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    The Best Mobile Home Living Cities In Kent County, Michigan

    5 months ago · · Comments Off on The Best Mobile Home Living Cities In Kent County, Michigan

    The Best Mobile Home Living Cities In Kent County, Michigan

    We have come up with a list of the five best cities in Kent County Michigan we recommend moving to in order to enjoy mobile home living to the fullest. Various cities across Kent County Michigan are home to wonderful mobile home communities with modern homes that include top of the line stylish home fittings that are perfect for all of your needs.

    Kent County, on a map, is situated on the western side of the state of Michigan. In this article we discuss what mobile home living can offer residents in the cities of Cedar Springs, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Wyoming, and Kentwood, in Kent County Michigan.

    Cedar Springs

    Our top pick of places offering the best mobile home living in Kent County Michigan is Cedar Springs.

    There is without a doubt a warm and welcoming atmosphere to living in this small Kent County neighborhood.

    Cedar Springs, situated in Kent County Michigan, is a friendly close-knit neighborhood, with a small population of just under 4,000 inhabitants, where residents are very supportive and look out for one another in a community spirited manner.

    It is a great place for retirees

    Cedar Springs Michigan is home to a variety of fantastic mobile home communities, which are fantastic places to choose to kick back and lead a relaxed way of life, especially for those in their retirement years. Cedar Springs is an ideal neighborhood for the more elderly members of the community that are looking to live in serene, small, and conservative minded towns.

    Retirees In Kent County Michigan

    There are always plenty of social events on offer in Cedar Springs, which allows retired people to live a healthy enjoyable social life during their retirement years. However, those from younger generations fear not, the elderly members of the community in Cedar Springs are also open-minded, neighborly and welcoming to others of all ages too.

    So much to see and do

    Of the long list of things to do here, one key event in the town’s social calendar, which stands out in particular, is the annual local Red Flannel Festival. This has been celebrated in Cedar Springs for over 80 years now, and is a fun filled day of parades, photographs, pie-eating contests, arts and crafts activities, and more. Residents go out into the bustling town wearing the traditional ‘red flannels’ which pays homage to the town’s lumber industry and historic past.

    A great place to go and visit in Cedar Springs is the Cedar Springs Brewing Company, located in the center of the town. The brewery serves traditional Bavarian and American beers, as well as craft beers too. The kitchen also offers customers a traditional pub food menu and a Bavarian German food menu.

    The Kent Theatre is another landmark in Cedar Springs that we recommend you go and visit. The theatre has a rich history and is over 120 years old. After sadly being closed in 1975, it was reopened again by the Cedar Springs Theatre Association in 1998. A set of dedicated volunteers throughout the years have worked tirelessly to fundraise for improvements to the historic venue. The Kent Theatre is now run by the community and is community-owned, showing regular movies, live theatre performances, and hosting public presentations. The Kent Theatre is a real jewel in the crown of this Kent County towns community.

    Our top recommendation for the best mobile home community in Cedar Springs Michigan: Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    The Cedar Springs Mobile Estates mobile home community is conveniently located at only a one mile walk away from  bars, restaurants, the local museum, and the public library, all of which is around the center of the town of Cedar Springs Michigan.

    Strong local economy

    There are plenty of employment opportunities in and around the Cedar Springs area. There are also several other cities, such as Grand Rapids, that are at an easy driving distance from Cedar Springs, with successful economies and lots of job opportunities.

    Kent County is one of the most rapidly growing counties in the state of Michigan, being a commercial hub home to many modernization projects and fast-growing industries.

    At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can either choose to purchase one of their manufactured homes for sale, or find homes for rent.


    Mobile homes at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates Michigan will in no way ruin you financially. In fact, their homes are extremely affordable and a sound investment. Purchasing one of the luxurious mobile homes for sale on the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates site list will cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000.

    More space on offer

    Leasing one of the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates single or double-wide mobile homes will provide you with a much larger amount of space than you will be able to find in the majority of apartments for rent in Michigan, with their residences ranging in size from an impressive 1,000 to 2,500 square feet.

    Are you seeking a comfortable premium mobile home living experience? Then you are in luck! The homes on offer at the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates boast luxury features for residents such as multiple bathroom suites, upgraded high quality flooring, upgraded top of the line countertops, full-size gourmet design oak kitchens, stone fireplaces and spa-like bathtubs.

    If it is ideal mobile home living you are after, there are not many better cities to choose to live in than Cedar Springs in Kent County Michigan.

    Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids is a city with a vastly greater population (with approximately 201,000 residents according to the US census conducted in 2019) compared to the smaller cities in Kent County Michigan. Therefore, there is a large array of different housing options available, with many different mobile home communities in operation in the Grand Rapids urban area. So it is safe to say that this is one of the towns in Kent County that you will find yourself spoiled for choice when searching for mobile home communities in the Grand Rapids area!

    If you are looking to achieve a more peaceful life by moving to a mobile home community in Grand Rapids, we recommend looking for a mobile home park located in the suburbs, or outside of the hustling and bustling high populated central urban areas.

    In terms of transport, the Intercity Bus Service runs daily following the indian trails, connecting Grand Rapids to other significant towns and cities across the state of Michigan such as Flint, Detroit and Kalamazoo, just to name a few.

    Grand Rapids is also very accessible by car, served by several highways and interstates going both in and out of the city. There are also thousands of car parking spaces available in multi-storey lots in downtown Grand Rapids.


    The small city of Rockford in Kent County Michigan is situated approximately eight miles south of Cedar Springs, and only a 20–25-minute car journey from Grand Rapids. Its population is small at 10,000, however this is considerably higher in comparison to Cedar Springs.

    Through carrying out research online and searching through pages on real estate websites, you will find that there are a range of mobile home communities in Rockford with mobile homes on offer to both rent or purchase.

    Woodlands Estates, Rockford, is a welcoming family-friendly manufactured home community with communal areas and on site activities for residents to benefit from, such as their clubhouse and swimming pool.

    Living in Rockford you will very much feel immersed in rural countryside life, however you will also have the benefits of being located close to key useful local amenities such as shops, schools, workplaces, and so on.

    Are you a family looking to move to a mobile home community in the Rockford Michigan area? If so, you should be happy to know that many of the schools in the Rockford School District come with impressively good ratings.


    Wyoming in Kent County, Michigan is the third most populous of the cities in West Michigan, and a good choice of neighborhood to move to if you are looking to follow an enjoyable mobile home living way of life.

    For example, Ferrand Estates is a wonderful mobile home community to move to! There are plenty of fantastic communal facilities on offer at the site, such as their indoor pool, sauna, spa, fitness center, clubhouse, playground, picnic area and laundry facilities.


    Kentwood is one of the small peaceful towns in Kent County, and is located less than 10 miles South of the city of Grand Rapids. It is also in very close proximity to major highways, excellent restaurants, good schools in the Kentwood Schools District, and an array of handy local shops!

    The new mobile homes available for lease at the Kentwood Mobile Home Community  come fitted with brand new household appliances, air conditioning, and washer dryer hookups. Residents are also given two assigned parking spaces reserved for their usage only and the community is pet-friendly with dogs and cats allowed to stay for a monthly fee.

    Cities In Kent County Michigan


    Overall, we recommend carrying out a wide range of web page searches online to ensure that you are able to find a mobile home community in a location in Kent County which is ideal and the most suitable for you. Our top pick regarding the best cities for mobile home living in Kent County is Cedar Springs.

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    Best Kent County Mobile Home Community: Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    8 months ago · · Comments Off on Best Kent County Mobile Home Community: Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    Best Kent County Mobile Home Community: Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    If you are currently considering mobile home living in Kent County, then you probably have a few questions about renting or purchasing a mobile residence. Since you have likely heard good things about Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you may be wondering why so many people choose to live here. Well, the good news is you have come to the right place for answers. Here are ten reasons why Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is the best mobile home community in Kent County.

    Affordable Contemporary Living

    The first reason why Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is the best community in the County is because they offer affordable contemporary living like you have never seen before. Here, there are modern mobile homes with unique floor plans available for both purchase and rent. These manufactured homes have contemporary home features, and regardless of whether you choose to finance one or lease, there is no denying that these mobile homes are inexpensive.

    Unparalleled Level of Privacy

    The second reason why you should consider Cedar Springs Mobile Estates above all others is because they offer an unparalleled level of privacy. Not only do you have the additional privacy that many people crave when leaving apartment living, but you also have ample living space so you do not feel like you are right on top of your neighbors and you can enjoy relaxing in your own yard, or even on your own porch. Here, this community’s mobile residences have similar home features to that of traditional stick built homes. As a result, you feel like you live in more of a suburban neighborhood versus a multifamily housing development.

    Amazing Amenities

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates also offers its residents top-notch communal amenities. Here, you will find open green spaces, picnic areas, pet potty designated areas, a Community Center, a playground, and more. Though this may seem slightly different than the amenities you would have in an apartment, that is okay. The goal here with Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is to create a sense of real community and to make its residents feel like they are living in a well maintained thriving neighborhood versus a multifamily building or your more traditional mobile home communities.

    More Living Space

    Another great thing about opting to live in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is that you have real options when it comes to the amount of living space you can have. In other words, you have your choice of more than one style of mobile home. Here, you can choose from single-wide or double-wide manufactured residences, and both have unique floor plans that provide even more living space than other mobile home communities in the area, or if you opted to live in apartments. Many larger manufactured homes here have up to 4 bedrooms at an affordable price, for example.

    The Community

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates also offers a close-knit community vibe or atmosphere. Here people look out for one another, especially now more so than ever, and the property management staff treats the residents like the family they truly are. Having a sense of community is one of the nice things about living in a mobile home park in general — you connect more with your neighbors on a deeper level than you normally would with other types of housing. Also, here at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, being there for your neighbors and helping each other out when you can is just a way of life.

    Nearby Conveniences

    Yet another reason that Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is the best mobile home community in Kent County is because of its prime location. This mobile home community has easy access to local major roads and freeways. Plus, this mobile home park is only a short distance away from practically anything you could need, including grocery stores, entertainment options, outdoor recreation and top-quality schools.

    Lower Utility and Maintenance Costs

    What’s more is residents and tenants typically pay less in utility or maintenance costs. This is because the maintenance staff here at Cedar Springs Mobile Estate is second to none. Moreover, with energy-efficient appliances, people tend to use less in the way of natural resources, and therefore, their monthly utility bills are usually lower.

    The Extra Savings

    Along those same lines, residents and tenants at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates tend to have a little extra money left over each month. Of course, you can thank the lowered utility bills, lack of major repair/maintenance cost and the overall affordability that comes with mobile home living for this.

    On another note, with all the uncertainty in the world today, the management team at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates has made it their mission to go above and beyond to help their community. By helping residents and tenants get back on their feet in 2020 with donations through food drives, as well as finding them additional assistance where possible.

    Pride Of Homeownership

    For people looking to purchase a mobile home at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you will be glad to know that homes here are affordable and easy to finance, thanks to their available in-house financing options. So, if you have always wanted to own your own home but thought you need top notch credit, a large down payment and over $100,000 on hand, then think again. Here, at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can enjoy the pride of homeownership and still come out on top financially.

    The Styles and Options of Mobile Homes

    Finally, as briefly alluded to, people flock to Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in Kent County because there is a wealth of styles and options when it comes to the layout of their available mobile residences. Having ample options then allows future residents and tenants the opportunity to find exactly what they are looking for in a manufactured home. Besides having contemporary style homes and open-concept layouts, there are a few home details which you can customize in the event that you are purchasing a mobile residence here. As a result, when you drive into Cedar Spring Mobile Estates, you will notice a true community with different houses, which, in our opinion, makes it feel all the more like home.

    Bonus Reason – The Management Team

    A bonus reason worth mentioning is the management team at Cedar Springs Mobile Estate. This mobile home community is family owned and operated, first and foremost. Thus, the management team and staff are real people who can be reached day or night and care about their residents and tenants. Nowadays, being able to talk to real live people about questions and concerns is a rarity, so this is a big bonus here. Moreover, with management sponsored resident and tenant appreciation events, people are treated like extended family here, which is yet another perk you will not find often.

    Take Away

    Ultimately, these are just a handful of reasons why you should consider moving to Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in Kent County. Why wouldn’t you want to save money, enjoy contemporary living at an affordable price, and feel like you are a part of a community? That said, if you are interested in mobile home living at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, then check the place out for yourself. There are online or virtual tours available and in-person tours by appointment. So what are you waiting for exactly? Come explore your future community and pick out your new mobile home today!

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    Where Are the Most Affordable Areas to Live in Kent County

    10 months ago · · Comments Off on Where Are the Most Affordable Areas to Live in Kent County

    Where Are the Most Affordable Areas to Live in Kent County

    Narrowing down your search when looking for a place to live involves a little work. First, you need to decide on a state, then a county, followed by a city, and finally an apartment or mobile home. The good news is you have already done some of the work by choosing to look at an affordable county in Michigan, such as Kent County. So, really all that you have to do next is pick a city or area that works for you, and then start apartment or home shopping. Thus, to assist you in this process, here are the most affordable areas/cities to live in Kent County.

    Cedar Springs

    One of the most inexpensive cities to live in Kent County is Cedar Springs. This wholesome town has affordable housing of all kinds, including mobile and manufactured homes. Here, you will find amazing public and private schools, a thriving economy, and endless entertainment options—both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, if you are looking for inexpensive contemporary manufactured homes for sale or lease, this is the place to start.

    Grand Rapids

    Only 20 minutes away from Cedar Springs is the city of Grand Rapids. Here, you will find more of an urban atmosphere with inexpensive housing. One of the nice things about Grand Rapids is it offers more of a big city feel, which is ideal for students and young professionals. Plus, since it is so close to Cedar Springs, many people choose to commute to Grand Rapids for work and live in Cedar Springs for a more relaxed as well as a more affordable living experience.

    Kent City

    Number three on the list is none other than Kent City. This area of Kent County has an overall low cost of living. Furthermore, the rate of crime in this area is extremely low. In terms of housing, Kent City offers inexpensive rentals, homes, and more. That said, employment opportunities and high ranked schools are not abundant in Kent City. As a result, this particular city is more suited for retirees.


    In contrast, the city of Kentwood has a population of over 51,000 people and is slightly more expensive than other areas in Kent County. That said, Kentwood is still a relatively inexpensive area to put down roots. So, if you are looking for a big city feel and do not mind the higher rental and real estate prices, then this wonderful city is great for growing families, empty nesters, and young professionals. A few notable perks about this part of Kent County include high-ranked amenities and an overall easy to manage cost of living.


    Yet another affordable area of Kent County worth considering is Sparta. Though this is one of Kent County’s smaller towns with a population of 5,000, it still has a lot to offer for the price. This close-knit community has above-average schools, a low rate of crime, and reasonably priced housing. Thus, it is perfect for growing families, retirees, and young professionals. All in all, if you do not mind the small-town vibe, then Sparta may be the place for you.


    The city of Rockford also has a low cost of living. Moreover, housing in this city is pretty affordable. Here, you will find a large selection of contemporary homes for sale, plus luxury townhouses and condos for rent. Of course, if you are looking for something in between leasing a luxury townhouse or apartment and purchasing a house, you might want to consider other areas of Kent County, like Cedar Springs. Besides semi-affordable homes and townhouses, Rockford has a good health system, decent schools, and an overall suburban feel.


    Next on our list is the city of Wyoming. This particular area of Kent County also has a cost of living that is lower than the national average and highly regarded schools. What’s more, there is inexpensive housing with great amenities. However, the crime rate in Wyoming might be a cause for concern. Furthermore, employment opportunities are, for the most part, scarce. Consequently, if you are looking for inexpensive housing, a new job, and the safest neighborhood, you might just want to try your luck elsewhere.

    Comstock Park

    Comstock Park is actually a suburb of Grand Rapids with a fairly large population of 10,374+ people. Here, you will find a good mix of urban and suburban living. In fact, due to this city’s suburban atmosphere, this specific area is home to families and young professionals. Thus, it only makes sense that housing in Comstock consists of single-family houses for sale or lease, and apartments. Overall, this area has good schools and access to most everyday conveniences.


    Clearly, there is not a shortage of inexpensive places to live in Kent County. The city of Lowell also offers its residents a reasonable cost of living and first-rate housing. Of course, it does not have a double-digit population, so it is not too surprising that housing is more affordable here. Nevertheless, this wholesome town still gets much of its appeal from being closer to larger cities in the area. In terms of educational institutions and available jobs, Lowell is not necessarily leading the charge, but all that really means is you may have to commute for work or school.


    The city of Belmont is yet another area of Kent County worth considering if you are looking for reasonably priced housing. Actually, an unincorporated township, Belmont has a low cost of living and housing that is not too expensive. There is a population of over 10,000 people here, so you will definitely feel like other people are around. Besides decent housing, Belmont has a good economy, above average schools, and easy access to medical services.

    Sand Lake

    Lastly, Sand Lake is a village in Kent County with roughly 500 people. As you can probably guess, there is not a wealth of housing in this little town, but the good news is that Sand Lake does offer fairly affordable lakefront properties. So, if you are looking for a nice waterfront view, then you may not mind calling this particular Kent County village home. Note, since Sand Lake is so small most schools, shopping centers, and everyday amenities are located just outside Sand Lake’s limits.

    Best Choice

    Overall, Kent County has more than a few choices for you to consider. Understandably, this may be a lot to take in, and you probably do not have the time to check out all the cities mentioned above. So, in the interest of time, we have done the research, and it is safe to say that Cedar Springs might be the best option for young professionals, growing families, empty nesters, and even retirees.

    The reason Cedar Springs is the best choice is because it has a lot to offer its residents in the way of affordable contemporary housing, available amenities, schools, and a flourishing economy. Plus, you can have the best of both worlds by living in Cedar Springs and commuting to more expensive cities in the area like Grand Rapids for work, which is only a short drive away.

    Final Note

    Kent County is a good place to consider buying or leasing your next place. That said, if you need help finding your next home or simply would like to learn more about Cedar Springs, then you definitely should contact a Cedar Springs Mobile Estates team member for further assistance. Ultimately, an affordable housing expert can help you find the right accommodations for you, your family, and your budget.

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Kent County

    11 months ago · · Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Kent County

    5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Kent County

    There are a handful of great Michigan counties to consider living in, but none quite like Kent County. This particular region has so much to offer in the way of housing, employment opportunities, education, health care, and entertainment. Overall, Kent County comprises of 21+ townships, nine cities, and five villages. Moreover, it has a population of 602,622+ people. Notable towns in the area include Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, and Kent City.

    If you are looking for a mobile home or a mobile home community to put down some roots in this county, then you definitely have some options. Kent County actually has a wealth of housing options, especially in Cedar Springs and Grand Rapids. Nevertheless, if you are still on the fence about moving to this area of Michigan, we can help. Here are the top five reasons why you should live in Kent County.

    Available Housing

    As briefly mentioned, there is no shortage of available housing in Kent County. As a result, you can easily find great places to live that work for you, your budget, and your family. For instance, this section of the state is more rural and comprised of small, close-knit towns. Thus, you will find quaint homes for sale, affordable mobile home communities, manufactured residences for sale or rent, and reasonably-priced apartments. In particular, there are several top-rated mobile home communities in this county that have amenable perks and communal features.

    Consequently, you can enjoy affordable luxury living with amenities that rival even some of the nicest master-planned neighborhoods. Inside some of these mobile home parks, you will also find the latest contemporary options for manufactured housing. This means you can have full-sized kitchens with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, spa-like bathrooms, custom layouts, and ample storage, all at a fraction of the price.

    Local Economy

    In addition to excellent housing options, Kent County has a thriving local economy. In fact, Kent County is known as a commercial/industrial hub that is one of the fastest-growing in the US. Overall, this county has experienced numerous expansions, modernizations, and renovations, making it a modern-day mecca for all industries. One section that has also seen an increase here is the healthcare or medical field. There are newly constructed medical parks and healthcare clinics popping up everywhere.

    Furthermore, county development projects like DeVos Place Convention Center and Van Andel Arena continue to bring in millions of revenue dollars. As a result, Kent County is one of the more stable counties, economically speaking. What’s more, Kent County has small businesses and a few startups (particularly in Grand Rapids), which has positively affected their entire community or county. With that said, a thriving and innovative economy means that there is an abundance of employment opportunities as well.

    Employment Opportunities

    As previously stated, there is no shortage of job and employment opportunities in Kent County. So, if you are looking for a career change, or even a second job, then you should consider moving to Kent County.

    Thanks to Kent County’s continued dedication to growth and redevelopment, there are always job openings in the commercial and healthcare sectors. Places like Cedar Springs that have a long-standing history with manufacturing, especially when it comes to red flannel apparel, is a great area to start looking for jobs that cater to this industry.

    Alternatively, if you are looking for educational and tech-based opportunities, then larger cities like Grand Rapids are for you. Note, Grand Rapids and Cedar Springs are less than 20 minutes away from each other. As a result, many people choose to live in Cedar Springs for a small-town feel and affordable living while commuting to Grand Rapids for work.

    Accessibility to Medical Services

    Moreover, since there are several medical facilities, urgent cares, and healthcare providers in this county, you can be sure that you will receive top-notch medical services as well. As a resident of Kent County, you will have access to a number of hospitals, both public and non-profit. Therefore, you do not need to drive several hours to the next major city or county to receive specialized care. Plus, with Kent County being located within the vicinity of Michigan State University (MSU), there has been an ongoing partnership of sorts to ensure that people in more rural areas have the necessary access they need.  Furthermore, in order to combat the ongoing pandemic, Kent County is outfitted with testing sites and medical professionals that can treat patients with COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

    Along those same lines, you can also have a rather healthy lifestyle in this county. Think about it, not only can you stay on top of your routine visits, but you can receive emergency medical treatment almost immediately. When coupled with this county’s farm-to-table local produce and recreation, it is much easier to continue on the straight and narrow.

    Education and Higher-Learning Institutions

    Yet another reason to live in Kent County is your access to higher-learning institutions like MSU and this county’s education system. Here, you will find several high-ranking public schools for pre-K, elementary, middle, and grades 8 through 12. Kent County also has great private schools and a handful of nearby charter schools.

    In terms of higher-learning or colleges, Kent County has a multitude of options. For example, there are community colleges like Grand Rapids CC, local universities like Calvin U, faith-based universities such as Grace Christian U, plus trade and tech colleges. Thus, if you are thinking about going back to school or your kids will soon need to consider nearby institutions, then you will be glad to know that you have a wealth of opportunities.

    Other Reasons to Consider

    Last but not least, there are many other reasons to consider making a move to Kent County, such as this county’s outdoor recreation and entertainment options. If you are more of an outdoorsy person, then Kent County has a lot to offer you. For instance, there are countless state parks, sports fields, nature trails, and cycling routes. Even if you prefer to take things a little more slowly, then you can check out the numerous fishing spots, kayak liveries, ski slopes, golf courses, outdoor gardens, and wild animal parks. Kent County also has several recreational centers and facilities for all ages. Thus, it is very unlikely that you will run out of stuff to do here.

    Similarly, Kent County has a plethora of entertainment options for the whole family. So, as a Kent County resident, you can take full advantage of all the kid-friendly activities, shopping, museums, galleries, playhouses, and so on. Moreover, after a fun-filled day of exploring, you can hit up any of the amazing dining options in this county. What’s more, there are distilleries, wineries, plus a fantastic nightlife and bar scene. So, you can enjoy some adult-friendly activities too.

    Final Note

    These are just a handful of reasons you should consider moving to Kent County. Nevertheless, if you would like more information about this county and all it has to offer, then there really is no reason you cannot pop by for a visit. You can explore this region’s entertainment and outdoor recreation spots, check out the schools in the area, taste some of the local cuisines, and maybe scope out a mobile home community or two. Ultimately, no matter what you decide to get into during your visit, you will be hard-pressed to find a reason not to live in Kent County. So, what are you waiting for? Come see if Kent County is right for you and your family.

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