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    Where To Find Homes For Sale In Cedar Springs, MI

    7 months ago · · Comments Off on Where To Find Homes For Sale In Cedar Springs, MI

    Where To Find Homes For Sale In Cedar Springs, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 19, 2021

    There are many wonderful places to live in Michigan, but few are better than Cedar Springs. This small town in Kent County provides luxurious rural living and urban thrills. It’s a fairly conservative town with above-average schools.

    If you are planning to move to Cedar Springs, you should select your neighborhood carefully. Here are the top places to find homes for sale in Cedar Springs.

    Homes For Sale In Cedar Springs MI

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    Your family will thrive and prosper if it moves to a family-oriented neighborhood with Cedar Springs MI homes for sale. That real estate should have a serene environment where residents have access to a luxury lifestyle and state-of-the-art amenities. At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we manufacture and construct luxury mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs for the modern family at a sale price. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates promotes imagination, contemporary housing, and affordable living standards. At the same time, our Cedar Springs MI homes for sale buyers are amazed by our ability to customize homes for sale to their liking quickly.

    Kent County is home to many spectacular, innovative projects, but the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in Cedar Springs MI stand out because of its close knit community, family-owned mobile homes and the location of it’s real estate. Once people have purchased and constructed their modular homes, they become part of a new Cedar Springs MI homes for sale community that functions as an extended family.


    Saddlebrook was developed by Eastbrook Homes, Inc., and is located in Solon town near the Cedar Springs School Cedar Springs MI. Its residents enjoy open spaces, nature trails, and wooded real estate. Moreover, the area is located a few meters from restaurants, shopping centers, and malls. It will take you less than half an hour to get to downtown.

    If you are interested in this Eastbrook Homes, Inc. community or home for sale, there are many types of houses at sale that you can purchase. They range from houses as small as one-bedrooms, to houses reaching 6,000 square feet (sq ft) in size. Additionally, each house has its unique design, finishing touches and budget. Consequently, you will enjoy the serene environment this real estate has to offer, and the loving community.

    Country Meadows

    This is a small town that is still growing rapidly. Most of the people moving to Country Meadows have been attracted by the new football field, splash pad, and a wide range of public parks. Another reason people like these homes for sale in Cedar Springs, is the proximity this real estate is to Grand Rapids and downtown Sparta. This well-planned Cedar Springs MI neighborhood offers modern home designs going for about $200,000.

    Squire’s Corner

    Squire’s Corner is another Eastbrook Homes, Inc. community and is an exclusive gated neighborhood with good roads and excellent real estate for home sites near Cedar Springs MI. The community has lots that are ideal for privacy and guests. Some of the Cedar Springs MI homes look like those in Newport and Berkshire, because of the designer home plans.

    Squire’s Corner is less than 10 minutes away from major scenic sites and standard amenities in Rockford. These homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI, are about half an hour away from downtown Grand Rapids. This means that homeowners in Squire’s Corner can enjoy natural attractions such as Brower Lake Nature Preserve and boat rides in Grand Rapids.

    Generally, living in this Cedar Springs MI community comes with conveniences such as access to a Catholic School, sophisticated serenity, and secular public institutions of learning. Other conveniences include things such as trailer parks, dining, shopping, and music festivals. The Cedar Springs MI homes for sale sizes start from 4,000 square meters, and most of these homes at sale are energy efficient with smart technology devices.

    Wolven Ridge

    Wolven Ridge is known for its real estate housing spectacular terrains and riverbanks. Similarly, the nearby Rogue River creates a beautiful environment that is ideal for settling in. With the 131 Expressway making its way through the nearby Algoma Township, commercial real estate developers are rushing to the area to put up several new construction buildings. One of these new construction buildings is along the 14 Mile Northland Drive. This is a bedroom community near the White Pine Trail State Park.

    The nearby Algoma Township is home to the Sparta area schools, Rockford public schools, and Cedar Springs public schools. All of these are school districts with a high-quality education. Residents of Wolven Ridge appreciate the community’s idyllic lifestyle, especially the recreation opportunities, open real estate layout and green parks.

    These homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI, vary from one seller to another, but a traditional 2,700 square foot home at sale can go for about $500,000. These homes come with an equipped kitchen and an expansive kitchen island.

    You may also request fireplaces and oversized decks for family entertainment. Many homes have ceramic tile flooring and luxurious bathrooms. Some people even construct buildings with stone fireplaces.

    Hidden Canyon

    Rising above the majestic rolling hills of Canonsburg is yet another Eastbrook Homes Inc. community, the Hidden Canyon. It’s a community with unbeatable sunset views and it’s real estate offers natural sceneries. Moreover, shopping and going out is not a complicated endeavor because the Canonsburg township is located 15 minutes away from the Hidden Canyon neighborhood. Alternatively, you can access other things in downtown Grand Rapids, which is just 20 minutes away.

    Perhaps the biggest attraction for the Hidden Canyon community is the Cannonsburg Ski Park. The ski area is famous for concerts, mountain biking, trails, zip lining, skiing, among other year-round fun events.

    Once you have finished enjoying yourself at the Cannonsburg Ski Area, you can head over to the Grist Mill or the Honey Creek Inn for the latest delicacies. The chefs prepare dinner appetizers and healthy breakfasts. As the latest homeowner at the Hidden Canyon community, your home will be close to the legendary downtown Rockford parks and shopping malls.

    All in all, single-family homes of about 2,300 square feet sell for $350,000 here, while a double-story family home of about 4,000 square feet goes for $700,000. Many houses have ensuite rooms sitting on a one-acre compound of real estate. Security is guaranteed, and crime levels are near zero.

    Brookside’s Heritage

    The Brookside Heritage is a new construction real estate development near the Greenville school district. Each house sits on a 1-acre parcel of land near the Brookside golf course. Moreover, the gated community is walking distance from Lincoln Lake. Residents have access to boat rides and golfing activities right by their homes.

    Those who want to go shopping have a variety of places that they can visit. For instance, there is the Greenville mall as well as the nearby Cedar Springs shopping in Cedar Springs MI center. Above all, you will enjoy a peaceful and quiet setting amid attractive natural real estate, restaurants and retail centers.

    Students don’t have to travel long distances to go to school. Brookside Heritage is a gated community with many schools nearby, including the Greenville High School, the Greenville Middle School, and the Lincoln Heights Elementary School. Most of the schools are located less than five miles from the community.

    First-time visitors to this new construction development are amazed by the many open spaces within the Brookside Heritage neighborhood. With the wind blowing over the mature trees and birds flying over the oversized homesites, it is one of the best places in Cedar Springs for a young family.

    Iron Horse Estates

    The Belding school district is known for many things, including its proximity to the Iron.

    Horse Estates. This is a gated piece of real estate with features that are hard to come by. There is a world-class golf course, a Double R Ranch, and the Flat River Trail. It is rare to find a vacant house because people like the peaceful ambiance and opportunities available at the Iron Horse Estates.

    You don’t have to worry about social amenities because there is a nearby downtown district. In addition to the several points dotted all over the Flat River, there are numerous parks and a Belding Museum. Your family will enjoy fun scenery as they head to school or the shopping center.

    Education has been taken care of at the Belding Area. In that light, there is the Belding Senior High School, the Belding Middle School, the Woodview Elementary School and the Ellis Elementary School. Each of these schools has received several educational awards locally and statewide.

    Because of its real estates’s rather great ambiance, the community’s houses can be pricey. A typical four-bedroom house starts at $250,000, and three-bedroom houses start at $200,000. However, you can regularly check to see if a new house has been posted for sale.


    Moving to Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in Cedar Springs MI is a wise but challenging position. There are many factors to consider in choosing the perfect Cedar Springs MI real estate homes for sale. No matter if you are looking for an existing five star real estate near Cedar Springs, or fairly new construction, finding the ideal real estate homes for sale can be daunting. That being said, this list of real estate homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI, should help you to get started.

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