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    Should I Rent or Own A Mobile Home In Cedar Springs, Michigan

    8 months ago · · Comments Off on Should I Rent or Own A Mobile Home In Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Should I Rent or Own A Mobile Home In Cedar Springs, Michigan

    Justin Becker

    Updated: June 8, 2020

    Michigan is full of seemingly sleepy little towns. If you take a closer look, you will see these towns offer a rich history and are actually bustling cities. Take Cedar Springs; this small Michigan city is located north of Grand Rapids and has a population of over 3,500 people. Here residents enjoy a wealth of job opportunities, wholesome neighborhoods, affordable housing options, excellent schools, outdoor recreation, and amazing attractions. Thus, deciding to put down roots in Cedar Springs is not only easy, but it is also smart—this is a great place to live, work, and play.

    Cedar Springs does offer a small-town American vibe, but this city is also a part of the fourth largest county in Michigan; therefore, you have the best of both worlds. So, what are you waiting for? If you are considering purchasing or renting a mobile home in Cedar Springs, but need a little help deciding, we have got you covered. Here are the three vital things you should consider when looking for a mobile home, plus a few reasons you should either buy or rent a mobile home in Cedar Springs.

    What To Consider When Looking For A Mobile Home

    In general, when looking for a mobile home to buy or rent, you should be clear on three specific things—your budget, current lifestyle, and your future plans. Clearly, understanding your budget will help you determine if you can purchase a mobile home or if it’s better, given your financial situation, to rent. Remember, mobile homes are just like traditional homes. Therefore, you should expect to have a few monthly costs associated with upkeep, maintenance, and more. If adding a mortgage to that equation sends you into a panic, you might just be a renter.

    Another critical component to consider is your current lifestyle. If you are working 24/7 or do not have time to handle repairs/other issues that will inevitably pop-up, then now might not be the right time to purchase a mobile home. The truth is most renters are not typically responsible for repairs and regular maintenance. If that sounds comforting, then you should rent. There is no shame in being honest about not wanting to mow the lawn, shovel the driveway, or repair the fridge.  Besides, you already know which camp you belong to if just the thought of a broken water heater sends you and your finances into a tizzy.

    Moreover, considering what the future may hold is essential when figuring out what type of housing commitment you can make. If you plan on traveling most months out of the year, want to start a family, or are contemplating a job that is 50 miles away, all these things need to be factored into your decision. Purchasing a mobile home might be the best option if you are looking to raise your growing family in Cedar Springs. That being said, if you plan to be always gone and never home, you might want to rent instead. Likewise, no one wants a 100-mile commute to work every day; renting will allow for more flexibility if you happen to find a fantastic job opportunity far from home.

    Renting In Cedar Springs

    Choosing to rent a mobile home in Cedar Springs is ideal if you are looking for lower upfront costs and more flexible relocation options. If you decide to rent, you do not have to pay property taxes or other significant expenses that come with buying a home, like a down payment or maintenance costs. Instead, as a renter, you only have to concern yourself with a security deposit, rent, renter’s insurance, and utilities. All of this makes renting a mobile home in a bustling city like Cedar Springs the obvious choice if you are not ready to put down/aside a significant amount of money to purchase your home.

    Along those same lines, when you choose to rent, you typically have fixed long-term costs. As a result, you’ll be responsible for your standard utilities, but outside of that, there are no surprises when it comes to other non-rent related costs. In fact, the landlord or property management company generally handles the majority, if not all, of the other expenses. Think major repairs like a new roof, broken appliances, or plumbing and electrical issues—none of these are your responsibility as a renter. Thus, with a little certainty, it becomes much easier to budget and stick to it.

    Yet another benefit of renting is you can move out with less red tape. As long as you are adhering to your lease terms, you can give proper notice and move to a new town or city. Clearly, it’s not that simple when you own a mobile home.  In fact, a variety of arrangements need to be made including, finding a real estate agent, putting your home on the market, getting an appraisal/inspection, and generally selling your home before moving.

    Buying In Cedar Springs

    Purchasing a mobile home, on the other hand, affords slightly different benefits. For starters, when you buy, there is a certain amount of freedom that comes with owning a mobile home.  This means you can remodel and decorate your home any way you see fit (paint rooms without worry about having to repaint, upgrade the kitchen, etc.). Of course, décor and renovations are often the fun parts of homeownership for many, so let’s get into some of the financial benefits.

    When you buy a mobile home, you typically need financing or a mortgage loan. Financing typically comes with a down payment and interest, but there is an upside —you are able to expand your payment options. In other words, you have a variety of lenders to choose from, and you may even be entitled to incentives that will save you hundreds. Moreover, your mortgage payment is often less than what your monthly rent would be. Consequently, if you are looking to settle down in Cedar Springs and want to save money while creating equity, then say hello to homeownership.

    Lastly, when you purchase your mobile home instead of renting, if you are like most people, you feel as though you are working towards something. Even if this mobile home is not your forever home, as a homeowner, you can choose to sell and make your money back or turn a profit during resale with improvements and upgrades.  In contrast, if you decide not to sell, then you can keep your mobile home in the family for generations to come. Furthermore, having a mortgage means you are that much closer to owning property and have a steady living situation. Obviously, when you rent, you may not feel the same way or get that sense of satisfaction that comes from giving your all to something that’s just yours.

    Final Thoughts

    At the end of the day, opting to buy or rent is a personal decision that comes with a host of pros and cons. So, try not to get bogged down in your lists. Moving is already stressful enough without all the particulars. Ultimately, there is no wrong or right choice here. Instead, it is a matter of what will work and what works best. Therefore, you should stay focused on what you need and want out of your living situation. If you do that, you will have your answer in no time at all. Remember, you have already completed the first step—choosing where to live. So, whether you are a buyer or renter, Cedar Springs’ welcoming committee is ready for you.

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    Justin Becker

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