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    Best Modular Homes In Michigan: Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

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    Best Modular Homes In Michigan: Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 19, 2021

    Although many people have taken part in constructing the modular homes in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in Michigan, the idea behind the construction can be traced to one family. The family had a vision building a real estate development full of safe and comfortable living spaces. As a result, they decided to also be the home builder management team for this wonderful community so they could stay on-site and offer the best services.

    That being said, being family owned and operated modular and manufactured home company is not the only reason why Cedar Springs Mobile Estates modular homes is extremely popular as home builder. Here are the main reasons why people are flocking to this modular home community in Michigan.


    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates modular homes management in Michigan has a reputation for offering affordable manufactured homes or housing options to people with limited financial capabilities. The home builder team collaborates with experienced manufactured homes contractors and uses the right building materials for each and every manufactured home. Before any modular homes or manufactured homes is constructed or remodeled, the staff negotiates and goes through all the home features and home costs in great detail. Ultimately, the final modular home product, a factory built home, has world-class home interior and home external features, but this home is also built cost efficiently.


    Cedar Springs’ modular homes and manufactured homes in Michigan adhere to industry quality standards. Every detail of modular home or manufactured home is cross-examined by expert home buider to ensure that each house offers the latest in energy efficiency and safety standards. You can trust that every manufactured home you see available has undergone several tests in a factory setting to check its structural integrity. Moreover, most of these Michigan modular homes and manufactured homes use very low energy.

    Contemporary Layout

    Most modular homes Michigan offers have the old home design that most people don’t admire. However, Cedar Springs’ homes come with the latest modern home designs and manufactured homes customizations. Current modular homes designs dictate that any mobile home should be ideal for purchasing or leasing. It should come with large bedrooms, contemporary kitchens, functional fireplaces, and other necessary features.

    Consequently, Cedar Springs’ modular homes and manufactured homes in Michigan retain some of the features of traditional homes, but they integrate essential amenities and floor plans as well. Every modular homes or manufactured home has great lighting, granite-like countertops, and modern entertainment units. There is so much to enjoy when you find mobile homes for sale at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.

    Quiet Country Living

    Most mobile homes for sale in Michigan are located in crowded and noisy neighborhoods. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates modular homes in Michigan is one of the few places in the entire state where you can find mobile homes on real estate with a country-style setting.

    The area is quiet, with fresh air and wind blowing gently throughout the neighborhood. Furthermore, you can still access nearby commercial centers to do your shopping and other activities.

    We Welcome Pets

    Pets are like your precious little children who you don’t want to leave behind when you’re moving to a new home location. Our Michigan modular homes are pet-friendly, and we in fact encourage residents to move in with their four-legged family members.

    Our pet policy makes it easy for everybody to enjoy the neighborhood. These policies are there to protect the people living in the community, and your pets from any problems.

    Outdoor Recreational Area

    A peaceful and tranquil peace of real estate is necessary for any modern Michigan community. That is why we have an outdoor recreational area with acres of greenery, where residents can relax and enjoy the natural environment. If you enjoy recreational games, there are plenty of resources at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates modular homes community.

    Youth Playground

    Children need physical exercise more than adults. They need a place where they can play, create new bonds, and burn some energy. Our youth playground allows children to meet and play with others alike. In some cases, we advise parents to come with their children for convenience and safety.

    It’s Cheaper To Buy Than To Rent

    Everybody cherishes the idea of owning their own Michigan home. Unfortunately, this idea is usually killed by the prohibitively high cost of purchasing. That being said, at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, homebuyers can own their very own modular home in Michigan for a price that is lower than that of renting a typical apartment.

    For instance, the average annual rent for a typical apartment in Michigan is $12,104. With our homes sale prices ranging from $5,000 to $30,000, this means that it’s cheaper for home buyers in many cases to buy one of our Michigan modular homes than it is to rent an apartment.

    The lower prices does not mean that the services we offer as premiere home builder are of inferior quality. Moreover, unlike other apartments where customization is difficult and expensive, our homes allow people to customize the houses to suit their preferences. For instance, you can paint your walls in a new color or change the rooms’ size and shape. This will give you a more attractive place, and it will also provide you with greater privacy. Moreover, some people create new gardens to improve the curb appeal of their home and the real estate it sits on.

    Flexible Financing Options

    Even if you don’t have the money to purchase one of our modular homes or your dream home right away, you can still immediately buy the house. We as premiere home builder work with several financing institutions who can lend you money to buy one of our homes. The lenders have flexible and friendly interest rates that you can take advantage of.

    Strategic Location

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates modular homes is located in a strategic location in Kent County, Michigan. Residents take less than 20 minutes to get to Grand Rapids and about seven minutes to get to Rockford. This central location makes commuting easy and convenient.

    People who want to go to downtown Cedar Springs can walk or drive. Downtown Cedar Springs has a myriad of commercial, community, and cultural events for all ages and lifestyles. You can take your family out for dining, shopping, or recreational entertainment. Some people even go fishing, hiking, or camping.

    Excellent Resident Relations

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is a modular home community of friendly and considerate residents and staff members. You will be residing in a place where community members and staff treat you with love, care, and respect. We guarantee you a more personable experience here than any other modular home community in Michigan. It will be your dream home community, that’s a guarantee!

    Community members help each other to ensure that everybody is safe and happy. Occasional events within the community extrapolate these bonds: the management Resident Appreciation Events once every three months. Ultimately, the events strengthen existing bonds and nurture new ones.

    Great Customer Service

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates’ management team is supported by professional customer relations staff. These are people who will not pester you with any unnecessary questions and information. Instead, they will take their time to understand your desires and wishes before they can offer you any advice. We don’t hide any information from our potential customers, residents, or partners. We pride ourselves on full transparency, and everybody gets the right information to decide whether Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is their ideal living place.

    The process of purchasing a modular home at Cedar Springs is straightforward. Everything, including pricing and financing, happens without delays. Once you have signed the agreement, you will instantly get the key to your dream home. Our customer service staff will introduce you to your neighbors and show you the amenities in the neighborhood. Even if you don’t decide to move into Cedar Springs Mobile Home Estates, we will direct you to other places to help you find the home of your dreams. Our primary aim is your satisfaction and happiness.

    Extensive Amenities

    The size of our Michigan modular homes will surprise anybody. Two-bedroom homes average at least 1,000 square feet. This is larger than you’ll find in most modern apartments. Also, the houses have expansive double-wide layouts that are only common at high-end neighborhoods. The homes are so large that they offer 3 to 4 beds and 2 baths. It’s a dream home for many!

    Final Thoughts

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates modular homes welcomes anybody who wants to enjoy the life that Pure Michigan offers. Though there are several reasons why people are looking to move to Cedar Springs, we’ve decided to list the top reasons here for you here. Once you choose to move in, please contact us to help you with the rest of the purchase process for your Michigan modular home.

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