city in 1856, it has boasted a plethora of timber and shingle manufacturers.

    Overhead View Of Busy Museum Interior With Visitors cedar springs mi - grand rapids - whole family

    The city served as the northern terminus of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad and as a crossing point for the Toledo, Saginaw, and Muskegon (Grand Trunk) Railroad, which ran east-west.

    The exhibits at the museum reflect this logging and farming heritage.

    The Cedar Springs Museum is accessibly located, and if you get hungry, there are several cafes along the main road.

    The Red Flannel Festival

    To say the Red Flannel Festival is a great festival is an understatement! To put it in the right atmosphere, the celebration is one of the longest-running in all of Michigan.

    The well-known celebration can be traced as far back as 1939, when it all started. Most people celebrated the old-fashioned “union suit” long, red flannel undergarments!

    well-known celebration

    What many don’t know is that the celebration is Michigan’s 16th oldest festival.

    If you are gracing the festival in Cedar Springs, the following are what you should expect in return:

    ● Children’s Parade

    ● Lumberjack Supper

    ● Car Show

    ●  Queen Scholarship Pageant

    ● Arts and Crafts Show

    ● and Much More!

    Want to Know How it All Started?

    During a particularly harsh winter in 1936, a New York columnist was reportedly inspired to lament the scarcity of red flannel. Editors from a local newspaper, however, had different ideas.

    red flannel town

    They retaliated with an editorial, which was later picked up by national news, and orders began to pour in quickly. People began to like the idea of celebration after that. Red Flannel Festival Day was then first observed three years later.

    Visit Rogue River State Game Area

    If you enjoy hiking, the Rogue River State Game Area, located off of 20 Mile Rd. in Cedar Springs, has a number of excellent trails.

    The Rogue River State Game Area is found in the Lower Peninsula, in northwest Kent County, sitting on a land area of about 6,200 acres.

    Are you planning a trip to Cedar Springs? Rogue River State Game Area has a variety of trails to choose from.

    After visiting the area, many hikers and campers have given positive feedback. That alone can give you a good idea of what you’ll be putting on your to-do list.

    hikers and campers

    Target shooting enthusiasts, on the other hand, will be disappointed to learn that their favorite activity is now prohibited.

    One of the major contributors to the restriction is the constant reports of stray bullets striking homes, children, and parents nearby in Algoma Township. As such, it led to the Department of Natural Resources closing down the target shooting activity in the area.

    The upside of this is that people can explore the place without fearing stray bullets from target shooting.

    There’s plenty of wildlife, so you may want to tag along with your whole family so you can experience unforgettable moments at Rogue River State Game Area. And if you want to go fishing, you get your wish instantly!

    Buck at sunrise

    In simple words, the Rogue River State Game Area has a beautiful natural setting, walking trails, a river, and peaceful, serene beauty.

    Before visiting the Rogue River, make sure to make a plan for the activities you’ll do.

    Ody Brook Nature Sanctuary

    Ody Brook Nature Sanctuary is located at 13010 Northland Dr, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    Ody Brook Nature Sanctuary is a nature sanctuary that is a wonderful place to observe wildlife and admire the beauty of nature, as its name suggests.

    This location has a diverse range of birds, making it an excellent spot for birdwatching.

    range of birds

    What makes this place thrilling is that it has beautiful trails passing through a surprising variety of habitats. It has a floodplain and the headwaters of Little Cedar Creek. Please note that parts of this area are muddy in the spring, so be prepared with the proper shoes that can get muddy, or skip that trail after spring rains.

    While locating Ody Brook, you may be a bit confused when Google Maps seems to be sending you up a private driveway, but that is correct!! Venture up and get a parking spot, then take a walk on a wonderful nature trail.

    What is the Best Preparation in Planning Outdoor Activities

    Going for outdoor activities is an exciting venture; however, it requires adequate planning. Cedar Springs has so much to see, and you don’t want to waste time working without a plan.

    As such, whether you’re hiking, climbing, or paddling, here are some tips to help you prepare for your adventure:

    Be Well-Informed

    It’s a great idea to research where you are planning to visit. Think of it like a previsit!

    If you overlook the research stage, you might miss a flight, or fail to get the most of your trip.

    You will want to call in advance and ask as many questions as possible to get to know your environment. Besides, you might want to know the pricing, activities to do, and much more before you visit.

    Make Room in Your Budget for Unexpected Purchases

    Well, no one goes on a successful trip and fails to find something exciting to carry home. So you should be ready to make room in your budget for such.

    Carry some backpacks or luggage, if you can, it can be a lifesaver when you make your unexpected purchase. The upside of it is that it’s almost weightless and, thus, there should be no hassle of carrying it. Also, Grand Rapids’ downtown area is just a few miles away, and you might get something interesting from there to carry home.

    Ofcourse, an extra budget will give you room to go to other places than the planned one. For example, if you want to take your route downtown to Grand Rapids, it will cost you roughly $2.00 in gas money. The quickest way from Grand Rapids to Cedar Springs takes only 21 minutes.

    Self-Care is Important

    We encourage you to be proactive about taking care of yourself during the summer months. Drinking plenty of water, putting on sunscreen, and so on are just a few examples.

    Drinking plenty of water

    Also, pay attention to how you’re feeling. When you go to bed at 3:00am vs. 10:00pm, how do you feel? What happens if you don’t drink enough water or forget to apply sunscreen? I think we all know the answers to these questions.

    Also, wear light clothing in the summer instead of heavy clothing.

    Maintain an Open Mind

    You are more likely to enjoy your experience if you are willing to accept and adapt to various circumstances. You’ll be ready to learn and laugh if you start with an open mind from jump.

    Have Fun

    The fun part of any trip or tour is one that is graced with butterflies. The anticipation is what defines the beauty of any outdoor activity.

    With that said, start counting the days. Mark your calendar and let the fun kick in a little. You’re about to go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

    bass fishing

    Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Activity

    There are times when all you want to do is relax and take in the sights and sounds of nature. Outdoor activities generally improve mental health, but deciding which ones are the best can be challenging.

    You don’t want to start something only to get bored halfway through, do you? Consider the following factors when selecting an outdoor activity:

    Your Ultimate Goal

    Your end goal should drive the reason for choosing an activity. Are you looking to achieve body fitness? Or maybe you want to pass time. Whichever the goal is, align that to why you are picking certain activities.

    Some activity goals along the may be to help you achieve a healthier body. For example, cycling is not just fun to engage in, but can work on your lower muscles and open up your chest.

    Also, swimming can be another fun activity to do, but what’s the upside of it? It involves all of your muscles, as such, you will evade muscle cramping.

    To get the most of your time, establish what you want to achieve and select the activities based on that. If it’s camping, then plan for it. For camping, most sites are generally large and each has its own picnic tables and fire ring. As such, you can be guaranteed lots of fun.

    Your Budget

    In general, some outdoor activities are free, while others require payment.

    You must weigh your options and your financial resources. Conduct basic research and make your reservations early to avoid the last-minute rush.

    With that said, you should keep in mind that it is more important to plan and select the appropriate activity than it is to save money.

    Time Available

    Some activities take minutes, or sometimes a few hours to complete, while others take several hours.

    Some people, for example, camp for the entire weekend, whereas others can go biking for 30 minutes and still have a great time.

    To determine your free time, consider your schedule and family commitments, then choose an outdoor activity that will help you make the most of this session.

    You’ll never run out of things to do in Cedar Springs, which is just a few miles from Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids, on the other hand, is also a fantastic city to explore.

    Cedar Springs is served by US-131, which connects the city to the rest of Grand Rapids.

    Final Thought

    Cedar Springs is a northern city of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, about 20 miles (32.2 km) north of Grand Rapids, and boasts several attractions.

    things you can do cedar springs mi - grand rapids - whole family

    Whether it’s your first time in Cedar Springs or you are a resident, Cedar Springs has several things you can do during your free time, including a memorial park, nature trails, and birdwatching, just to name a few.

    If you’ve never been to Cedar Springs, finding a guide may be necessary to help you move around a lot easier. Otherwise, you risk losing a few hours roaming without tracing your path.

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    Cedar Springs, MI History: Everything You Need to Know

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    Cedar Springs, MI History: Everything You Need to Know

    Cedar Springs is a city that lies in Kent County, in the state of Michigan, 20 miles north of Grand Rapids.

    Known as the “Red Flannel Town,” the city is home to an annual Red Flannel Festival, celebrating the famous “drop-seat” long johns and nightwear.

    According to the 2010 census, Cedar Springs, MI has a population of 3,509, with a total area of 2.10 square miles, of which 2.03 square miles of it is land and 0.07 square miles is water.

    Cedar Springs, MI History

    Established as a lumber town in 1856, Cedar Springs boasted numerous lumber and shingle mills.

    Apart from the town being the northern terminus of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad for two years, it also served as the crossing point for the east-west Toledo, Saginaw, and Muskegon (Grand Trunk) Railroad.

    cedar trees timber history

    In 1871 the Michigan legislature incorporated Cedar Springs as a village. At the time, it was a major hub for timber history.

    In October, 1959, the Village became the city of Cedar Springs.

    One reason that stimulated the Village as a city was developing a water distribution system and sanitary sewers unrelated to Nelson and Solon Township. Their borders ran through the Village while deriving tax revenue from property owners within the Village.

    Why is it Known as Red Flannel Town?

    Due to the logging activity, a new enterprise emerged in Cedar Springs.

    Red Flannel undergarments were produced for the loggers whose work required them to be outside throughout the harsh winters.

    That business continued beyond the lumber industry era and still exists today as a viable part of the community.

    First Settlers

    John and Lydia (Proper) Smith are believed to be the first settlers in Cedar Springs, Kent Co., Michigan.

    The research has shown that Mr. and Mrs. Smith came to Cedar Springs in 1851, where they opened a sawmill for a time and kept the post office in the sawmill in Nelson Twp. In 1852 they bought 700 acres in Solon Township..

    According to the History of Grand Rapids and Kent Co, in 1918, Mr. and Mrs. Smith experienced all the privations of pioneer life.

    In 1852 the nearest settlement was Laphamville (now known as Rockford), about seven miles to the south.

    The road to Cedar Springs was an old Native American trail that had barely become a path wide enough for wagons to travel over.

    The Smiths settled on Cedar Creek at the north end of what is now the town of Cedar Springs. The area was covered with beautiful old cedar trees, and the flowing spring was a great convenience next to their home.

    The Smiths listed themselves as farmers in the 1860 census, but they also were Innkeepers.

    The History of Grand Rapids and Kent Co. 1918 says that their home was a log cabin in the forest and was the pioneer’s hotel, being liberally patronized for a long time.

    Cedar Springs Historical Museum

    Cedar Springs Historical Museum allows one to step back in time to tour the one-room Payne School House that was moved in 1971. It is located in Morley Park, just off South Main Street.

    After renovation, today, the school reflects the century-long era in public education when one teacher, lodging with a school family, taught all eight grades.

    While in the museum, you step back into the history of Cedar Springs. Displays include an early pioneer home, Native American exhibits, lumbering, railroad, general store, and more.

    Interestingly, they also have a genealogical library with many indexed records such as obituaries and funeral records.

    The museum itself has much more to offer for anyone curious to dig deeper into the history of Cedar Springs.

    For example, the Cedar Springs Museum and Historical Society has microfilmed newspapers covering over 100 years of the Cedar Springs Clipper, which go from 1869 to the 1980s.

    In addition to the many displays, the museum offers the following services:

    • Genealogy assistance
    • Census information for research
    • Research is done for you – fees available by contacting the museum
    • Microfilm access
    • Yearbooks from Cedar Springs Schools
    • Composite pictures of classes in early school years
    • Rental of the Payne Schoolhouse for elementary classes (Class materials available to teachers for use here)
    • Maps and Plat books from (1800s-1900s)
    • The history of Cedar Springs

    Note: If you plan to visit the museum in Morley Park, just off South Main Street, their opening hours are as follows;

    • WEDNESDAYS: 10:00am–5:00pm

    Ideally, you should contact the office for more information about your visit and any other questions that you need answers to.

    The Cedar Springs Community

    The community was named for the fine springs bordered by a cedar grove.

    According to the 2010 census, Cedar Springs has 1,115 households and 774 families living in the city.

    With Cedar Springs being less than a mile from US-131, the community provides easy access to the cultural amenities of the greater Grand Rapids area.

    The city is a beautiful community with tree-lined streets and a varied housing base. Taxes in the city have remained steady with the city millage rate being 15.0642.

    The city has a small retail business district and a stable industrial base when it comes to the economic perspective.

    The community has vast possibilities for future growth. Significant industry and business have been attracted to the city area, including Display Pack and various precision tool and die companies.

    The Present Cedar Springs

    With a 2020 population of 3,753, it is the 484th largest city in Michigan.

    The current population of Cedar Springs is growing at a rate of 0.56% annually and its population has increased by 6.95% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 3,509 in 2010.

    Today, the city has a population density of 1,913 people per square mile.

    When it comes to income, the average household income in Cedar Springs is $57,053, with a poverty rate of 21.34%.

    In recent years, the median rental costs have come to $800 per month, and the median house value is $119,200.

    The median age in Cedar Springs is 34.3 years, 33.8 years for males and 34.6 years for females.

    Cedar Springs Demographics

    According to the most recent American Community Survey (ACS), the racial composition of Cedar Springs is:

    • White: 92.58%
    • Two or more races: 3.74%
    • Black or African American: 2.59%
    • Other race: 0.85%
    • Asian: 0.25%
    • Native American: 0.00%
    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.00%

    Is Cedar Springs a Good Place to Live?

    In a nutshell, Cedar Springs is a great place to live and work.

    There’s much more to the city than the name itself. Whether it’s a historical building, recreational places, or parks, rest assured you’ll find something for yourself.

    With the cost of living almost seven percent less than the national average, you can live a quality life without breaking the bank.

    It is important to remember that the cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career, your average salary, and the real estate market.

    If you’re looking to move to the city, make sure you do adequate research on the housing market, among other factors, before making any decision.

    Final Thought

    Cedar Springs is rich in history, growing from a village (Lumber Town) known for lumber and shingle mills back in 1871, to being a city in 1959.

    There’s a lot to see and discover in Cedar Springs. Visiting the city will open the doors to answers of any questions you have about the city.

    For example, the Cedar Springs Historical Museum (located in Morley Park, just off South Main Street) displays exhibits of Native Americans, lumbering, railroad, and more.

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    Moving into a Mobile Home During Summer: 5 Tips

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Moving into a Mobile Home During Summer: 5 Tips

    Moving into a Mobile Home During Summer: 5 Tips

    During summer, moving into a new home is often convenient for several different groups of people such as families, students, and busy professionals.

     Whether in mobile homes or stick-built homes, many Americans relocate between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

    Even though moving during the summer is convenient for the majority of people, still, it can be downright miserable, mainly due to the oppressive season’s heat.

    It can be overwhelming and, therefore, it is only ideal if you know some crucial tips on making your transition smooth.

    When moving during summer, you’ll need to give a little bit of extra thought to logistics and how to keep cool.

    Ask any expert, and they will tell you that summer is the most popular time of year to move.

    Moving into a Mobile Home

    Even though the relocation process is stressful whether you plan to hire professional movers or not, moving into a mobile home with  or stick-built home is quite exciting.

    With that said, you need to be aware of a couple of things if you want a successful relocation to your new mobile home.

    For example, you may have to make sure your mobile home (single-wide, double-wide, or triple-wide) is working and operating as advertised. There’re so many things to take care of that making a checklist can be overwhelming.

    mobile home living

    Fortunately, we’ve researched everything you need to know about moving into a mobile house in the summer.

    Here are the top five tips:

    1. Plan Ahead of Time

    For many homeowners (whether stick-built homes or mobile homes), summer is the prime time for moving into a new home.

    As such, you’ll need to plan everything. From looking for a logistics company to the actual moving day (to your new home), you need to have a clear blueprint for who will do what, and what will go where!

    For moving companies, the demand is high, and they expect to fill up their schedule quickly. If you can, start looking for professional mobile home moving companies like the moving boxes Sydney as early as six to eight weeks before the actual moving day.

    If you want to avoid the blazing heat, you may also want to pack up your mobile home belongings several days before your move and be as organized as possible.

    With so much to do on a moving day, planning ahead of time will give you room to breathe and avoid the final rush to get to your mobile home.

    In addition, it is crucial to research market analysis, statistics, trends, data rates, and forecasts on moving services. All of these need room for adequate research.

    If you have to sell your current mobile home before moving, then that needs the proper research time allotted for. Selling a mobile home is not a quick venture. You may want to research “selling your property fast,” for more tips.

    Besides, this is also the time you may want to use for selling any extra house items you don’t need. If selling isn’t an option, then at least you will have the time to figure out the alternative.

    2. Meet the Mobile Home Park Management

    As we all know, moving is quite overwhelming (the risk of property damage and so on), no matter if you are moving into a mobile house or a stick-built home; so finding someone who can make your life easier during this time can be life-saving.

    It is crucial to figure out where the mobile home park owners operate, whether from their mobile home or office. With this information, you’ll know where to go in the community if you have any burning issues.

    Most mobile home communities (trailer park or leased-land community) have strict regulations. As such, you may want to know the inside-out of your new community.

    Familiarize yourself with the mobile home park rules and regulations. You don’t want to begin your new life on the wrong foot by breaking the manufactured home park rules.

    Ask as many questions as possible. For example, questions regarding mobile home utilities, community rules, and mobile home lot rent payments are something you may want to be quite familiar with. You don’t want to interfere with other people’s lot space.

    It may be easier to ask these questions in-person, rather than asking them via email, text messages, or phone call.

    3. Move on the Least Busy Day

    Weekends are always packed because most people are free to do other things, apart from their daily jobs. As such, you may want to plan your mobile home move during weekdays since most people have to work.

    mobile home living real estate agents

    With this in mind, you can beat the high prices many people pay on weekends and the busiest days. Besides, the beginning and the end of every month are also packed, so you may want to avoid these days as well.

    If you have to move on a particular day, like Friday or Saturday, or the first or last day of the month, chances are it won’t be an easy process to find a mover, especially if you book at the last minute. This means that latecomers are forced to pay steeply hiked-up prices.

    4. Expect to Pay More

    As a rule of thumb, winter is the cheapest time to move because the demand for professional moving services is at its lowest.

    During winter, prices can be discounted 15 percent or more, compared to the peak summer months.

    With that said, there’s no getting around the fact that summer is the most expensive time to move. Everything from moving containers to moving companies is in high demand during the summer months, and hiring them will cost you more.

    Why the high demand?

    • It’s the time of the year when schools are out for the summer
    • The majority of the families with school-age children are simply keen to move during this time
    • College students are also moving into and out of their dorms during the beginning and end of the summer

    For this reason, owners of stick-built homes and mobile homes consider summer to be the right time to relocate. As such, you’ll likely have to pay more to move during these months.

    When you’re moving on a tight budget, it’s only natural that you will be looking for good ways to reduce the moving cost. Relocating on the least busy days will be one of those tricks to help you reduce those costs.

    5. Start the Move Early in the Day

    If you want to beat the heat, start your move early in the morning.

    It’s a good idea to book your mover to arrive early in the morning, while it is still relatively cool. This is when temperatures and humidity levels tend to be lowest during the summer months.

    Heatstroke is a real danger when moving in the summer. Remember to stay hydrated if you’re doing strenuous activity, and wear light clothing, so you don’t overheat. Moving day is not the day to worry about being stylish.

    It’s also not the time to be uncomfortable. If you’re moving in the summer heat, you need to wear light materials.

    carrying box mobile home park

    In addition to beating the heat, you’re also more likely to beat the traffic by starting the move early. Aim to begin around 8:00 am, or earlier if possible.

    If morning hours are not okay with you, moving late in the evening may be another choice, when the temperatures cool down again. Moving in the late afternoon or evening hours may have its perks and drawbacks, too; weigh them before making the choice.

    Why is My Mobile Home so Hot?

    Suppose you ever thought of such a question. In that case, the issue of energy-efficient mobile home heating and cooling is much larger than you might think, considering that over 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, according to the latest Census figures.

    If one person asks why is my mobile home so hot?,” you can believe many others have, too.

    To figure out the answer to your question, begin finding out when your mobile home was manufactured. Older mobile homes built before the HUD Code came into effect, lack the technological advantages that newer energy-efficient mobile homes bring.

    If your mobile home is older, then it may need more work to upgrade it to the current standards or, in other words, make it energy-efficient.

    The essential problem with hot mobile homes in the summer, despite air conditioning, is that thermal energy is being allowed to transfer at someplace or places throughout the home.

    The heat from the outdoors is getting transferred either directly, maybe an air leak around the door or windows, or indirectly through solid surfaces such as windows, floors, ceilings, walls, and doors.

    To solve these mobile home problems, you may want to perform caulking and weatherstripping to create air-tight seals around doors, plumbing, and ducts.

    Ways to Keep Your Mobile Home Cool in the Summer

    For some people, summer is the time for basking in the sun and going on holiday, while for others it’s the time to focus on relocating. Either way, it’s convenient for each party, but when the heatwave hits, day after day of high temperatures can take its toll.

    While in your mobile home, the summer heat may not let you enjoy going about your daily life. With that said, there are plenty of measures you can put in place to keep yourself cool, even in the height of the hot weather.

    Air Conditioning

    Installing air conditioning in manufactured homes could be a significant investment. It has worked for many traditional homes and mobile homes.

    In that case, opt for a heat pump system that can be used to warm your mobile home in colder weather.

    If you only spend a part of the year in your holiday home, then a mobile home, coupled with some sturdy fans, should get some cool air moving around your home.

    Add a Veranda

    A mobile home veranda could spell the difference between enjoying your summer or the heat turning your summer into a nightmare. It gives you an outdoor space for resting.

    If your mobile home doesn’t have a veranda, now’s the time to add one to escape the summer heat. This could be a simple off the peg wooden or metal structure, or you could build something bespoke for your home.

    It’s essential to add a cover for shade. Some pergolas come with a material roof or a more casual, beachy look; you could even rig up a sail.

    If you’re a permanent resident, consider creating a shaded outdoor room, but be careful if you decide to use glazing; you will need to ensure that the glass is treated to prevent heat build-up.

    In addition, after moving in, you may want to apply elbow grease on most surfaces, from kitchen surfaces and bathroom tiles, to fabric and even machinery, just to give your home the best look.

    Reassess Your Interiors

    You may want to add fly screens to your manufactured home windows so you can keep them open during the day, creating a flow-through of air in your living space, without you getting bitten to death!

    You may also want to think about your mobile home light bulbs. Mobile homes with LED lights generate light more efficiently, while also saving on mobile home energy bills at the end of the month. Besides, they generate less heat than incandescent bulbs.

    How to Find the Best Moving Company

    Logistics is one of the most important factors when moving into manufactured homes. Of course, you need someone to help you pack and unpack, as well as load and unload the household property, to and from the truck. And lastly, transporting the household property to your next new home.

    mobile home

    This is where moving services come in. They help make your transition as smooth as possible. However, finding the best services can be overwhelming, especially for beginners.

    The good news is that we have tips on how you can locate one quickly, without wasting much time:

    Start Early

    Moving day is stressful enough without scrambling to find a mover at the eleventh hour.

    Start your market research early, so you have plenty of time to compare companies and estimates. As a rule of thumb, if a mover is available at the last minute, it’s probably for a reason.

    Experienced Companies

    Nothing beats experience when it comes to services. Choose reputable moving services that are known for their excellent services, within your location.

    Being the summer, you don’t want delays that could eventually expose you to the hot blazing sun, when your initial plan was to move in the morning hours.

    However, this doesn’t mean that new entry companies aren’t good enough for the job. So don’t be surprised that the new moving service within your location offers the best deal.

    An experienced company will guarantee you the safety of the property to your new home.


    It’s one of the best ways to know if a company is the right fit. The referrals could be from friends, family, or even professional help. Following their lead could be a chance to meet the best moving services.

    A good mover will have a great crew that can empty your living room space quickly and load the stuff up in the truck.

    Search Online

    Doing a quick search online will spoil you with choices.

    Draw a shortlist of prospective candidates you feel are within your budget, and eliminate one after the other until only the best remain.

    You may want to check their ratings, as well, to gauge their ranking and customer reviews. Online reviews and word-of-mouth are the best places to start when choosing a mover.

    Ideally, you read reviews on trusted sites like Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau. Reviews provide a reliable, unbiased look at a company’s level of service in action.

    What’s Included?

    Do you have to pack everything up yourself, or will your movers take care of it for you? Will they provide boxes, blankets, and other moving supplies?

    Is fuel included in the cost, or will it be an extra charge smacked on at the end? Ask the right questions to avoid unexpected costs on moving day.

    Get Estimates

    Moving into a mobile house needs budgeting.

    Once you have a list of prospective companies, it’s time to get the estimates. As a golden rule, if a mover doesn’t give you an on-site estimate, you shouldn’t hire them!

    You may want to get at least three in-person estimates; this way, you’ll have sufficient options to consider when making your final choice.

    Final Thought

    Mobile home living is growing in popularity. The number of mobile home residents continues to grow, with many people downsizing (selling their property) or choosing mobile home living to be their retirement homes. Or simply, others stop renting to have their own home.

    Moving into a mobile home is exciting, but the process can be tedious during summer. Known as the prime time for many people (site-built home and mobile homeowners alike), you may want to plan ahead of time and have a clear blueprint.

    With a clear plan, you’ll have an easy time moving to your new mobile home.

    To make your moving easier, hire the right moving company for the job. After all, you’re trusting people you don’t know with your most precious items, during one of the most stressful experiences of your life!

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    Chattel Mobile Home Financing: Best Options

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    Chattel Mobile Home Financing: Best Options

    If you have ever purchased a manufactured unit, then you understand that it offers more flexibility, at a lower cost, than traditional homes. However, this does not mean that the expense is minimal.

    The cost of manufactured housing units ranges between $60,000 to $100,000. However, this amount is likely more than you would be willing to pay directly out of your pocket.

    If you wish to buy a manufactured home, it would be best if you secured financing. Since manufactured housing units aren’t like stick-built homes, being that they are considered personal property, it becomes more difficult to secure a chattel mortgage on them.

    Most lenders won’t provide you chattel mortgages to purchase a manufactured home, but there are other available options.

    Here, we focus on chattel mortgages that are available for manufactured housing units.

    Chattel Mobile Home Financing

    Before we look at the available chattel mortgages, let’s focus on the differences between manufactured, modular, and mobile homes.

    Differences in Modular Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Mobile Homes

    Although there are many similarities between mobile, manufactured and modular homes, there are also some key differences:

    Mobile Homes

    These homes are designed and developed in a factory before being brought to a rented or personal property for installation and setup. It’s, therefore, a movable property.

    The difference between these homes and a manufactured home depends on the time it was built. Homes that were developed in a factory before 1976 are technically mobile homes.

    This is the time when HUD (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) enacted the Construction and Safety Standards Act.

    Manufactured Homes

    These homes are also developed in factories. You can set them up at a permanent location on metal piers, blocks, or permanent foundations.

    However, they aren’t intended to be transferred from location to location after installation.

    All homes developed in factories after 1976 are referred to as manufactured homes. The HUD Code and standards regulate the development of these homes.

    Modular Homes

    Modular homes are also developed in a factory, and then moved to a land where they’ll be located. With that said, these homes are more related to traditional homes. They aren’t, therefore, movable property.

    Modular units have basements and crawl spaces, and they employ a traditional foundation.

    They can also be delivered in two or more modules, then they are assembled onsite in your desired arrangement.

    Modular homes are subjected to the same regional, local, and state building codes as stick-built homes.

    Different Ways of Getting Manufactured Home Unit Financing

    Once you have settled on the home’s features you want, and the exact location you’re going to put it, you should start thinking about how you’ll pay for it.

    Residential mobile park home estate.

    There are several options to select from when choosing the right financing option for your home:

    FHA Loans

    HUD gives loans for manufactured housing units via the Federal Housing Administration loan program. These loans include Title II and Title I loans.

    Title I Loans

    These loans are available to finance a used or new manufactured home, along with repairing, altering, or improving one.

    You can get these loans from lenders even when you aren’t planning to buy the land that your manufactured home is located on. A home can be in a home park or manufactured home community.

    However, there is a maximum loan amount, depending on your unit:

    • Manufactured home only: $69,678
    • Manufactured home lot: $23,226
    • Manufactured home and lot: $92,904

    Title II Loans

    This chattel loan involves loans that someone can use to a qualifying manufactured home, along with the land, as long as the requirements are met.

    For instance, a Title II loan can only be used if someone plans to live in a manufactured home as their primary residence. Real estate investors can’t apply for this loan.

    There are also some requirements for this loan, which include:

    • The home must have been built after 1976
    • The home should have at least 400 square feet
    • Your home should be classified as real estate
    • The loan should cover both the home and land

    Fannie Mae Loans

    Some lenders provide borrowers with the Fannie Mae Mortgages via the MH Advantage program.

    Before you qualify for this loan, there are certain things that you should meet. For instance, you should install a detached garage, a carport, a sidewalk, and a driveway in your home.

    The manufactured home should also meet the same energy-efficiency, architectural design, and construction standards as stick-built homes do.

    The interest rates on these loans happen to be lower compared to other chattel loan financing options. Fannie Mae has 30-year financing.

    Freddie Mac Loans

    The Freddie Mac mortgage program can offer you a conventional financing option for a home.

    As a qualified borrower, you can select between a 10/1 or 7/1 adjustable-rate mortgage, or fixed-rate mortgages (30, 20, or 15 years).

    Here, you can get a loan with as low as a three percent down payment. You can also use grant or gift money to cover your down payment.

    VA Loans (Veterans Affairs Loans)

    This is a loan offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is for those who were in the military. Here, lenders provide up to 100% financing on home loans.

    However, before you get this loan, you’ll need to provide an affidavit of affixture.

    Chattel Mortgage Loans

    A chattel loan involves a special personal property loan that you can use to buy a manufactured home. Apart from financing manufactured homes, these chattel mortgage loans are also used to finance the purchase of expensive items, such as boats, planes, or farm equipment.

    Chattel mortgages are still available even if you don’t own any private property to place your home.

    Chattel mortgage loans are, therefore, the most reputable options for people who want to buy a personal property in a manufactured home community.

    Some lenders only offer chattel loans for home purchases that are insured by the RHS (Rural Housing Service), VA (U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs), or the FHA (Federal Housing Administration).

    Even though you can find lenders who provide traditional mortgages and chattel loans, the two have certain differences.

    Chattel mortgage loans have higher interest rates of between 0.5% to 5% higher than traditional mortgage rates. A traditional mortgage also has longer-terms than chattel loans.

    This could translate to a higher monthly payment, which could assist you in paying off your debt sooner.

    Chattel loans also have a less restrictive and a faster closing process than what you’ll see in traditional mortgages.

    Personal Loans

    Since manufactured homes are cheaper than site-built homes, you can purchase them using personal loans.

    Personal loans are very flexible, and you can use them for almost anything. However, their interest rate happens to be higher than those of other loan options, such as a chattel mortgage or VA loan.

    The application process for these loans is shorter, and you don’t have to give any collateral to get the loan.

    Another advantage of personal loans, over chattel mortgages, is that they are free, or cheap, to set up. You won’t incur any appraisal or escrow fees.

    Since the loan isn’t secured, the lender will have zero interest or control over your home.

    Steps for Acquiring Your Own Home Through Home Funding Options

    You should follow a few steps if you want to buy a manufactured housing unit with the best funding options:

    1. Check your credit report: Any lender considers your credit report before giving you a chattel mortgage. A solid credit score and clean credit history makes it easier for you to get a chattel mortgage.
    2. Decide whether you want a home with the land: If the land is your own personal property, you stand a chance of getting a high chattel mortgage loan amount.
    3. Find out the specifics of the home that you wish to buy: The home you will buy will determine the amount and type of loan or chattel mortgage you get. For instance, if you want to buy a home that costs at least $100,000, you won’t qualify for an FHA loan.
    4. Begin to look for financing options: Select the type of loan or chattel mortgage you would like, and compare between different lenders. Some of the loans include personal loans, chattel loans, conventional, and FHA loans. The interest rates differ, depending on the lender you select.
    5. Please submit your application for the chattel mortgage loan: Complete a transparent application and then submit it to your lender of choice.

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    Cedar Springs, Michigan: Must See Places

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    Cedar Springs, Michigan: Must See Places

    Cedar Springs, Michigan is a small town of around 3,500 people, located just 20 minutes north of Grand Rapids.

    The town is home to a small retail business district and industrial base, and it was named for the nearby fine springs bordered by a Cedar grove of trees.

    Streets of Cedar Springs

    Residents of Cedar Springs are connected to the greater Grand Rapids area via US-131. Cedar Springs has the charm of a very small town, all while offering big city amenities.

    Cedar Springs, Michigan

    There is a rich history in Cedar Springs to be celebrated.

    In this article we give you seven places or events that you must see/experience while visiting the wondrous town of Cedar Springs, Michigan:

    ●      Cedar Springs Museum

    ●      Trestle Park

    ●      Red Flannel Festival

    ●      Deer Track Junction

    ●      Cedar Springs Brewing Company

    ●      Long Lake Park

    ●      Kent Theatre

    Cedar Springs Museum

    Tour local history at the Cedar Springs Museum.

    You will be able to see an old general store, railroad displays, an old stump puller and the one-room Payne School.

    The Payne School was moved to Morley Park in 1971 and has been renovated to show visitors the era of public education when one teacher taught all grades.

    The school contains desks, a teacher’s stick, an American flag, a pot belly stove, and the recitation bench.

    Free tours are available and groups can rent the school for educational purposes too.

    Other displays inside the museum are focused on Native American history, lumbering, farming and more.

    Cedar Springs was originally established as a lumber town. There were many lumber and shingle mills throughout the town, and it was also a crossing point for several railroad lines.

    Finally, the museum is home to a genealogy catalog that can be accessed for free.

    Trestle Park

    Located just 10 minutes south of Cedar Springs, and under 20 minutes from Grand Rapids, is Trestle Park.

    This park was established in 2012 to commemorate the historical logging days.

    Centered around an old stone trestle, the park also features an authentic anchor from Houghton Lake, a pavilion, and a play area for kids.

    White Pine Trail runs near Trestle Park, and there is a connector trail as well.

    White Pine Trail is a 92.6 mile network that runs through Kent County, Mecosta County, Montcalm, Osceola County and Wexford County.

    There are concerts at Trestle Park in the summer, too.

    Red Flannel Festival

    Red Flannel Day has been celebrated in Cedar Springs, MI for over 80 years.

    The story goes that a New Yorker was searching for long red flannel underwear during one of the harshest winters of the Great Depression, and Pollock’s Store in downtown Cedar Springs had a large stock. They received many orders for years until the town was named “The Red Flannel Town.”

    red flannel in cedar springs

    Residents of Cedar Springs, MI believe the red flannels helped keep their town on the map while many other small towns were being bypassed or fading away.

    Each year, people are drawn from not only Cedar Springs and Grand Rapids, but all over the state of Michigan to partake in the grand parade, decorating contest, photo contest and pie eating contest to help celebrate the Red Flannel Festival. There is also a 5k and 10k run/walk.

    The Red Flannel Festival includes an arts & crafts fair and plenty of local food. There is even Red Flannel Royalty, where a Queen is named.

    Also, kindergarteners in the Cedar Springs school district can compete in the Prince and Princess contest.

    Deer Tracks Junction

    For a fun family outing, be sure to check out Deer Tracks Junction.

    Deer Tracks Junction is only 10 minutes southeast of Cedar Springs and 20 minutes from Grand Rapids.

    Get up close and personal with your favorite farm animals, like pigs, goats, donkeys, bunnies, camels and alpacas.

    You can feed most of the animals if you purchase the farm’s foods (carrots, pellets or tweet stix). Seasonally, you can also bottle feed baby animals.

    Deer and elk of all ages also call the farm home, and there is a fun barn for kids to play. It is full of tunnels, nets and giant slides. There is also a sandbox, a rubber duck racing tank and a four story mine and train play area. There are also dedicated spaces for young children.

    If that is not enough for you, Deer Tracks Junction also has homemade ice cream. They make all of the delicious ice cream on the farm, and their menu features classic flavors, along with their own specialties.

    Cedar Springs Brewing Company

    Cedar Springs Brewing Company was founded in 2013 by David Ringler, who’s title is now Director of Happiness.

    Located on Main Street, Cedar Springs Brewing Company is at the heart of this small town.

    Cedar Springs Brewery serves traditional Bavarians styles of beer and Amepixarican craft options. The kitchen also features pub fare and a German Bavarian menu.

    The brewery supports its local community through the Community Give Back Program. Residents can apply for support through the online application.

    Cedar Springs Brewing Company also hosts a farmer’s market every Thursday during the summer, where vendors set up near the German-inspired brewery to sell locally made goods.

    Long Lake Park

    About 15 minutes west of Cedar Springs, and 25 minutes south of Grand Rapids, is Long Lake Park.

    Michigan is known for its lakes, and Cedar Springs residents can enjoy some lake life at Long Lake. The park is designed well for group events, with several picnic areas and shelters.

    Long Lake park is located right on Long Lake itself, with a mile of shoreline. You can enjoy swimming, fishing and non-motorized boating on the lake. There is also a public beach at the park, perfect for summertime, baseball diamonds, room for biking, and more.

    Kent Theatre

    At the center of Cedar Springs, you will find Kent Theatre. It is over 120 years old and was originally built as the Hubbard Opera House.

    Located right on Main Street, this theatre was first used for entertainment and gatherings like dances, chicken suppers, school graduations, political rallies and silent movies.

    Kent Theatre

    The theatre closed its doors in 1975, but was reopened by the Cedar Springs Theatre Association in 1998. Volunteers worked to fundraise and make improvements to the historical landmark, and today, the theatre is community-owned and operated.

    There are regular films, live theatre and public presentations here. Local organizations can use the theatre as a meeting place or for musical events, and upcoming events are listed on the Kent Theatre website.

    Honorable Mention: Classic Kelly’s Family Restaurant

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    Should I Buy a Mobile Home or Rent?

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    Should I Buy a Mobile Home or Rent?

    There is no hiding the fact that mobile homes have become very popular in the real estate industry over the last decade. Many adventurous people prefer to buy these homes since they can relocate to wherever they want to go.

    For instance, a manufactured home is much more affordable compared to a site-built home. Many middle-class families can afford these mobile units.

    However, many people prefer renting apartments or other types of housing.

    If a traditional site-built home isn’t the right fit for you, then you’ll have the option of either buying a manufactured home or renting an apartment. Both options come with pros and cons, which you should thoroughly examine.

    A modern luxury static caravan.

    Here, we examine the best option you should consider, depending on your situation.

    Should I Buy a Mobile Home or Rent?

    Having apartments for rent offers community amenities and eliminates maintenance concerns. On the other hand, a mobile home will allow you to own properties, along with offering you customization options and privacy.

    Let’s look at the benefits of each option:

    Benefits of Renting

    At least two-thirds of the American population own their own houses. After all, home ownership forms a critical component of the “American Dream.”

    However, many people don’t know that renting carries several benefits that can make it the perfect option, depending on your situation.

    Let’s go through these benefits:

    It Offers You a Lower Monthly Cost

    If you decide to rent an apartment, you’ll incur a lower monthly cost, when compared to buying a manufactured home.

    When you add your property taxes, insurance, and mortgage, rentals offer a cheaper option than the low-down-payment mortgages that carry private mortgage insurance.

    Even after the rental charges rose when house prices and interest rates dropped in 2012, the rental option was still the most affordable option. This is true, especially if you want to spend at least more than ten years in a home that is located in a large city.

    It Presents Lower Ownership Expenses

    Renting does more than just lowering your mortgage costs per month. It has proven to save money in several other ways.

    Ownership Expenses

    If you buy a mobile home, you will have to pay your own money to have some services, such as cooling, heating, maintaining lawns, and other regular maintenance.

    The additional repair costs may cost hundreds of dollars if you’re not careful.

    For a rented apartment, however, the landlord is in charge of everything, including fixing faulty appliances and other maintenance tasks. The landlord must make the apartment habitable.

    You Can Conserve Your Down Payment

    If you want to purchase any home, including a mobile home, you’ll be required to pay a down payment of about 20 percent.

    If you take that large amount of money and divert it into another investment, you might end up earning more money.

    Homes have proven to be unwise investments since they increase in value at or slightly ahead of the inflation rate.

    Renting Offers Great Flexibility

    It offers you great flexibility that you’ll never find when you buy a mobile home.

    What will happen if you get a new job in a new city over 500 miles away? What if you have a child and the single-wide or double-wide unit that you bought becomes too small?

    If any of the above situations happen when you’re in a rental unit, you can easily move as soon as your lease expires. You can also downgrade or upgrade to a new apartment without any problem.

    With a mobile home, you’ll be forced to transport it to a new location, which is also very expensive.

    Even though there is another option of selling it, getting a willing buyer might be difficult.

    Benefits of Buying a Mobile Home

    If you like the idea of living for less, then a mobile unit is the best option for you. As stated before, a mobile unit is much cheaper, compared to a site-built home.

    However, one main challenge you could face is that you’ll have to pay a lot rent per month for a mobile home park space, where you’ll place your home, especially if you don’t have a personal piece of land.

    manufactured homes in home parks

    Let’s look at the benefits of buying a mobile home:

    Mobile Homes are More Affordable Compared to Most Alternatives

    The most exciting thing about manufactured homes is their affordable price. These homes are built on the assembly line and mass-produced, therefore costing less in the long term.

    For instance, in 2018, the average price of a sitebuilt home in the U.S. was $225,700. Ofcourse, the actual price of a particular mobile home could be much higher or lower.

    During this same period, the average price of a mobile unit was $87,100. You’ll, therefore, expect to save at least 20% compared to if you were to invest in a site-built home.

    Lenders can only offer a mortgage to those who want to buy real property. This includes land and anything attached to it permanently.

    You can, therefore, still secure loans on your manufactured unit if you fix it on a permanent structure or own the lot on which it’s placed.

    You Can Enjoy Luxury for Less

    Although something like $300,000 could get you a starter housing unit in most parts of the country, you can buy a very luxurious manufactured unit for half of that amount.

    The lower base price can allow you to make additional upgrades to the home, which you can’t with traditional site-built homes.

    Enjoy Luxury for Less

    Some luxurious upgrades that you can add include granite countertops, a fireplace, and a soaking tub.

    Your Home Will Increase in Value if You Own the Land

    Manufactured homes will appreciate when you own the lot on which the house sits. This means that you stand a chance of selling the housing unit at a higher price than the one you bought it for.

    This can be linked to the rise in the value of the lot that your housing unit is placed on.

    Buying a Mobile Home can be Financed

    Many people have always thought that they can’t finance a manufactured housing unit with a mortgage.

    Buying a Mobile Home

    However, this is not true since the HUD Code allows banks to offer loans of up to $69,678 if your manufactured unit is on a rented lot, and $92,904 if it’s attached to your lot.

    You can also get money from family members to finance your mobile home, if you so choose.

    Mobile Homes are Safe

    These homes are now designed and developed in the factories with safety in mind. After 1976, there were HUD Codes that were passed which provided for strict standards, including safety regulations.

    Mobile Homes are Safe

    If you buy a mobile home, expect it to come with the same features as those found in site-built homes. Modern mobile homes even have better features.

    You Can Still Rent the Home

    When you decide to buy a mobile home, you can still decide to use it to get further income by renting it out.

    Many people in the real estate market prefer renting mobile homes to apartments due to their low rent costs.

    You’ll, therefore, have nothing to lose if you decide later in life to move to a stick-built home.


    Although there are benefits to both living in a rented apartment and buying a mobile home, we recommend that you go with the latter option.

    Buying a mobile home is much more affordable and allows you to own a housing unit, all while having lower overall monthly payments.

    However, renting also comes with several benefits, as we have seen above. You should, therefore, make the best decision for you and your family.

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    Cedar Springs, Michigan: 5 Reasons You Should Live Here

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    Cedar Springs, Michigan: 5 Reasons You Should Live Here

    They say home is where the heart is, but what if you’re relocating to Kent County, in Michigan, and not exactly sure where to settle?

    Well, if this is the case, Cedar Springs can be your new home too!

    Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Located a few minutes away from Grand Rapids and Belmont, Cedar Springs is a great small town, off-the-beaten-path, that should be up on your list if you’ve considered relocation to Kent County.


    Still, need a little more convincing? Then here are five good reasons why you should live in Cedar Springs, Michigan.:

    ●      Strategically Located

    ●      Plenty of Fun Things to Do

    ●      Tight-Knit Community

    ●      Affordable Living

    ●      Secure & Full of Growth Opportunities

    1.    Strategically Located

    If your job involves a lot of movement within Kent County, then Cedar Springs, Michigan is an ideal location.

    Cedar Springs, MI is surrounded by some of the county’s prominent locations.

    For instance, Cedar Springs is only 20 miles away from Grand Rapids and only about 26 miles away from Wyoming, Michigan. At the same time, it’s only 10 miles away from Rockford.

    It’s also only a few hours away from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dells, and other areas of interest in Michigan. Cedar Springs, simply put, is an ideal location if your job or business involves a lot of traveling.

    2.    Plenty of Fun Things to Do

    Even though Cedar Springs, Michigan is a small city, it surprisingly has a lot of fun things to do.

    For starters, this small city is the birthplace of the Red Flannel Festival, the most famous, and longest-running festival in all of Michigan. This is why it’s nicknamed the Red Flannel Town.

    The Red Flannel Festival takes place every autumn and involves beautiful displays of arts and crafts, car shows, amazing parades, and even a thrilling horseshoe throwing contest.

    Being a part of a state famed for its natural beauty and the Red Flannel Festival, all while being located only 25 miles from Lake Michigan, Cedar Springs, MI also does not disappoint if you are a nature lover.

    Cedar Springs, Michigan has breathtaking terrains. This town is also home to the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail, a 92-mile, partly paved trail where you can enjoy walks with your pet, your friends and your family.

    You will also be spoilt for choice if you are a foodie, as Cedar Springs also boasts a long string of beautiful, yet fun restaurants that double up as hangout joints for the locals, such as the Classic Kelly’s family restaurant.

    If you are a history-geek and live music lover, then you will probably fall in love with the small Cedar Springs Historical Museum, and the famous Roundup Tavern.

    In a nutshell, Cedar Springs might be laidback, but it has plenty of things to keep you occupied in your free-time, and it’s all within a two-mile radius.

    3.    Tight-Knit Community

    If you have always wanted to live in a small town, with a small, friendly community that has plenty of fun things to do, Cedar Springs is your perfect fit.

    With a population of slightly more than 3,000 people, and sitting on only 2.10 square miles, Cedar Springs is a small town with a suburban vibe. This is because, as noted, it offers you plenty of things to do, yet at the same time, the inhabitants are so friendly and fun to be around.

    Tight-Knit Community

    People know each other pretty well here. All you need to do is visit the local hangout joints on Main Street, and within no time you will have a bunch of friends who will make you feel as if you’ve been living in Cedar Springs, Michigan forever.

    4.    Affordable Living

    To add on to the list of what Cedar Springs brings to the table, it has affordable living.

    In comparison to the rest of the country, Cedar Springs’ cost of living is about 6.5% lower.

    Housing, to be precise, is quite affordable, and what’s fascinating is that the real estate market is pretty flexible. This gives you plenty of options.

    For instance, if you are looking to own a home without blowing a hole in your bank account, then you will be glad to know mobile homes are very affordable in Cedar Springs.

    Plus, if you work with a reputable community like Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can get the exact mobile home to meet and exceed your expectations.

    Housing aside, basic costs of living, such as commuting and groceries, are also fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to Grand Rapids, which is extremely helpful if you are on a tighter budget.

    5.    Secure & Full of Growth Opportunities

    We all want to live in a secure place. If you are looking for your relocation options in Kent County, there’s no doubt that your safety and security are near the top of your priority list.

    With that said, safety and security would be the least of your worries when moving to Cedar Springs, Michigan.

    As a small town with a population of about 3,000 people, nearly everyone knows everyone here. Plus, the business, and even residential areas, are properly lit at night. This keeps crime rates lower in comparison to other towns and cities surrounding Cedar Springs, like Grand Rapids.

    When it comes to growth opportunities, you will be glad to know that Cedar Spring is on an upswing. It has had a population growth rate of 4.4%.

    This growth rate is high enough to create new business opportunities, yet at the same time not too high to cause stiff competition.

    Therefore, if you plan to start a new chapter of your life, you’ve got a better chance of thriving in Cedar Springs as there are plenty of unexploited entrepreneurship opportunities.

    Brief History of Cedar Springs

    If you are going to move to a new place, it pays to know how it started and to have a little insight into its history.

    Such information may serve as an excellent ice breaker when you are trying to create a conversation with the locals.

    In that light, it’s essential to note that Cedar Springs dates back to 1856. The town got its name from the many beautiful springs it had, which all seemed to be surrounded by Cedar Groves.

    Cedar Springs, MI began as a lumber town and plays a significant role in American timber history. Thanks to this, it was home to an array of lumber and shingle mills, which attracted business-minded individuals from all over the state of Michigan.

    The town’s growth was further accelerated by its prime location. It served as a grand terminus for traders and business people going to and from cities like Indian Railroad, Grand Rapids, Toledo, and Muskegon, among many others.

    The Red Flannel Movement

    The primary economic activity, as you may have noticed, was logging. It spurred the popularity of red flannel garments, which remain relevant to date.

    Initially, these garments were just sold here, but as logging caught on, one of the town’s founders, Mrs. Mae Oppenneer began making them in her home in 1952.

    The Red Flannel Movement

    Mrs. Mae would later sell to Mrs. Sally, who made the business a big success and even established the Red Flannel Factory. This factory, as a matter of fact, remained an essential economic driver for the next four decades.

    The factory is still in existence today and serves as a great part of Cedar Springs’ community and history. It is one of the places that you should definitely visit if you are moving to Cedar Springs.

    These flannels are the reason Cedar Springs is nicknamed the Red Flannels Town, and you should also consider getting one once you move here.


    In a nutshell, Cedar Springs is a great place to live and work. The community here is pretty friendly and there is plenty to do during your free time.

    Moreover, there are plenty of business opportunities you could try out, and you could easily own a home thanks to Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

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    Mobile Home Amenities to Consider When Looking to Purchase

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    Mobile Home Amenities to Consider When Looking to Purchase

    When the time comes for firsttime homebuyers to list what they desire in a home, many only have general requirements and are not fully aware of all the features and amenity options.

    Understanding which features means the most will help eliminate mobile homes that won’t work for you, and compare the homes that will. Undoubtedly, everyone wants a mobile home that comes with luxurious amenities.

    Luxurious community amenities give people the chance to live their dream and comfortable life.

    Mobile homebuyers can enjoy a range of amenities, such as pet-friendly neighborhoods to waterfront views.

    Mobile Home Amenities

    The term manufactured home typically conjures up mental images of rundown trailer parks, complete with nutty neighbors and a colony of stray cats.

    Manufactured homes have come a long way from rusty RVs up on blocks. Today’s manufactured homes offer quality amenities inside the house, just like a modern traditional home does.

    manufactured housing Aerial view looking down on vast trailer park, mobile homes.

    You can hardly tell you are inside a manufactured home, since it strikes a similar resemblance with a site-built home.

    When choosing between an apartment, house, or community, many residents weigh the value of the grounds, facilities, services, and even event gatherings against a more solo way of life.

    Manufactured home parks have a lot to offer, but what exactly do residents find most appealing about living in them?

    This article will look at amenities you, as a homebuyer, should consider when buying a manufactured home.

    Pet-Friendly Living

    Many apartment complexes might not provide an ideal home for your pet. It’s common to find restrictions on the number or types of pets you can keep around the premises. Even in some instances, you will have to pay steep fees for your beloved pets.

    Living in a manufactured home community will offer you a pet-friendly environment, without the need to pay steep fees like a lot of apartments for rent that you will find around the city.

    The best thing about manufactured home parks is that you will get plenty of space for walks around the neighborhood. Your pet will, therefore, get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy.

    If you consider living in a mobile home park, you typically are not limited to the type of pet you want to keep within the community.

    Recreational Facilities & Events

    Residents in these manufactured home communities get together to build connections with a strong sense of friendship and camaraderie.

    Manufactured homes are just more than a series of homes within one location. In community parks, you get to meet friends that become family, unlike in an apartment complex where you hardly interact with the neighbor next door.

    Often, manufactured home communities organize events that bring the residents together, in a bid to improve social engagement. Also, these mobile home parks include central common places where residents can gather and enjoy one another’s company.

    You’ll find playgrounds and sports courts in these communities. Such facilities will give your family more room to enjoy the environment, unlike apartment complexes.

    Many retirees often downsize to live in mobile home communities since it feels warmer than other forms of housing.

    Availability of Critical Infrastructure

    In mobile home communities, residents don’t have to worry about simple things such as electricity, water, gas, and sewer lines, because the community management provides such amenities. However, you may be asked to pay some fees in return.

    The communities also include essential infrastructure, like roads.

    The best thing about these manufactured home communities is that they provide maintenance services, a dedicated team that will be at your service, even at midnight. Staff members go through vetting to ensure residents get nothing but high-quality services.

    Living in parks gives residents peace of mind when it comes to such infrastructures.

    Security Around the Community

    Safety is one of the top priorities when looking for your next home. You will want to ensure the location has a low crime rate and is safe for bringing up your children.

    Mobile home communities offer a secure living environment and, therefore, residents can move about their business without worrying about safety.

    It is ideal to know that some extra security features might cost a couple of dollars. The upside is that you will have a secure home.

    When searching for the right mobile home community to join, it is often recommended to research the crime rate around the area before settling in and calling it home. Prior research will avoid wasting time and resources.

    High-Quality Pools

    Nothing beats a quality pool when it comes to relaxation. The comfort you get from deck chairs during a hot summer day can wipe out your all-day worries.

    Manufactured home communities offer luxurious pools that are ideal for large families and get-together parties.

    While living in a mobile home community, you don’t have to worry about crowding that public pool. You will also avoid the hassle of maintenance, as the qualified staff often takes care of that.

    In addition, the shared pool is often cleaned by professionals and, therefore, you shouldn’t worry about hygiene.

    Why You Should Move to a Mobile Home

    Mobile home communities are growing in popularity for all good reasons. If you are looking for a place to call home, a mobile home community will be an ideal location.

    Here is why you need to move to a manufactured home:

    Affordable Housing

    Manufactured homes are cheaper than stick-built homes by almost 20 to 30 percent. According to the Manufactured Housing Institute, over 22 million Americans Live in Mobile Homes.

    For example, a single family home is less expensive, has a smaller footprint, has no property taxes, and requires a lower down payment.

    Decreased Operating Expense

    Unlike traditional site-built homes, you will spend less living in manufactured homes, when it comes to maintenance.

    It is typically accepted that the average operating expenses for a mobile home park are usually around 35-40% of the gross income, compared to apartments in the 50-60% expense ratio.

    Another reason for the lower operating expense ratio for mobile home parks is that you are not responsible for painting, cleaning carpets, fixing windows, and all the fun jobs of the apartment maintenance personnel.

    Today’s Mobile Homes are Safe and Quality-Controlled

    The term “mobile home” is often associated with a home of poor quality, which is a complete misconception.

    Today’s homes are built to HUD Code, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    Safety, among other features, was part of the newly built home, after 1976, when the bill came into effect.

    Besides, today’s manufactured homes are engineered for wind safety and energy-efficiency, based on the geographic region in which they are sold. Therefore, among other locations, you shouldn’t worry about buying a manufactured home if you live in Florida.

    Final Thought

    A manufactured home is an excellent choice of housing for any family looking for a place to call home. It is affordable and comes along with the needed amenities.

    Please note, you should always be keen to consider the type of amenities offered within the mobile home community before joining them.

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    Restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI: Best for Takeout

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    Restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI: Best for Takeout

    Meeting at a restaurant in Cedar Springs, MI, is a great way to catch up with a friend or your loved one over some delicious food.

    With so many restaurants available in Cedar Springs, MI, we often get attached to one eatery where we always feel at home, right?

    mother son eating pizza at cedar springs mi 49319

    Those restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI, not only offer your favorite food, but also serve you well. Most often, you tend to visit these places regularly for its excellent service.

    Even though the restaurant can be a great place to have your meal, a meal at home in Cedar Springs, MI is different; it’s unique.

    Restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI

    According to a report by Upserve, 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week. 31% say they use third-party delivery services at least twice a week, and 34% of consumers spend at least $50 per order, when ordering food online.

    Hamburger, french fries and fried chicken at cedar springs mi 49319

    Cedar Springs, MI 49319 boasts many great restaurants where you can order for takeout. Cedar Springs, MI not only has great restaurants, but is also centrally located near numerous recreational areas, shopping centers, lakes, and parks.

    If you work late in Cedar Springs, MI 49319, and somehow run out of time to stop by at a restaurant to have your meal, you may want to grab takeout from any of the top restaurants in Cedar Springs.

    fancy resto at cedar springs mi 49319

    Sometimes preparing a meal at home, after a busy day, is close to impossible, right? Grabbing a takeout from great restaurants in Cedar Springs will certainly be convenient at that time.

    In this article, we will list some of the best takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs.

    Nonno’s Homestyle Italian & Pizzeria

    Nonno’s Homestyle Italian & Pizzeria is one of the top takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs. It is located at 4025 17 Mile Rd. NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    If you’re a big fan of Italian dishes in Cedar Springs, MI, then you might want to try Nonno’s restaurant menu. Nonno’s is a local family-owned restaurant serving homestyle Italian dishes and pizza.

    people talking indoors in a pub with the beers

    Nonno’s pride themselves on sharing authentic family recipes, and they offer dine-in and takeout options.

    If you’re looking to order from Nonno’s restaurant in Cedar Springs, MI, you will want to begin by checking out online for menu items. However, it is important to understand that the menu online is for informational purposes only. Menu items and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    As such, if you want the most accurate information about the menu, please contact the restaurant directly before visiting or ordering.

    Nonno’s doesn’t make the list of top takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs for no reason; their food is delicious! Just check out their reviews on Yelp and other sites. Most of the customers have given a positive review about their experience at the restaurant.

    Please check out their operating hours in Cedar Springs, MI:

    ●     Mon: Closed; Tues-Sun: 11:00am-9:00pm

    Red Bird Bistro & Grill

    The Red Bird Bistro & Grill is one of the top takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs. It is located at  22 N. Main St. NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    This restaurant in Cedar Springs, MI offers a casual atmosphere that serves a home-cooked favorites menu, with an artisan flair, specializing in using whole local foods for a healthier dining experience.

    Red Bird offers both lunch and dinner. The best thing about this restaurant is its menu is designed to appeal to a wide variety of tastes, maintaining simple whole-food options that will cater to most dietary needs or restrictions.

    Red Bird Bistro & Grill

    Whenever you visit Red Bird Bistro & Grill in Cedar Springs, MI, and pick from their menu, expect great hospitality from their highly trained and qualified staff. This is one of the reasons why they make the list of one of the top takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs.

    At Red Bistro, they strive to serve The Cedar Springs Red Flannel Community and traveling guests with amazing food, especially their hot dogs, drinks, and a unique experience every time they walk through their doors.

    A key feature from Red Bird’s menu is their commitment to using whole foods and sustainable practices, sourcing from top-quality ingredients.

    If you want some great food from a restaurant, Red Bird’s menu should be one of your top picks.

    Big Boys

    Big Boys is also one of the top takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs. It is located at 13961 White Creek Ave NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    Big Boys is a chain of family-friendly diners that serves a selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

    Big Boys

    The restaurant’s signature food menu items include Big Boy sandwiches, shakes, malts, root beer floats, onion rings, hot dogs, strawberry pies, ice cream, Slim Jim sandwiches, and Swiss Miss.

    It prepares and sells various menu items, such as soups, chili, spaghetti sauce, salad dressings, and desserts, at its commissary.

    The most interesting part about Big Boys restaurant is that it offers exclusive Big Boy comic books, coloring, and activity placemats for children.

    Please check out their operating hours:

    ●     MonSun: 7:00am-9:00pm

    Big Boys restaurant has a takeout option for their customers. If you don’t have time for dine-in, takeout from their menu will still be great; their food is delicious. They also offer delivery to your home.

    Hungry Howie’s Pizza

    Hungry Howie’s Pizza is another one of the top takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs. It is located at 151 South Main St. Ste 2, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    It’s known as the home of the Original Flavored Crust Pizza. You may want to choose from eight mouthwatering flavors on their menu: Sesame, Butter Cheese, Butter, Ranch, Cajun, Garlic Herb, Onion, and Asiago.

    Hungry Howie’s Pizza

    Besides just pizza, they also have a variety of options on their menu that will satisfy your appetite.

    What’s most appealing about Hungry Howie’s Pizza menu items is that they make every item fresh, fast, and just for you. They use only the freshest ingredients, like 100% mozzarella cheese and dough, made fresh daily.

    If you are looking for some great pizza, look no further than their famous crust to see why Hungry Howie’s Pizza has the edge over its competition.

    Hungry Howie’s Pizza Again

    If you want takeout, consider checking out their menu to order online. Hungry Howie’s Pizza boasts numerous menu items that will satisfy your appetite. It is among the best restaurants for fast food.

    Jose’s Restaurant

    Jose’s Restaurant is one of the top takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs. It is located at 31 N. Main St, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

    Jose’s Restaurant hours are:

    ●     MonSun: 12:00 pm-10:00 pm

    You may also want to contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

    Jose’s Restaurant

    They not only have great food on their menu, but also excellent customer service. Jose’s Restaurant has a professional staff; as such, expect great hospitality.

    You can’t go wrong if you choose Jose’s Restaurant menu as your first option for food. This is because you simply can’t beat the service or the food!

    If you’re craving some truly authentic Mexican food menu items, Jose’s Restaurant will not fail you. Their pricing is beyond fair; as such, expect to pay less and get more.

    Honorable Mentions

    You may want to check out these restaurants for fast food options:

    • Subway – Located at 4116 17 Mile Rd. NE, Suite A
    • McDonald’s – Located at 4141 17 Mile Rd. NE
    • Jet’s Pizza – Located at 14111 White Creek Ave. NE
    • Kelly’s Restaurant – Located at 356 N. Main St. NE
    • Taco Bell – Located at 4269 17 Mile Rd. NE SE

    If you love fast food, then the above restaurants will be a great fit, and they all offer takeout options. Pick an item from their menu and get your meal delivered, or pick it up in person.


    Cedar Springs, MI 49319 has many great takeout restaurants. Whether it’s fast food or just a simple meal, you are guaranteed to find that one restaurant that will serve your curiosity for new dishes.

    take out lady

    Many of these restaurants are ranked among the top takeout restaurants in Cedar Springs.

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    Maximizing Space in a Mobile Home: 7 Tips

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    Maximizing Space in a Mobile Home: 7 Tips

    When it comes down to it, there is no denying that if you have chosen to live in a mobile home, you have made a smart choice.

    With that said, one of the things that mobile homes tend to lack is a ton of storage space.

    Maximizing Space in a Mobile Home

    There is no denying that mobile homes are often smaller than other houses, thus there is not a lot of storage space.

    For this reason, it is essential to make sure that you are utilizing every inch of your mobile home.

    Here are some storage ideas how to best use the small spaces in your mobile home:


    Bookcases are great space saving items because they provide an efficient way to use vertical space in a mobile home.

    Using vertical shelves or bookcases along the walls and inside of the closets are great storage ideas that can help utilize space that is otherwise wasted inside of the house.

    Empty interior with wooden wall bookcase

    Try not to place bookcases or shelves in small spaces, like directly across from the entrance of a room, as this can make the area feel cluttered or look too busy.

    Racks & Shelves

    In the kitchen, great storage ideas that are helpful include hanging up a pot rack or using a wall-mounted shelf for your pans and pots.

    Most mobile homes do not have much cabinet space, which means there is not a lot of room to store dishes and pantry items.

    Freeing up the area that would be taken by pans and pots can help with this issue.

    Underbed Storage

    Choose a bed that offers space underneath it and find storage containers that will fit in this space.

    There are some great under the bed storage containers available that will fit directly into this area.

    You can then use these space saving containers to store seasonal clothes, seasonal items, or extra bedding.

    Multi-Purpose Furniture

    Ottomans, chests, benches, and other types of furniture are excellent storage ideas that can offer spaces with hidden storage.

    Living room with sofa, lamp and rack

    These are great for stashing items in areas where you use them.

    For example, if you play board games or do puzzles, stash them inside the coffee table that you use when playing. This can help to prevent clutter.

    Small Item Storage

    Using small baskets, clear storage containers, and drawer organizers in the pantry, bedroom, living room, and bathrooms to store your smaller items are all great storage ideas that can help keep things neat and organized.

    Small Item Storage

    Use these types of storage containers to keep items together.

    For example, in the pantry, keep all your sauce packets in one basket, and your jewelry can be held in the bathroom in another basket or container.

    Keeping things together is essential when you are living in small spaces.

    Furniture Placement

    When placing furniture in a mobile home, it is essential to make sure that you can comfortably walk through each area.

    Once you have your furniture in place, walk around the areas of the room to make sure that you have enough space.

    This is especially important in areas of high traffic. When areas are cramped, it can make the mobile home look and appear smaller.

    No Hoarding

    When you are living in a small space, none of these storage ideas will ultimately work if you are hoarding things.

    No Hoarding

    Some people are just natural hoarders. These people will buy something that comes with a freebie or is offered at a discounted price, even when they do not have an immediate need for the item.

    It is important to always stick to your shopping list and only purchase things that you need.

    One good rule of thumb for those who live in small spaces is to give up an item each time you bring a new piece into your mobile home.

    This can help ensure that you always have enough room in your home.

    Final Thoughts

    Mobile homes have a lot to offer.

    These great places provide you with the luxuries of a home, such as a yard and space, without all of the headaches that come with owning a stick-built house.

    When it comes to living in a mobile home, smaller is better.

    You do not need the stuff to make you happy.

    When you are purchasing items for your home, make each purchase intentional.

    Think about your space and what you need.

    Choose furniture that fits well in the area, and that is functional.

    Be creative when it comes to storage ideas.

    If you take the time to think about your area, you are going to find that your mobile home can be an enjoyable and comfortable place to live.

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