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    Mobile Homes for Sale in Grand Rapids vs. Cedar Springs, MI

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Mobile Homes for Sale in Grand Rapids vs. Cedar Springs, MI

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Grand Rapids vs. Cedar Springs, MI

    The mobile home industry has been booming in the past ten years, like never before. People have now resorted to either buying or renting manufactured homes, as opposed to stick-built homes.

    This can be attributed to the fact that a mobile home is more affordable and has a higher speed of construction. You can also relocate with the home, from one place to another, if you find a new place of work in a different city.


    If you reside in Michigan, two key places where you can find homes for sale are Cedar Springs and Grand Rapids, MI. Here, you’ll have several mobile home options to select from.

    This article will compare what it’s like to live in a mobile home in Cedar Springs vs. Grand Rapids.

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Grand Rapids

    There are several homes that you can buy in Grand Rapids, MI. Let’s look at the pros and cons of purchasing a mobile home here.

    Benefits of Settling in Grand Rapids Mobile Homes

    Variety of Home Options

    If there is something you’ll appreciate about buying a home in Grand Rapids, MI, it is that there are a variety of options to choose from. Most of the available home options are also affordable.

    housing unit

    Below are the top 14 mobile home options you can consider, with their respective addresses and prices:

    • Southwood Village, Grand Rapids, MI 49548: $85,995
    • Brentwood Village, Grand Rapids, MI 49548: $104,995
    • Pinebrook Village, Grand Rapids, MI 49548: $68,995
    • Cutler Estate, Grand Rapids, MI 49548: $52,995
    • Pinebrook Village, Grand Rapids, MI 49548: $68,995
    • Champion Mobile Homes for Sale, 333 N. Edinburgh Grand Rapids, Mi 49548: $60,755
    • Crest Homes, 321 Saber Grand Rapids, MI 49548: $44,995
    • Clayton Homes, 286 N. Edinburg Grand Rapids, MI 49548: $62,900
    • Cutler Estate, 196 Scabbard St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548: $42,995
    • Alpine Meadows, Grand Rapids, MI 49544: $100, 995
    • Clayton Mobile Home, 3628 Boyne Grand Rapids, MI 49544: $42,995
    • Crest Homes, 3740 Sugar Loaf Grand Rapids, MI 49544: $40, 995
    • Alpine Meadows, 3785 Stowe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544: $34,995
    • Alpine Meadows, 3503 Pineknob Grand Rapids, MI 49544: $41,995

    An Impressive Downtown

    The rise in mobile homes, and residents occupying these homes, has increased tourism in the area.

    The downtown area offers various exciting avenues for activities such as sightseeing, entertainment, and shopping. All of this is within a 10-minute walk from any mobile home community.

    Impressive Downtown

    The streets are also clean, and the people are friendly. A team of local citizens called Safety Ambassadors have dedicated themselves to ensuring that the Grand Rapids’ environment is always beautiful and eco-friendly.

    The downtown area, therefore, offers a blend of new developments and a rich history. For instance, you can access the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum, which boasts many great attractions.

    Exquisite Gardens and Mobile Home Communities

    Many people prefer to settle in Grand Rapids, MI 49544 due to the location’s beautiful landscapes and gardens.

    For instance, the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids has become an international attraction for tourists. It features five indoor theme gardens, natural trails, outdoor gardens, Michigan’s largest tropical conservatory, sculpture galleries, education center, meeting rooms, a library, and a cafe.

    The mobile home communities in the area also have some of the best features you’ll ever come across.


    Noisy Neighborhood

    Although buying a manufactured home in Grand Rapids has its benefits, there is also a downside. If you don’t like settling in noisy neighborhoods, then Grand Rapids, MI 49544 isn’t the place for you.

    Grand Rapids Michigan skyline

    There is always something noisy going on, including concerts at Rosa Parks Circle and loud music from the Polish Festivals. During winter, there are still noisy ice skating activities.

    This makes it tough to buy a home and settle in a home park here.

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Cedar Springs

    Apart from buying a mobile home and settling in Grand Rapids, MI 49544, you can also settle about 20 miles away in Cedar Springs.

    Cedar Springs is a small town that offers many features, especially as far as mobile home living is concerned.

    Cedar Springs is a small town

    If you’re here for some more convincing, let’s look at the benefits of living in one of Cedar Springs’ mobile homes.

    Benefits of Settling in Cedar Springs Mobile Homes

    Strategic Location

    If you expect to be traveling a lot within Kent County, then you should strongly consider one of the mobile homes in Cedar Springs. These mobile homes are strategically located in critical locations.

    For instance, most places in the town are just about 20 miles from Grand Rapids, as mentioned before, and about 26 miles from Wyoming, Michigan. At the same time, Cedar Springs is only a few hours from Milwaukee, and 10 miles from Rockford.

    Plenty of Fun Activities

    Although Cedar Springs is a small town, there are many fun activities to engage in within the mobile home communities, or even outside of them. For instance, inside the communities, different activities are organized to bring people together.

    The city is popular for the Red Flannel Festival, which is the longest-running and famous festival in the state of Michigan. The festival involves the display of arts and crafts, amazing parades, and a horseshoe throwing contest.

    Red Flannel Festival

    If you love nature, then Cedar Springs doesn’t disappoint. There are several parks within walking distances of Cedar’s mobile home communities where you can walk with pets or enjoy quality time with family.

    If you love quality foods, there are more than enough restaurants for you. There are also various activities to entertain you and keep you occupied within the city limits.

    Affordable Living

    Another great reason you should settle in Cedar Springs is its quality and affordable living. The average cost of living in Cedar Springs is 6.5% lower than the rest of the country.

    Luxury caravan

    Most of the available mobile home units are very affordable in this town. The real estate market here is also flexible. You’ll, therefore, be presented with plenty of options.

    The mobile homes here have excellent features, including spacious floor plans, beautiful kitchens & bathrooms, quality parking, granite countertops, and more.

    You will absolutely get the most bang for your buck here in Cedar Springs.

    Security and Growth Opportunities

    Most of the manufactured home communities in Cedar Springs guarantee the security of their tenants. For instance, the residential areas are appropriately lit. This keeps the crime rates lower than other parts of the county. The mobile homes here, therefore, are safe and secure.

    The Red Flannel Movement

    Not to mention, Cedar Springs is currently experiencing an upswing in opportunities. There are so many business opportunities in the city that you can grab, so don’t let the size of this town fool you.


    Difficult to Search for a Mobile Home

    It isn’t easy to search for a mobile home in Cedar Springs, even though it’s a small town.

    old manufactured home

    You may have to involve a realtor to assist you in looking for a home. However, even if a realtor helps you, you should acquaint yourself with your family dynamics and neighborhood characteristics.

    If you do this, you’ll get a perfect manufactured home for yourself in Cedar Springs.

    The Final Verdict

    If you’d like to purchase a mobile home and settle in Michigan, Cedar Springs is the best place to consider living. This small town has affordable homes and is also secure, with plenty of opportunities and fun.

    However, you can’t go wrong by settling in Grand Rapids, MI 49544, if the homes there meet your requirements.

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    Cedar Springs, MI: Amazing Reasons to Live Here

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Cedar Springs, MI: Amazing Reasons to Live Here

    Cedar Springs, MI: Amazing Reasons to Live Here

    Cedar Springs is a town in Michigan with a population of around 4,000. This city is situated in Kent County and is just 20 minutes north of downtown Grand Rapids.

    Cedar Springs, MI

    Unlike the bigger city of Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs offers its residents a suburban and rural mix and feel within its community, and most of the residents here own their own homes.

    Red Cedar Springs

    According to studies, Cedar Springs residents tend to live a more conservative lifestyle; unlike its counterpart, Grand Rapids. The town boasts a very tight, yet vibrant business district, numerous Cedar Springs parks and rec areas, and famous lakes.

    Cedar Springs is very popular for its Red Flannel Festival that celebrates the very famous “drop-seat” long johns and nightwear. Learn more about the history of the Red Flannel Festival here.

    Top Things To Do in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    ●      Visit Cedar Springs Brewing Company

    A well-known Bavarian-style restaurant, wine-maker and distiller that is located in the heart of town. It is one of our top five Cedar Springs restaurants to dine-in at.

    ●      Visit the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail

    This is a 92 mile long linear trail state park. The whole 92-mile section is open from Cadillac to Comstock Park.

    It has 13 miles of asphalt pavement from Reed City to Big Rapids, and around 7 miles of asphalt pavement from just north of Rockford to Belmont.

    ●      Participate in the Red Flannel Festival

    This is one of the longest running festivals in all of Michigan! Celebrated every autumn with amazing parades, arts & craft shows, car shows, horseshoe throwing contests, lumberjack suppers, and more.

    The Red Flannel Movement

    Where to Eat in Cedar Springs, Michigan

    There are lots of places to eat here in Cedar Springs, Michigan. The most notable of them all are as follows:

    ●      Sue’s Country Kitchen

    ●      Classic Kelly’s Family Restaurant

    ●      Jose’s Restauranté

    ●      Main Street Restaurants

    Houses for Sale and Rent in Cedar Springs

    If you are planning to move and stay in Michigan for good, surely you will be looking for houses for rent and homes for sale that you can call your own.

    Here at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we offer a number of mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI and mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI. Some are even offered as rent-to-own mobile homes that will surely fit your budget.

    For more information on our homes for rent and for sale, contact Cedar Springs Mobile Estates today.

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