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    Tips For Buying Mobile Homes In Cedar Springs, MI

    7 months ago · ·Comments Off on Tips For Buying Mobile Homes In Cedar Springs, MI

    Tips For Buying Mobile Homes In Cedar Springs, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: March 20, 2020

    When looking for mobile homes for sale, Cedar Springs, MI is a fabulous option for just about any house hunter. That being said, it is essential to know how to assess the condition of mobile homes and what questions to ask while shopping for that perfect one.

    Educating yourself on a few key facts can help make sure that you are purchasing the right mobile home for the right price. Things to consider are location, age, necessary improvements or updates, and amenities.

    There are several options for prospective buyers to take into consideration when looking for mobile homes for sale in Cedar Springs, MI. These include, but are not limited to, the type of mobile home, where the home sits and financing options.

    Ways of Buying a Mobile Home in Cedar Springs, MI

    • Buy a mobile home and the land it is on
    • Purchase a mobile home on existing land that is already owned
    • Buy a mobile home on land that you would lease (this is typically done in a community, ie. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates)

    What to Look For When Searching Mobile Homes For Sale in Cedar Springs, MI

    Similar to traditional stick-built homes, a mobile home’s value is calculated on how it is constructed and maintained. A mobile home’s overall condition is not only important in making sure you are getting what you pay for, but it is also crucial in determining how well it will hold up into the future.

    A mobile home’s flooring, roof, underbelly, heating and cooling, just to name a few, are all essential factors in figuring out the longevity of the home. This is why it is absolutely crucial to have sellers provide you with a detailed mobile home buyers checklist, along with not shying away from asking any and all questions you may have regarding the home.

    Things to also pay attention to are the following:

    • Appliances – Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers, Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, Furnaces and Hot Water Heaters should all be checked. If anything goes wrong, it can really hit your pocket book for some unplanned costs.
    • Plumbing – Water stains can be a dead giveaway that there is some kind of plumbing issue. Specifically check underneath sinks in both the kitchen and bathrooms, around toilets and near the washer and dryer hookups in the laundry room. Plumbing issues can easily cause drainage and structural issues.
    • Electrical – Everything should be up to code when it comes to a mobile home. If checking wiring yourself, be sure to turn off the main breaker switch before touching any wires, using tools or making repairs. If there is any doubt about your capabilities, please have a professional help you.
    • Solid Footing – All mobile homes, just like stick-built homes, will have settling issues over time. A clear sign of this will be cracks in the interior ceiling of the home. Take the time to check underneath the home to make sure the tie downs, concrete pad or piers and the chassis are all in good condition.

    Mobile Home Inspections in Cedar Springs, MI

    A lot of information was just covered on what to look for when finding mobile homes for sale, and it is very understandable that not everyone may feel comfortable or are qualified to discover everything listed. If this is true for you, hiring a professional to do a mobile home inspection may be the best option. There are several companies that can be hired to perform inspections by going through a detailed checklist. This would help paint the picture more clearly of the overall condition of the mobile home, and if it’s listed at the right price.

    Financing Options To Consider When Purchasing Mobile Homes in Cedar Springs, MI

    Of course mobile homes for sale can be purchased with cash, but unfortunately not everyone can afford that luxury. That being said, there are several financing options that can suit your needs.

    Conventional Mortgages are certainly available when purchasing mobile homes for sale, however the land must be financed along with the home to use this option.

    Veterans Assistance Loans is also an option, but these again require that the land and the mobile home be purchased together.When looking to purchase just the mobile home, without the land, Chattel mortgages are an excellent option. Cedar Springs Mobile Estates has partnered with several lenders, such as Oxford Bank, Triad and 21st Mortgage, just to name a few, and they are willing to work with people that have bruised credit. Schedule an appointment to find out all of the options available to you.

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