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    The Differences In Manufactured and Modular Homes In Michigan

    3 months ago · · Comments Off on The Differences In Manufactured and Modular Homes In Michigan

    The Differences In Manufactured and Modular Homes In Michigan

    Justin Becker

    Updated: April 12, 2021

    The modular homes Michigan has to offer come in a lot of varieties, price ranges, and floor plans. Before we make such an investment into the Michigan modular home, however, it’s essential that we know the differences between manufactured and mobile homes.

    Realizing and remembering this difference in park model homes and other homes in Michigan is important for several reasons, but most of all because many folks still use these terms interchangeably. While modular homes and manufactured homes might share certain features, there are some striking differences that set them firmly in separate categories.

    Caravan site park aerial view illuminated by summer sun

    It’s not just that a manufactured home, compared to a Michigan modular home, will have different floor plans; it’s also the construction, the building codes, the price, and so much more in Michigan.

    Let’s have a look at some of the key differences before we decide on our Michigan modular home or manufactured home:

    Modular Homes Michigan

    Different Building Codes

    Building codes are the guidelines and definitions of how different homes are constructed in Michigan. The HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) was implemented back in 1976, and most of these standards still apply in ensuring that manufactured homes retain a universal quality.

    The HUD codes are also meant for regulating the design, construction, floor plans, fire resistance, inspections, and energy efficiency of such structures.

    Four hard hats on a wooden desk next to documents

    Any custom designs also fall into this category, but modular homes aren’t bound by these custom designs. They’re under the category of site-built homes and might have different floor plans.

    The placement of modular homes will decide their regional, local, and state building codes. You can consult a real estate manager in Michigan for further details on a modular home.

    Construction and Transportation

    The construction of both manufactured and modular homes takes place within a climate-controlled factory in Michigan. This means that the construction process by the home builder (including the floor plans) isn’t hampered by external elements such as rain, wind, and snow.

    Skylight installation. Roofer builder worker use saw to cut a wooden beam

    Within this factory, there’s also a highly trained home builder staff that uses consistent and precise practices to make custom manufactured and modular homes that may end up being your dream home in Michigan.

    All of these factors help in saving time and money during the construction process for the home builder. However, the transportation method is different for both a manufactured home and a modular home in Michigan, which might give a variation in the price.

    On one hand, modular homes are constructed in the form of block sections first. The sections are then put on trucks and sent to the site. After unloading, the sections of the house are set in place by the home builder, with the help of cranes.

    Of course, when the setting up is still underway, the modular home and the floor plans are at risk of delays or damage due to the weather, natural disasters, or other elements. This risk might drive up their price or result in losses for the buyer and seller, thereby affecting the overall price of any dream home in Michigan.

    House Trailer on Interstate Highway

    On the other hand, manufactured homes get to the site on a sort of steel contraption with wheels. They’re built on the chassis itself, which is then rolled to the site. After this, the wheels are removed and the custom house can settle into place in Michigan. Lifting it up and rolling it to another site in Michigan wouldn’t be so difficult in the future.


    The means of transporting modular homes and manufactured homes will have an effect on their permanency. It might also affect the floor plans. This will increase or decrease the final prices for such options, so make sure you look at every factor while choosing a new home in Michigan.

    When you place a manufactured home on a site, they’re set on concrete blocks, and then tied using straps.

    Modular homes, however, are more like site-built homes when it comes to their foundations. You can put a modular home on a basement, on concrete slabs, and even on unused crawl spaces. Since we can lay the foundation in synchronization with factory built construction, this method saves a fair amount of time. Of course, the floor plans and other factors will determine just where you can place your dream modular home if you’re living in Michigan.

    Cost and Customization

    Manufactured homes offer you the great advantage of a relatively lower cost, thereby lowering the price. They’re more affordable than modular as well as site-built homes.

    Residential Mobile Homes - UK

    However, the customization factor of custom modular homes give them the upper hand here. Since you can insert your own custom features and designs into these homes, their price will obviously go up.

    What’s more, opting for a custom modular home will mean that new home buyers will be able to get a higher square footage for their money than with a site-built home in Michigan. The price of their dream home will then go down while the floor plans will probably be bigger.

    A Possible Stigma

    A site-built house, by tradition, aren’t better than a modular house in Michigan, even though the latter might have a stigma regarding their assembly line production.

    Mobile home with American flag, front lawn and clear blue sky.

    Some realtors of manufactured homes might also misrepresent manufactured homes and call them modular homes. New home buyers in Michigan have to be informed enough to know the difference, as they might end up wasting time and money after an unsuitable investment. They should also know about the floor plans beforehand.

    A Look at the Similarities

    The differences between modular and manufactured homes might set them worlds apart. However, inspectors and buyers in Michigan should also know the similarities between these options.

    New manufactured home in a new community. The window on the far right on the front shows a reflection of the sunset at the top.

    One example of such similarities is that banks treat both modular and manufactured homes the same ways as they would treat site-built homes. You can easily refinance them if required.

    Such homes also go by more or less the same market trends as houses that are built on site. They also need structural approval by official inspectors before you can start living in them.

    Choosing the Details

    You can also choose almost any size of modular homes. However, the block sections of modular homes would have a uniform size. Inquire if the same applies while you search for a new home in Michigan.

    The exact design and floor plan you need will be decided before construction takes place in Michigan. You may also want to go for a modular home in Michigan because of the strength, resilience, and environmentally controlled construction method. No matter what you go for, though, make sure to see the final price, features offered, the custom options, and the floor plans, and then, make a final decision based on your budget while living in Michigan.

    3D rendering of a modern industrial style kitchen

    The Takeaway

    When you’re on the lookout for your dream home in Michigan, a custom home might not be too difficult to find. Knowing the definitions and differences between industry terms that are applied in Michigan will help you shortlist the options and make an informed decision while living in Michigan.

    House-hunting in Michigan isn’t an easy task, but having a bit of knowledge about the floor plans, custom homes, and park model beforehand will save a lot of time along the way. A place like Michigan has a lot to offer. So, start looking around and select the likely options for your dream home in Michigan as soon as possible.

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