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    Where To Find Houses For Sale In Cedar Springs, MI

    7 months ago · · Comments Off on Where To Find Houses For Sale In Cedar Springs, MI

    Where To Find Houses For Sale In Cedar Springs, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 19, 2021

    When searching to buy newly listed real estate homes for sale in Cedar Springs, Michigan, you will have a vast range of options to choose from. Whether it’s a traditional stick built single family home for sale in Cedar Springs or a 4 beds 2 bath new construction home for sale, you really can not go wrong, because you are in or near Cedar Springs MI.

    That being said, there really is no better bang for your buck than manufactured house for sale in Cedar Springs MI, This is why we put together this list of Top 5 Mobile Home Communities In Cedar Springs MI.

    Top 5 Mobile Home Communities To Find Houses For Sale In Cedar Springs MI

    5) Northland Acres Inc Mobile Home Community

    Northland Acres Inc. Mobile Home Community is located at 13323 Northland Dr., Cedar Springs MI. This is a relatively small mobile home community that is made up of approximately 70 lots of single family homes that are for sale. There are no age restrictions in terms of who can buy new construction homes for sale, however the residents in this particular community in Cedar Springs MI that buys a home for sale often tend to be pensioners. The site is situated in an ideal central location, being only a stone’s throw from the bustling downtown district of Cedar Springs MI.

    If buying a home for sale in Cedar Springs MI that is located close to a school is a particularly important factor for you and your single family, this mobile home for sale community is certainly in a prime location to meet your needs! This collection of family mobile homes is quite literally across the street from Cedar Springs Middle School, and also only a five-minute walk from three different elementary schools, Cedar View, Cedar Trails and Red Hawk.

    4) Algoma Estates Manufactured Home Community

    Although Algoma Estates has a Rockford postal address, its single family mobile homes for sale are situated in between downtown Rockford and downtown Cedar Springs MI. The estate’s grounds are large in size and are well maintained, while having plenty of open green space for any family with young ones to enjoy warm summer days.

    Algoma Estates is a mobile homes park with a good reputation for being an extremely family friendly manufactured housing community, with there always being lots of fun activities available both onsite and in the surrounding local area, for children to enjoy.

    3) Cedarfield 55+ Mobile Home Community Park

    This family friendly mobile house community is a peaceful place to live and the manufactured homes for sale in the park are exclusively reserved for buyers aged 55 years and over. Therefore, the residents of the Cedarfield Mobile Home Community houses for sale are mainly retirees and elderly single family members.

    Located at 3592 17 Mile Road, Cedar Springs MI, Cedarfield Mobile Homes Community’s real estate site is most definitely well-situated, lying just West of downtown Cedar Springs MI. The Cedarfield Mobile Home Community houses for sale are aptly placed near many local amenities, such as shops, restaurants, and museums, that the downtown Cedar Springs MI area has to offer. Conveniently, for Cedarfield’s residents, the site is located directly next to a large Meijer supermarket store, which also has a pharmacy attached to it.

    This Cedar Springs MI real estate homes for sale site also has its very own community center building with a meeting room, dining hall and games room. The community center building acts as a vital social hub for the park and its residents, which further adds to Cedarfield Mobile Community Park’s friendly atmosphere.

    Soon after buying a home for sale in this Cedar Springs MI park you will be able to easily connect with others on the property, and develop long-lasting friendships and bonds with neighbors and fellow park residents.

    2) White Creek Country Estates

    The White Creek Country Estates is a community of manufactured houses for sale located at 15851 White Creek Avenue NE, Cedar Springs MI. The property has large grounds for residents to take advantage of and lays upon a vast grass area scattered with large trees and a five-acre lake. This manages to give residents living on a lot here a true ‘taste of the country,’ all despite only being situated approximately three miles from downtown Cedar Springs MI and twenty-two miles from downtown Grand Rapids MI.

    Unlike other Cedar Springs MI mobile home for sale communities that have age restrictions regarding its residents and who are allowed to purchase homes for sale on a given lot, people of all ages can buy houses for sale at the White Creek Community Estates. White Creek Estates boasts single family houses for sale, as well as overall being a serene and relaxing community for retirees to settle and integrate themselves into. There is a strong sense of community at the White Creek Estates, and it is commonplace for residents to forge strong bonds with one another.

    There is an on-site management team whose duty it is to offer assistance with any issues residents of the community may encounter on a day-to-day basis while living on this Cedar Springs MI real estate homes site. The staff on site are always friendly and happy to help!

    It is important to note that White Creek as a community is exclusively homeowner occupied, therefore it is not possible to find new construction homes for rent on a lot here.

    One downside to the White Creek Community Estates for potential homeowners is that the site is located further away from downtown Cedar Springs MI, especially compared to the more centrally located Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, for example. Being on the northern outskirts of Cedar Springs MI means that the White Creek Community Estates are more isolated from shops, restaurants, pharmacies, banks and all of the other useful local services and amenities found in abundance in and near Cedar Springs MI downtown area.

    1) Cedar Springs Mobile Estates MI

    Our number one pick that we recommend above everywhere else when it comes to buying a new construction home for sale in a mobile house community in the Cedar Springs MI neighborhood is the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates manufactured housing community park. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is located at 400 Susan, Cedar Springs MI.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates through the years has successfully managed to attain a local reputation for being one of the industry leaders in manufactured home communities in Kent County MI.

    What Makes Cedar Springs Mobile Estates Stand Out

    One aspect that makes this particular Cedar Springs MI mobile home community stand out and allows it to receive positive customer feedback on a regular basis is the friendly and client-focussed approach it adopts to running its mobile home community. This reputation for being friendly and helpful towards its residents is achieved thanks to the dedicated on-site management and staff.

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates residents also are blessed with a plethora of exclusive on-site residential amenities readily available for them to benefit from. Taking advantage of on-site residential amenities can provide residents with the opportunity to be able to socialize together with other fellow residents living on a lot here.

    The main residential amenities and communal spaces on the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates property include the basketball courts, playgrounds, clubhouse and grill areas.

    Why Buy A Manufactured Home in Cedar Springs Mobile Estates

    Another reason why you should buy a new construction manufactured home at the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates is the affordability of its mobile homes for sale and lease.

    Owing to the close relationships it has been able to develop throughout the years with trusted mobile home builders and new construction manufacturers across the country, Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in Cedar Springs MI is in the fortunate position of being able to negotiate low prices for high quality building materials for its manufactured homes. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates thus offers top quality manufactured homes at low affordable prices for buyers and renters on the site.

    At Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, they even go one step further by offering in-house financing solutions for those wishing to own a home for sale, or for those starting out on the important journey towards homeownership.

    If you want to become a homeowner, but find that you are unable to afford buying a traditional home for sale, or new construction, then why not take the far cheaper option of purchasing a manufactured home for sale instead?

    When agreeing to buy a home for sale with Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, you can feel reassured that you are not needlessly throwing away thousands of your well earned dollars, as you may do with other realtors in Michigan such as Five Star Real Estate or Stout Group Ltd.

    Houses for Sale in Cedar Springs MI

    Cedar Springs Mobile Estates’ homes for purchase come in a wide variety of different layouts and sizes, all able to cater to your needs, no matter if you are a larger or smaller sized single family.

    This family oriented community has larger sized manufactured homes, specifically aimed at those with larger families. Homes at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates suitable for the needs of larger families include homes from 3 beds 1 bath, to 3 beds 2 baths, to even 4 beds 2 baths. Some larger new construction mobile homes for sale on a lot here have an impressively large amount of living space, up to as much as 2,500 square feet. Some of them even come with stylish custom made oak kitchens!

    After taking into account the affordability of its high-quality homes, there is no doubt that your best bet when considering buying new construction homes for sale in Cedar Springs MI, is to go and contact Cedar Springs Mobile Estates right away!

    About The Author

    Justin Becker is a property owner in the state of Michigan and has a passion for managing communities. He owns both apartment complexes and mobile home communities and has been writing his own blogs for his properties for several years.