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    5 Reasons You Should Avoid Houses For Sale In Rockford, MI

    8 months ago · · Comments Off on 5 Reasons You Should Avoid Houses For Sale In Rockford, MI

    5 Reasons You Should Avoid Houses For Sale In Rockford, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 19, 2021

    Buying a home for sale can be a life-changing decision because it is often a way to plant your roots and grow your family. Thus, you want to make sure your new home is exactly what you are looking for. If you have already settled for Kent County, Michigan, especially because of its beautiful natural setting such as forests and rivers, then you may be torn between buying a house or home in Rockford, MI and Cedar Spring, MI.

    Before you begin to look for houses for sale in Rockford or consider Rockford MI homes discover the top 5 reasons why Cedar Springs MI home for sale is the ideal option to call your next home.

    Houses for Sale In Rockford MI – Reasons Why Cedar Springs Is Better

    Cedar Springs Has Small Town Charm 

    There is no doubt that both Rockford and Cedar Spring are small towns with their own country life appeal. However, Cedar Springs still has a small-town charm, while Rockford has seen an upswing in population growth and industrialization. Although Rockford has a population of almost 10,000, Cedar Springs  MIonly has approximately 3,000 individuals on only 2.10 square miles.

    If you ever wanted to live in a place where everyone knows everyone, then this is the place that could be the home for you. With such a small population, you can get a feel for your neighbors and put names to faces, ensuring that you are more secure in your home. It can even be said that Cedar Spring has the same economic opportunities that Rockford does, without the hustle and bustle that can be overwhelming to some.

    In addition, Cedar Springs has plenty of homegrown favorite restaurants. To name a few, there is Sue’s Country Kitchen, Jose’s Restauranté, Busy Mom’s Bakery and Classic Kelly’s Family Restaurant. There are also plenty of niche shops such as The Rustic Roof Vintage Décor & More Consignment, Scott’s Music Co., and Simply Creative. These are just some of the wonderful local shops and stores you will find because there are too many to list. You will enjoy knowing that your neighbors are also the businesses that you frequent.

    Cedar Springs Has More Historical Offerings 

    Both Rockford and Cedar Springs have a rich and complex history. However, Cedar Springs takes that history to a whole other level. In fact, the tagline for Cedar Springs is “cherishing our heritage, embracing our future.” It is a town that understands the future in city planning, with new sky rises and retail spaces, but still pays homage to the past. This is largely because Cedar Springs was established as a lumber town and is one of the first areas to use the early American railroad system.

    For example, although both Rockford and Cedar Springs have a historical museum, along with their own historical society, you will be impressed with how much Cedar Springs offers in cultural development.

    Did you know that the Cedar Springs Historical Museum offers genealogy assistance, helps you conduct research for a small stipend, has access to microfilm and Cedar Spring school yearbooks, and has composite pictures of classes in early school years? Well, it’s true! It also has maps and plat books from the 1800s to the 1900s. If this were not enough, local elementary schools can even rent the Payne Schoolhouse.

    This is just one of the many historical places of note that Cedar Springs has to offer. Growing families and even retirees or young professionals often cite the historical value as one of the top reasons they enjoy living in Cedar Springs.

    Cedar Springs Has a Lower Cost of Living 

    When compared to home for sale in Rockford, you will find a lower cost of living at Cedar Springs MI homes for sale. Because of its small population and location farther away from Grand Rapids, MI, Cedar Springs comparatively has a lower cost of living when considering housing, food, transportation, etc. According to the cost-of-living index, Cedar Springs, Michigan, is considered 9% cheaper than Rockford, Michigan. This is especially true for housing costs, which is 29% cheaper than Rockford, Michigan. For instance, the median cost of home for sale in Rockford, MI is $261,900, whereas Cedar Springs has a median home cost of $184,000. This means that on an average cost of living index of 100, Rockford scores 102.7, whereas Cedar Springs scores 93.5.

    This does not just translate to houses for sale, however, but in many different costs of living. For instance, when it comes to food and groceries, Rockford scores a 98.9 while Cedar Springs scores a 95.6, meaning that Cedar Springs has lower food costs. The same is true for transportation, as well as miscellaneous costs and needs. Buying a home is a big investment, which means a lower cost of living helps save you money in the long run.

    Cedar Springs Has the Best Festival Around 

    Although Rockford, Michigan, has an annual harvest festival, Cedar Springs has an event unique only to the city. The Red Flannel Festival is one of the longest-running events in Michigan’s history. The story goes that in 1936, during one of the worst winters on record, a New York Sun article came out regarding there being a lack of red flannels in the United States. The Cedar Springs newspaper wrote their own article, noting that “just because Saks Fifth Avenue does not carry red flannels” does not mean that other cities in the U.S. do not. The writer then mentioned that red flannels could, in fact, be found at Cedar Springs. Known as a lumbering town, lumberjacks were notorious for their affinity with red flannel. Coupled with that, red flannel orders during the winter boomed out of Cedar Springs, giving the town a nice economic boost.

    Thus, the festival began in 1939 as a type of homage to this event. Interestingly enough, this singular event and the red flannel sales helped the city survive continued economic hardships. The festival now includes parades, complete with a marching band, contests, a royal court, and plenty of local food, beverage, and craft offerings through vendors at the fair.

    If you are not wearing red, you might even find yourself in “trouble” with the local “cops” dressed in historical clothing donning red stripes. This is not the only local festival around, and you will find bars that have trivia nights, harvest festivals and various parades throughout the year.

    With so many unique and quirky offerings, you will be happy you have chosen such a vibrant small town.

    Cedar Springs Has Your Next Home 

    Before you continue to search for house for sale in Rockford or test the waters in Rockford MI real estate and buy Rockford MI homes, consider that your next home may be waiting for you in Cedar Springs. At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic community at an affordable price. We have mobile and manufactured home for sale that will fit growing families, retirees and young professionals.

    Our  homes for sale range from 2 bedrooms with 1 bath to 4 bedrooms with 2 baths in a double-wide manufactured home at spacious square feet. Compared to the rest of the area that offers homes for sale, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates offers the most reasonably priced mobile home for sale with good sq ft in the area.

    Each manufactured and mobile homes for sale is energy efficient and comes with the modern comforts you come to expect, but highly customizable ones. For instance, you can include stone fireplaces, recessed lighting, custom cabinetry, walk in closet, spacious big square feet bedrooms and modern, unique kitchen layouts on the houses for sale.

    If you want a quiet country setting style of living in a unique and relaxing atmosphere, then you want to check out the community of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates homes for sale. There are wonderful amenities in this MI homes for sale  such as a youth playground, an outdoor recreation area, and a wonderful pet and family community.

    You are also only 20 minutes away from Grand Rapids, so you are never too far away from where everything happens.

    Contact us today for a showing of our homes for sale.

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