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    White Creek Country Estates vs. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on White Creek Country Estates vs. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    White Creek Country Estates vs. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    Justin Becker

    Updated: January 3, 2022

    Living in Cedar Springs is a great step forward for many folks. The lifestyle is nice; there are a lot of activities around, and it’s the perfect place to settle down with a family.

    Whether you’re planning to move near Grand Rapids or not, there are several options in manufactured homes and mobile estates in the Cedar area. With the right community and some thriving business ventures nearby, you’ll hopefully be able to log in to work and get your great life underway.

    Everyone knows that Cedar is great, but there is still the matter of choosing the right community to live in. White Creek Country Estates and Cedar Springs Mobile Estates (CSME) are two likely options here.

    So, let’s see how they measure up against each other:

    White Creek Country Estates

    This headquarters for Creek Country Estates, 15851 White Creek Ave NE, is in the Cedar Springs, MI 49319 area, and they offer an attractive community supplying manufactured housing. It has several resident-owned houses as well as rental options.

    So, let’s see what the ups and downs of Creek Country Estates are:

    Pros of Living in White Creek Country Estates

    1. Privacy

    The lots in Creek Country Estates are spacious, with adult trees to maintain privacy. You get a sense of quiet country life without compromising access to the big cities.

    2. Convenience

    There are several stores and medical organizations within a few minutes of the Creek Country Estates community. Just 25 minutes away, Grand Rapids gives you a lot of entertainment and recreation options too.

    3. Beautiful Surroundings

    White Creek Country has a naturally wooded landscape, which is great for nature lovers.

    Cons of Living in White Creek Country Estates

    The downsides of living at White Creek Country can present a few problems. Here they are now:

    1. Not Well-Known

    White Creek Country just isn’t as well-known of a community as CSME.

    2. More for Families

    Those who have growing families or are planning to retire may want more information about White Creek. With that said, online reviews don’t mention anything about the place being good for career-oriented professionals.

    Contact this community directly for further details.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    The 49319 zip code possesses this lovely manufactured home community. Below are some of the pros and cons of residing here:

    Pros of Living in CSME

    1. Located in Kent County

    Kent County is one of the best spots in Michigan for those who want to settle down, raise a family, or just work on their career until the next move. If you’re between places at the moment, this is also a logical place to stay while you decide whether to rent an apartment or condo.

    2. Range of Choice

    In CSME, you have a choice between modular and manufactured homes. You can also check out the best double-wide mobile home dealers in Michigan.

    3. Welcoming Community

    This city has proved to be an ideal place for young professionals, retirees, and growing families. At the same time, it’s a relatively small community where everyone is on the same team. You get a sense of belonging, community spirit, and moral support when you choose CSME.

    4. Great Location

    The park here is located just 20 minutes away from Grand Rapids, and five minutes from the city of Rockford. This makes it a central location offering easy and quick commutes for better work opportunities. For families, a serious bonus will be the excellent schools nearby.

    5. Cost Effective

    The housing in CSME is fairly affordable. Plus, this city has a relatively lower cost of living than other nearby areas.

    Cons of Living in CSME

    Since we need to look at every nuance of life in this area, let’s check out the possible downsides for more information:

    1. Small Town

    A tiny community has its downsides; you lack privacy and are more susceptible to economic issues than in a large city. The residents there may also not get every facility they need to live an upscale lifestyle.

    2. Poverty Rate

    The poverty rate in this city is higher than most other U.S. cities. This might mean that the business ventures and companies there might not do well in the long run. The value of real estate sites may also go down.

    Contact CSME here for more information.

    The Takeaway

    While the White Creek Country Estates community does have its upsides, the fact remains that CSME is at present the better choice. We know more about the latter community, the facilities seem better, and the reviews just seem to clinch the deal.

    Before choosing any community, make sure to check out the current residents, the available sites, and contact the parent companies for more information. Finally, read up on the Michigan eviction laws that you should know as a renter. Here’s hoping your move proves to be the best one yet!

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