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    Prefab Homes Michigan Has to Offer: What You Need to Know

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Prefab Homes Michigan Has to Offer: What You Need to Know

    Prefab Homes Michigan Has to Offer: What You Need to Know

    Every time you’re looking for a new dream home in Michigan, you are presented with either the option to build your own or buy. Regardless of the option you go for, your choices are limitless.

    Prefab homes are fully developed in a climate-controlled factory before they’re shipped to the site. This translates into reduced costs and accelerated production.

    The best prefab homes in Michigan can be as little as 1,000 sq. ft. or be spacious enough to accommodate several people. Different floor styles and floor plans are available for everyone as well.

    Here, we highlight everything you need to understand about prefab homes in Michigan.

    Prefab Homes: Michigan

    Let’s look at everything you should know about prefab homes in Michigan.

    What are Prefab Homes?

    A prefab home is also known as a modular home, system-built, or factory-built home. These dream home modules are developed in a factory and then transported to the site for assembly. A module is designed with basics such as doors, closets, electrical, and plumbing.

    There is a possibility of connecting several modules to form a large modular home.


    Modular homes come with different benefits that you can explore while seeking a home to purchase or rent in Michigan.

    These benefits include:


    One major benefit of a modular is its price. Even though the cost of modular homes depends mainly on the size, a modular home builder can develop a more affordable home compared to a site-built home builder.

    Quick Construction Process

    Modular construction takes a shorter period to construct than other home types. For instance, a site-built home could take seven months to one year to complete, while home modules may take merely days.

    The modular construction materials are readily available, thus explaining the quicker development process.


    Modulars nowadays employ greener products compared to stick-built homes. Since the design of these homes tends towards energy-efficiency, you’ll come across rainwater systems and solar panels.


    Some manufacturers provide their financing options. This is something you’ll never find with local contractors.

    You can even get financing as long as your modular sits on a permanent foundation.


    Even though modular homes provide several benefits, they also have challenges, especially in Michigan.


    Even though you’ll still find some eco-friendly and exciting designs, modular homes don’t match the quality of site-built homes in Michigan. It becomes difficult to make a modular home a custom home after you have already built the unit.


    Since modular homes are developed in the factory, transporting them to their final destination adds an added cost. The shipping also limits the size of a modular.

    Property Cost

    Additional expenses might arise after you purchase a modular, including the land where you’ll place the home. The cost of land could be equal to the cost of your modular, based on where you decide to settle.

    Resale Value

    Most modular homes don’t sell as quickly as site-built homes. This can be mainly attributed to the style with which modular homes are built.

    However, there are new home construction techniques that are likely to improve their resale value.

    Best Modular Home Builders

    If you’re seeking the dream home for your family, several reputable modular builders and dealers are willing to ship it to you within the shortest time possible.

    Finding a reputable home builder requires thorough research. Below are some builders to consider:

    Clever Homes

    Clever Homes has been in operation for about 20 years. They’re unique developers since they specialize in developing modular homes of different styles and floor plans.

    The company employs panelized and modular building techniques in its construction projects. For instance, it can easily develop a multi-module modular home, with a two-car garage and decks, or design a net-zero energy modular home.

    Whether you’re looking for an 8,500 sq. ft. home or a smaller unit, Clever Homes is there to fulfill your needs. The company starts the job by doing a feasibility analysis that incorporates the costs and permits.

    A dream home from Clever Homes goes for between $400-$500 per sq. ft. The company ships its modular homes to any state in the United States.

    Pacific Modern Homes

    Pacific Modern Homes offers some of the best quality prefab homes in the industry.

    The modular homes are broken down based on style and size. They have everything from granny flats and single-story homes to 3,500 sq. ft. homes, and the company has about 25 single-story floor plans.

    All modular homes here are designed from scratch using high-quality building and construction systems. A single-story unit of about 600 sq. ft. costs $27,000, while a six-bedroom unit with a garage could be as high as $173,500.

    The finish price is about 25-30% of the total construction costs. You should, therefore, keep the permits, land, and finishing costs in mind.


    If you’re seeking a small prefabricated custom home that can comfortably fit in your backyard, Allwood Outlet has everything you need.

    Most of the modular homes here are designed with sizes of under 1,000 sq. ft., and you’ll come across at least 30 different floor plans to choose from.

    Their affordable prefab homes ship for free throughout the contiguous 48 states, and they can provide you with financing through Lightstream. Prices range from $3,600 to over $50,000, depending on the style and sq. ft.

    Custom Container Living

    This home builder designs homes that come in two sizes, which include 8’ x 40’ and 8’ x 20’. The company also boasts about 30 different styled floor plans.

    What’s inside varies with the floor plans. It would, therefore, help to check the floor plans before you get excited about the prices.

    Prefab homes from Custom Container Living cost between $25,000 to $100,000.

    Why Prefab Homes in Michigan?

    The real estate industry in Michigan has been transforming, for the better, over the last ten years. Nowadays, it’s easier to access quality modular homes here than in any other part of the country.


    Below are reasons why modular homes are better in Michigan:


    Michigan boasts some of the most affordable modular homes for sale, whether it’s modular or mobile homes for sale. For instance, you can get a high-quality modular home for as low as $5,000.

    The cost of renting a prefabricated home is between $650 to $900 monthly, on average. With this amount, you can easily access quality floor plans of 2,000 sq. ft., or more.

    Stellar Floor Plans

    One benefit of purchasing a modular home in Michigan is that you’re in control of everything. You can even customize your home to meet your needs and desires.

    Modular homes in Michigan can feature stone fireplaces, upgraded countertops, upgraded flooring, and spacious bathrooms. The floor plans are well designed so that you’ll forget you’re renting a unit.

    Fantastic Community Amenities

    If you buy or rent a prefab home in Michigan, you should be ready to access some of the most exciting community amenities. Most of the modular home communities are set in the middle of a serene setting.

    You’ll also have youth playgrounds and basketball courts in most communities. You should expect additional outdoor recreation activities as well.

    Most modular homes provide an opportunity for you to engage in camping, fishing, and hiking. You’re also allowed to keep pets, as long as you comply with pet policies.

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