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    Benefits of Moving and Living in A Mobile Home

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Benefits of Moving and Living in A Mobile Home

    Benefits of Moving and Living in A Mobile Home

    Justin Becker

    Updated: October 10, 2019

    Mobile home living is rising in popularity. More and more people are now considering mobile homes over the traditional, stick-built homes. Below are some of the well-known advantages of living in a mobile home that makes it a famous choice of dwelling for many people.

    Safe and quality controlled.

    Mobile homes of today are way better than the ones built 10 years ago. Today, mobile homes or commonly referred as manufactured homes are strictly regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This means, the quality is higher and the requirements to create this type of homes are much better. This is why almost all mobile homes that are built recently includes high quality heating and air conditioning systems, fire safety protocols, plumbing, electrical systems, structural design and construction patterned according to requirements of the law. Mobile homes of today are also made or engineered for wind safety and energy efficiency based on the state which they are sold.

    Less expensive than traditional ones.

    Mobile homes doesn’t cost that much compared to traditional ones. Mobile homes offer more bang for your back in terms of dollars per square feet. In fact, mobile homes are even cheaper than most rental rates. Given its affordability, you can finally become a homeowner without breaking the bank.

    You can live more simply

    If you want to live a minimalist and simple life, buying a mobile home is your best choice. Since it’s less spacious compared to traditional homes, maintenance won’t be a big issue. With mobile homes, you can live a comfortable life without spending a lot of time in cleaning and maintenance.

    Mobile homes are environment friendly

    If you want to cut down your energy usage and utility bills, living in a mobile home is your best choice. Mobile homes of today are created and designed to be very environment friendly. According to the Manufactured Housing Institute, mobile homes of today yields up to “90 percent less waste and environmental impact than site-built housing.” MHI also added that “since these manufactured homes are created in a factory and assembled on site, their transportation to a mobile home community creates little environmental damage”.

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