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    Cities in Kent County, Michigan: Best To Live In

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on Cities in Kent County, Michigan: Best To Live In

    Cities in Kent County, Michigan: Best To Live In

    We have come up with a list of the five best cities in Kent County, Michigan that we recommend moving to in order to enjoy mobile home living to the fullest.

    Various cities across Kent County, Michigan are home to wonderful mobile home communities that are equipped with modern homes that include top of the line stylish home fittings, which are perfect for all of your needs.

    Cities in Kent County, Michigan

    Kent County, on a map, is situated on the western side of the state of Michigan. In this article we discuss what mobile home living can offer residents in the cities of Cedar Springs, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Wyoming, and Kentwood, in Kent County, Michigan.

    Cedar Springs

    Our top pick of cities in Kent County, Michigan that offer the best mobile home living is Cedar Springs.

    There is, without a doubt, a warm and welcoming atmosphere to living in this small Kent County, Michigan neighborhood.

    Cedar Springs, situated in Kent County, Michigan, is a friendly close-knit neighborhood, with a small population of just under 4,000 inhabitants, where residents are very supportive and look out for one another, in a community spirited manner.

    Great Place for Retirees

    Cedar Springs, in Kent County, Michigan, is home to a variety of fantastic mobile home communities, which are fantastic places to choose to kick back and lead a relaxed way of life, especially for those in their retirement years.

    Cedar Springs, Kent County, Michigan is an ideal neighborhood for the more elderly members of the community that are looking to live in serene, small, and conservative minded towns.

    There are always plenty of social events on offer in Cedar Springs, Kent County, Michigan, which allows retired people to live a healthy and enjoyable social life, during their retirement years.

    With that said, those from younger generations fear not, the elderly members of this city in Kent County are also open-minded, neighborly and welcoming to others of all-ages, too.

    So Much to See and Do

    Of the long list of things to do in our top choice of cities in Kent County, Michigan, one key event in the town’s social calendar, which stands out in particular, is the annual local Red Flannel Festival.

    This has been celebrated in Cedar Springs, Kent County, Michigan for over 80 years now, and is a fun filled day of parades, photographs, pie-eating contests, arts and crafts activities, and more.

    Residents go out into the bustling town wearing the traditional ‘red flannels,’ which pays homage to the town’s lumber industry and historic past.

    A great place to go and visit in Cedar Springs is the Cedar Springs Brewing Company, located in the center of the town.

    This brewery serves traditional Bavarian and American beers, as well as craft beers too. The kitchen also offers customers a traditional pub food menu and a Bavarian German food menu.

    The Kent Theatre is another landmark in Cedar Springs that we recommend you go and visit.

    The theatre has a rich history and is over 120 years old. After sadly being closed in 1975, it was reopened again by the Cedar Springs Theatre Association in 1998.

    A set of dedicated volunteers throughout the years have worked tirelessly to fundraise for improvements to the historic venue. The Kent Theatre is now run by the community, and is community-owned, showing regular movies, live theatre performances, and hosting public presentations.

    The Kent Theatre is a real jewel in the crown of this Kent County, Michigan community.

    The Best Mobile Home Community in Kent County, Michigan: Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is conveniently located literally a one mile walk away from  bars, restaurants, the local museum, and the public library; all of which is around the center of downtown Cedar Springs, Michigan.

    At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can either choose to purchase manufactured homes for sale, or find homes for rent.

    Strong Local Economy

    There are plenty of employment opportunities in and around the Cedar Springs, Kent County, Michigan area.

    There are also several other cities in Kent County, Michigan, such as Grand Rapids, that are an easy driving distance away from Cedar Springs, which also has a successful economy and lots of job opportunities.

    Kent County, Michigan is one of the most rapidly growing counties in the state, being a commercial hub home to many modernization projects and fast-growing industries.


    Mobile homes at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, in Kent County, Michigan, will in no way ruin you financially.

    In fact, the homes here, in this Michigan County, are extremely affordable and a sound investment. Purchasing one of the luxurious manufactured homes for sale in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates will cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000.

    More Space

    Leasing or buying one of the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates single or double-wide mobile homes, in Kent County, Michigan, will provide you with a much larger amount of space than you will be able to find in the majority of apartments for rent in Michigan.

    These Kent County homes range in size anywhere from 1,000 to an impressive 2,500 square feet.

    Are you seeking a comfortable premium Kent County mobile home living experience? Then you are in luck!

    The homes offered at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, in Kent County, boast luxury features for residents, such as multiple bathroom suites, upgraded high quality flooring, upgraded top of the line countertops, full-size gourmet design oak kitchens, stone fireplaces and spa-like bathtubs.

    If it is ideal mobile home living that you are after, there are not many better cities in Kent County, Michigan to choose to live in than Cedar Springs.

    Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids is a city with a vastly greater population (with approximately 201,000 residents, according to the U.S. Census conducted in 2019) compared to the smaller cities in Kent County, Michigan.

    Therefore, there is a large array of different housing options available, with many different mobile home communities in operation in the Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan urban area.

    So it is safe to say that this is one of the cities in Kent County, Michigan that you will find yourself spoiled for choice when searching for mobile home communities here!

    If you are looking to achieve a more peaceful life, by moving to a mobile home community in Grand Rapids, we recommend looking for a mobile home park located in the suburbs, or outside of the hustling and bustling, high populated central urban areas.

    In terms of transport, the Intercity Bus Service runs daily following the Indian Trails, connecting Grand Rapids to other significant towns and cities in not only Kent County, Michigan, but across the entire state, such as Flint, Detroit and Kalamazoo, just to name a few.

    Grand Rapids is also very accessible by car, served by several highways and interstates going both in and out of the city. There are also thousands of car parking spaces available in multi-storey lots in downtown Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.


    The small city of Rockford, in Kent County, Michigan, is situated approximately eight miles south of Cedar Springs, and only a 20–25-minute car journey from Grand Rapids.

    Its population is small, at around 10,000, however, this is considerably higher in comparison to Cedar Springs.

    Through carrying out research online, like searching through pages on real estate websites, you will find that there are a range of mobile home communities in Rockford, with mobile homes on offer to both rent or purchase.

    Woodlands Estates, in Rockford, is an example of a welcoming family-friendly manufactured home community, equipped with communal areas and on-site activities for residents to benefit from, such as their clubhouse and swimming pool.

    Living in Rockford, you will very much feel immersed in rural countryside life, while having the benefits of being located close to key useful local amenities, such as shops, schools, workplaces, and so on.

    Are you a family looking to move to a mobile home community in the Rockford, Kent County, Michigan area? If so, you should be happy to know that many of the schools in the Rockford School District come with impressively good ratings.


    Wyoming, another one of our top cities in Kent County, Michigan, is the third most populous in West Michigan, and is a good choice of neighborhood to move to if you are looking to follow an enjoyable mobile home living way of life.

    For example, Ferrand Estates is a wonderful mobile home community to move to! There are plenty of fantastic communal facilities on offer at this mobile home park, such as their indoor pool, sauna, spa, fitness center, clubhouse, playground, picnic area and laundry facilities.


    Kentwood is one of the small peaceful cities in Kent County, Michigan, and is located less than 10 miles south of the city of Grand Rapids.

    It is also in very close proximity to major highways, excellent restaurants, good schools, in the Kentwood Schools District, and an array of handy local shops!

    The new mobile homes available for lease at the Kentwood Mobile Home Community  come fitted with brand new household appliances, air conditioning, and washer/dryer hookups.

    Residents are also given two assigned parking spaces in this mobile home park, reserved for their usage only, and the community is pet-friendly, with dogs and cats allowed to stay for a monthly fee.


    Overall, we recommend carrying out a wide range of web page searches online to ensure that you are able to find a mobile home community, in a location in Kent County, Michigan, that is ideal and most suitable for you and your family.

    Our top pick regarding the best cities in Kent County, Michigan, for mobile home living, is hands-down Cedar Springs!

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    Best Mobile Homes for Sale in Kent County, MI

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Best Mobile Homes for Sale in Kent County, MI

    Best Mobile Homes for Sale in Kent County, MI

    The mobile home industry has undergone a great transformation over the past decade. Many people are now opting to settle in manufactured homes thanks to their affordability and easy maintenance.

    One place you can easily find quality mobile home units in the United States is Kent County, MI. Here, you can access different mobile home communities with exciting mobile home amenities.

    Residential mobile park home estate grand rapids mi 49548

    Here,we take a look at the top communities where you can locate an exciting mobile home in Kent County, MI.

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Kent County, MI

    Below are some of the top mobile home communities where you will find quality mobile homes for sale in Kent County, MI:

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    If you are looking for your dream mobile home, in a fantastic mobile home community, look no further than Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates provides manufactured homes and mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI and modular homes for sale.

    Caravan site park aerial view grand rapids mi 49548

    This mobile home community is located in Cedar Springs and is a perfect spot for young professionals, retirees, and growing families.

    In the mobile home park, people always work together to encourage a sense of community and belonging.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is an all-age community, and you can even bring along your pet.

    The mobile home community is about 20 minutes from Grand Rapids, MI, and 5 minutes from Rockford. The community is also close to exciting shopping destinations, recreational facilities, and commercial centers.

    Mobile homes in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates are developed with more affordable, but durable, materials, making the houses very well-priced.

    Luxury caravan grand rapids mi 49544

    What’s also worth mentioning is that all mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI here are developed to be energy-efficient.

    And if either you or your family likes to have fun, there are several activities to partake in. For instance, you can visit the lakes for fishing, or even go camping.

    If you’re looking for a mobile home anywhere in Kent County, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is the best place to go.

    Southwood Village in SE Grand Rapids, MI 49548

    This amazing mobile home community is found at 440 60th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548. It’s also among the best and most reliable mobile home communities in Kent County, and the Grand Rapids, MI 49548 area.

    Caravans grand rapids mi 49544

    The Southwood Village mobile home community offers residents a small-town charm and a picturesque residential community.

    The community also offers a balance between diversity and culture. It’s, therefore, the best place to start life, especially for the younger generation.

    Some of the amenities that you’ll interact with here in Southwood Village Grand Rapids, MI 49548 include:

    ●     Beautiful clubhouses that have fully equipped kitchens

    ●     You’ll get a chance to spend time in the community’s swimming pool

    ●     There are two playgrounds where children can play during their free time

    ●     There are planned activities, such as quilting lessons on Thursday

    ●     On-site management is available most of the time

    You’ll also enjoy several urban conveniences such as restaurants, music theaters, museums, movies, shopping, and schools.

    size of your house grand rapids mi 49544

    The available homes for sale in this mobile home community have 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms. They measure 1,073 sqft and go for $85,995.

    If you are looking for mobile homes for sale here, don’t hesitate to contact management.

    Leonard Gardens Mobile Home Community in NW Grand Rapids, MI

    Leonard Gardens is another exciting mobile home community that is known for having affordable and attractive mobile homes.

    This mobile home community is located at 4524 Leonard St NW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49534.

    Mobile home with American flag grand rapids mi 49544

    If you buy a mobile home in this home community, be ready to access some of the best features and amenities, such as clubhouse, RV storage, planned community events, and beautiful landscaping.

    Even though the community was established in 1987, it has some of the most attractive mobile homes. The homes are regularly repaired and maintained to keep them in the best condition.

    The community is also friendly towards pet lovers, since they are allowed any type of pet. Feel free to call the community offices for all information on the mobile home park pet policy.

    Row of caravan trailers grand rapids mi 49544

    Leonard Gardens doesn’t restrict people of any age, and there are at least 319 mobile home units.

    If you love games, there is a spacious playground for you. A golf course is also about one mile away. There are several parks where you can spend quality time with loved ones.

    Some notable parks this mobile home community is located near are West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science, Blandford Nature Center, Lincoln Country Club, and Walker Community Park. You’ll also have access to top restaurants and shops

    Mobile Home with American Flag grand rapids mi 49544

    You can get a 3bed/2bath, 1,216 sqft mobile home for $52,900. There is also a 1,680 sqft, 3bed/2bath mobile home unit for $85,900.

    Country Meadows Village in Caledonia, MI 49316

    There is no question that Country Meadows Village, in Caledonia, MI 49316, is the best mobile home community for retirees. This mobile home park is located at 5401 76 St, Caledonia, MI 49316, which is just a few miles from Grand Rapids.

    mobile home on trailer park grand rapids mi 49544

    The mobile homes for sale here offer the tranquility and peace of a secluded community. This community also takes advantage of the urban attractions and conveniences, including:

    ●     Spacious rooms with friendly neighbors

    ●     Friendly and professional customer service

    ●     There is an indoor swimming pool

    ●     A children’s play area for your kids to spend quality time

    The mobile home community is also located close to a golf course. Their ideal location also offers access to several entertainment avenues and shopping centers.

    Stock photo of a trailer park homes for sale

    There is no need to worry about traveling for your kids’ school either, since the community is close to the Caledonia Community School District.

    Here, you’ll find a 3bed/2bath, $1,056 sqft mobile home for $51,000. A 3bed/2bath, 1,404 sqft mobile home goes for $65,000.

    If you just take a trip west, you’ll enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Michigan. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the mobile homes for sale at Caledonia, MI 49316 today!

    Home Front View homes for sale

    Dutton Mill Village in Caledonia, MI 49316

    This is another reputable mobile home community located at 6720 W. Mill Run, Caledonia, MI 49316.

    Here, you’ll enjoy the lifestyle of wooded areas and will have access to the numerous urban attractions that are offered. The community is also gated to offer maximum security.

    housing unit

    On-site amenities are top-notch, and include:

    ●     A spacious clubhouse for community events and activities. Here, you can socialize with neighbors and friends.

    ●     There is a fully-equipped fitness center, which can keep you firm and fit.

    ●     There is a kid-friendly playground.

    ●     The mobile home community has a professional customer service staff.

    Dutton Mill Village is located in Caledonia, meaning that you’ll easily access entertainment venues and shopping centers.

    Scenic view of modern trailer of caravan park in summer.

    If you have school-going kids, there is the Caledonia Community School District to access quality education.

    There is also a beach calling for you at Lake Michigan. Go to the online site to locate a mobile home for you, or simply visit the community in person.

    Beautiful Yellow House

    Why Settle in Mobile Homes for Sale in Kent County, Michigan?

    There are several reasons why you should live in a mobile home in Kent County:

    Kent County has a Strong Local Economy, Compared to Other Michigan Counties

    The good thing about buying a mobile home in Michigan is that you’ll get many employment opportunities. Several towns, including Grand Rapids, within this County, have successful economies and a plethora of jobs available.

    A static caravan holiday home

    The area is also home to several fast-growing industries and modernization projects.

    Mobile Homes are Affordable

    A mobile home here is cheaper than other places within Michigan, not to mention throughout the United States. With between $5,000 to $35,000, you can get a quality mobile home.

    Mobile Homes in Kent County Have More Space

    Buying a mobile home in Kent County offers you plenty of living space compared to other places in Michigan.

    manufactured homes in home parks

    Mobile homes range in sizes of 1,000 sqft to 2,500 sqft. In most homes, you’ll get multiple bathrooms, fireplaces, top-quality countertops, and high-quality flooring.

    There is a lot of Things to See and Enjoy

    If you decide to buy a mobile home in this County and settle here, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in some of the best activities. This includes the local Red Flannel Festival, which happens annually.

    There are also various places to visit, including the Cedar Springs Brewing Company, which is found at the center of the Cedar Springs town. The brewery produces traditional American and Bavarian beers.

    New manufactured home in a new community

    There is also the Kent Theatre in Cedar Springs, which is over 120 years old and has a rich history.

    You’ll Experience a Good Life in Top Cities

    Kent County has several towns where you can spend time in. Most of these towns have the best restaurants and hotels that you’ll find anywhere.

    Some of the best towns in this County include Cedar Springs, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Kentwood, and Wyoming.

    Trailer park


    Locating the best mobile home in a community isn’t an easy task. If you select a mobile home in any of the above communities, you’ll access some of the best features on the market.

    Caravan park

    However, if you are looking for the best mobile homes, we recommend going for Cedar Springs Mobile Estates. We hope that you settle on the best option for your family.

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    Best Places to Live in Kent County, MI

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Best Places to Live in Kent County, MI

    Best Places to Live in Kent County, MI

    Kent County is a great place to live. It’s no wonder that many people are moving here to settle down and build up their career. Several areas within this country are popular hubs of both business and culture, so anyone can expect a comfy, yet active, lifestyle.

    In this modern era, most people are looking for comfortable accommodations that have several facilities, too. If they go to an apartment complex, they want unlimited access to the internet, laundry facilities, air conditioning, fitness center, and even a swimming pool, along with top notch public schools. Kent County does have a lot of options to choose from, from these listed amenities to much more.

    Why Should You Consider a Move to Kent County? 

    If you’re still on the fence about moving to Kent County, MI, it might help to read up on certain factors about the area. Along with looking at the local amenities and close proximity to the workplace, potential Kent County residents also want to know whether this place is worth the effort.

    Happy young family

    Let’s now have a brief look at the various major factors that might help us understand Kent County before making any serious decisions:

    Job Opportunities

    Kent County’s unemployment rate is around 4.8 percent at present. This is lower than the U.S national average. The recent indications of job growth are also positive, as the economy is growing.

    Cost of Living

    As compared to the U.S. as a whole, one can expect the cost of living in Kent County to be 7.5 percent lower than the national average. This is also a good sign as it means that a family’s household income will be able to stretch further than it does in many other areas of the country. Both the rental prices and daily cost of living are likely to be more affordable here.

    Expected Commute

    The average commute time in Kent County is around 21.1 minutes. This is significantly lower than the U.S average, which is about 26.4 minutes.

    While living in Kent Country in general is a great idea, there are some areas that might be a little better than others. Some people might go for the most affordable areas in Kent County, but let’s have a look at the overall best cities in Kent County, Michigan right now:

    Best Places to Live in Kent County, MI

    Below are the top places to consider when you want to live in Kent County:

    1. Cedar Springs

    Cedar Springs, Michigan seems to be one of the best locations for almost any purpose. It’s close to a lot of work locations and job opportunities, along with Cedar Springs Public Schools being great, and there is Western Michigan University.

    What’s There To Do in Cedar Springs?

    While Cedar Springs might be a small town, there are plenty of fun activities and events to keep one occupied. The most awaited event is the Red Flannel Festival, which celebrates Cedar Springs, MI history and includes everyone there.

    Young happy family in a field.

    There’s something here for every age group, so both families and individuals could have a memorable time.

    Other Attractive Features

    Several factors recommend Cedar Springs as one of the best places to choose in Kent County. The crime rates are low, there’s plenty of natural beauty, and plenty of walking trails for those who want them.

    What’s more, this is a perfect place for those who love food. The restaurants in Cedar Springs, MI also serve as hangout spots, which contribute to the feeling of a close, welcoming community.

    2. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    There are some things that everyone in Cedar Springs knows to be true, and one of them is the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates community. This community offers both mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI and mobile homes for rent in Cedar Springs, MI.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates Eye View

    This particular spot provides an ideal location for someone who wants to settle down for a bit. Whether you have a growing family or a career to work on, this place is a suitable one. Here, the people all work together to make a welcoming and helpful environment.

    The location here is also just within a minute from downtown Cedar Springs, where you can find a lot of great Cedar Springs, MI shopping centers and recreational opportunities. Not to mention, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is only about 20 minutes away from downtown Grand Rapids.

    With the low crime rates and family-like atmosphere, it’s no wonder that this place has so many long-term residents.

    3. Byron Center

    The Grand Rapids area is one of the most happening places in Michigan, while Byron Center is among its best suburbs. When you choose this place, you’re assured of a suburban and rural mixed lifestyle. Most residents here have their own homes and have a conservative lifestyle; these are just two major signs of an upscale, affluent area.

    Other Attractive Features

    The public schools here also have high ratings, which is good news for those with children. The diversity is also increasing with every year, so every student should have equal opportunity in their educational institutes.

    4. East Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids is a major business and cultural hub in Kent County. The hardwood forests nearby helped to make this area a primary center for furniture production. Today, there are several thriving industries here to provide a lot of job opportunities for the residents.

    Other Attractive Features

    This area is close to the Grand River as well, which is one of the main attractions of Grand Rapids.

    For your entertainment and recreation, there are also many coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and other places to visit. The average rent in Grand Rapids, Michigan is worth reading up on, especially if you’re looking for a rural, yet comfortable, lifestyle.

    Downtown Grand Rapids City Street Scene

    According to the people who live in East Grand Rapids, this small community is filled with families who are kind and caring. The school district also receives a lot of praise. This town also boasts the Van Andel Arena, which offers a lot of fun and exciting activities.

    Overall, most residents here feel that this is the best place they could have to lead an above average lifestyle.

    The Takeaway

    No matter where you move, zip codes with good public schools, low crime rates, and other attractive aspects will always be in great demand. Kent County is one area that seems to offer all this and much more.

    Of course, no area or town is absolutely perfect for every kind of family or resident. You may have to read the online reviews, ask current residents, and pay a visit to the area itself to determine whether it’s right for your needs.

    Happy multi generational women having fun together - Multiracial friends smiling on camera after sport workout outdoor - Main focus on african female face

    Whether you’re looking to finance a mobile home or buy a traditional house, Kent County is an excellent choice. Make sure to check out the areas above before signing any contracts. In most cases, we have to say that Cedar Springs, MI and Cedar Springs Mobile Estates are the top options worth considering.

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    Kent County, Michigan: Why You Should Live Here

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    Kent County, Michigan: Why You Should Live Here

    Why should you consider living in Kent County, Michigan?

    Living in Kent County, MI is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy the best of both worlds. The place is a safe and friendly place to live, but it also has plenty of outdoor activities for those who want something more adventurous.

    Kent County has a lot of lakes and rivers for fishing/boating, as well as scenic hiking trails that take you through forests and past waterfalls. You can explore many Kent County parks or take a drive on one of its scenic back roads to see what this place has to offer.

    Kent County, Michigan

    The fact is there are plenty of beautiful places within Kent County (like, Grand Rapids and Cedar Springs, MI) to live in with your family. In this region, because there are so many amazing parts, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the one place to settle down.

    Low crime rates, excellent school districts, and affordable housing are just a few of the reasons why this is a terrific area of Michigan to live in.

    With that said, let’s take a look at why you should consider relocating to Kent County, MI.


    Kent County, located in the state of Michigan, has a population of 657,974 people, according to the 2020 United States Census Bureau, making it Michigan’s fourth most populous county.

    The name Kent comes from James Kent, a law scholar and Michigan’s representative in a dispute with Ohio over the Toledo Strip.

    Probate court, which seeks secure and sound settlement of disputes in an accessible and person-centered environment, is one of the human services available in Kent County.

    Also, the region has county commissioners who are elected to oversee a complex local unit of government, and the county seat is Grand Rapids.

    Plenty of Affordable Housing Options

    Living costs are notoriously high at the moment, but the good news is that there are numerous options for affordable housing within Kent County, MI. Also, there are many houses and condos available throughout the county for people interested in buying.

    The first step is to create a budget and a list of requirements. For many people, renting or buying a home may be an exciting and life-changing experience. However, before digging in, make sure you have all of the necessary information.

    Here are some questions to help you make an informed decision:

    • Are you looking for an apartment or a larger house?
    • Are you looking for a place to live that is close to your place of employment, education, or other amenities?
    • Is there a particular school district that you want to live in?

    One of the most common complaints among urbanites is that they can’t afford to live in the nicest neighborhoods. However, there are affordable luxury living cities in Kent County, Michigan where you can enjoy amenities that rival even some of the nicest master-planned neighborhoods in the state of Michigan.

    Grand Rapids and Cedar Springs, in particular, feature some of the top apartment communities and mobile home parks in Michigan, and they’ll provide you with a one-of-a-kind renting experience.

    Thriving Local Economy

    Kent County is flourishing with economic growth thanks to its excellent infrastructure, access to resources, and proximity to major markets. The county’s location on the coast of Lake Michigan provides easy access for commercial shipping.

    A healthy economy is something that not many places can boast. Counties that are prospering have a higher standard of living, as well as an increased GDP. This indicates that there are numerous job opportunities in the county.

    Kent County does, in reality, have small enterprises and a few startups (especially in Grand Rapids) that are boosting economic activity in the region.

    In general, the more open a society is to new ideas, the more likely it is to produce new ideas. Also, the more innovative its citizens are, the more equipped the county will be to deal with change.

    Numerous Job Openings

    A healthy economy can also mean additional job opportunities for Kent County residents. Since there are more jobs available, there is less rivalry for each position, which means that incomes will rise. This is beneficial not only to the individual, but also to the community as a whole.

    To put it another way, the more employment there is, the more people will be able to make a livelihood and support their families. So, if you’re looking to start a new life in Cedar Springs or Grand Rapids, in Kent County, MI, you may be rest assured that you’ll find work.

    Accessibility to Health Service

    When compared to the national average, this county has a lower cost of living, specifically in health services. You will pay nearly 20% less on health care services than people in most other counties around the country.

    With so many people struggling to find and keep health care coverage, Kent County is an easy choice for anyone looking for a place to live. The community offers both public and private healthcare services that allow residents to get the care they need without having to travel far or break the bank.

    Consider how much money you have to spend on health-care services in other parts of the country.

    Availability of Top School Districts and Higher Learning Institutions

    One of the many reasons why Kent County is a great place to call home is the access to higher-learning institutions, like MSU and its education system.

    Kent County has an education system that is trying to keep up with the changing times by preparing to change in ways that will be beneficial in the future.

    More and more people are looking for higher-learning schools to obtain their degrees these days. If this describes you, living in Kent County will provide you with the opportunity to improve your education.

    More Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in Kent County

    Kent County is a beautiful area with plenty of things to do (visiting The Honor Trading Post for kayaking, and canoeing is just one example).

    It’s a great place for people who like to go on adventures (Kent County parks), and there are plenty of different ways to do it. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or something indoors, Kent County simply has it all. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can spend your free time exploring Kent County parks.

    Final Thought

    It comes as no surprise that Michigan is a fantastic place to live. With that said, when it comes to fantastic areas to live in, we can’t just talk about the state as a whole.

    In terms of living and working in an area, this Michigan county boasts some of the top attributes and advantages. It is one of the greatest destinations to live if you are seeking a place with economic stability (access to resources).

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